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Sorrel dishes: 20 delicious recipes

Sorrel should be introduced as often as possible in culinary recipes to be guaranteed to get vitamins, minerals. In addition to cooking simple and complex dishes, whitening, anti-inflammatory properties of the herbaceous plant are used in cosmetology to get rid of wrinkles, acne, age spots. Folk medicine recommends sorrel for GI diseases, liver, hypertension, blood clotting disorders.

The secrets of cooking with sorrel

For rational use, to get maximum benefit from the product, consider the nuances of preparation:

  1. For salad, don't chop the sorrel, but tear it with your hands. This method of chopping preserves juiciness.
  2. To neutralize the harmful effect of oxalic acid, add sour milk products to dishes.
  3. Do not cook the greens over high heat, otherwise its inherent sourness will disappear.
  4. Before putting the sorrel in the pot when cooking soup, poach it.
  5. Stew the plants with their petioles in their own juice, not in water. This way you will preserve more nutrients.
  6. Do not subject the sorrel to prolonged heat treatment to preserve its flavor. It is enough to pour the product with boiling water for 15 seconds, add it to the stewing dish near the end of cooking.

This is interesting! Did you know that oxalic acid after boiling, frying is converted into an inorganic form, accumulates in the kidneys, increasing the risk of developing urolithiasis.

Recipes for sorrel soups

Soups with sorrel are easy first dishes with good taste, which do not require expensive products and culinary skills.

They eliminate constipation, bile stagnation, increase hemoglobin levels, and rejuvenate the skin.

Classic sorrel soup with egg

Sorrel soup with egg

Useful, sour soup is cooked in water, meat or vegetable broth. In the first case, it takes 20 minutes to cook.


  • 1.1 liters of water;
  • 300 g of chicken soup set;
  • 3 eggs;
  • 80 g sorrel;
  • 4 tubers of potatoes;
  • 1 carrot;
  • 20 g of onions;
  • salt, herbs;
  • 50 ml of vegetable oil.

How to prepare:

  1. Wash chicken parts, put in a saucepan, pour water, put on the stove. After boiling, remove the foam, turn down the heat, salt, cook for half an hour.
  2. Peel and rinse vegetables and sorrel. Cut potatoes, onions into small cubes, sorrel leaves into thin strips. Grate carrots on a grater.
  3. Whisk eggs in a bowl with a whisk.
  4. Sauté carrots with onions until transparent.
  5. Remove meat and bones from the pot, put potatoes into the broth.
  6. After 15 minutes, add roasted potatoes, cook for 3 minutes.
  7. Add chopped sorrel to the vegetables.
  8. Pour in eggs, stirring continuously.
  9. Add chopped dill and parsley greens.
  10. After 2-3 minutes remove pan from stove. Allow to stand for a quarter of an hour.

Serve the soup with sour cream.

Tip! Eggs can be boiled separately, chopped into cubes, add to the broth at the end of cooking.

Sorrel cream soup

Sorrel cream soup

The first alternative dish to green soup is not inferior to them in taste, useful properties.

Set of products for 3 servings:

  • 100 ml of cream;
  • 0.5 kg of sorrel;
  • 1 onion;
  • 3 potato tubers;
  • garlic clove;
  • 2 tbsp. butter;
  • dried garlic.

Preparation Steps:

  1. Chop the peeled, washed vegetables - chop the potatoes in bars, onion in half rings, pass the garlic through the press. Cut the sorrel into strips.
  2. Bring water in a pot to boil. Put the potatoes in a bowl and simmer for 7 minutes.
  3. Add onions.
  4. Melt butter in a saucepan. Stir in sorrel, garlic. Sauté until the color changes from green to khaki.
  5. Add the contents of the sauté pan and cream to the pot.
  6. After warming, whisk the soup with a blender.
  7. Season with salt, dried garlic and black pepper.

Serve silk cream soup with croutons.

Green borscht with sorrel

Green borscht with sorrel

To prepare a seasonal appetizing dish you will need:

  • 0.7 l of cold meat broth;
  • 200 g of sour cream;
  • A bundle of sorrel;
  • 30 g of animal fat, butter;
  • 4 tubers of potatoes;
  • onion;
  • 2 boiled eggs;
  • 5 g salt;
  • green onions;
  • a couple of sprigs of dill, parsley.

Method of cooking in a thermomix at 100°C:

  1. Peel, chop onion feathers. Fry in a bowl with the fat mixture for 7 minutes.
  2. Pour in broth and heat for 8 minutes. Add potatoes, simmer for a quarter of an hour.
  3. Chop the herbs, garlic. Pour boiling water over the rinsed sorrel leaves without their stalks.
  4. Load the dill, green onion, parsley, garlic and sour cream into the bowl of the thermomix. Continue to cook for 10 minutes.

After the borscht has infused, serve with half a boiled egg.

This is interesting! Did you know that the thermomix is a powerful, innovative kitchen appliance that combines up to 20 functions.

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Croatian soup

Croatian soup

The first dish with the flavor of smoked meats is cooked with lots of healthy herbs.


  • 1.3 liters of any broth or water;
  • 0.5 kg of sorrel;
  • 0.4 kg of potatoes;
  • 0.25 kg of smoked brisket;
  • salt, smoked paprika;
  • 50 ml of vegetable oil.

How to boil:

  1. Peel the vegetables. Peel and rinse the sorrel.
  2. Chop the onion, garlic, and passerbot in a heated frying pan with oil.
  3. Add diced brisket to vegetables. Fry until golden.
  4. Transfer the contents of the pan and the potatoes chopped into strips to a saucepan, pour the broth over them. After boiling, simmer for 15 minutes.
  5. Shred the sorrel, add it to the soup. Season with salt, pepper and paprika. After 5 minutes remove pan from heat.

This is interesting! Until the 18th century, sorrel was considered a weed and was not used as a food. Now there are about 150 kinds of herbaceous plant, the most popular of which are horse sorrel and sour sorrel.

Do I need to defrost my sorrel for soup?

Defrost the sorrel before preparing toppings for baked goods, salads, or kissel. Defrosting is not necessary for cooking soup.

From the frozen briquette cut off the necessary amount, add to the broth.

What can be made with sorrel, except soup

In addition to the first dishes with sorrel, prepare omelets, casseroles, sauces and even desserts. Chopped green leaves are added to salads, fillings for pies and cakes. Cool drinks are made with the herbaceous plant.

Sorrel sauce

Sorrel sauce

A sour-sweet sorrel-based sauce suitable for kebabs.

Ingredients for 10 servings:

  • 300 g sorrel;
  • 60 ml vegetable oil;
  • 100 ml water;
  • 250 g of onions;
  • 80 g sugar;
  • 5 g salt;
  • One-third teaspoon of hot red pepper;
  • 5 cloves of garlic;
  • 3 g ground black pepper;
  • A bunch of dill.

How to prepare:

  1. Chop washed sorrel, peeled onion.
  2. Put in a heated frying pan with oil onions. After 5 minutes of frying pour in soy sauce, add some sugar.
  3. After 3 minutes, remove pan from heat.
  4. Pour water into a small saucepan with half the salt.
  5. After boiling add sorrel. After 2 minutes add the sauerkraut, dissolve the rest of the salt and sugar.
  6. Whisk the mass with an immersion blender. Pass through a sieve, cool.

Season sauce with red and black pepper, garlic and chopped dill.

Sorrel Patties

Sorrel cakes

Fragrant summer cakes with juicy filling can be baked from yeast and nonyeast dough.


  • 2.5 tbsp. flour;
  • 100 grams of sorrel;
  • a glass of kefir;
  • 0.5 tbsp. sugar;
  • 1 egg;
  • 30g of butter;
  • salt, soda.

Cooking algorithm:

  1. Pour the baking soda into the kefir. Add sugar, salt, melted butter. Beat in egg, pour in flour. Knead into a stiff, elastic dough.
  2. Peel and rinse the sorrel, cut off the petioles. Shred the leaves, pour sugar over them.
  3. Roll out a thin layer of dough on a lightly floured table.
  4. Cut out circles. Spread the filling in the center. Shape the patties.
  5. Fry the patties in a pan with butter on both sides until golden brown.

That's interesting! Did you know that sorrel contains a lot of oxalic acid and for this reason is contraindicated in inflammation of the mucosa of the stomach, intestines.


Sorrel slices

To prepare puffs with young greens prepare:

  • 3 handfuls of sorrel leaves;
  • 0.5 kg of yeast dough (2 plates);
  • 50 g of brown sugar;
  • strongly brewed black tea;
  • 25 g nut butter;
  • 10 tbsp. L of breadcrumbs;
  • 30 ml of honey;
  • the zest of one lemon.

Preparation Steps:

  1. Roll out lengthwise into sheets of dough. Divide each of them with a knife into 10 equal squares.
  2. Wash, dry, chop young sorrel. Crumple with your hands to settle.
  3. In the center of the ten squares, place the breadcrumbs first. Second layer lemon zest, third sorrel. Sprinkle with sugar, drizzle with nut butter (0.5 tsp. each).
  4. Cover the billets with the remaining squares. Protect the edges of the dough.
  5. Line 2 baking trays with parchment. Place 5 puffs at a distance from each other.
  6. Brush the surface with a mixture of honey and strong tea.
  7. Bake for 20 minutes in an oven preheated to 180 degrees.

Serve the puff pastry warm or cooled over tea.


Cheesecakes with Sorrel

Healthy breakfast cheesecakes turn out green with a slight sourness.


  • 5 tbsp. flour;
  • 70 g sorrel;
  • 300 g of cottage cheese;
  • 2 tbsp. oat bran;
  • egg yolk;
  • 50 g sugar;
  • pinch of salt;
  • oil for frying.

How to prepare:

  1. Wash the leaves on both sides with running water, dry, laying them out on a towel. Shred in strips.
  2. Combine, beat with a blender curd and sorrel. Stir in egg yolk, sugar, salt, flour and bran. Thoroughly mix until smooth.
  3. Pour the flour into a bowl. Take a portion of the thick curd mass, roll in breadcrumbs, form cheesecakes.
  4. Place the cheese cake in a heated frying pan with vegetable oil.
  5. Fry on each side until golden brown.

Transfer the finished cheesecakes to paper towels to remove excess oil.

Sweet Pie

Sweet sorrel pie

The original-flavored pie is served with milk, tea, or coffee.

Set of products:

  • 150 g sorrel;
  • 350 gr flour;
  • 100g of low-fat cottage cheese, butter and sour cream;
  • 100g sugar;
  • 2 tbsp potato starch;
  • 2 eggs;
  • Salt for dough, stuffing;
  • 1 tsp. leavening agent.

Method of preparation:

  1. Melt butter in a bowl; cool. Add the sour cream, half the sugar, a whole egg plus an egg yolk.
  2. Beat the mixture with a whisk. Add sifted wheat flour, baking powder, salt.
  3. Knead into a stiff dough, wrap in clingfilm, and place in the fridge for 15 minutes.
  4. Remove the stalks from the sorrel. Rinse and dry the leaves, shredding. Transfer to a bowl, season with salt and sugar and knead briefly.
  5. Add starch, cottage cheese to the greens. Knead thoroughly.
  6. Divide the dough into two unequal parts. Roll out the large portion so that the layer occupies the entire area of the baking tray and leave free edges to form rims.
  7. Roll the dough on a rolling pin, transfer it to the mold, and prick it with a fork.
  8. Spread the filling.
  9. Roll out the smaller portion of the dough. Cover the sorrel and cottage cheese. Pinch the edges.
  10. Bake the pie for 1 hour in the oven at 180 degrees.

This is interesting! Sorrel is superior to any other greens in terms of vitamins and minerals. Ascorbic acid, retinol, magnesium, copper, iron, phosphorus are especially abundant in the herbaceous plant. In addition, the crop contains Omega-3, 6 fatty acids.

Sorrel jam

Sorrel jam

You can make the original sour-caramel jam by adding 100 grams of sugar and 2 tablespoons of water for every 300 grams of sorrel.

Go over the plants. If the petioles are young and juicy, leave them. Cut the sorrel in arbitrary pieces, strips. Transfer to an enamel bowl or saucepan. Pour in sugar, pour water.

Boil until thickened, stirring constantly. The volume of the herbs should reduce by a factor of 5. You can put the next portion in the process of boiling.

Readiness of jam determine by the appearance of large bubbles on the surface, which will settle after cooling.
Use it as a pie filling or serve it with tea.

Courgette Lemonade

Sorrel lemonade

Acidic and spicy drink perfectly quenches thirst, refreshing.

Ingredients for 5 servings:

  • 0.5 bunch of sorrel;
  • 60-80 grams of granulated sugar;
  • 1 liter carbonated water, 0.2 l without gas;
  • 30 g ginger;
  • one lemon.

How to prepare:

  1. Pour the still water into a saucepan. Add the sugar, the ginger root cut into circles. Cook for 30 minutes over a low heat, then leave to infuse for 2 hours.
  2. Chop the sorrel in broad strips. Transfer to the bowl of a blender, add a little baking soda, whisk until smooth. Then strain it through a sieve.
  3. Squeeze lemon juice in a jug, put the sorrel mixture. Top up with the rest of the carbonated water.

Tip! Emerald colored refreshing drink can be made sweeter or sweeter, adjusting the amount of sugar to your taste.


Sorrel Kissel

If you like unusual combinations and original taste of familiar dishes, try making a drink according to this recipe.

Set of products:

  • 300 g sorrel;
  • 50 g sugar;
  • 20 g of starch;
  • a pinch of salt.

Cooking steps:

  1. Peel, rinse, and chop the herbs. Place in a saucepan, add a little water. Braise until soft (5 minutes) over low heat.
  2. Strain the broth. Rub the sorrel through a sieve. Return together with the liquid to the pot.
  3. Pour in 750 ml of water, add sugar and cook for 3 minutes.
  4. Dissolve the starch in 100 ml of cold water, pour it by thin trickle, constantly stirring. After boiling, remove the container from the heat.

Serve the green kissel when it has cooled.


Sorrel Juice

Beverage with a sour-sweet taste refreshes, strengthens the immune system, improves digestion.

Only 3 ingredients are needed - a liter of water, 200 grams of sorrel, 150 grams of sugar.

Cut off the petioles. Wash and chop the leaves of the sorrel. Put the herbs in a saucepan, sprinkle with sugar, pour water. Bring to a boil, continue cooking for 3 minutes over low heat. Strain the kompot, drink it chilled.

Tip! To improve the taste of the refreshing drink, add a mint leaf, a slice of lemon to the glass.


Sorrel smoothie

A thick cocktail of fresh fruits and herbs sets the metabolism, is used as a detox for the body. The benefits of sorrel in this recipe increases many times, as the plants are not subjected to heat treatment.


  • 120 ml of non-carbonated water;
  • a bundle of sorrel;
  • 2 apples;
  • orange;
  • 3 mint leaves;
  • 5 g sesame seeds;
  • chocolate for sprinkles;
  • 1 tbsp. honey or sugar.

How to make:

  1. Cut off stiff petioles from sorrel; wash, dry, and coarsely chop leaves.
  2. Peel the apples, cut out the core and pips. Shred and dice apples.
  3. Remove the skin and white streaks from the orange, divide it into slices.
  4. Blend sorrel with water, add ripe juicy fruit, mint, sesame, sweetener. Whisk again.

Serve the smoothie in tall glasses with a straw or spoon, depending on the thickness of the smoothie. Sprinkle the vitamin mixture on top with grated chocolate.

Sorrel Ice Cream

Sorrel ice cream

To prepare 1 portion of the dessert, prepare:

  • 20 ml of cream;
  • egg yolk;
  • 60 grams of sorrel.

Method of preparation:

  1. Peel and rinse the sorrel under the tap. Run over boiling water, finely chop, and freeze.
  2. Whisk frozen herbs with egg yolk in a blender.
  3. Pour cream into a bowl. Continue to whisk until smooth.
  4. Transfer the mixture to a food container and put it in the freezer.

Low-calorie, healthy ice cream is eaten for an afternoon snack or served to guests as a dessert after main dishes.

Mashed potatoes with sorrel

Mashed potatoes with sorrel

Universal hearty side dish can be combined with any meat or fish. To diversify the taste of your favorite mashed potatoes, prepare a dish according to this recipe.


  • 6 tubers of potatoes;
  • 50 grams each of sorrel and spinach;
  • 50 ml of light cream;
  • 50 g of butter;
  • pepper, salt.

Cooking algorithm:

  1. Wash the greens, poach them in water. Rinse in a colander, chop with a blender.
  2. Boil peeled tubers in water with salt. Drain the broth.
  3. Add cream, butter, pepper and herbs to the potatoes. Crush with a shredder.

When serving, sprinkle the garnish with rings of green onion and chopped dill.

Omelet with Sorrel

Omelet with Sorrel

Protein-vitamin dish is great for breakfast for the family.


  • 0.5 bunch of sorrel;
  • 4 eggs;
  • 50 ml of vegetable oil;
  • 30 ml of milk;
  • 30g of hard cheese;
  • one tomato;
  • pepper, salt, dill greens.

Cooking algorithm:

  1. Rinse, dried sorrel cut into thin strips.
  2. Chop greens, tomatoes, grate cheese.
  3. Whisk eggs with a whisk with salt and pepper. Pour in milk, whisk again.
  4. Into milk and egg mixture put dill, half of sorrel, mix.
  5. Grease the form with oil, lay slices of tomatoes, pour the egg mixture.
  6. When eggs have thickened, sprinkle with cheese, spread the rest of the sorrel.
  7. Bake until tender.

Serve omelette with green peas, ketchup.

3 sorrel salad recipes

Salads with sorrel do not weigh on the stomach, improve mood, the body's resistance to cold infections. The plant with organic acids in its composition replaces vinegar, lemon juice added to dressings.

"Caesar" with sorrel

Caesar salad with sorrel

To prepare the dish, prepare a set of products:

  • 0,5 kg of sorrel;
  • 300 g of chicken fillet;
  • 100 g of cheese;
  • loaf of white bread;
  • 0.5 lemon;
  • 6 cloves of garlic;
  • 4 tbsp. mustard;
  • salt, pepper;
  • vegetable oil.

How to prepare:

  1. Trim the crusts off the bread. Cut into small cubes.
  2. Pour in vegetable oil with salt, pepper, and three crushed garlic cloves. Stir, bake in the oven until golden.
  3. Marinate shredded chicken fillets in soy sauce. After half an hour roast it in a pan.
  4. Prepare the sorrel, cut into pieces, put in a salad bowl.
  5. Place chicken, croutons, grated cheese on top.
  6. Prepare the sauce. Combine and mix the juice of half a lemon, mustard, 3 crushed cloves of garlic, vegetable oil, salt and pepper.
  7. Fill the salad with the dressing, mix all the ingredients.

Thanks to the sorrel "Caesar" gets a spicy taste.

Salad with sorrel and salmon

Salad with sorrel and salmon

To prepare the salad you will need:

  • fresh cucumber;
  • 120 g of smoked salmon filet;
  • 200 gr each of sorrel and watercress;
  • 100 ml of vegetable oil;
  • 1 red onion;
  • 40 ml of wine vinegar (white);
  • 20g mustard;
  • pepper, salt.

Preparation steps:

  1. Cut cucumber into circles, salt. Allow time for the juice to drain.
  2. Wash, cut greens into strips.
  3. Peel an onion and chop in half rings.
  4. Use vegetable oil, salt, pepper, mustard and vinegar to make a salad dressing.
  5. Arrange cucumbers, onions, greens, fish pieces on a flat dish. Pour the dressing over it.

That's interesting! Did you know that sorrel is used in cooking from late May to early August. Later the plant becomes fibrous and accumulates a large amount of oxalic acid.

Dried horse sorrel salad

Dried horse sorrel salad

An unusual salad to diversify your daily menu, will certainly appeal to fans of Caucasian cuisine.

Ingredients for 2 servings:

  • 1 onion;
  • 50g walnuts;
  • 150 g of dried horse sorrel (aveluca);
  • 2 garlic cloves;
  • pomegranate seeds;
  • To taste - salt, black pepper, paprika, chaman.

How to prepare:

  1. Wash and dry the avelook. Cut in pieces, pour boiling water on it. In an hour put it in a colander.
  2. Boil sorrel for 10 minutes in salted water.
  3. Heat a pan with oil. Roast onion feathers, chopped walnuts, garlic for three minutes.
  4. Add the aveluk, season with spices, and continue cooking for 2 minutes. Remove from the heat.
  5. Sprinkle the contents of the pan with pomegranate seeds.

Before serving, dress the salad with sour cream.

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How to preserve sorrel for winter

To extend the shelf life of the vitamin product, it is canned or frozen.

In jars

Canned sorrel

Sorrel cooked according to this recipe retains its consumer properties for several years.

How to Preserve:

  1. Pick 1 kg of sorrel. Yellow and damaged plants throw away. Cut off the petioles. Soak the leaves for half an hour in cold water to get the dirt off.
  2. Wash the herbs under the faucet, dry them on a kitchen towel, laying them out in a single row.
  3. Sterilize jars and boil metal lids.
  4. Cut the dried leaves into 5 mm wide strips, put them into jars, tamping them down. Add 0.5 tsp. salt to each container.
  5. Boil 1.5 L of water. Slowly pour sorrel up to the neck of the jars, in a few steps. Cover with lids.

To sterilize, turn jars upside down, wrapped in a blanket. Put the cooled jars in a cool, dark place.

In the freezer.

Frozen sorrel

Freezing keeps the chemical composition, juiciness and brightness of color unchanged.

Prepare the herbs for storage. Peel, trim the stems, rinse, and dry.

Freeze the sorrel whole and chopped. In the first case, spread the plants in a thin layer in bags, squeeze out the air, fasten the clasp or tie a knot, put in the freezer.

It is more convenient to use cubes of frozen sorrel. To prepare them, chop the greens as finely as possible, place them in the cells of an ice mold, pour water over them, and put them in the freezer. When frozen, put them in a container.

In this way you can freeze sorrel with dill, nettle, sea salt.

Application of sorrel in cosmetology

To maintain women's beauty on the basis of the vitamin sorrel prepare masks to relieve swelling, whitening, moisturizing, rejuvenating the skin, eliminating inflammation.

Usage of sorrel in cosmetology

Wrinkle Mask

Home mask from wrinkles is good because it contains only natural beneficial ingredients.

Grind 5 leaves of sorrel into a pulp. Mix the green mass with 10 g of strained cottage cheese, 10 ml of burdock oil. Spread the mixture on your face. Rinse off after half an hour. For best results use the mask twice a week.

Acne mask

This recipe will interest teenagers and people prone to acne, acne.

You will need:

  • 30 ml of sorrel decoction;
  • 5 ml of aloe;
  • 10 g of cosmetic green clay.

Strain the decoction, combine with the rest of the components. Apply the mixture to problem areas of the pre-boiled face. Wash off the mask after it has dried completely.

Mask for freckles and age spots

Cosmetic with sorrel whitens freckles, brown spots, smoothes acne scars, increases the skin's defenses.

Grind 5 g of rolled oats, chop 10 g of sorrel, combine. Pour the juice. If the mass is very thick, dilute the green tea. Apply the mask on a cleansed face, focusing on the pigmented areas. Keep the mixture for 20 minutes. Repeat the procedure up to eight times.

Recipes of folk medicine on the basis of sorrel

Infusions, decoctions of sorrel folk medicine treats digestive disorders, dermatitis, avitaminosis, dysentery, stomatitis, gingivitis and hemorrhoids. Healing plant is useful for colds, menopause, and joint pain.

Recipes of folk medicine on the basis of sorrel

Recipes with sorrel used in folk medicine:

  1. To reduce the intensity of unpleasant symptoms during menopause, every day for a week, prepare a therapeutic infusion of 10 g of dried leaves of the plant, poured with a glass of boiling water. The resulting volume is divided into 3 parts and drink 20 minutes before breakfast, lunch, dinner. The remedy should infuse for at least three hours before use.
  2. To get rid of cystitis, boil 500 grams of sorrel in a liter of water in a water bath. Pour the decoction into the water before taking a bath.
  3. Bile stagnation is relieved by sorrel juice. Grind the clean leaves of the plant on a meat grinder. Using gauze, squeeze the juice. For a week and a half, three times a day drink a tablespoon of juice, half diluted with water.

Sorrel cures sore throat with sore throat, improves appetite, improves sleep, copes with indigestion, gets rid of headaches. The plant is used as a styptic, sedative, antiseptic. If you eat low-calorie greens on a regular basis, due to the establishment of metabolism and laxative effect, you can lose excessive weight.

«Important: All information on this site is provided for informational purposes only purposes. Consult with a health care professional before using any of our recommendations. specialist. Neither the editors nor the authors shall be liable for any possible harm caused by materials."

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