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Tea with lemon: useful properties and contraindications

There is nothing better than having a cup of tea with lemon. This drink, thanks to vitamin C, will energize, warm and lift your spirits. It is especially pleasant to drink it in the cold autumn or frosty winter, it helps the body to resist viruses, especially active at this time of year.

This pleasant drink can be combined with various natural additives, which will further enhance its useful properties. The main thing is to learn how to brew the healing drink correctly and consume it in reasonable quantities.

Composition and calories

Black tea with a slice of lemon is a completely Russian invention. "Russian tea" is the name you might encounter on the menu of a foreign restaurant. When properly brewed and with the timely addition of a slice of lemon, the tea will retain the maximum amount of all the microelements and vitamins that make up its composition. 100 grams of wonderful black lemon tea contains alkaloids, tannins, various trace elements, essential oils, organic acids, pectins, as well as proteins and vitamins.

The brew itself contains tannins such as catechin, polyphenol, and tannin. There are also proteins and about 17 amino acids. Black tea contains essential oils, vitamins of the following groups: C, A, PP, P.

The lemon slice contains malic and citric acids, pectin substances and sugar. Citrus is a source of phytoncides, vitamins B2, C, B1 and P, carotene, lemon essential oil. In addition, green tea, like black tea, is rich in vitamins and useful trace elements in its own way.

In 100 grams of liquid contains only 1 kcal, provided that no additional ingredients and sugar have been added to black tea.

What are the benefits of tea with lemon

General Benefits

Black tea with lemon contains a large number of useful substances for the body.

The benefits and harms of lemon tea

  1. Excellent increases the tone of the vascular system thanks to the vitamins of the group B, P, PP, included in the composition of the drink.
  2. Reduces the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  3. Has a positive effect on the stomach.
  4. Helps to cope with low blood pressure, as black tea increases it.
  5. Reduces the risk of tumors.
  6. Beneficial effect on the thyroid gland.
  7. It is an excellent remedy for respiratory viral infections.
  8. Strengthens tooth enamel and gums.
  9. It speeds up the metabolism in the body and helps to get rid of excess weight.
  10. Slows down the aging process.
  11. Helps to strengthen the immune system.

In addition, the lemon that has been in the tea, it is better to eat too, as it still has a lot of useful substances, especially in the rind. During a cold or flu, a drink made of lemon helps to improve immunity, helps to cope with phlegm in the lungs, making it easier to expel it, brings down a high fever.

Black tea with lemon is a good way to combat hangover syndrome. A slice of lemon helps to increase appetite and improve digestion.

The healing drink can stop diarrhea, cope with the effects of intoxication. This is an excellent remedy for nausea, vomiting.

For women

In the lemon drink there are organic acids, including folic acid, which are essential for women's health, have a favorable effect on the reproductive system. This product is widely used in cosmetology, it rubs the skin, strengthens nail plates, softens and whitens the skin. Lemon juice is an excellent remedy against corns and other rough spots.

For men

Lemon is used in the treatment of prostate adenoma. To get rid of this strictly male disease, you need to prepare the following composition: squeeze the juice of 3 citrus fruits, add to it the yolks of three raw eggs, pour 200 grams of honey and the same amount of cognac. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and drink three times a day, 15 grams. This mixture will also help to cope with male infertility. Lemon juice contains beneficial for men's health substances that have a positive effect on the quality of sperm, accelerating the movement of spermatozoa. If a man has been unable to conceive for a long time, he is recommended to consume sour citrus daily for a long period of time. Lemon juice promotes the growth of testosterone levels.

But you should not go overboard with the consumption of this fruit, its over-abundance in the body has a negative effect on certain systems.

The lemon has a positive effect on problems with the genitourinary system. This citrus plant helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, reduces the risk of atherosclerotic and cholesterol plaques in the arteries, which slow down blood circulation and impair libido and erection. Lemon drink enhances the immune system, increases sexual activity, improves potency, provides a long and persistent erection, acts as a natural aphrodisiac.

For pregnant women

At every stage of pregnancy, lemon drink brings its own benefits. At the initial stage of pregnancy, its constituents contribute to the formation of bone tissue and also have a positive effect on the formation of the nervous system. Lemon helps to cope with bouts of toxicity. During pregnancy, women are often faced with edema, and black tea with lemon helps to cope with this problem as well.

In the second trimester of pregnancy it is better to limit the use of this product, so that later the baby will not be allergic to citrus. In the third trimester of pregnancy you should not consume more than one lemon per week. If after eating citrus, the child in the belly became active and kicking, it is better to exclude this fruit, he did not like it very much.

In addition, a drink with a slice of lemon increases blood pressure, so hypertensive people should better refrain from drinking it.

During pregnancy, when practically no medicine can be taken, lemon tea will be an indispensable assistant in the fight against angina, pharyngitis or tonsillitis. But it is better not to eat lemon on an empty stomach, because its juice irritates the walls and increases the acidity of gastric juice, provoking the occurrence of heartburn.

If you have problems with your teeth and gums during pregnancy, it is better not to drink tea with lemon every day.

When breastfeeding.

Experts do not give an unambiguous answer - you can or can not eat and drink lemon drinks when breastfeeding your baby. Usually the mother and the baby calmly tolerate the consumption of tea with a slice of this fruit. If the baby does not suffer from allergic reactions, it is recommended to drink this drink, because it promotes the increased production of milk. But certain precautions should still be observed. To begin with a regular black tea without flavorings and flavor enhancers, and look at the reaction of the child. It is not necessary to brew it strongly. If the baby is fine with the new drink, you can try adding a slice of lemon, first peeling it.

In the first three months of life, it is better not to experiment with adding new products to avoid intestinal colic.

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For babies

It is not recommended to give toddlers under one year to try products containing citrus. Babies under the age of three years should receive the sour product with great caution. Kids over the age of three can eat citrus fruits without being limited. Lemon helps to strengthen the immune and nervous systems of the body. But for children, you should choose less sour varieties, such as Meyer.

To cope with vomiting in a child, you need to mix 2.5 grams of lemon juice with 5 grams of natural liquid honey and give them to the baby. Citrus fruits are invariable helpers and in case of throat diseases, sore throat, tonsillitis, various respiratory viral infections. Lemon, enriched with fiber, helps the body get rid of toxins. When diarrhea is an excellent means of rehydration is also the juice of the citrus. One tablespoon of juice should be diluted in a glass of water, adding a little sugar and salt. Take one spoonful several times a day. In case of stomatitis, other ulcers in the mouth, a slice of lemon will be indispensable for getting rid of them.

The citrus fruit is useful for people who are overweight, because it helps to defeat the feeling of hunger. When you regularly drink tea with a lemon slice or juice, you can lower the level of acidity in the body, due to which various diseases often arise.

When losing weight

While actively losing weight, it is necessary to consume plenty of fluids. Lemon drink is not just a thirst quencher, but also an effective aid in getting rid of excess fat.

Lemon drink based on green tea helps to lower cholesterol. It actively fights free radicals in the body that cause various diseases, including cancer. Fresh citrus tea gives the body the energy it needs for exercise, walking and any other activity, helps stimulate thermogenesis, which affects the rate of fat breakdown, and prevents the deposition of fat by correcting blood sugar levels.

It is useful in figure correction or weight loss not just to drink tea with lemon, but also to eat the whole fruit, with the peel. The most useful substances are contained exactly in the peel. The constant consumption of lemon tea will help you to improve your health and to obtain a slender figure.

What can be combined with lemon tea

Green or black tea itself is rich in a variety of flavors. But if you add a slice or juice of lemon to this drink, it is not only delicious but also useful, satiating the body with essential vitamin C, invigorating and toning. To spice up the taste of the lemon drink, various ingredients are added to it, which saturate it with additional vitamins and trace elements.

What can be combined with lemon tea


Ginger and lemon drink is not only an excellent thirst quencher, but also a serious defender of the body against viruses and infection. It serves not only as a preventive measure, but also as a natural remedy that increases the body's defenses and promotes a speedy recovery. The combination of these products in a tea perfectly helps with a sore throat, relieves coughs.

In addition, this drink helps:

  • strengthen the cardiovascular system;
  • reduce headaches;
  • improve the function of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • remove toxins from the body;
  • help with joint and muscle pain;
  • reduce painful cramps during the menstrual cycle.

When you have a cold, use tea with ginger and lemon only in warm form. It is best to brew such a drink in a thermos. You need to add to it black tea, a few spoonfuls of ginger and a slice of lemon. Pour boiling water, cover tightly and leave to infuse for about 30 minutes. To enhance the healing effect just before use, you can add a spoon of honey.


This combination is the most popular and traditional. To cheer up in the morning, you can brew black tea, adding to it a slice of lemon and a spoonful of honey.

Alternatively, you can spice it up with ginger. This will make the drink even more useful and effective in the fight against respiratory and viral infections. For a bright flavor, grate lemon and ginger on a fine grater, add a spoonful of honey to the mixture and pour all this with warm boiled water.


Lemon-mint refreshing drink will help to calm down, relax and enjoy a restful and long sleep, as mint is an excellent natural remedy for insomnia. It is also an excellent remedy for getting rid of Staphylococcus aureus, as it has an antibacterial effect. But people who suffer from glaucoma should not use it, as it increases eye pressure.

To prepare a refreshing mint tea, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 10 grams of green tea;
  • quarter of a lemon;
  • 2-3 sprigs of mint;
  • 5-10 grams of sugar to taste;
  • boiled water.

Put all ingredients in a teapot and pour boiling water. Cover with a warm towel and let it brew for a few minutes. Excellent tonic drink ready.


Cinnamon is a fairly common spice that gives ordinary dishes an exquisite and gorgeous flavor. Lemon drink with cinnamon is an excellent remedy for weight loss. If you consume it several times before eating, it will significantly reduce your appetite and help you get rid of extra pounds faster.

To prepare green tea with cinnamon and lemon, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 5 grams of ground cinnamon;
  • 5 grams of green tea;
  • A couple of lemon slices;
  • 2 grams of honey as desired.

First, you need to brew green tea, in a separate glass mix the cinnamon with a small amount of boiling water, then add it to the brewing tea. Wait until the water cools a little, then put a lemon and honey in it.

To make a lemon drink with cloves and cinnamon, you need the following ingredients:

  • A quarter cup of lemon juice;
  • A glass of black brewed tea;
  • 1-2 buds of cloves;
  • 2 grams of ground cinnamon;
  • 5 grams of brown sugar.

Mix the lemon juice with the sugar, cinnamon and cloves, then add the mixture to the cooled black tea. The lemon-spice syrup is ready.


This is an excellent immunomodulatory agent against various diseases. It can be used as a prophylactic against viruses and infections.

To prepare a raspberry-lemon drink, you need to take the following components:

  • several fresh berries;
  • slice of lemon;
  • sugar to taste;
  • water.

First, put the berries in a teapot and pour boiling water over them. Let stand for about 10 minutes, then add the remaining ingredients. You can pre-brew black tea, add with it the twigs and leaves of raspberries, pour boiling water. Leave it to infuse for 15 minutes. Add sugar or honey to intensify the taste of the tea.


This drink is an excellent thirst-quencher and has an unusually subtle taste and wonderful aroma. Lemon, added together with bergamot, gives the tea a certain tanginess. This drink is very refreshing and can be drunk both hot and cold. It is a good remedy for treating colds, as well as prevention.

  1. To begin, brew the lemon zest, infusing it for 5 minutes.
  2. Wait for a foam to appear on the surface, indicating that the brewing process is correct.
  3. After that, add the bergamot tea.

The drink is best drunk in the evening, after a hard productive day.


Chamomile tea with a slice of lemon is a great way to combat avitaminosis. The drink helps the body to break down fats and cleanse itself of toxins, so it is an effective tool in the process of losing weight.

To prepare this drink, you need to take a few flowers of chamomile and insist them for a quarter of an hour in 250 ml of water. After that, strain the decoction and dilute it in a ratio of 1:3. Now you can add the juice or lemon slices. It is recommended to drink 2 times a day before meals.

The drink should not be consumed by people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases.

Lemon tea in medicine

Lemon drink is used in the treatment of various colds, infections, tonsillitis, sore throat, inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth. Lemon juice is a natural antiseptic and anti-infective agent, helps with diseases of the cardiovascular system, strengthens and improves the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels. In atherosclerosis doctors prescribe the compulsory consumption of lemon drink at night.

Lemon Tea in Medicine

At diabetes.

It turns out that citrus fruits can perfectly cope with excess blood sugar because of their high acid content. A slice of lemon with tea can help quench thirst and relieve dry mouth. This fruit is closely related to the glycemic index. It is the juice of the lemon that lowers the high index of the cooked dish and helps to eliminate blood sugar fluctuations in diabetic patients.

But before consuming a lemon drink, you should familiarize yourself with a number of contraindications. You should not consume lemon:

  • In decompensated diabetes;
  • ketoacidosis;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • peptic ulcer disease;
  • hyperacidity.

After the lemon drink has been consumed, you should take precautions to avoid problems with dental enamel - rinse your mouth or brush your teeth.

Important: The glycemic index of lemon is 20 units.

For pancreatitis.

It is not recommended to consume a lemon drink with pancreatitis because of the high content of acid in the fruit. It has a juice-like effect, increasing the secretion of enzymes, thereby slowing down the treatment of the unhealthy organ.

Chronic and acute forms of the disease have different dietary restrictions, but even in remission, lemon drinks should not be consumed; pain and cramping can occur. Even a small cup can cause discomfort.

With gastritis

Gastritis is a serious disease that requires special monitoring and timely treatment. For treatment to be effective, a strict diet must be followed. By not eating properly, a person can experience pain, heartburn attacks. Since this pathology is associated with inflammatory processes in the stomach, the use of lemon tea will further aggravate the course of the disease due to the acid content of the lemon.

In gout.

Accumulation of salts of uric acid and their deposition in the kidneys, joints and liver leads to such a disease as gout. Specialists recommend the inclusion of foods with lemon in the diet for this disease. Lemon juice, after being broken down in the stomach, helps to neutralize uric acid in the body, promotes its excretion and counteracts the accumulation of salt and the process of crystallization. Useful trace elements, the presence of fiber, bioflavonoids and pectin substances that are found in lemons, helps to establish digestion and rid the body of toxins. The potassium content has a positive effect on kidney function, speeding up the excretion of excess uric acid. Lemon drink helps to establish an acid-alkaline balance.

For the Liver

Beverage containing lemon juice helps to improve the outflow of bile, which normalizes the purine metabolism, in addition, increases the protective properties of hepatocytes, preventing their premature deterioration. It breaks down, removes free radicals and "bad" cholesterol, replenishes the energy balance, activates the production of liver enzymes, strengthens the anti-toxic properties of the organ and cleans the clogged gland.

In cholecystitis

Cholecystitis is a disease of the gallbladder, which develops due to the penetration of infection into the body. With this disease, you should follow a special diet. Lemon tea is not prohibited in this disease, it has a positive effect by activating the production of bile, which contributes to the removal of small stones from the body without surgical intervention. In folk medicine, lemon and olive oil are used to treat this disease, but you should first consult with your doctor.

At a fever

The citrus fruit can lower the body temperature because of the presence of salicylic acid in its composition. During the day, you should eat the fruit, juice, as well as a drink based on lemon peel. To prepare an effective remedy to reduce the fever, you need to mix the following ingredients: lemon, orange, apple juice 100 ml each, tomato juice - 75 ml, beet juice - 25 ml.

When coughing

In infectious diseases of the respiratory tract, lemon is an excellent remedy. It can be used when added to tea, as well as by sucking a slice of lemon fresh. Lemon drink as if to envelop and soften the painful place, perfectly copes with irritation and fart in the throat, promotes rapid removal of mucus from the airways, helps to liquefy phlegm.

With angina

Lemon drink with sore throat - an indispensable remedy that can reduce pain, cope with inflammation and swelling, have a bactericidal effect. In addition, it helps to increase the body's defenses, improves blood circulation in the area of inflammation, accelerates healing, helps to reduce fever and improve appetite. For effective treatment, lemon slices should be sucked up together with the zest.

If you have diarrhea

Tea with lemon for diarrhea is a universal remedy that has a rehydrating, antiemetic and restorative effect. To get rid of such a serious illness, you need to brew tea, adding to it a slice of lemon and a few spoonfuls of sugar. It is recommended to drink the drink warm. It does not cause vomiting attacks. Lemon water perfectly maintains the water balance in the body. The acid in the fruit is excellent for stimulating the immune system.

For a hangover.

Lemon drink is able to speed up the process of processing alcoholic beverages. It stimulates various processes in the body and actively fights the toxin. In order to reduce the risk of alcohol poisoning, you should snack on a slice of lemon when drinking it.

When cystitis.

Because of the content in the lemon of various organic acids, vitamins, macronutrients, it has a high therapeutic result. Applying this fruit in the treatment, you can stop the spread of infection by increasing diuresis.

With this disease, you should eat about 30 ml of lemon juice diluted in warm water in the morning and evening. This will help in strengthening the immune system and stop the replication of pathogenic microflora.

Tea with lemon lowers or raises blood pressure

Lemon drink helps to lower blood pressure and normalize it in hypertension. Drinking green tea with a slice of lemon will lower blood pressure because of its diuretic effect.

Black tea with lemon juice is useful for a sudden spike in blood pressure, it helps to increase and normalize it. You should add a little sugar to the drink.

Harm and contraindications

Tea with lemon is not recommended for people who have an increased acidity of the stomach, suffer from allergies to citrus fruits. Pregnant women should also be careful, including lemons in their diet. This can lead to allergies in the baby later on. In addition, the consumption of lemon drink can cause heartburn. Infants, if they are on the LN, can get diathesis and colic.

How to Choose a Lemon for Tea

How to choose a lemon for your tea

In order for tea with lemon to bring benefits and only positive emotions, you should carefully approach the purchase of the fruit in the store. It is necessary to pay attention to the peel of the citrus. It should be without spots and dots, evenly colored. It should be free of depressions, wrinkles and shriveled areas. There should be a pleasant aroma coming from the fruit. A lemon with a bright yellow rind will definitely be ripe.

It is advised to put a napkin to the fruit, on it should appear spots of essential oil. This proves that the fruit has not been chemically treated. Thin-skinned and smooth lemons have more nutrients.

How to properly brew tea with lemon: recipes

In order to brew black tea with lemon, you need to pour the brew into a warm and dry kettle. Then pour boiling water and let it infuse for a few minutes. Pour the black tea into cups, let it cool down to 60-50 degrees, and then add a slice of lemon.

Lemon zest is used to enhance the lemon flavor of the drink. It is carefully removed from the fruit and dried in an oven. Then grind it into a powder in a coffee machine and add it to the dry brew according to one's taste preferences.

You can also make combinations like this:

  • Mint (4 sprigs), lemon - 2 cups, tea leaves - 2 tsp;
  • grated ginger (1/2 tsp.), tea brew plus honey and lemon;
  • favorite berries (about 5 pcs.), lemon, brew;
  • brew, lemon slice, some jam;
  • slice of lemon, brew, cloves, honey.

How to drink tea with lemon

Many people deceptively believe that for the best flavor and aroma, lemon should be added immediately to hot tea. Because of the high temperature of the water all the useful substances in the lemon lose their properties, the ascorbic acid is destroyed. Of course, in terms of taste it will not be inferior, but the amount of vitamins will be quite different from the proper brewing tea. Therefore, the citrus should be added last, after the tea has cooled a bit, to avoid wastage.

For some people it is important to drink hot tea, in which case the lemon can be used as a flavor of tea. For this purpose, it is necessary to cut the citrus into slices, sprinkle it with sugar and eat a slice before making a sip, and then drink it with the tea. Thanks to this method, in a lemon will be kept at maximum all the useful properties and vitamins.

How much you can drink per day

In the absence of contraindications, gastrointestinal diseases, pregnancy, breastfeeding period, as well as allergic reactions, you can drink no more than 3 cups of lemon tea per day.

Can I drink it at night and on an empty stomach

Drinking lemon tea on an empty stomach, you can help the body to cope with harmful substances, promote their elimination from the body.

The best option would be to drink the drink a couple of hours before bedtime. Tea with lemon has a favorable effect on sleep. Drinking this drink daily in the evening, you can improve and speed up the process of falling asleep. However, you should not use it for people suffering from gastritis, ulcers and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as it helps to activate acid, irritates the walls of the stomach, and can cause pain and discomfort.

Is it possible to drink in case of poisoning

Lemon drink promotes the removal of toxins from the body when it is intoxicated. He helps to replenish fluids, quickly purify the blood from harmful substances and has an antiviral effect. But it is recommended to use it only in warm form, otherwise it will further "disturb" the mucosa of the esophagus. And in the cold form, the body will have to spend additional energy to heat the liquid, which is also not very good in the period of illness.

Is it possible to eat lemon from tea

At an important social event, of course, eating a slice of lemon from tea is unacceptable. At home, with friends, if you really feel like it, you can eat the citrus from the tea. But you need to be sure that it is really a quality product, without any harmful substances in it. As you know, when steamed, all harmful substances remain on the surface of the peel. In addition, shopkeepers often wax fruits to increase their freshness.

You also need to be guided by your health. If there are problems with the stomach, you should not eat the fruit. In addition, always keep in mind that the lemon drink promotes high blood pressure.

Lemon Facts

Interesting Facts about Lemons

  1. The history of the origin of the fruit to this day remains a mystery. Some experts believe that lemons are a hybrid from other citrus fruits.
  2. As early as the 12th century, the first records of the lemon are found. Its birthplace is considered to be China, parts of the Pacific Islands and India.
  3. About 14 million tons of fresh lemons are harvested worldwide each year.
  4. In southeast Asia, round and green limes are considered sour citrus.
  5. One tree produces more than 350 fruits per season. The largest harvest of lemons from a single tree was 2,500.
  6. The height of the lemon tree does not exceed 7 meters, and the average age is more than 40 years.
  7. The largest exporters of lemons in the world are considered to be India and Mexico.
  8. The lemon peel weighs almost half the weight of a lemon.
  9. A ripe lemon contains about 3.5% sugar.
  10. Lemonade was originally named after the fresh lemon slices used to make it.
  11. Putting unripe and hard lemons in the microwave for a quarter of a minute makes the fruit soft and juicy.
  12. To get rid of rust and deal with oxidized metal surfaces, lemon juice and salt are used.
  13. One lemon contains a daily allowance of vitamin C.
  14. People used to consider the fruit an effective remedy against the plague and a good antidote to snakebite.
  15. Lemons can be kept in a cupboard at room temperature for about two weeks and they can stay fresh for about two months in the refrigerator.
  16. The substances that make up the citrus are excellent helpers in the removal of toxins from the body, getting rid of excess weight.
  17. In order to make a disinfection, you just need to prepare lemon water.
  18. To strengthen the nail plate in a short time use baths containing lemon juice, as well as dipping fingers into the pulp of lemons.
  19. The fruit is used to make a very useful essential oil. But to create at least one liter usually requires more than 3,000 lemons.
  20. Lemons contain half as much sugar as strawberries.
  21. Citrus trees are often seen in Asian and European gardens as a decorative adornment of the home area.
  22. The famous conqueror of the seas, James Cook, began using sour citrus as a cure for such a disease as scurvy, which for a long time was exclusively a disease of sailors.
  23. India is famous for its inhabitants eating pickled fruits of the lemon tree.
  24. Unrequited and unrequited love is what the fruit symbolizes in Spain.
  25. Europe should be grateful to Alexander the Great, who brought this sour fruit, which was originally called the "Indian apple".
  26. At high social events, blueberries are always served in conjunction with lemon, as lemon juice helps clear the blueberry stain from your fingers.
  27. Over-salted soup can be saved by adding a little lemon juice to it.
  28. Technical lemon juice was used to dye various materials. It is a thick black liquid obtained by squeezing and evaporating lemon juice.

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