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Jasmine tea: useful properties and contraindications

Jasmine flowers have long been famous for their unique and pleasant fragrance. They are added to green and black tea, in various drinks, are used for medical purposes and in cosmetology. The healing properties of green tea are truly unique. Drinking a cup of tea in the morning, you will be energized for the whole day, and in the evening with the help of a healing drink you can relax after a hard day's work. The antioxidants contained in the flavorful drink perfectly copes with subcutaneous fat and cleanses the body of toxins and harmful substances.

The habit of adding fragrant flowers to drinks first appeared in ancient China. The herbalists of that time were convinced that the drink charges the male body with stamina and strength, and helps women to reveal all their feminine beauty and sexuality. Jasmine was considered a true natural aphrodisiac in those times and nowadays.

What is jasmine

The fragrant plant has many varieties. The evergreen shrub belongs to the Olive family. They can be climbing or upright shrubs, which are used to decorate parks, alleys and homesteads. In temperate and cold climate zones, jasmine is cultivated in homes and winter gardens. Places of growth can be found in areas with warm climates: in the tropics and subtropics of Asia, Australia, the Mediterranean and Africa.

The benefits and harms of jasmine tea

Jasmine is often confused with the chubby plant. Both have a similar fragrance. The shrubs have simple, trifoliate and unpaired leaves without leaflets. Flowers are large, regular in shape, clustered in umbrellas or solitary. The corolla of the flowers may be yellow, white or reddish divided. The shoots of the plant can be smooth or pubescent. It is the fragrant flowers that are used to add to drinks and have a host of beneficial and medicinal properties.

How to pick and dry jasmine flowers for tea

Jasmine grows in warm regions. In the midlands, the more common species is the chubby. It is not much inferior to jasmine, and can also be harvested and dried. Collect the flowers in the morning, while the sun is still up. Flowers must be dry, so if it rained the day before, the gathering should be postponed. Only fully bloomed inflorescences should be picked. Pluck them carefully so as not to damage the petals. The container for the collection should be wide, as you should not put the flowers too thick.

Harvested raw materials should first be sorted, since damaged flowers and insects may have fallen into the dishes during the collection. After this you should put a newspaper or other suitable paper on a flat surface. Flowers should be distributed on the surface in an even and thin layer. The drying process takes about 4-5 days. The room should be dry and well ventilated. During drying, the flowers should be stirred regularly so that the process goes on evenly. If the flowers are darkened and do not have a marketable appearance, throw them away. The finished raw material should acquire a lighter shade. Fragile flowers can be dried only naturally, as using an oven will only spoil the raw material, and the petals will begin to darken and burn.

When the jasmine flowers are dry, they should be mixed with the pre-dried tea leaves, and then the mixture should be flavored. To do this, you can use heat treatment or the natural way - storing the flowers and tea leaves together. Tea tree leaves are good at absorbing the delicate aroma of jasmine and retain it for a long time.

Composition and calories

Fragrant plant features not only a wonderful fragrant aroma, but also a rich composition of minerals and vitamins. The composition of jasmine includes:

  • biologically active natural compounds;
  • essential oils;
  • organic acids - benzoic acid, salicylic acid, formic acid.

Healing properties of the plant have beneficial effects on all functions of the body. Since ancient times, jasmine flowers have been used in medicine and cosmetology.

The caloric value of the product is very low - 100 grams contains only 1 kcal. In brewed tea - 8 kcal in 250 ml.

What are the benefits of green tea with jasmine

General Benefits

Green tea contains a large amount of caffeine. When drinking the healing drink, the performance increases, brain activity improves, and vigor appears. At the same time, people should not worry about the consequences. Jasmine has such a substance as thein, which protects the human cardiovascular system.

What is the usefulness of green tea with jasmine

The nutritional properties of jasmine are compared to those of legumes. Jasmine flowers perform the following positive functions in the body:

  • strengthen the blood vessels;
  • normalize the work of the nervous system;
  • Order the digestion;
  • improve blood circulation.

Since jasmine drinks have very few calories, they are often included in strict diets to get rid of excess weight. Green tea with jasmine is excellent for fighting excess deposits in the body. The sweet pleasant taste of the drink allows you to drink it without sugar and honey, which is beneficial for a normal body.

The antioxidants in the product help to quickly eliminate harmful compounds and toxins. Tea helps quickly enough to break down fat layers, so in conjunction with exercise can get rid of extra pounds.

Green tea with jasmine flowers can be used as a remedy for off-season outbreaks of viral infections, as well as for their prevention. The many vitamins and minerals in the product help strengthen the body's immune system and increase protective functions.

Green tea with jasmine has a good effect on the condition of the skin. If you drink tea regularly, your skin will look young and fresh. The essential oils in the drink help the body relax and calm down. Periodic consumption of delicious tea normalizes the nervous system and normalizes sleep. The drink also has a restorative effect. If you drink it in the morning, on the contrary, there will be a rush of energy, activates the brain, increases the tone of the entire body.

The healing drink has a positive effect on the intestines. Tea is undoubtedly beneficial for overeating, constant constipation and poisoning. It is especially recommended to drink green tea with jasmine in the hot season. The tonic drink will help to quickly quench the feeling of thirst, as well as remove excess water from the body. But the diuretic effect of tea can cause dehydration, so it is not recommended to drink it uncontrollably.

Aromatic drink, due to its useful properties, reduces the risk of cancer. It is especially recommended for people who live in regions with an unfavorable environmental situation.

For women

For the female body, the use of jasmine tea will bring only positive effects.

  1. The product is a real antidepressant. Periodic consumption of a delicious drink will help improve your mood and cope with nervous disorders.
  2. In addition, tea is useful for female mental workers, as it can normalize brain activity.
  3. If you drink this aromatic drink systematically, you can easily fall asleep and wake up quickly. All signs of insomnia will also disappear.
  4. Thanks to jasmine flowers in a woman awakens sexuality and normalizes the work of the reproductive system.
  5. The cleansing properties of the tea will help to get rid of harmful cholesterol plaques and strengthen the walls of blood vessels.
  6. Blood pressure is normalized.
  7. The most important benefit for the female body is the property of tea with jasmine to break down subcutaneous fat and eliminate toxins. When losing weight, this is the main effect of the fight against excess weight.

For men

  1. Green tea with jasmine normalizes the sexual life of men, because it has a beneficial effect on many systems of the body. The drink has a positive effect on the production of sex hormones, has a diuretic effect, reduces the risk of prostatitis.
  2. Green tea with jasmine has the properties of an aphrodisiac, helps to increase sexual desire.
  3. Regular use of the healing drink will help relax, calm the nervous system, gives strength for further activities.
  4. The tea has an excellent effect on the work of the brain.
  5. The systematic use of the drink improves heart function, normalizes blood pressure, removes harmful cholesterol.

When breastfeeding

The use of tea with jasmine during lactation is allowed. But it is important to remember that the product contains caffeine, which has the property of invigorating. With breast milk, all the substances pass into the body of the child. If after drinking tea with jasmine by the mother, the baby became too active and restless, it is necessary to stop drinking the drink.

You should start drinking the tea 5-6 months after the birth. During this time, the baby's body will become stronger and will not accept products with therapeutic effect. If the baby from birth is restless and does not sleep well, it is better to choose another drink.

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When pregnant

For women who are in a state of expectation of adding to the family, it is important to eat right. During this important period of life, it is essential that the body receives all vitamins and minerals in double the amount. Consumption of any products that have therapeutic properties should be discussed with your doctor in advance. Green tea with jasmine is not an exception. During pregnancy, with the help of tea you can get rid of nausea during toxicosis. It is also easier for women to travel, because such tea eliminates motion sickness.

Usually in the third trimester of pregnancy, expectant mothers begin to suffer from edema. Green tea with jasmine will help to get rid of this unpleasant problem and remove all excess fluid from the body. During the period of carrying a child, it is not recommended to drink it at night, otherwise it can provoke the appearance of insomnia. In any case, during pregnancy, tea with jasmine should be drunk in limited quantities.

The benefits of tea with jasmine for weight loss

Low-calorie tea can be drunk without sugar. It helps to consume fewer calories. Green tea with jasmine is not a product that leads to weight loss, but only an active assistant. The drink can become an indispensable part of the whole complex in the fight against fat deposits.

The benefits of jasmine tea for weight loss

With the regular use of a tasty and flavorful drink improves the metabolic processes in the body, which contributes to the removal of fat that is deposited on the sides and abdomen. If you constantly drink tea, you will increase sweating, so the toxins will come out with the sweat. The caffeine content will help maintain the body in tone, give you vigor and a good mood.

Does green tea with jasmine increase blood pressure?

Many people suffer from blood pressure disorders. Therefore, fans of the fragrant drink wonder: how does tea with jasmine affect blood pressure? Specialists have expressed the opinion that green tea with jasmine is of great benefit to hypertensive people, as it helps to lower blood pressure. In this case, it is hot tea that provides effective help.

Harm and contraindications

Despite a number of useful and therapeutic properties of the drink, it has several contraindications and limitations:

  1. In some cases, green tea with jasmine can cause allergies. In this case, you should give it up.
  2. People suffering from hypotension should be careful with the consumption of the invigorating drink. Hot tea has the properties of lowering blood pressure.
  3. You should not get involved in drinking tea before going to bed. The invigorating jasmine tea has a restorative effect on the body. You may not fall asleep immediately, because there will be a lot of energy.
  4. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, women are advised to limit the consumption of the drink and consult a doctor beforehand.
  5. For heart disease, excessive consumption of tea can cause arrhythmias, so people who suffer from serious cardiac pathologies are advised to limit the intake of the drink.
  6. If consumed in excess, jasmine tea can provoke an exacerbation of serious gastrointestinal diseases.
  7. Restrictions on consumption also apply to people suffering from diabetes.

You should not combine the use of tea with alcoholic beverages. It can lead to the occurrence of ulcers. Green tea can increase the excitability of the body when drinking alcoholic beverages.

In any case, you should not drink too much green tea. Every useful and healing product should be used in moderation. Only in this case, the body will benefit.

How to brew jasmine tea

The taste and useful qualities of the drink depend on properly brewed tea.

How to brew jasmine tea

  1. It is better to take purified water for brewing. It should not contain impurities and foreign flavors, as this can completely spoil the taste of the tea. Tap water can be purified yourself using a special filter, or you can let it stand for a few hours. You can also buy clean bottled water in a store.
  2. A clay, porcelain or earthenware teapot is best for brewing. The teapot should first be rinsed with boiling water.
  3. You shouldn't pour the freshly boiled water over it straight away. It should be no hotter than 85 degrees.
  4. You should put 5-6 teaspoons into the rinsed teapot, and then pour half of it with boiled water. This way, the tea should brew for 5 minutes.
  5. After that, add water to the brim and pour it into cups at once.

Green tea with jasmine is good because you can drink it without sugar. The taste of the drink allows you to do this without difficulty.

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How to Choose and Store Jasmine Tea

It is advisable to buy only expensive elite varieties of tea. There is no need to spend money on cheap tea in bags. When choosing, pay attention to the structure of the tea: the jasmine flowers should be visible in the composition. Then you can tell that before you a quality product. The most useful is a tea made from the young leaves and buds of jasmine.

Tea with any additives requires special storage, because it easily absorbs foreign odors. It needs to be:

  1. Place it in a glass or porcelain dish.
  2. Put it in a dry place, away from other foods.
  3. It is important not to let the tea get wet, otherwise it will lose all its useful properties and will spoil.
  4. Make sure that the tea is not exposed to direct sunlight.

How much jasmine tea can be drunk per day?

Although the drink is very tasty and useful, it is not recommended to drink it in excess. Experts advise drinking no more than three cups of tea a day. In this case, the body will get all the necessary nutrients without any harm. Because of the caffeine content, it is better to drink green tea with jasmine 2 hours before bedtime. This way, the drink will not affect your restful sleep. Tea with jasmine has a beneficial effect on the whole body.

The best varieties of green tea with jasmine

Tea producers try to please their consumers with different varieties. Chinese varieties are especially recognized by lovers of quality green tea with jasmine:

Green Tea with Jasmine

  1. Jade Butterfly (Mo Li Yu De). To make this unique beverage, they take the top two leaves of a tea tree and store them together with jasmine flowers, then twist them together with their hands. Each leaf is shaped like a moth. This tea, according to the Chinese, normalizes metabolism and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system of the body.
  2. Jasmine Pearl (Mo Li Lun Feng Geng). This variety also uses top leaves. They are harvested in April, then subjected to primary processing. Then jasmine flowers are added. The blend is then kept at a certain temperature for several days. The resulting tea has a tart flavor and strong aroma.
  3. Eye of the Phoenix (Mo Li Dan Feng Yan). The variety is derived from the leaves of the tea tree when it is in bloom. The leaves are twisted together with jasmine flowers, giving them an oval shape. This is repeated several times.
  4. Jasmine Snail (Mo Li Zhen Lo). The most popular variety in China. The tea tree leaves are harvested in spring, then dried and stored until the jasmine flowers are harvested. The tea leaves are then mixed with the flowers.
  5. Lord of the Jasmine (Mo Li Cha Wang). This variety is made from the first buds of the tea tree. It has a strong tart flavor and bright yellow hue.
  6. Green Jasmine (Hua Ju Cha). It is a traditional medium leaf tea that is shaped like balls. The Chinese prefer to drink it in the morning because the beverage increases vitality and performance. When brewed, the round balls unwind.

Each quality variety of green tea with jasmine has its own unique flavor and health benefits. With the right choice and storage of tea, you can always enjoy the amazing taste and subtle aroma of the drink. With the help of a healing infusion you can get rid of a lot of health problems forever. Especially this drink is useful for people who are overweight.

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