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Frequent mistakes that make cream-cheese not work

Universal cream-cheese cream with a delicate texture is used for coating, smoothing cakes, making caps for cupcakes, glazing rolls. You can experiment with the product by adding different additives to the recipe. It is easy to use, quick to prepare, does not fall off. Beginner cooks sometimes make mistakes. The cream turns out too liquid, doesn't hold its shape or splits. To avoid mistakes, use the advice of professionals.

Widespread mistakes that cause crème cheese to fail

Despite the simplicity of the technology dessert does not always get the right consistency. The most common mistakes in the preparation of cream cheeses:

Common mistakes, because of which you can not get a cream cheese

Poor quality products

The taste of the dessert determines its composition, which includes cream cheese, powdered sugar, cream or butter.

To ensure that the cream holds its shape and does not settle, choose cream of animal origin (not vegetable) 33-38% fat content. Natural 82% butter, which must not be replaced with spread, margarine or other cooking or vegetable fats, is responsible for the puffiness.

The main component of the cream cheese is cream cheese. A quality product should contain nothing but cream, cottage cheese, milk powder, salt and sourdough. Well beaten cream cheese thick, with a homogeneous structure without clumps, the mass fraction of fat in the dry matter is not less than 60 percent.

Combining ingredients of different temperatures

Chipping, formation of lumps is the reason for using components of different temperatures. This mistake can be critical in butter cream.

Excessive whipping

Do not continue to whip the ingredients after obtaining a lush homogeneous mass. The principle "the longer the better" does not work here. Over-whipped dessert does not hold its shape, becomes liquid, and stratifies.

Unworkable recipe.

Use recipes from reputable sources. Watch the master class on making cheese cream on video, otherwise failure to comply with the proportions and technology of preparation will lead to disastrous results.

Why the cream cheese is layered and how to fix it

The splitting of a dessert with butter or natural cream occurs due to the combination of ingredients of different temperatures or from excessively long whipping with a mixer.

To restore the normal consistency of cream and butter, heat the mixer bowl with a hair dryer. Whisk the cream with the electric kitchen appliance at minimum speed until the integrity of the emulsion is restored. You will not be able to correct the mistake if the whey comes out.

Thicken the cream cheese with the starch diluted in water. Pour the liquid into the container with the layered dessert, whisk until the structure of the sweet mass becomes homogeneous.

Another way to restore the integrity of the emulsion is based on heating it in a microwave oven. Put the cream in the microwave. Every 20 seconds remove the container, beat the dessert with a mixer on low speed until there are no signs of separation.

What to do if the cream cheese is runny

If the recipe is not exactly followed, or low-fat products are selected, the dessert will turn out liquid, will not retain its shape. This error is not difficult to eliminate, if you use culinary thickeners.

What to do if the cream cheese is liquid

How to thicken

There are three products that can correct the liquid consistency of the cream:

  1. Gelatin. Pour 10 g of the thickener in room temperature water. After 20 minutes dissolve in a water bath, cool it. Combine the dissolved gelatine with 3 spoons of Cream Cheese, add to the remaining creamy mass of 500 g, beat with a mixer. Place in fridge for half an hour to stabilize.
  2. Starch. It is better to use corn starch. It is lighter than potato cream, does not weigh down the structure, makes the cream dense and airy. You will need 1 spoonful of thickener for 0.5 kg of cream. Dissolve the corn starch in water. Pour the solution into the liquid cream-cheese mixture, beat with a mixer for two minutes. Place in the refrigerator to chill for at least half an hour. Spread the dense pastry material over the cakes, level the cakes.
  3. Cream thickener. Buy the product in a supermarket. Use according to the instructions on the package. Or make the mixture yourself, combining powdered sugar with potato starch in the proportion of 2:1.

Why is the cream cheese bubbling?

When beating with a mixer, even at low speeds, air enters the cream mass, forming bubbles that disrupt the density, smoothness of the structure. This problem is easy to eliminate. Simply, after using the mixer, take a silicone spatula and mix the dessert by hand, displacing the air.

If the cream cheese with bubbles has already been applied to the cake, add more cream to the cavities that have formed, smooth the surface until smooth with a spatula to smooth it out.

No bubbles will form in the dessert if you whip the room temperature butter with powdered sugar, then add the cream cheese, knead with a spatula.

What to do if the cream cheese is bitter

There are several reasons why a dessert is bitter:

  1. The expiration date of the cream cheese has expired.
  2. Bitterness is inherent in a particular brand of mascarpone.
  3. More vanillin has been added or a poor quality flavoring has been used.

Bitterness is masked by introducing fruit (banana, strawberries) into the cream. You can make another batch of cream-cheese from quality products without vanillin, mix it with a bitter dessert or add more cheese, powdered sugar, mix thoroughly.

How to remove lumps from the cream cheese

Cream with lumps looks unaesthetic and is not suitable for smoothing, covering cakes. There are three reasons for this problem - extreme temperature changes, poor quality ingredients, and not enough thorough mixing.

To avoid uneven texture, take cream cheese and butter out of the refrigerator an hour before cooking.

The best cheeses for cream cheese are Mascarpone, Philadelphia, Almette, inexpensive Cremette Hochland, President Provence, Violette, Valio, Miletto.

Be sure to check the expiration date of the products, the method of storage in the store. Lumps can form if the product is overfrozen. Do not skimp on the natural butter, trying to replace it with spreads. With cheap ingredients, you won't get a fluffy smooth cream.

If you follow the technology of preparation, use only fresh quality products and choose the right recipes, there will be no problems in the preparation of cream-cheese. Mistakes made due to lack of experience, practical skills, it is not difficult to correct, using the tips for cream with butter or cream.

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