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How can I substitute butter in baked goods and other dishes?

Butter is a delicious and healthy dairy product. It is actively used by hostesses to prepare sandwiches, cakes and other desserts.

Why do I add butter to baked goods?

Butter combined with sugar and eggs makes a delicious pastry in a yeast dough. Such baked goods will be more tender and last longer. But in many recipes, butter can be substituted for a more budget-friendly product.

How you can substitute butter for butter in baked goods

What's a Butter Substitute for Butter in Baking

In cheesecake.

For the cake to be tender and soft, instead of butter, it is better to add sour cream or nonfat cream. In this way, the cheesecake will be not only tasty, but also healthy. And to get crumbly, you should add cottage cheese instead of butter. The effect will be the same, but the pastry will be less calorie-dense. But here it is important not to go overboard and clearly follow the specified proportions. From such a dessert will not be heavy in the stomach. After all, it is the fatty oil that makes the cheesecake so caloric.

In Napoleon.

To make the cake delicious, it is not necessary to add a large amount of butter to it. A delicious dough can be made from milk, eggs, sugar, carbonated soda and flour. It will not differ in taste from the classic one, but it won't do any harm to your figure. The cream can also do without butter. Eggs, sugar, milk, starch, flour and vanilla are all you need for a delicious and delicate cake. It will be useful for those who look after their figure and their health. The calorie content of such a dessert is small, and the taste is similar to the classic napoleon. However, you need to remember about the proportions to achieve the desired result.

In the honeydew

Everyone knows the recipe where you put a huge amount of butter in the meringue cake. Everyone loves such a cake. However, few people know how to make the dessert even more tender and delicious. You need to replace the butter with vegetable oil. Surprisingly, the cake made with this recipe turns out the softest, most tender and juicy. This honeydew is much tastier than the classic one, its preparation is much easier. And the result leads to the delight of anyone. The main thing is to let the médovik infuse for several hours.

In mannik.

There are many recipes for mannik on the Internet, but everywhere they add butter, but you can do without it. To make the baked goods tasty, you can replace the carbohydrates with a healthier ingredient. So, mannik is cooked on kefir, sour cream and milk. This version turns out much healthier, and the taste is almost indistinguishable from the original. Butter can also be replaced by mashed fruit such as apples, bananas, pears and so on. This dessert has an unusual taste. It is soft, tender, airy, low-calorie and most importantly - delicious.

In a charlotte

It is not necessary to put a huge amount of butter in a charlotte. Even without it, you can get an incredibly tender, juicy and delicious pie. The ingredients for it do not need a lot, just enough eggs, sugar, flour and apples. Instead of whole fruit, you can put mashed fruit. It will make the pastry more tender and juicy. Such a charlotte is not only delicious, but also incredibly healthy. Even those who sit on a diet, you can eat a couple of pieces of such a pie. After all, it is absolutely non-fat. But you need to remember about the proportions, so that the dessert does not turn into an incomprehensible mush.

In strudel

In strudel, instead of butter, you can put vegetable margarine. Here it is very important to pay attention to the composition. Margarine should not contain a huge amount of flavor enhancers and other food additives. These chemically created substances are harmful to the body. Only products that do not affect your health should be included. Unrefined coconut oil is also an excellent substitute for butter. It will also make the dough dense. Such strudel can be eaten even by vegetarians. And there is no difference in taste.

In pancakes.

Pancakes can turn out delicious and without adding butter. They require only milk, eggs, flour, salt and sugar. These pancakes will taste almost like ordinary pancakes, only less greasy. However, the pan must be of good quality, so that they do not burn, do not stick and do not tear. As a result, you can get very tasty, elastic, soft and tender pancakes. Such a dish will be less caloric, but still bring great pleasure.

In a muffin.

When making muffins, they always use butter, which makes the dessert very caloric and harmful to the body. However, the same result can be obtained by replacing this product with a healthier one. Instead of butter, you can put yogurt or soft cottage cheese in the muffin. The cake will be just as soft and airy, and most importantly - healthier. You can also use mashed apples. Then the muffin will get a new unusual taste. In this case, the difference between the classic recipe and the presented ones is almost imperceptible. The muffin only loses the creamy aftertaste and fatness, but otherwise remains the same.

In cookies.

Delicious cookies can also be made without the use of butter. Vegetable oil, whey, sugar, flour and baking soda make a great recipe for delicious baked goods. The cookies are soft and fluffy. It does not resemble a tasteless piece of dough. Such cookies do not have a lot of calories and are healthier than usual. However, they are similar in taste and there is almost no difference. Cookies without butter are easier to make and more profitable to prepare. However, you need to follow the proportions to get a delicious, soft and flavorful pastry.

In Shortbread Dough

Baking with shortbread dough does not require much time and effort to prepare. However, all the classic recipes for this product require the addition of a huge amount of butter, and this is very unhealthy. This product can be replaced by vegetable oil. The dough will turn out just as delicious, but more healthy and less caloric. For its preparation, less time is spent, because the product does not need to be stored in the refrigerator. In taste, such a dough is not different from the classic one.

In Kramble

Crumble can also be made healthier and without changing the taste. For people who stick to a proper diet, a recipe for baking with oatmeal flakes and vegetable oil will do. Crumble will be incredibly delicious, tender and juicy. It is impossible to find any differences from the classic recipe. For those who are on a diet, kramble without the use of butter will not be harmful, but even useful. After all, it has few calories, but a lot of useful substances in the composition. For vegetarians, this kramble will also be suitable, because it has no animal products.

In the kuliches

During Easter, kulichi is one of the most caloric dishes. Many figure-conscious girls are forced to give up this delicacy. However, it is possible to reduce the caloric value of kulich. To do this, replace the butter with vegetable oil or add fruit puree. Surprisingly, such a pastry turns out tender, juicy and very tasty. In taste, such a kulich is indistinguishable from a kulich with the addition of butter.

In waffles

Delicious waffles can be made without butter. As its replacement, vegetable oil or margarine based on soy milk will do. The waffles will turn out soft, tender and very fragrant. However, if you don't follow the proportions, you can make failed baked goods. Such substitutes not only save in a situation when butter runs out, but also simplify the cooking process. At the same time, the benefits of waffles without butter are much higher than their counterpart.

In gingerbread

Gingerbread can also be healthy and dietary. Butter does not need to be added to the dough. It is enough to mix flour, eggs, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and baking soda. Gingerbread will be extraordinarily soft and tender. In taste they do not differ from baked goods with butter in the composition. However, the benefits in the gingerbread with a substitute are much more. They are not harmful to the figure and are suitable even for vegetarians.

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What you can grease a mold if you don't have butter

It's best to avoid greasing the mold with butter. It doesn't do a good job, but it adds grease to baked goods. It is best to use Teflon molds, which do not require the use of oil. If you do not have such a mold, you need to use parchment paper or a special baking mat.

Substitute for butter in other dishes

Butter substitutions in other dishes

In mashed potatoes

Instead of butter in the mashed potatoes, it is better to add vegetable oil, cheese and egg. This way the dish will become flavorful, tender and very tasty. And if you also fry onions in vegetable oil, the mashed potatoes will become even more delicious and rich. This version of the dish is much healthier than with the addition of butter and contains fewer calories. Even those sitting on a diet can afford some of this mashed potatoes.

In pasta.

Instead of butter in the macaroni, it is better to rub cheese. They will become more rich and flavorful. You can also add vegetable sauce to the dish. It is cooked in vegetable oil or without it at all. Such macaroni is much more dietary than seasoned with butter. This dish will be useful even for people on a diet. Moreover, pasta with substitute butter is much tastier.

In buckwheat.

Instead of butter in buckwheat, you can put olive oil, vegetable oil or thick cream. This version of the dish will be just as flavorful, crumbly and juicy. And all because these products are in harmony with buckwheat groats. They make its taste richer, and the groats themselves more flavorful. Moreover, such a dressing will be many times healthier than plain butter. For those who are on a diet, this is a great option to make dry porridge more juicy.

In porridge

It is not necessary to add butter to oatmeal to improve the taste. Such a dish will be much tastier and healthier if you chop dried apricots there or put mashed bananas. If the oatmeal is cooked with milk, then whipped cream will be a great addition to it. But rice porridge will go better with mashed avocado. You can add more spices and tomato sauce for flavor.

In a cream

The cream will taste much better if instead of butter you add margarine or spread, cottage cheese, cream or mashed bananas. It will become much lighter, more delicate and more palatable. In addition, such a cream will not harm your health and figure. Butter has no taste and gives the cream only fat content, while other products will add sourness and flavor to it. The low calorie content makes it light.


For a delicious caramel you need only sugar, cream, salt and water. Thus, you can make it more dietary, so as not to harm your health and figure. Moreover, the taste of such caramel will not differ from the one in which you added butter.

In a casserole

Instead of butter in a casserole, it is better to put cottage cheese. In this way, the dessert will be not only tasty, but also healthy. The casserole turns out tender, airy and puffy. The cottage cheese does not spoil the taste in any way, but rather adds a nice sourness. There is practically no difference between the classic casserole with butter. The only difference is the fat content of the product.

In an omelette

Egg, milk, salt and herbs - this is a recipe for a delicious, and most importantly healthy omelet. Such a dish turns out tender, melting in the mouth and fragrant. Most importantly, an omelet without butter can afford a person who cares about his figure. In terms of taste, it is not inferior to the classic version. Therefore, it is best to opt for a healthy diet.

Butter can easily be replaced in a large number of dishes with healthier analogues. The taste of the food from this does not change, and sometimes it even improves. But the health will be stronger. After all, food is inextricably linked with the state of the body. At the same time, such dietary meals will help to save a figure.

What to put on bread instead of butter

What to spread on bread instead of butter


When it comes to healthy eating for your health and figure, it is best to spread avocados on bread or loaf, seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper.

Melted butter (ghee)

This product smells pleasant and has a nutty flavor.


This is a pureed snack made from lentils, olive oil and lemon juice, with garlic and a healthy sesame paste.

Coconut oil.

Only you should use exactly refined so it doesn't smell sweet.

Peanut Butter

This product helps burn fat tissue, is a source of vitamins and minerals.

What to replace butter with when frying

Palm, butter and coconut oils are considered to be resistant to high temperatures. But the best substitute for oil is and always has been ghee. It is a refined butter that first appeared in India. Cooked by boiling, the result is pure fat, which has no harmful lactose, which is especially good for allergy sufferers.

You can also roast on parchment paper, which is cut to the shape of the pan. It will not allow to burn products.

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