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Ground black pepper: useful properties and contraindications

Wikipedia describes the plant as a creeper of the pepper family. It is valued and bred for its fruit. Spices are obtained from it, one of which is ground black pepper.

Undoubtedly, today you can see this spice in any kitchen. And in the distant historical past, this spice was even a means of payment for goods, because it was valued on a par with precious metals. In the Middle Ages, the daughters of the rich received black pepper as dowry. This spice is thought to have originated in India. Its use as a sea-boat helped it spread throughout Asia and later Europe. The popularity of the spice eventually spread to all continents.

The crop is now grown in countries with tropical climates, particularly in Indonesia, Brazil, and some island nations in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The sale of black pepper is the main area of market trade in these countries.

The benefits and harms of ground black pepper

For note! Indian black pepper is considered the most spicy and pungent.

The popularity of black pepper can be explained by its ability to cause the release of large amounts of endorphins in the body. By the way, this is the brain's response to burning in the mouth. Sometimes people get addicted to eating dishes with a lot of pepper because of the feeling of euphoria after eating them.

How ground black pepper is made

The black pepper plant is similar to a shrubby, curly vine. The many flowers eventually develop into peas. For a high-quality spice, they are harvested unripe and dried. Then they are ground into a powder and covered so that it is protected from moisture and retains its aroma.

Analogues of the spice

There are albeit incomplete, but analogues of ground black pepper.

  1. The first of them is white pepper. It is made from the ripe fruit of the black pepper shrub. To prepare exactly white pepper, the fruit is first soaked in water, freed from the skin and dried. This spice after processing is characterized by a special aroma and a peculiar light spice. White spicy sauces, meat and fish dishes will acquire a special taste with this spice.
  2. To obtain the second analogue - green pepper - harvested unripe fruits are put in brine to soften them and reduce their spiciness. The peppers, dried under high temperature, remain green. But their aroma becomes stronger and their taste becomes spicy. Green peppers are needed for marinades and hot snacks. It is used to decorate ready meals.
  3. The third analogue of black pepper is red pepper. It is made from ripe peas of the shrub, also soaked in brine, like green peppers, to preserve color. The peel remains on the fruit. These peppers are not ground, but used whole in spicy snacks and marinades. Red peas are used to decorate prepared dishes.

Composition and calories

Spices and seasonings can make the taste of dishes better. But they can be used as medicines. This is known to many people. The explanation is that the composition of the fruit of black pepper, like all spices, includes many components in the form of essential oils, minerals, vitamins.

Fats, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, minerals, vitamins, resins, essential oils, alkaloids - the most valuable wealth contained in this spice. The pungency of pepper gives the fruit phytocomponents such as piperine and piperidine. Piperine makes up one tenth of the chemical composition of the spice. But it is not only the alkaloids represented by piperine and piperidine that increase the pungency of the product. Chevisin also contributes to this quality of pepper.

In terms of components, all surpassed the starch, the content of which is about 60%, which is a lot in comparison with other substances. The complex of vitamins and minerals includes vitamins A, C, B, phosphorus, iron, calcium. Surprising as it may be, there is three times more ascorbic acid in 100 grams of black pepper than in an orange.

The caloric value of the spice is 263 kcal. Protein, fat and carbohydrates as a percentage are 9, 29 and 62 percent, respectively.

What is the usefulness of ground black pepper

What is ground black pepper useful

Overall Benefits

Numerous observations of the effects after the use of ground black pepper say:

  • Antiseptic;
  • antibacterial;
  • antimicrobial;
  • analgesic;
  • antispasmodic;
  • antioxidant;
  • tonic;
  • warming;
  • diuretic;
  • diuretic;
  • choleretic properties of the product.

The spice is considered very useful indeed:

  1. Thanks to piperine, which gives the pepper its spiciness, taking the spice leads to stimulation of blood flow and secretion of digestive enzymes. The spice prevents the formation of blood clots.
  2. Patients with respiratory problems suffering from excess mucus will get relief from taking ground spice with honey.
  3. Toxins, toxins, parasites will be "attacked" by pepper and eliminated from the body at an accelerated rate. The liver and the nervous system will also feel the beneficial effects of the spice.
  4. People suffering from asthma, infectious diseases of the bladder, cholera patients will feel relief if they use ground black pepper in the doses recommended by specialists.

For Women

The benefits of ground black pepper can feel any woman, if she wants to cleanse the body. The main thing is not to forget about the daily dose of no more than 4 g. Thanks to the spice, muscle pain and fatigue will go away.

For Men

Black pepper as an aphrodisiac is useful for men to improve potency. This was already known in ancient times by women in India, who, to increase male sexual activity, always sprinkled ground black pepper in a dish. In addition, it has the ability to thin the blood, so that the man will be protected from problems with congestion in the pelvis.

Many representatives of the stronger sex know an effective remedy for potency from sugar, pepper and milk. Selenium and zinc contained in black pepper, increase testosterone and normalize the functioning of the prostate.

In pregnancy.

Women during pregnancy may experience digestive problems. Black ground pepper in small doses helps normalize the processes involved in digestion.

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Modern medicine has proven that the use of ground black pepper by women during breastfeeding is beneficial. This spice helps in the recovery of the female body in the postpartum period, can activate the functioning of various organs.

For children

Given the beneficial effects of ground black pepper on entire organ systems, it can be used as a condiment in children's dishes from the age of one. It is especially useful for children who have a poor appetite.

For weight loss.

Black pepper is a fat-burning spice. Therefore, it can be used in diets, not exceeding the daily rate for an adult - 10 g. It has a positive effect on the stomach and digestive tract. Thanks to the pepper is better and faster digested food, there is an increase in the production of pancreatic enzymes. Regular use of ground black pepper leads to an increase in body temperature. From this there is an acceleration of the metabolism and intensive burning of excess calories. Being a natural energizer, this spice is able to influence the release of energy.

For shedding unnecessary pounds, nutritionists recommend a weekly treatment consisting of a glass of kefir with a pinch of ground black pepper. It should be drunk in the morning on an empty stomach.

Ground black pepper in medicine

The useful properties of ground black pepper make it popular in the treatment of various ailments.

Ground black pepper in medicine

  1. A pinch of ground pepper, which is drunk with plenty of water, will help with colds and coughs.
  2. Milk with ground black pepper will bring relief if you have problems with the stomach. After taking such a mixture, digestive upset will stop.
  3. In addition to the basic treatment, with a respiratory disease will not be superfluous to take decoction of milk with ground black pepper. The addition of turmeric will improve the healing effect of the mixture.
  4. A good analgesic effect to relieve joint pain and sciatica has olive oil with black pepper. The resulting preparation is rubbed into the painful areas.
  5. Fresh ground black pepper in melted butter - an effective remedy in the fight against skin inflammation, eczema. Warts will also disappear after regular use of this remedy.
  6. Pimples will cease to exist on the face if the affected face is rubbed with milkweed and ground black pepper.
  7. To relieve gum inflammation, a remedy containing this spice will be effective.
  8. Masks and creams for the face, prepared at home with the addition of ground black pepper, will have a rejuvenating effect. Cellulite can also disappear after the application of remedies, one of the components of which is this spice.
  9. Black ground pepper can be a real curative when it is used to treat wounds and scratches. Sprinkled on top of the spice powder will clean the wounded surface of germs and stop bleeding.
  10. People and animals with shingles on their skin can benefit from soy flour, olive oil, and ground black pepper. Mixed the first two components, taken in equal doses with a little spice, will help in getting rid of the ailment.
  11. Men who have problems with baldness will find in ground black pepper a real healer. Salt, ground black pepper, onion juice - these components, mixed and applied to the head for half an hour, will help with the problem.

Cooking applications

It is impossible to imagine any kitchen without ground black pepper. Preferable for all dishes, of course, the pepper, ground into a powder just before use. It has excellent flavor and aroma.

Techniques for adding seasoning to dishes vary:

  1. Hot soups and broths will give the desired flavor to ground pepper added at the end of cooking.
  2. When frying fish and vegetables, ground black pepper is added to batter or flour to coat the products.
  3. To prepare delicious baked meat, in the marinade necessarily include the powder of this spice. The carcass is kept in the marinade for quite a long time.
  4. The taste of minced meat and fish will only benefit from the addition of ground black pepper along with salt.
  5. Preparing canned snacks rarely goes without adding this very popular spice on all continents.
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Harms and Contraindications

Despite the many useful properties and extensive use of ground black pepper, sometimes its use can be harmful.

  1. From its excessive use by a woman can affect her reproductive system. And even after determining the causes of infertility and changing the diet, the recovery process of the body can be long.
  2. The mucous membrane of the stomach can be damaged by the excessive use of spice because of its burning sensitivity.
  3. The quality and the quantity of the produced hormones can also deteriorate and lead to a decrease in libido. That is why men should not abuse this spicy spice.
  4. If a person has problems with insomnia, it is worth paying attention to the diet, in which there is a large amount of ground black pepper, and moderate its use.
  5. So that children under the age of 12 do not experience stomach discomfort, you should not include this spice in dishes in large quantities.
  6. Gastritis, stomach ulcers are clear reasons to exclude dishes with black pepper from the diet or at least minimize its use with meals.

As useful as ground black pepper may be to the body, it is important to be aware of the lurking dangers from its unwise use.

How to choose and store

The spice's quality and shelf life depend on its selection and storage conditions. Buyers in retail outlets can choose both coarse and fine ground black pepper. The color of the spice plays a big role. Dried black pepper fruit should have a black-brown shell. Inside it is a light-colored kernel. Although pepper is called black, after grinding its color should be light brown with a slight greenish hue. All other colors (especially black) indicate the presence of impurities in the powder.

How to choose and store ground black pepper

You should not believe the talk about the lower quality ground pepper compared to the whole. Their quality is the same. The strength of flavor depends on the freshness of the original product, that is, the peas from which the ground pepper is obtained. Naturally, freshly ground peppers are superior in flavor to packaged peppers.

The shelf life of ground black pepper and peas is different. If it is ground pepper, its properties will retain for no more than three months. If you want to always have a spice with a fresh flavor, you can grind peppers as needed. Its shelf life is not one year, as usual, but up to three years.

The main conditions for the storage of black pepper, in whatever form it may be: a dry, preferably dark place and an airtight container.

Ground black pepper absorbs odors, so it should not be near foods with strong flavors.

Interesting facts about pepper

  1. The original pepper did not have the spice that it has now. This property was added to its fruits by evolution. The sharp taste of peas is not to the taste of animals, but birds eat these peas without fear, which do not change their round shape, even passing through the body of birds.
  2. The first to appreciate the positive properties of black pepper were the ancient Indians - the Aztecs and Mayans. Pepper replaced salt for them. They saw the sweet fruits of pepper as small vegetables. The pepper among the Indians was endowed with its own deity, Chantika, who was considered the wife of the god of fire.
  3. According to some legends, thanks to the pepper, the Indians defeated the Spanish colonizers in one of the battles. To do this, the Native Americans poured pepper into the smoldering fire of the Spaniards. The Europeans were blinded by the pepper smoke and were interrupted by the natives.
  4. Everyone is familiar with the red chili pepper. However, few people know that the Aztec word "chili" means "red".
  5. Vitamins A, C, B groups, magnesium, potassium, iron - all these substances are in red pepper. Green pepper is the unripe fruit of the same shrub. It cannot boast of the content of useful substances.
  6. In the well-known mixtures of curries and hops, ground black pepper is a mandatory component.
  7. In nature, there are special varieties of pepper, the sharpness of which leads to burn unprotected skin on the hands. To avoid chemical burns, you should wear rubber gloves when interacting with the product.
  8. The burning of very hot pepper is best neutralized by milk, yogurt or a piece of lemon. Water in this situation is a poor helper.
  9. To reduce the spiciness of peppers in the pods, you can choose the seeds and septa in it, because in them - all the burning.
  10. Lovers of songbirds, namely canaries, include cayenne pepper in their diet. This variety of pepper gives the bird's feathers a brighter red color.
  11. Hot peppers are used to make infusions recommended for people with poor appetite and digestive problems.
  12. For the treatment of rheumatism, osteochondrosis, joints are often used ointments and plasters, which include ground pepper.
  13. Numerous studies have proven that pepper helps in the fight against cancer.
  14. Many housewives have red pepper on their windowsills: care for it is minimal and consists of timely watering and fertilizing with a flower mixture.
  15. One of the varieties of the plant is sweet peppers. This is an evergreen tropical tree, the berries of which are used in perfumery. Oil extracted from the bell pepper fruit is added to perfumes, liqueurs and soaps.
  16. Habanero pepper is famous for its pungency.
  17. Only the 16th century discovered black pepper to the Russians.

Black pepper in any form, whole or powdered, is a useful and necessary product if used in authorized doses.

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