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Peppercorns: useful properties and contraindications

Black pepper is considered one of the most popular spices. It can be used as a spice for almost all main dishes. Excellent is this spice for improving the smell and taste of various meat and fish dishes, cold snacks and salads. In addition to its wide use in cooking, this spice has great benefits for the body. Peppers are a source of minerals and vitamins, many nutritional components.

This spice helps to get rid of many diseases, as it is characterized by a number of healing properties. The product can eliminate diseases of the respiratory organs, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. In India, the spice is used in the treatment of almost any pathology. Black pepper is characterized by the ability to kill harmful microbes, so it can be applied externally to eliminate dermatological problems.

Where does black pepper come from?

Useful peas are the fruits of the pepper liana "Piper Nigrum". The shrub can reach a length of fifteen meters. The plant is covered with cobs, each containing about 30 peas. What is available on store shelves are unripe kernels in processed form. According to technology, the seeds are first boiled, after which the peppers are dried. As a result, the peas shrivel up and acquire a black color.

The benefits and harms of black pepper peas

Such a product is sold in the form of peas. And to obtain the ground product, the fruits are peeled from the outer shell and crushed.

Composition and calories

The useful properties of black pepper are based on its rich composition. It contains many active substances.

  1. Vitamin A is able to maintain visual acuity and eye health. This substance is a strong antioxidant, therefore, helps to protect the body from premature aging.
  2. Vitamin B1 strengthens the immune system, normalizes the activity of the central nervous system. The substance helps accelerate metabolism. In addition, this component helps to activate brain function.
  3. Vitamin B2 is useful for frequent headaches, irritability, poor hair and nail plate health.
  4. Vitamin B6 provides better absorption of protein and fats. Pyridoxine protects the body from nervous disorders, and also prevents the development of skin diseases. In addition, the substance helps to alleviate nausea, reduces muscle pain and cramps, improves the condition of numbness in the hands. Also this vitamin works as a diuretic of natural origin.
  5. Vitamin B9 regulates blood pressure, reduces the likelihood of heart attack and stroke. This element is characterized by the ability to improve memory and concentration.
  6. Ascorbic acid is responsible for strengthening the immune system, accelerates the healing process after fractures and various injuries. Also vitamin C is the prevention of the development of gum diseases.
  7. Tocopherol has the ability to reduce blood pressure. The substance helps to reduce the risk of tumor development and blood clots. Vitamin E has a positive effect on the dermis, hair, and nails.
  8. Vitamin K ensures the health of the kidneys and takes part in the formation of the child's skeleton. It also regulates blood glucose levels. In addition, vitamin K has analgesic properties.
  9. Black pepper has an alkaloid called piperine. It is this substance that gives a pungent taste to all varieties of members of the pepper family. Its features have been used by people since ancient times. This glycoside stimulates the activity of amino acids in the intestinal lumen, as a result of which decay products are removed from the body.
  10. Piperine stimulates the synthesis of serotonin and beta-endorphins by the brain. The alkaloid prevents the occurrence of seizures and ensures the production of adrenaline. This component is also responsible for regulating the contractions of the digestive tract, and reduces the level of acidity in gastric juice. The intake of this substance in the body reduces the likelihood of stomach ulcers and improves the synthesis of digestive enzymes. Piperine increases the production of the pigment melanin, reduces inflammation that has resulted from allergies, and reduces asthma symptoms.
  11. Small peas contain a number of important micro and macronutrients for health. These include iron, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, fluoride and others.

In 100 grams of black peas contains 251 kcal.

What are the benefits of black peppers

General benefits

The fruits of the black plant can have a versatile effect on the human body. The product can increase blood pressure numbers and normalize it for a long time. The spice is a preventive and therapeutic agent for stomatitis, used to strengthen the gums. Also black spice prevents the occurrence of tooth decay, strengthens the enamel of teeth. Black pepper helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body, having a beneficial effect on the kidneys. It provides strengthening of the bladder, eliminates edema and prevents its occurrence.

What is useful black pepper in black pepper

Black pepper pea has the ability to strengthen the hair. For men, the product is useful because it prevents early baldness.

In addition, the fruits of this plant help strengthen the walls of blood vessels. They thin the blood, allowing blood vessels to "breathe". This spice is a prophylactic against thrombosis.

This product is also useful for the functioning of the digestive system. It can be used for indigestion, weight control, and obesity. Also black spice is used for diarrhea as well as for constipation. It is worth noting that the benefits for the gastrointestinal organs will come only if there is no ulcer or gastritis.

Teenagers often face the appearance of acne, dermatitis, seborrhea. You can eliminate such unpleasant problems by using black pepper grains.

For women

For the beautiful half of this spice is a source of youth and beauty. It is widely used for cosmetological purposes to strengthen curls and nail plates. This product perfectly copes with diseases of the skin. Of course, he will not be able to give the skin an even color, but to eliminate rashes, redness and acne he is able to. Girls who are struggling with extra pounds, can add a few peas of black pepper in the first dishes, as well as dishes cooked from meat.

For men

For the male half of mankind, peas of the tropical crop are useful because they can enhance potency after the age of forty. This means that the product is aimed at slowing down age-related changes. If the problems with potency occurred at an earlier age due to any disease, then in this case you will need the help of specialists in the medical field.

Black pepper grains are useful for athletes. This spice prevents muscle strain, and also helps to strengthen the joints. Most men, whose body is subjected to physical exertion, are faced with pain in the knees, the emergence of a characteristic crunch during squatting. The fruits of this culture can reduce the manifestation of such symptoms.

When pregnant

When using this spice during the fetus, you should be careful. First of all, it is important to observe a certain rate. Add black pepper peas should be added in moderation.

If a pregnant woman has acute gastritis, it is better to refrain from this spice.

When breastfeeding

During breastfeeding, you should also observe the norm. It is best to refuse to use black pepper in peas at all during lactation. The body of the infant is very sensitive, and the use of such a spicy product can provoke colic in the baby. Therefore, with lactation, such a spice should be treated very carefully. Before using it, it is important to consult a doctor.

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For kids

For children's bodies, black pepper in the form of peas is useful because it is involved in the formation of a strong skeleton. Teeth are also bones. For this reason, the product has a beneficial effect during the growth of molar teeth, strengthening the enamel.

It is recommended to begin using this spice in the diet of children from the age of five, but you should still wait until the child reaches the age of seven. If this is done before this period, children may have problems with the functioning of the digestive tract.

Before adding black pepper in a dish for a child, you should consult with your pediatrician. This should be done on a mandatory basis.

If after eating food with the addition of pepper, the child complained of discomfort in the stomach area, you should give him to drink some warm milk with honey. This will help to relieve the pain. In the future, you need to limit the use of such a product in children's diets.

When losing weight

Black pepper fruits have useful properties for obesity and overweight. It often happens that great physical activity and proper nutrition do not give the desired result. This may be due to the fact that the body can not fully eliminate excess fluid, so the volume remains the same. Pepper can help to cope with this problem.

For example, this component can be used to prepare a cocktail that promotes weight loss. You can use such a variant only if you do not have problems with the stomach. So, you will need a quarter teaspoon of crushed pepper and a glass of kefir. To prepare such a mixture is very simple: you just need to grind the peppercorns, add them to the kefir and mix thoroughly. Such a cocktail should be drunk before going to bed, about two hours before going to bed.

There is also another recipe, for which you will need a little more ingredients. In this case, you need to mix 100 ml of juice from bell peppers, cucumber and tomato. Also you will need a pinch of crushed black pepper fruit. Such a composition should be used in the first half of the day. The course of intake should be no more than ten days.

For preventive purposes, it is necessary to add peas of black pepper in food. Such a product perfectly harmonizes with meat products, first courses and vegetables in stew form.

Of course, just one pepper will not solve the problem with excess weight. He will only help to speed up the metabolism, reduce appetite and remove excess fluid from the body.

The Use of Black Pepper in Traditional Medicine

Black pepper has found widespread use in recipes designed to treat a variety of pathologies. This spice is part of a large number of recipes used in folk medicine to treat various diseases.

Usage of Black Pepper in Traditional Medicine

  1. So, at a high body temperature, which appeared as a result of a cold, you can prepare a tincture, for which you will need a teaspoon of crushed black pepper fruit and half a glass of water. In this case, pour the pepper into a container of dark glass and pour it with vodka heated to 50 degrees. Insist the resulting mixture for several hours. Strain the ready tincture and take a teaspoonful.
  2. In case of intestinal distress, you need to mix with 40 ml of water two teaspoons of black pepper in a crushed state and drink it.
  3. Dry cough will help to overcome a drink, for the preparation of which you only need to add a couple of teaspoons of crushed product in warm milk. The mixture should be shaken, after which it can be consumed. Such a remedy should be drunk several times a day.
  4. There is also another recipe for making a remedy for a dry cough. To get it, you need to take a glass of honey, a teaspoon of black pepper and the same amount of cinnamon. All the ingredients should be mixed. Use such a composition should be consumed three times a day by two spoons.
  5. The cold, rheumatism and neuralgia can be eliminated with a pepper patch. To get it, you will need a teaspoon of crushed black pepper, the same amount of honey and flour. All elements should be mixed in a small container until a homogeneous mass is obtained. The resulting mixture is applied to a piece of cloth in an even layer and apply to the painful area. For insulation, it is recommended to use a blanket. Hold such a pepper patch should be until a slight burning occurs. After that, the patch should be removed and wipe the place with warm water to remove the remains of the healing composition.

Adding black pepper to food has a positive effect on the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. But along with this, it is also useful for the cardiovascular system. The active components that are contained in the spice have the ability to thin the blood, clean the blood vessels. This allows you to reduce the load on the heart and blood vessels, thus reducing the likelihood of stroke, heart attack, as well as the occurrence of varicose veins.

It is known that pepper has remarkable antioxidant properties, which allows you to remove waste products and gases from the intestines. In folk medicine, the anthelmintic properties of this product are known.

Ayurvedic medical practice recommends cleansing the body for three weeks every year using just black pepper. For this purpose, you should take three peas of pepper after a meal during the day for the whole period of treatment. It is worth noting that the diet in this case should be of vegetable origin, portions are small. The food should be taken three times a day.

As already mentioned, the plant product is useful in the fight against excess body weight. This is provided by the fact that the chemical composition of the spice leads to the destruction of fat cells. From the fruits of this culture is made oil, which is used for both internal and external use.

Outwardly, such oil is used for bruises, muscle pain, to eliminate fatigue and relieve muscle tension. In addition, such a remedy is used to prevent hair loss, treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Also black pepper seed oil is a useful and effective substance to combat cellulite. It is used as a means for wraps, massage and bathing.

Inside the black product oil is used to strengthen salivation, strengthen the stomach, increase appetite, get rid of fat deposits, remove toxic substances from the body and cure colds. For these purposes, it is recommended to use a few drops of pepper oil added to a glass of water three times a day.

Contraindications to the use of such a product are diseases of the kidneys, liver, pathologies of the digestive system.

Black pepper in cosmetology

Such spice as black pepper is popular even in cosmetology.

  1. With the help of the spice you can prepare a cleansing mask for the face. To obtain such an effective scrub, you should mix cottage cheese and pepper in equal quantities until a homogeneous mass with a paste-like structure is formed. The resulting mixture should be applied to the face and keep for about 15 minutes. After that, the mask should be washed off with cold water, then you can use a cleansing lotion.
  2. When hair loss, a mask aimed at combating such an unpleasant problem will come in handy. To prepare such a mixture, it is sufficient to mix in equal amounts of salt with black pepper and onion juice. This mass should be applied to the hair and keep for about 40 minutes. At the end of the specified time, the composition should be washed off, using shampoo. Regular use of such a remedy will help make your hair stronger.
  3. For thick hair, there is another mask, which requires a teaspoon of honey, a pinch of crushed spices and a couple of drops of lemon squeeze. All elements should be thoroughly mixed in a container, having previously melted honey. The mask should be applied directly to the hair roots. Sustain such a mask should not exceed 15-20 minutes. To improve the effect, you can use an additional ingredient in the form of burdock or castor oil. Use such a tool is recommended no more than twice a week.

Please note! You should not apply masks based on black pepper on the skin of the face, if there are wounds or irritation. This can lead to a severe reaction.

Cooking Applications

The fruits of black pepper have many useful properties, which allows their use in medicine and cosmetology. But the culinary use of this product is also known. The spice in the form of peas or ground powder is widely used in various dishes. So, it is added to soups, side dishes, sausages, cheeses, salads, porridges, marinades and sauces. In addition, pepper is a constituent of seasoning mixtures, is added in small quantities to confectionery products. Such a spice can even be added to some drinks such as tea, coffee and alcoholic cocktails. This will give the drink an unusual taste and act as a tonic.

Cooking Applications of Black Pepper

To ensure that the pepper does not lose its flavor when added to a dish, add it a couple of minutes before cooking.

Grind the grains of the spice you can use a special mortar. The dish can be flavored with the fruit of the plant in the form of peas, it is not necessary to crush them.

It is not recommended to add a lot of black pepper in food, otherwise it will cause the development of pathologies of the digestive tract.

Spaghetti with cheese and peppers
If there is no need to follow a certain diet, you can use a recipe for cooking spaghetti with cheese and peppers. You will need 300 grams of flour, a tablespoon of black pepper, a tablespoon of sunflower oil, cheese and salt. Boil the pasta in two liters of water. Grind black pepper in a blender. Next, heat a pan with oil, pour all the pepper into it and pour into the same pan a ladle of water, which has already boiled. Then mix it up thoroughly. Then put spaghetti into it. Cover the pan with a lid and turn down the heat. Once ready, decorate the dish with greens and add sour cream.

You can prepare a sauce using black pepper. To make such a dressing, you will need one and a half teaspoons of pepper, half an onion, a few cloves of garlic, a tablespoon of soy sauce and the same amount of brown sugar. You will also need an aqueous solution of corn starch and a pinch of salt.

First you need to chop the onion and garlic. Fry the onion in a frying pan until it turns golden. Next, include the garlic in the frying. After that, add sugar, soy sauce and black pepper, peas of which should be crushed beforehand. Thoroughly mix the mass, add a little water to obtain the necessary consistency. Then prepare a starch solution. For this purpose, it is enough to use two tablespoons of liquid per teaspoon of starch. The resulting solution should also be added to the sauce and mixed. Lastly, salt the sauce.

In the recipe, white sugar can be used instead of brown sugar, but in this case the dressing will turn out pale. After cooking, the sauce can be whisked in a blender. This will make a homogeneous mixture.

Hazards and contraindications

It is difficult to imagine cooking without the use of black pepper. This spice gives the dish a unique flavor and stimulates the appetite. Pepper prevents the development of thrombosis and stomach diseases. But you should not abuse such a spice. If you have an allergy to any products, it is better to check the reaction to black pepper first, adding it in small quantities to the food. If there are no side effects, then the product is safe, and you can use it in your diet, but you should still observe the norm.

Gallstone disease, acute forms of gastrointestinal pathologies, kidney and bladder diseases are contraindications to the use of black pepper in peas.

Also, you should not add the spice in food after surgery. The product has an irritating effect on the mucous membranes, resulting in sneezing, which in turn may become the cause of stitch separation.

Do not use the seasoning on an empty stomach. It can burn the mucosa of the stomach.

Excessive use of black pepper can cause digestive disorders and lead to heartburn.

How to choose and store

  1. You can check the quality of black pepper grains by squeezing the peas between your fingers. Fresh spice will flatten and scatter into small pieces. An oily kernel with a pungent flavor and pungent aroma should appear.
  2. A quality spice has a distinct aroma, the peas have the same size. If the smell of the pepper is weak, then the product is stale.
  3. Quality black pepper must be intact, have a hard, slightly grainy shell.

Often hostesses violate the rules of storage of opened packaging of black pepper in the form of peas. In doing so, they simply cut a corner of the package and so store the product, at most, it can be secured with a paper clip. In this case, the spice dries out, the essential oils in its composition volatilize, and the pepper itself loses its useful properties. Of course, it is better to buy the spice in special so-called mills. This will cost a little more expensive, but at the same time this is the only way to be sure of the quality of fresh peas. To preserve the usefulness of the product, it is recommended to use a glass container for storage, which is hermetically sealed.

The shelf life of the spice is one year. After this time, it loses its useful characteristics. It is important to store the product away from sunlight, in a dry place.

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Interesting Facts

Interesting facts about black pepper

  1. In ancient times, the Romans valued black pepper so much in the form of peas that it was used to pay taxes instead of coins.
  2. It is believed that black pepper was the reason for the discovery of America, since it was in search of this plant and some other crops that Columbus's expedition was equipped with.
  3. In ancient times black peppercorns were used as scales for weighing pharmacy goods, because in this area a special accuracy was important. Thus, it was believed that a thousand peppercorns of high quality should weigh 460 grams.
  4. Black pepper has been used since ancient times to treat various diseases.
  5. The first mentions of this product were found in books that were written back in the 16th-19th centuries BC.
  6. In Sanskrit, the crop has the name of one of the names of the sun, which sounds like "marich". This name black pepper received, most likely, due to the high content of solar energy. After all, this culture grows only in the tropics. The plant is an evergreen shrub, the fruits of which are often called "Malambar berries". This is due to the place of their natural growth. The fruits of such a liana are collected still unripe and then dried under the sun.
  7. Crushed pepper is able to lose its useful properties, smell and taste in a short time, so it is recommended to store the spice in the form of peas and crush as needed.
  8. The best spice in the form of black pepper is produced precisely in the Malambar Islands of India. The product of this variety is dense and heavy peas.
  9. There are more than a thousand and a half spices made on the basis of black pepper.
  10. It is possible to cultivate black pepper in our regions as well. But for this purpose, only large grains of high quality should be used, the drying of which was carried out in compliance with all the rules and without the use of any chemicals.

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