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Jackfruit: what is it, useful properties and contraindications

Exotic fruits are loved by many people - rare fruits that do not grow in our regions, have an original taste and particularly useful properties. When using exotic fruits, it is important to know how to eat them correctly, what harm they can cause in some cases. One of the unusual fruits of India and Bangladesh is the jackfruit, the fruit of the breadfruit tree, which grows in countries with warm climates. In Bangladesh, the plant is considered a national symbol.

What is jackfruit and how do you eat it?

The people of Thailand call the jackfruit "kha-un". The fruit of the Indian bread tree belongs to the Mulberry family. The fruit grows to a large size, sometimes weighing up to 34 kg and 80 cm long. The pear-shaped fruit is 20 cm in diameter.

Benefits and harms of jackfruit

This exotic has a very thick rind and greenish cone-shaped spines. The immature fruit makes gurgling noises when tapped with the fingers, so it is easy to choose the ripest one. The ripe fruit turns a grayish-brown color.

Only large, juicy segments with jackfruit seeds are eaten. They can be eaten fresh raw, pickled, stewed and fried. There are several varieties of the exotic plant. There are trees with seedless fruit, with delicate or dry flesh. Each variety of fruit has its own flavor notes, so it is not easy to describe the flavor of exot. The Thais recommend trying several varieties of the fruit to get a complete picture of its flavor. The unpleasant-smelling rind of the fruit is not eaten.

The difference between jackfruit and durian

A close "relative" of the jackfruit is another exotic fruit, the durian. The skin of both fruits has a foul odor, but the jackfruit has a weaker one. The hard rind has smaller spines that become soft as the fruit matures.

The rind contains a sticky substance, so it is best to use gloves or rub sunflower oil on your fingers when cutting the fruit. The viscous, sticky juice is difficult to get away from your fingers and clothing. Protective gloves protect your hands from contamination and odor.

Tourists are often sold the seeds already removed from the pulp to avoid cutting the fruit. The edible part has a sugary sweet flavor and aroma with pleasant pineapple notes. The unusual taste of the exotic fruit is appreciated by many foodies. In stores you can buy canned or pickled fruit.

Composition and calories

The edible part of the fruit is only about 35%. However, it is especially valuable for its nutritional value. The fruit is rich in trace elements, vitamins and other useful substances that have a direct beneficial effect on the human body. The fruit also contains 40% of carbohydrate compounds. Carbohydrates in jackfruit are much more than in an ordinary loaf of bread. The exotic fruit is inexpensive in India, so poor residents often substitute the fruit for the usual bread. Hindus prefer to roast the juicy flesh, cook jackfruit together with rice, herbs, other vegetables.

The edible seeds contain:

  • 1.5 g proteins;
  • 22.4 g carbohydrates;
  • 0.3 g fats;
  • 74 g water;
  • 1 g ash.

The caloric value of fresh jackfruit is 94 calories, and in 100 g of canned fruit - 92 calories.

The exotic fruit contains phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, copper and calcium. Potassium in 100 g of pulp contains 303 mg. The fruit is rich in vitamins B6, C, A, folic acid, choline and iron. There is also fiber, monosaccharides, amino acids.

The exotic giant contains saponins and active biological substances that have a hypotensive effect on the human body. Useful phytonutrients fight cancer cells and inhibit tumor growth. This feature is well known to many healers.

Useful properties of jackfruit

General benefits

Vitamins and trace elements of the exotic fruit help the human body to function steadily and take part in all biochemical processes of the body. Specialists in Oriental medicine use the fruit seeds to treat a variety of ailments.

Jackfruit Benefits

Jackfruit seeds normalize the functions of the digestive and nervous systems, improve heart and vascular function, eliminate stagnation and inflammatory processes. Hindus widely use the fruit to cleanse the body of harmful toxins, lose weight, and normalize metabolism.

Jackfruit is useful for stabilizing the gastrointestinal tract - the pulp of the seeds is quickly digested, eliminating the rotting of other hard-to-digest foods. The fruit is used to improve digestion, treat diarrhea, constipation, and dyspepsia. Hindus treat diarrhea not only with the fruit, but also with a decoction of breadfruit leaves.

For women.

The fruit has a beneficial effect on the structure of the skin and inhibits the natural aging. And it is the dream of every woman to extend her youth. The fruit:

  • normalizes biochemical reactions;
  • Improves the condition of the skin;
  • Saturates the epidermis with the necessary moisture;
  • nourishes the skin structures;
  • Improves cell nutrition;
  • Provides essential vitamins.

The properties of the exotic fruit have long been noticed by many pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. Jackfruit extract is added to face and hair masks, shampoos, gels, soaps, and anti-aging creams. Many women in India make their own nourishing masks from the fruit. Such home remedies perfectly tighten the skin, improve its turgor, smooth fine wrinkles and reduce deep creases. After applying the fruit mask, the skin becomes velvety to the touch, acquires the necessary elasticity and healthy color.

In addition to cosmetology, jackfruit is actively used to restore women's reproductive function. Breadfruit:

  • Tone the entire female body;
  • improve blood circulation;
  • normalize the monthly cycle;
  • improve hormone production;
  • increase libido;
  • Remove toxins from the body.

Regular consumption of the exotic fruit contributes to the improved functioning of the entire body. Mankind has long been in search of an effective elixir of youth. The perfect alternative to the newfangled remedies is the fresh jackfruit. It contains a lot of useful organic substances, which launch the necessary regeneration processes.

Jackfruit contains a lot of copper. The micronutrient has a favorable effect on the thyroid gland and stabilizes the function of this important endocrine organ. The fruit is consumed to normalize hormonal levels. It is especially useful for the symptoms of menopause and hormonal restructuring of the female body.

For men

The pulp of the exotic fruit is widely used by the inhabitants of Eastern countries to enhance potency and normalize sexual desire. The fruit contains substances that regulate the production of male sex hormones. Just one fruit in 1-2 hours normalizes blood pressure, increases the production of testosterone hormone, improves recovery from physical stress. Hindus try to eat healthy breadfruit as often as possible, because it prolongs youth and enhances sexual function.

Including the fruit in the menu helps to:

  • normalization of sexual activity;
  • improve potency;
  • stabilize male reproductive function.

The substances of jackfruit improve the quality of sperm, promote the onset of conception, and prevent premature ejaculation. Scientifically proven that those men who like to eat tasty ripe seeds of the fruit, do not experience difficulties in sexual life and always look attractive in the eyes of women.

Consumption of the fruit has a beneficial effect not only on sexual function, but also on the condition of the skin. The fruit stabilizes sebum secretion, nourishes and saturates the epidermis with beneficial vitamins and organic acids. The fruit of the breadfruit normalizes cardiac activity, strengthens the heart muscle and helps to overcome heavy loads during sports or hard physical work.

Jackfruit provides the human body with the necessary energy, helps quickly overcome fatigue and weakness, increases efficiency. Such properties are due to the presence of sucrose and fructose in the fruit pulp. This natural energizer is included in many sports supplements for active men.

When pregnant

The benefits of jackfruit are invaluable for expectant mothers. The ripe fruit is rich in healthy fiber, which regulates digestion and helps avoid constipation. Regular consumption of exotic jackfruit helps to regulate the digestive process and eliminates problems with stools, which most pregnant women suffer from.

Also, the fruit saturates the human body with useful natural compounds and is a treasure trove of vitamins. Breadfruit:

  • Increase the stress resistance of the body of the expectant mother;
  • Improve the nutrition of the nurtured fetus;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • stabilize blood pressure;
  • improve cardiac function;
  • normalize blood circulation;
  • have diuretic effect and eliminate swelling of the limbs.

Jackfruit helps expectant mothers to overcome toxicosis and the development of avitominosis, make up for vitamin and micronutrient deficiencies, which are especially inherent during childbirth. The rich taste of jackfruit is liked by many pregnant women, who due to natural changes in the body suffer from various eating disorders - they want something sweet, something salty, or unusual combinations of products. Exotic fruit - a great option for a nutritious and healthy snack.

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After the birth of the child, the main task of the mother becomes the establishment of lactation. Jackfruit is an excellent tasty means to enhance milk production. The components of the composition of the fruit have a direct impact on the mechanisms of formation of breast milk in a woman. The fruit promotes the synthesis of certain hormones that cause increased lactation. To enhance lactation, Asian women use a healing decoction made from the leaves of the breadfruit tree.

Jackfruit is rich in useful micronutrients, so the fruit should be included in the diet of a nursing mother from time to time. The pulp of the seeds strengthens the immune system and helps to recover faster after childbirth. The fruit contains vitamin A, which prevents the development of cervical erosion and mastopathy.

For kids

Many children like the exotic taste, but include the seeds of the fruit of the breadfruit in the menu should be careful - it is possible to develop an allergic reaction. The fruit is started to give in a very small amount, constantly watching the child. Doctors do not recommend overly enthusiastic exotic curiosity - a child's body is genetically better able to accept more familiar to Europeans fruit - apples, pears.

If the child is not allergic to exotics, jackfruit can be extremely useful for the body. The fruit of the breadfruit tree:

  • Improves digestion;
  • prevents colds;
  • stabilizes body functions;
  • improves eyesight;
  • promotes muscle development.

Jackfruit has antibacterial effects and helps actively fight dangerous viruses. Periodic consumption of the exotic giant strengthens the functions of the immune system and activates the action of white blood cells. The natural energizer gives strength during illness, lowers blood pressure and strengthens the bone system. Jackfruit has a moderate antipyretic effect, so it is recommended to give it in small quantities to a child with a cold.

The exotic fruit contains a lot of iron, so it prevents the development of anemia in a child. In 100 g of fruit there is 0.6 mg of iron. The fruit improves the process of hematopoiesis and the properties of blood masses, increases blood circulation.

Before introducing the exotic fruit into a child's diet, it is necessary to consult a pediatrician. Perhaps the doctor will support the mother's decision or choose an alternative fruit for the child.

For weight loss

The active components of the breadfruit have a direct effect on the breakdown of protein compounds and improve the digestive process. Jackfruit is especially useful for obesity because it:

  • regulates metabolic processes;
  • Prevents the deposition of fat;
  • increases metabolism.

Periodic use of the exotic giant promotes weight normalization - the fruit acts as a natural natural fat burner. The pulp of the seeds is fully absorbed by the body, saturates tissues with useful amino acids and vitamins.

Nutritionists allow you to include the exotic fruit in any low-calorie diet. The fruit promotes not gaining excess weight, but effective weight loss.

Jackfruit in medicine

Exotic plant is medicinal, the peoples of Asian countries widely use all parts of the plant in the treatment of various diseases. From the roots, leaves, bark of the tree are prepared medicinal infusions and decoctions that help relieve the symptoms of the disease and improve health.

Jackfruit in medicine

Breadfruit is used to treat:

  • diarrhea;
  • skin problems;
  • hypertension;
  • anemia;
  • tumors;
  • pharyngitis;
  • thyroid disease;
  • sexual dysfunction;
  • heart failure;
  • vascular disease;
  • pathology of internal organs;
  • influenza.

Hindus use decoction of tree fruits to stop diarrhea. A remedy from the inflorescences and roots has an effective anti-inflammatory effect. The decoction has astringent properties and helps stabilize stools quickly. However, only immature fruits are used to eliminate diarrhea. Mature ones give a different reaction - have a laxative effect.

To relieve fatigue and restore strength quickly, the peoples of India and Bangladesh use lightly roasted jackfruit seeds. The remedy has an energizing effect, tones the body and excellently relieves fatigue. Healing seeds are recommended to use in chronic fatigue, after a prolonged illness to restore strength.

Breadfruit root has medicinal properties. It is dried and boiled, then used to eliminate fevers, asthma, colds. Asian peoples use jackfruit to treat stomach ulcers. The product has a healing effect, effectively tightening wounds and erosions.

Also the fruit helps to cope with a hangover after a feast - it eliminates dyspepsia, nausea, headache, eliminates intoxication and quickly removes harmful products of alcohol decay from the body. For this purpose, the leaves, inflorescences and pulp of the fruit of the plant are used.

Jackfruit extract is included in many dietary supplements and Asian phytocollections. Healing remedies have a beneficial effect on the human body, help actively fight diseases, strengthen the immune system.

Harm and contraindications

Exotic plant does not always bring only benefits. With improper use, the fruit can have a negative impact on the body. Decoctions from the leaves and fruits of the plant in excessive use can cause diarrhea, so it is very important to observe the correct dosage of raw materials when preparing medicines.

Jackfruit is capable of causing allergies if a person is prone to such a reaction. Do not use the fruit or treat this plant with individual intolerance.

You should not use the exotic fruit in diabetes. The fruit can cause an increase in blood glucose levels and intensify the symptoms of the disease.

How to choose and store

When choosing an exotic fruit, it is important to pay special attention to the softness of the spines of its rind. The riper the fruit, the softer the small bumps on the skin. The shell of an exotic fruit must not be damaged. The overripe fruit gives off an excessively strong unpleasant aroma around it. It is better not to eat such a fruit.

Ripe jackfruit has a juicy flesh, and the Thais use it as a fruit. Unripe jackfruit is considered by Asians to be a vegetable, which they use for cooking soups, pickling and drying.

As for storing the pulp, it can be placed on the refrigerator shelf or frozen. Shelf life should not exceed 5 days, in the freezer - no more than 2 months. After that, the fruit begins to lose its useful properties and taste. Under no circumstances should you leave the fruit in a warm room.

How to peel and eat jackfruit

It is important to know that all parts of the fruit contain a sticky substance. As mentioned above, the fruit should be cut with gloves. Cut the fruit lengthwise, making sure to remove the stalk.

Prepare the fruit for consumption as follows:

  1. Cut in half with a long knife.
  2. Peel off the thick skin.
  3. Cut out the core, freeing the juicy slices with seeds.
  4. Carefully remove the fleshy parts of the seeds.

The Thais skillfully turn the fruit inside out. The inside of the jackfruit is divided into juicy slices with seeds, their pulp can be eaten fresh.

Europeans eat mostly only the juicy segments of the fruit with seeds. The surrounding pulp is not used for food. Asians, however, cook almost all parts of the plant. Thais boil the fruit pulp and mix it with onions and garlic. Jackfruit is an excellent meat substitute in vegetarian cuisine.

The leaves and seeds are chopped into salads, desserts, sauces, and soups. Jackfruit has an apple-pineapple flavor, so it is cooked in different ways.

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What to make with jackfruit: Recipes

Asian cuisine is rich with various recipes that include jackfruit. The fruit can be a substitute for rice, a dessert fruit, or a vegetable. Sri Lankans eat mature and unripe jackfruit, each variety suitable for a specific category of dishes.

What can be made from jackfruit

The flesh of the fruit, when cooked for a long time, breaks up into individual fibers that taste like boiled pork. The fibers contain healthy protein, so they are often consumed by vegetarians. The pulp is also used to make desserts, marmalade, ice cream, and pies. Jackfruit goes well with other fruits and vegetables. But for each dish use a fruit of a certain maturity and type.

The most common are such recipes with the exotic fruit:

Vegetarian sandwiches.

To prepare it, you need to take:

  • 550 g jackfruit;
  • 1 onion;
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil;
  • 1 teaspoon black pepper;
  • 1 teaspoon cumin;
  • 2 teaspoons salt;
  • 3 garlic cloves;
  • ¾ tbsp. barbecue sauce;
  • 1 teaspoon paprika;
  • 1 teaspoon chili powder;
  • 450 ml broth;
  • 1 bun.

To begin, cut a large jackfruit with a knife soaked in sunflower oil. Remove the core of the fruit completely, take out the juicy fruit with the seeds. Heat olive oil in a large skillet, in which fry the onion and garlic.

Carefully put the fruit into the oil, salt and add all the spices. While cooking, thoroughly mix the contents of the pan. Gradually pour in the broth and stew the fruit for about 40 minutes until tender. The fruit at the end of the stew becomes soft.

Then prepare a baking sheet. Spread dried fruit on it, pour barbecue sauce. Bake for about half an hour in the oven, after which the resulting filling put in the cut bun. Delicious sandwich is ready.

Spicy cutlets

To prepare take:

  • 200 g of boiled potatoes;
  • 250 g of young jackfruit;
  • 1 tablespoon chili;
  • 3 cloves of garlic;
  • 150 grams of onions;
  • oil for frying.

Peel the jackfruit, take out the fruit and mash them thoroughly. If the fruit is not soft enough, it is recommended to heat them in the microwave. Add potatoes to the mashed fruit and again mash until smooth.

In a skillet, fry the onion and garlic in oil, add the chili pepper. Put the mashed potatoes into the frying pan and fry. Cook for about 3 minutes, then cool in the fridge. Then form small cutlets from the mashed potatoes and bake them in a hot (200 degrees) oven. Serve with pasta or croutons.


This dish combines spicy notes and mild taste of an expensive ingredient - coconut cream. Prepare the dish 2-3 days before serving, then insist in the refrigerator.

For the preparation you need to take:

  • 250 g of coconut cream;
  • 350g of unripe jackfruit;
  • 1 teaspoon of chili pepper;
  • A pinch of white pepper;
  • 2 tablespoons chopped cilantro;
  • 150 g red sweet onions;
  • 150 g chopped tomatoes;
  • 3 tablespoons chopped ginger.

The jackfruit should be pre-cooled on the refrigerator shelf. Mix the sliced fruit in a bowl with the coconut cream and add all the chopped ingredients. Mix the mixture thoroughly, add the garlic and garnish with the cilantro. Put the salad in the fridge for 1 or 2 days.


For the dish take:

  • 300 g green jackfruit;
  • 100g of onions;
  • 3 eggs;
  • 150g mushrooms;
  • 200 g of hard cheese;
  • 4 tablespoons mayonnaise.

Preparation of the casserole requires preliminary stewing of the exotic fruit. Peel the jackfruit, take out the fruit, chop them and stew in vegetable oil on low heat for about 1 hour.

Beat the raw chicken eggs in a bowl with a blender together with mayonnaise. At the same time, prepare a mushroom puree, boil and fry any favorite mushrooms with onions, chop the mass to a mashed potato. Grate the cheese and add it to the mushroom mixture. Stir and add to the stewed jackfruit.

Take a casserole dish, put the whole mass into it and put in a preheated oven. Bake the dish at 200 degrees for about 45 minutes.


For dessert, you can make a delicious ice cream with jackfruit pulp. You will need the ingredients:

  • 200 g jackfruit;
  • 200 g of bananas;
  • 100 ml of milk;
  • 100g agave syrup or 100g honey.

Peel the bananas and jackfruit, cut into pieces and put in a bowl. Place on the refrigerator shelf for a few hours to cool. Then chop the fruit in a blender or food processor.

Gradually pour milk into the mass and mix thoroughly. Stir in a little agave syrup or honey. You can also substitute these ingredients with a little granulated sugar. After thoroughly chopping the ice cream is ready. Spoon the ice cream into a creme fraiche. Pour the chocolate syrup on top, if you want you can sprinkle the dessert with shavings of almonds. Ready ice cream should be placed in the refrigerator.

Interesting facts

Interesting facts about jackfruit

The famous seafarer J. Cook had to try this giant exotic plant, which substituted bread for the natives. He visited Tahiti in the company of botanist J. Banks. The explorers were treated to an exotic fruit by the natives. Cook decided to try growing the breadfruit on plantations to feed its fruit to working slaves.

On their return to England, the sailors told George III of their ideas. The ruler ordered a merchant ship called the "Bounty" to deliver bread seedlings from the islands. The ship was loaded with 774 seedlings, but all the plants died en route and were not delivered to England. A mutiny broke out on the ship and the ship was wrecked. The wreck was discovered near Pitcairn Island, located in the Pacific Ocean.

The jackfruit is the largest exotic fruit on the planet. Thais plant the plant near their homes because they believe that the breadfruit tree protects hut owners from trouble and gunshot wounds. The fruit is a talisman and amulet. It is believed to attract good luck and provide support for the whole family.

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