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Hematogen: what it is, useful properties and contraindications

Hematogen is one of the most popular dietary supplements. It serves to replenish the lack of iron in the body. Also hematogen improves the process of hematopoiesis. A treat familiar to many people since childhood, it has a pleasant sweet taste. However, it is not a sweet, so there are some restrictions on its reception.

What is Hematogen and what is it made of

The history of hematogen begins in the XIX century. It was then that scientists first proved that the composition of the blood directly affects human health. Suggestions that blood is the lifeblood of the body have been seen before, but before that there was no evidence that blood loss and lowered iron levels could cause many body functions and lead to weakness. After this discovery, scientists began to look for a remedy that could increase the hemoglobin content of the blood. Already in 1890, the first hematogen, based on bull's blood, appeared. The effectiveness of the drug exceeded expectations, so it instantly became a popular drug. At the beginning of the XX century it began to appear in Russia. This drug became an indispensable medicine in hospitals during World War II. It was given to people with great blood loss.

At the end of the war there was a shortage of products, food was often monotonous and could not provide people with the necessary set of useful substances. After a spike in childhood anemia, the authorities decided to redesign hematogen for peacetime needs. As a result, the Hematogen bar acquired that very sweet taste. It tasted good not only to children, but also to adults. It was often eaten with tea instead of candy.

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, manufacturers decided to change the composition of the product slightly to increase its effectiveness. To this end, hematogen was saturated with vitamins that strengthen the immune system and improve the absorption of iron. Also the taste of the product has changed a little, it became softer and better.

Composition and calories

Originally the composition of hematogen was whole bovine blood, but since the middle of the last century, the production technology has changed slightly and began to add albumin. This is a protein which is extracted from purified bovine blood. This component contains a lot of iron, which quickly makes up for the lack of this element in the body. The protein, which is ready to be added, is in powder form. According to the quality requirements for hematogen, it must contain the following products:

  • 5% albumin;
  • 40% sugar;
  • 30-35% condensed milk;
  • 17-25% starch treacle;
  • vanillin.

But now the Soviet GOSTs may not be respected by manufacturers, they often change the recipe at their discretion. Therefore, before buying this product, it is recommended to read the composition carefully. Normal hematogen should produce pharmaceutical companies, but there are bars that are produced by confectionery factories without adding albumin. Instead, they add nuts, seeds, chocolate, etc. to the composition. This composition only increases the caloric value, which even without the additives is not quite low and averages 350 kcal per 100 grams of product. Also per 100 grams of candy bar is 75 g of carbohydrates, 6 g of protein and 3 g of fat.

What is useful for Hematogen

The benefits and harms of hematogen

General benefits

The benefits of this product are undeniable. Hematogen saturates the body with necessary elements, and it is often used as a prophylactic for blood diseases. It eliminates iron deficiency in the body, and since the beginning of the XXI century other vitamins have been added to its composition, which have a strengthening effect. With the help of this remedy it is possible to bring the hemoglobin level in the blood to normal. Hematogen can improve the immune system and the digestive system, it is also recommended for use by people after surgery, since it can restore the body's strength.

For women

Practice shows that women suffer from iron deficiency more often than men, which is associated with blood loss during menstruation. It also occurs because of hormonal failures in the body. The consumption of hematogen in food will quickly restore the necessary level of iron. In addition, hematogen contains vitamin A, which helps to strengthen the nails, hair, and also slows down the aging process of the body.

For men

For men, the bar is appreciated for its caloric value and high content of amino acids. This allows the body to recover quickly after physical exertion. Hematogen increases endurance, charging the body with energy. Men do not always know how to cook themselves, sometimes they do not have enough time for a full meal, subsequently such a lifestyle can lead to iron deficiency. Therefore, it is worth to include in the diet hematogen to improve the condition of the body.

In pregnancy

During this period, women are often faced with low levels of hemoglobin in the blood. This is due to the developing fetus, because it also needs blood cells, and the body does not have time to produce them in sufficient quantities. If you do nothing, you may develop anemia. If the fetus does not get enough red blood cells, it leads to various pathologies, life-threatening, can provoke premature birth. It seems that hematogen is useful for pregnant women, but still you should not consume it, it can be very harmful. First of all, the danger lies in the high caloric content of the product, especially the candy bar with additives. Consumption of hematogen in large doses can lead to problems with excess weight. Also, albumin is considered a strong allergen and can cause a negative reaction in both mother and fetus.

Also, do not forget that anemia develops for various reasons, and if you eliminate the symptoms of another disease with hematogen, you can miss the opportunity to detect and treat it in time.

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When breastfeeding.

Doctors recommend refraining from consuming hematogen for at least 30 days after childbirth, although at first glance it seems strange. The composition of milk depends on the food that the woman eats, and the bar contains only useful substances. However, in some cases hematogen can cause nausea and even stomach upset. Also in the first months of life of a child hematogen often provokes an allergic reaction. Therefore you should not use this treat in the first 2-3 months after birth.

For children

The vitamins A and iron contained in hematogen are necessary for the developing body of a child. In small quantities hematogen can improve protective functions, thinking ability, it is useful for the brain, which allows it to cope better with the stress of school. It is better to give preference to special kinds of hematogen for children. It is not recommended to give hematogen in any form until the age of 6 years.

Is it possible to eat hematogen when losing weight?

Often diets imply a reduction in the amount of food consumed. Because of this, the body receives less nutrients, and instead of the joy of weight loss, people become depressed. The lack of useful elements affects the whole body - hair loss, constant drowsiness, fatigue, brittle nails. That is why people include hematogen in their diet, thereby killing two birds at once - replenishing the supply of useful substances and satiating the body.

However, hematogen cannot be called rich in vitamins. In addition to iron and albumin, it contains only vitamin A and C. In order to keep hair and nails healthy, the body requires B vitamins and other minerals, which are missing in hematogen. Therefore, do not get too carried away with this preparation, because it is not a sweet, but a dietary supplement. It can be introduced into the diet, but only as a sweet to treat yourself. It is not recommended to use it for more than 2 weeks.

Hematogen in medicine

Normal hematogen with albumin is sold in pharmacies and is made by pharmaceutical companies. On the shelves of some supermarkets you can also find hematogen, but outside pharmacies it is often found without albumin, which makes it an ordinary sweet, without therapeutic properties. However, even pharmacy hematogen is not a full-fledged medicinal product - it is a dietary supplement. Therefore, there are a number of restrictions associated with taking this drug.

Hematogen in medicine

In case of diabetes mellitus

Diabetics will have to refuse to consume any hematogen, including the useful drugstore chocolates. Even healthy people need to eat it carefully, because the high sugar content can trigger diabetes.

People with diabetes can go into a coma because of the high sugar content of the candy bar. In addition, their blood viscosity can increase, and excessive consumption can cause so-called "diabetic foot". Hematogen can aggravate the course of the disease and, in the long run, cause obesity.

Important: The glycemic index of hematogen is 55 units.

In pancreatitis

It is impossible to answer unequivocally whether hematogenes can be used in pancreatitis. On the one hand, the number of calories in the candy bar is quite high. Most sweets contain fewer calories than hematogen. Therefore, when the disease is exacerbated, it should not be consumed in any case. The main danger of hematogen in pancreatitis is the multivitamins, which allow large amounts of sugar and fast carbohydrates into the body.

Also, the danger is that the diseased pancreas is not able to produce the necessary amounts of insulin to break down sugar. This can lead to the development of diabetes mellitus. However, there are exceptions that apply to the chronic form of the disease. After the exacerbation is over, doctors allow you to dilute your diet a little, so you can include hematogen in the menu not only as a drug, but also as a sweet snack. But you can eat it in very limited quantities, refusing to eat other sweets.

With gastritis

With gastritis hematogen is not only allowed, but also useful. He will perfectly complement the treatment prescribed by the doctor. However, it should be remembered that in periods of exacerbation of the disease, it should not be consumed.

Gastritis is accompanied by an inflammatory process in the stomach, due to which the absorption of useful substances in the body is impaired. Therefore, rich in useful substances hematogen can be an excellent addition to the therapy. But do not be too fond of this sweet, doctors recommend not to exceed the daily dose, which for adults is a maximum of 50 g.

With gout

Gout is a form of arthritis, but more painful. The disease is caused by elevated levels of uric acid in the blood, which leads to the formation of crystals around the joints. The uric acid is produced by the breakdown of purine. This element is formed in the body, but is also present in food. Gout patients are prescribed a diet. It cannot completely cure a person, but it helps reduce the number of painful attacks. Patients need to minimize the use of various sweets. In addition, the diet is aimed at reducing weight to reduce the load on the joints. Therefore, consuming hematogen can be dangerous.

For the liver

With severe liver disease, when patients are prescribed a strict diet, Hematogen should be forgotten, because it will do more harm than good. It is necessary to consume the drug with caution, because the fats included in the bar can cause liver problems even in healthy people. In the presence of other liver problems it is possible to consume hematogen, but in small quantities and only with the permission of the attending physician. You should buy only pure bars, without additional additives, because they contain fewer calories. It is also advisable to wash down the candy bar with water.

In hemorrhoids.

This insidious and unpleasant disease spoils people's lives pretty badly. In hemorrhoids, patients may experience bleeding, and if it is not stopped in time, the blood loss can be impressive. Together with blood, the body loses iron, and hemoglobin levels go down. Therefore, hemorrhoid patients need hematogen, but only in moments when bleeding opens or shortly after it. It is not necessary to eat it daily, so as not to provoke other, more dangerous diseases, such as diabetes.

In cholecystitis.

With this pathology, people rely on a strict diet, and at an exacerbation, doctors even recommend to go to the hospital. At this time, patients are supposed to follow a strict diet, but as the exacerbation passes, the acceptable diet will expand slightly. During the first 2-3 days after the exacerbation, it is forbidden to consume anything except warm liquids. Then you can include croutons of white bread, of course, without spices. However, this does not mean that at the end of the exacerbation you can eat everything. Patients still need to follow a diet, and hematogen can not be called a permitted preparation. Of course, people with cholecystitis can eat sweets, but there is too much sugar in a bar of hematogen. In patients with cholecystitis, there is no iron deficiency, so it is better to give up hematogen.

For anemia.

Anemia is a serious disease in which there is a reduced level of hemoglobin and red blood cells in the blood. If you do not seek help in time, the body's defenses will weaken, it will become too vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. Illnesses, such as the flu, can cause serious complications to the lungs and heart. Anemia is mostly diagnosed in the spring. This is due to the fact that the human body is depleted in winter because of the lack of vitamins and useful minerals. Therefore, hematogen will be an excellent remedy, because it was created in its time for the treatment of this problem. The bar saturates the body with iron, increases hemoglobin levels. However, not every candy bar is equally useful. For therapeutic purposes, you can use only those that are sold in pharmacies, because there is no albumin in store ones.

Nevertheless, despite such a benefit of hematogen in anemia, first it is still recommended to consult with the attending physician. Do not treat yourself. In addition, the candy bar does not contain many vitamins, so if the cause of anemia was a lack of them, it is not enough just to raise the level of hemoglobin in the blood - after a while it will fall again. Your doctor will also prescribe a complex of vitamins.

In case of oncology

Hematogen bar has no negative effects on the body in case of cancer. Studies have also shown that it is not involved in the formation of neoplasms. However, it is advisable to consult with your doctor before using it, as it is all individual.

But in some cases, hematogen can even be useful. Chemotherapy has a negative effect on the hematopoietic system and suppresses human immunity. Consumption of hematogen can stimulate the hematopoietic system, improve blood composition and normalize immunity. It is sometimes found as an element of complex therapy to restore the body after surgery.

Harm and contraindications

The benefits of hematogen are undeniable in the treatment of certain diseases, but it has a number of drawbacks and in some cases can seriously harm the body. As already mentioned, hematogen is a dietary supplement. For this reason, it should not be consumed as a treat, and exceeding the dosage can lead to serious health consequences. A person may have symptoms of poisoning - dizziness, nausea, vomiting, stomach upset. But even if it has not yet reached these symptoms, problems with the kidneys, liver or heart may appear. The fact is that the biochemical processes in the body are perfectly tuned, and any deviation in one direction or another may cause malfunctions. For example, an excess of iron contributes to the appearance of free radicals. This is fraught with an increase in cholesterol and the appearance of plaques, which make blood vessels brittle and may cause atherosclerosis. In addition, the blood becomes thicker, which can lead to the development of thrombophlebitis.

The caloric content of the product is also worth mentioning. It cannot be called too high or low, considering that most sweets contain fewer calories. Even some cakes are less caloric. And bars with various additives can contain up to 500 kcal per 100 grams of product. Therefore, it is necessary to use hematogen with caution. It should be excluded from the diet in diabetes mellitus, overweight, varicose veins, allergies, metabolic disorders and problems with the gall bladder.

There are a few more rules to follow:

  1. You should not eat hematogen within an hour before and after eating meat, fish or liver.
  2. You should not eat the bars while taking a vitamin complex.
  3. Consumption of hematogen is forbidden during a low-salt diet.
  4. It is also not allowed to consume the dietary supplement with alcohol.

How to choose and store

How to choose and store Hematogen

In order not to harm the body, it is important to choose the right hematogen. The most delicious are bars with raisins and other flavors. But doctors are sure that you should choose only pure product, which has nothing unnecessary, because different flavor additives can interfere with the absorption of iron by the body. This also applies to calories, in bars with additives their amount is much higher, which can lead to problems with excess weight. Sometimes people are prescribed a whole course of treatment with hematogen, so even an extra 30-50 calories can play a cruel joke.

When buying a candy bar, you should carefully read the composition, paying attention to the content of albumin in the sweet. You should refrain from buying a candy bar if it contains less than 2.5% of this protein. Otherwise the therapeutic effect can be forgotten. If hematogen contains 5% albumin, it covers about half of the daily requirement for iron.

The product should be stored in the intact original packaging, at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees, preferably away from children. Shelf life is 1 year from production date. Opened bars should be stored in a tightly closed cellophane bag.

What is the right way to eat Hematogen

Hematogen should be eaten only for diseases with which it copes. If you need the usual sweetness for tea, it is better to buy cookies or cake, and Hematogen should be used only for its intended purpose. Although in winter you can eat hematogen with an increased amount of vitamins and for prevention. There is even an iodized bar, which will be useful for people suffering from thyroid problems.

The rules of hematogen consumption are simple. It should be eaten a few hours before a meal. It is not allowed to wash down with dairy products, it can be consumed only with water. When taking antibiotics, the interval between the pills and the bar should be at least 2 hours. If you take foods rich in vitamin C together with hematogen, it will be absorbed better.

How much you can eat per day

The daily rate of intake of hematogen depends on the age and health status of the person. Uncontrolled intake can cause various diseases in healthy people. As a result of recent studies, the daily norm of hematogen intake has been established. For children aged 6 to 12 years it is 20 g per day, up to 18 years - 30 g per day, and adults - up to 50 g. For people with diseases, the daily rate can only be told by a doctor, taking into account the patient's condition and his individual characteristics. In some cases, doctors may prescribe a larger dose to improve the therapeutic effect.

Is it possible to eat on an empty stomach

It is possible to consume hematogen on an empty stomach, but then you will have to give up other food, because mixing it with food is not recommended. In addition, it makes no sense. There is no need to take hematogen in the morning, because it is not a treat, but a dietary supplement.

Can the orthodox eat hematogen?

It is possible or not to eat hematogen, depends on its type. Pharmacy bars contain albumin, which is extracted from bovine blood, so the Orthodox should refrain from eating this product. There are prohibitions against the use of animal blood, both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. Ordinary bars without added blood can be consumed, but it makes no sense, because the main thing of hematogen is exactly this useful protein. In its absence hematogenes is of no benefit to the body and will not be able to help with anemia and restore blood composition.

Can Muslims eat hematogen

There is also a prohibition in Islam against the consumption of blood, and it is found repeatedly. In Muslims, blood is considered a dirty product and should not be consumed in any form. Although there is only protein in hematogen, it is synthesized from the blood of a bull.

Can I Give Hematogen to Animals

Hematogen could be a useful product for animals, if it were not for the high sugar content. Sugar and salt are very harmful for pets, so you should refrain from such a treat. There are special types of hematogen for animals, which mainly consist of meat, but you can also find molasses and vanillin in their composition. Sugar is added by many feed manufacturers, but in small amounts. And in hematogen, even special, its concentration is too high. If the animal is deficient in vitamins, it is better to buy a special complex. And in case of iron deficiency, medicines or products with a high content of this element should be given.

Interesting facts about Hematogen

Interesting facts about Hematogen

  1. The name of the drug in the Greek language means "giving birth to blood". It speaks for itself. It is prepared from the dried blood of cattle. To get rid of parasites, it is treated beforehand.
  2. The first hematogen was produced in 1890 in Switzerland. It was not the bar many people were used to, it was liquid and consisted of a bovine blood mixture. After the revolution in Tsarist Russia, hematogen was also used in domestic medicine, during military conflicts to provide medical assistance to the wounded. In addition, it was included in the rations of active units.
  3. The sweet bar was created to make the treatment process enjoyable. This is especially important for children, as they appreciate the taste more than the benefit.
  4. The basis of modern hematogen is albumin, a protein extracted from bovine blood. Albumin is quite a strong allergen, so people often have allergic reactions when they regularly consume it.
  5. Doctors and scientists still cannot agree on whether modern hematogen is useful or not. Some are confident that it has retained all the useful properties of its predecessors, while others say that the current product is very caloric and sweet and can do more harm than good.
  6. At the beginning of the XX century hematogen stopped being produced in almost all countries. However, in Russia it has survived and is still used today.
  7. On packages hematogen can be found a warning that it is not allowed to eat more than 1 candy bar per day. If the recommended dose is exceeded, symptoms of poisoning can be observed, and if there are bars too often, you can get diabetes.

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