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Beef meat: useful properties and recipes

Beef is commonly referred to as the meat of bulls or cows. Especially prized is the carcass of a young animal, as dishes from it turn out more tender and tasty.

Why Cow Meat is Called Beef

Many people may have wondered why the meat of different animals are called derivatives of their species, but beef was given a completely different name. And indeed, the meat of the pig is commonly referred to as pork, and everything seems to make sense. And the meat of cattle, such as bulls and cows, is beef? The answer to this question is quite simple, because our ancestors called bulls "govedo" and their meat "beef". And the word "govedo" itself comes from the Indo-European word gou (bull, cow, sacrifice)

This is interesting: by the way, there is no such word as beef in the Western European languages. But Bulgarian, Czech, Serbian and other Slavic languages still use this term.

How to distinguish pork from beef

Very often in the conditions of urban life people are perplexed when they are given the opportunity to distinguish the meat of the pig from beef on their own. And after all, it is really very difficult if the meat in front of you is young cattle or cooked according to an exotic recipe. It often happens that people are deceived at the market, and for many people this is a very fundamental issue. For Muslims, pork is an unacceptable dish because of religious views, while Hindus, on the contrary, have a cult of cows. This sacred animal is by no means eaten in their diet. So how do you distinguish one from the other?

Benefits and harms of beef

The color of beef ranges from bright shades of red to burgundy due to its enormous iron content. It lacks fat, and the meat itself is tough and fibrous, with lots of veins. Also young beef or veal has a milky smell, but in bulls it is more specific and in some places even repulsive.

The color of pig meat is usually pinkish depending on its age and, unlike beef, contains a fairly large amount of fat. But it does not have a pronounced odor, only when cooked.

It seems that by these signs you can easily distinguish the meat, but modern science comes up with a lot of ways to confuse the potential buyer. If pork and beef have been heat-treated, they can be distinguished by the shade of the cut: pork is white and beef is gray.

The difference between beef that is marbled and beef that is regular.

Marbled beef is one of the favorite dishes of gourmets around the world. Thanks to the thin layers of fat, marble beef has an unsurpassed taste and is juicy after cooking. This is thanks to the special techniques used in rearing bulls, which are based on intensive grain feeding four months before slaughter, restricting the animal's movements completely. At the same time, marbled beef is exclusively the meat of steers that have not reached maturity.

The most expensive marbled beef is considered to be that raised according to the Japanese Kobe system. This may seem absurd to many, but a young bull is walked in the best purest meadows, after which he will be suspended from the ceiling upside down, drugged on beer, and the most interesting thing - all this action takes place to classical music. So that the bull doesn't get bedsores, he is daily given a special vibromassage and when he reaches the desired weight he gets stabbed.

What is the difference between beef and veal?

Both calf and beef come from the same animal, but there are many differences between them. The main thing to know is that veal is the meat of a still young calf, up to one year old. Veal is rich in potassium, phosphorus and sodium, while beef is happy with its iron and calcium content. Due to its age, veal has much more water, which makes the meat more tender and soft, but there is a risk of over-drying it during cooking.

In terms of energy value, the two species do not differ from each other. And if we take into account the caloric content of products, then everything will depend on the amount of fat, which prevails in beef.

Composition and calories

As mentioned earlier, beef is rich in iron and calcium. In addition, it contains a large number of vitamins and minerals, such as B2, B5, B6, B12 and PP. Phosphorus, cobalt, copper, molybdenum and chromium can all be found in beef tenderloin. We should not forget that it is a source of protein of animal origin. The caloric value depends on the conditions under which the animal is raised and, of course, the method of cooking. It turns out that in a medium-sized piece of beef weighing 100 g is about 200 kcal. If you take into account already cooked beef, then in the baked form will be about 180 kcal, and in the roasted form - as much as 380 kcal. It is worth noting that the caloric value of beef also depends on how it is cooked, because it is added to salads, soups, cutlets, steaks, steaks and many other tasty dishes.

What is beef meat good for?

As mentioned earlier, it is a source of protein of animal origin, in addition, beef meat is best absorbed by humans. It improves sleep, cholesterol removal, strengthens the immune system and blood vessels and many other useful properties of this product. Doctors have long come to the conclusion that it is this meat is best suited for the diet of diabetics. It contains a fairly large amount of collagen, which in turn is the building material of inter-articular ligaments.

What is good for beef

For women

For women, a pleasant surprise will be that beef is a real key to beauty and youthfulness. Thanks to this meat, many girls keep their hair, nails and skin toned. As mentioned earlier, beef has low calories, so it is recommended to add it to the diet during many diets, which is exactly what girls will appreciate. At the same time it contains quite a lot of useful vitamins and allows you to keep the acidity at the right level.

For men

For men, any tasty dish cooked from beef will already be a plus. After all, every defender needs a big piece of juicy meat for dinner. But here the main thing is to take into account the fact that a piece of beef is suitable, because pork contains a lot of fat. And beef is very nutritious and delivers a lot of protein for the normal functioning of the body. The most useful property for men is the presence of iron in the product, because thanks to this the cells are enriched with oxygen, and zinc and amino acids increase testosterone levels. With the right choice of meat, it will also have a good effect on potency.

In Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the consumption of beef will only benefit. Its composition is ideal in such circumstances. Largely because of vitamin C, which increases the strength of the walls of blood vessels and protects pregnant women from extremely difficult during this period of time diseases. Beef is not forbidden for expectant mothers who have been diagnosed with diabetes.

When breastfeeding.

Everyone should understand that meat should be a must when breastfeeding a baby. Protein is necessary for the full growth and development of the baby, and there is a lot of it in beef. Pediatricians also consider this meat to be the safest for a baby, but you should remember that the quality of beef depends on the health of your baby.

For children

There is quite a lot of disagreement on the Internet about what is healthier for the child: chicken or beef. As many people as there are opinions, but the benefits of beef for a child are substantial. It maintains a normal amount of hemoglobin in the blood, which is very important for the growing body, as well as collagen.

Introduce meat into the diet of the child should not earlier than 6 months for artificial nutrition and after 8 months - babies.

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What kind of beef is healthier

We have already figured out earlier: beef has many properties and is useful for consumption for absolutely all people. But it is worth remembering that the amount of useful vitamins and minerals, the caloric value of beef depends on the form in which you consume the meat. Let's take a closer look at the options in which beef can be served on your table, and figure out which of them will be the most useful.


Low-fried steaks are very popular among gourmets, but when cooking such a dish, the meat can be called raw. However, do not be alarmed: it turns out that raw beef can be eaten without health concerns (if it is of the highest quality), and such consumption can even be beneficial. Raw beef is a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals, as well as a supplier of essential amino acids. It is better digested and provides high nutritional value.

Boiled (boiled)

Boiled beef will be especially good for men. Yes, and when boiled meat does not lose many of its useful properties, while remaining the same nutritious and protein-rich product. Boiled beef normalizes the acidity of the stomach and intestines and is recommended by all nutritionists.


Beef stew is also low in calories. When properly cooked, it will retain its beneficial properties. Most of all, beef stew is recommended for patients after surgery (helps to gain muscle mass and restore the body).


With roast beef, things are a little more complicated. Roasting the meat loses almost all of its nutrients, and the addition of oil contributes to gaining extra weight. Therefore, apart from the taste, unfortunately, there is nothing useful in roast beef.

The benefits and harms of beef broth

A separate conversation deserves beef broth, around which there are a lot of rumors and speculation about the harms and benefits. The main benefit of beef broth is the recovery of the body after exercise. It is him who is advised by nutritionists, because the beef broth accelerates weight loss and helps digestion. Everyone is familiar with the situation when in case of poisoning drink broth, and how it helps to cope with overeating and digest a large amount of food.

Benefits and harms of beef broth

As for the harmful properties, then everything rests on the quality of the meat from which it is cooked. And the only disadvantage will be a large consumption of broth, because it will start the breakdown of purines in the body, leading to the formation of uric acid. This can cause kidney disease and metabolic disorders.

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Can you eat beef while losing weight?

When losing weight, beef meat is not only possible, but should be added to the diet. As mentioned earlier, due to its low caloric content and large amount of protein, it is the optimal choice of meat for the diet of a slimming person. In addition, it is very tasty and nourishing. The main thing is to remember to drink a lot of water, then you will definitely come to your goal.

Despite the fact that many people prefer chicken meat, while on a diet, beef is not inferior in its properties, which not so long ago was proven by scientists.

The benefits of beef meat in medicine

For diabetes mellitus

For anyone with diabetes, it is important to bring glucose levels back to normal, which is good for the pancreas. With this perfectly copes beef, which must be in the diet of a diabetic, especially with insulin dependence. It is recommended to consume in boiled or stewed form.

Important: The glycemic index of beef meat is 0 units.

In pancreatitis.

With proper preparation, it is allowed to consume beef and with pancreatitis. The meat should be steamed and shredded to make it easier for the gastrointestinal tract to digest. With pancreatitis, it is important to get a large amount of protein, which restores the damaged organs of the patient and does not allow the inflammation to continue. The main thing is not to go overboard with the amount, because it can cause digestive problems for the patient.


Of course, roast meat is contraindicated for patients with gastritis. But, since beef is considered a lean meat, it can be consumed in boiled or stewed form. And best of all, grind it into minced meat and make cutlets, zrazy and other dishes.

For constipation

Beef broth is recommended for constipation (and gastritis). The meat helps to improve the gastrointestinal tract, which is very important for constipation.

For gout.

No useful properties of the use of beef in this diagnosis will not show. On the contrary, purine compounds, which are so rich in meat, lead to a decrease in the permeability of nephron capillaries and provoke the development of gout.

In cholecystitis.

Beef is also not suitable for this disease. It will be much better to make veal with less fat in the diet.

Harm and contraindications

Absolutely any meat has a large amount of cholesterol, beef is no exception. Therefore, there is a high risk of heart and vascular disease with a large amount of beef in the diet. Purine bases, which are found in beef, can lead to the formation of kidney and bladder stones. In particular, high consumption of beef can lead to bone and spine problems. And without enough vitamins, it can weaken the immune system.

As previously described, beef in general can provoke osteochondrosis, gout, and bladder stones. To be safe, many scientists do not recommend frequent consumption of beef at a young age.

This meat is contraindicated to people who have problems with the cardiovascular system.

How to choose and store beef

The main thing to remember when choosing beef: the appearance of the product will fully reveal its quality. About the color and smell of the meat was mentioned at the beginning of the article. The only thing that should be added is that it is recommended to touch the piece of meat to define whether it is loose or elastic, the second option is perfect.

How to choose and store beef

There should not be any spots and crusts on the meat, and the fat layers should be white; if they are yellow, it means that the cow has lived to a deep old age.

Storage: Beef meat is stored in the refrigerator no longer than three to four days. Under no circumstances should beef be stored in a plastic bag, as bacteria will begin to develop and ruin the meat.

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What can be cooked with beef: Recipes

People began to consume beef since ancient times, so it is not surprising that there are a lot of dishes with the addition of this meat in different peoples of the world. To find a dish that a person will like is not a problem. It can be boiled, stewed, or fried.

Pastitsiada in the Greek way

We offer you a recipe for a very tasty and hearty meal with a cool name - Greek-style pastitsiada. For cooking you need the following products: 1 kg of beef, spaghetti, tomato paste, onions, dry red wine, spices to taste.

  1. The preparation of this dish is quite simple. First we will need to wash and dry a piece of beef, and then cut into medium sized pieces. Beforehand, we cut onions into small pieces. Also, we need a cauldron. In it, we fry the onion with olive oil, and then add the sliced beef and stew over low heat.
  2. While we have the meat stewing, we add water, dry red wine, cinnamon cloves and spices. It will smell great, especially when you use tomato paste, and then braise our dish for another forty minutes.
  3. At the same time we cook spaghetti, and then add them to the pan, where we previously melted butter.

That's the whole recipe. It remains to put it all nicely on a plate, and you get a delicious and hearty meal.

Shurpa with beef

Also here is another variant of hearty lunch, but from the range of soups. Beef shourpa. This meat broth soup comes out so hearty that many people can't find the strength to proceed to the second one. For it we need beef with bone, potatoes, carrots, onions and a standard set of spices and seasonings with herbs.

The meat needs to be washed and cut into pieces. After that we cook it for an hour. If you want, you can take out the bones during cooking. Throw in the pot chopped carrots, sweet peppers, potatoes and spices. This concludes the preparation of this so simple, but such a delicious and nourishing dish.

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How to marinate beef for shashlik

The ways to marinate beef are not much different from other types of meat. But the main thing to remember is that the meat has its own flavor. You can use a marinade with vinegar, lemon, kiwi, red wine, kefir and mineral water. For shashlik it is better to choose a rump or loin and cut into pieces of 3-5 cm. The marinating process itself will not be long, unless you use kefir. But the main thing to remember is that for a great kebab you need to buy the best quality meat.

Here is an example of the simplest way to marinate beef. For this you will need a glass dish in which you have to put the beef rubbed with spices beforehand. After that one should put onions cut into rings on the fresh meat and squeeze out a large lemon. It is necessary to put this dish in the refrigerator for three or four hours under the press. This is the easiest and fastest way of cooking. Much longer will be the marinating process using kefir or mineral water.

What part of beef is better to take for steak

To answer this question more accurately, you need to understand that there are a large number of recipes for cooking steaks, and for each of them different parts of the beef carcass will be suitable. Remember: steak is cooked from a chilled piece of meat, and before cooking it should be brought to room temperature. To get a delicious and juicy steak, it must be thick.

What part of beef is better for steak

Let's look at the types of steaks and the right parts of the carcass.

  1. Rib steak - for this dish, the meat cut from the underbelly of the carcass is ideal.
  2. Clab steak - you will need meat from the back, and with the longest muscle.
  3. Striploin steak requires the top of the sirloin part of the beef.
  4. Teebone steak - you must get the part on the border of the back and loin of the animal.
  5. Porterhouse - you take the meat from the loin.
  6. Roundrumb: buy the top of the hips.

It is important to know the degree of cooking of the steak. There are 5 types, of which the most distinguished are Medium Rare, Medium and Medium Well. The only difference is the temperature to which the meat is cooked in the very core of the steak. Rare has the smallest degree of frying and the temperature in the center does not exceed 50 degrees, and Well Done has the largest at 70 degrees.

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Can You Eat Raw Beef

As mentioned earlier, beef is safe to eat raw as long as it is of the highest quality. There is nothing wrong with eating raw beef, unlike pork or chicken, as there are no parasites in it.

How to cut beef: lengthwise or crosswise?

There is no exact answer to this question, there are only recommendations, because for the preparation of different dishes beef must be cut in different ways. In case you are going to make steak, it is recommended to cut the meat across the fiber. This allows the pieces of meat to remain juicy and soft, and they will not fall apart during cooking. It is this method that is most popular.

Interesting facts about beef

Interesting facts about beef

  1. Beef has been consumed since ancient times, because the cow is considered one of the first animals that man could tame. It has nutrients and very tasty meat, so the images of this cattle can be found even in the drawings of ancient people.
  2. Since ancient times, there has been a cult of cows in India. These animals are considered sacred and are worshipped. It is better not even to imagine what will happen if you cook beef in this country.
  3. By the color and number of layers of fat on a piece of meat, you can determine the exact age of the cow and know what she was fed in life.
  4. The ancient Chinese came up with an interesting way to salt beef. A piece was placed under the saddle of the horse, and while running, the meat was soaked in the sweat of the animal. Then all the moisture was evaporated from it, and such beef was consumed as food. Interestingly, this method of pickling still exists today.
  5. As has been said before, beef contains the most iron of all meats. 100 grams contains as much iron as 600 grams of spinach.
  6. It is enough to wrap a piece of beef in a paper towel so that it takes up all the moisture, then the meat will really roast.
  7. Beef can be first, second or third grade. The first grade includes the rump, fillet, thigh, back, and breast. These parts of the carcass are called first grade, and it is from them that the most exquisite dishes are prepared. Shoulders and shoulder blades of beef and thighs belong to the second class. And to the third - the slaughter and the front parts of the shin.

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