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Goose fat: useful properties and uses

Since ancient times, people have been accustomed to using various improvised means for therapeutic purposes. A separate place in the list of such compositions is occupied by products of animal origin. The therapeutic properties of such means began to be forgotten at the present time. Trying to watch their appearance, a large number of people today are trying to refuse to eat fatty and high-calorie foods. But few people know that the lack of such an unbalanced diet leads to the opposite effect, ie, deteriorating appearance, reduced immunity and impaired functionality of the body as a whole.

Goose fat is a natural raw material, which is obtained as a result of melting goose by-products. Such lard is one of the most vitamin-rich elements. After all, a whole complex of valuable substances such as retinol, tocopherol, niacin, as well as some representatives of the B vitamins are concentrated here. It also contains essential fatty acids. Such a product is distinguished by the content of a large number of minerals.

The benefits and harms of goose fat

It is important to study the medicinal properties, as well as contraindications for the use of goose fat. This substance is valued in official medicine, as well as used in home cosmetology. Natural lard is used as a remedy for external and internal use, but it is necessary to follow the instructions of proven recipes.

What is the difference between goose fat and duck fat

Regarding the differences between the two products, we can only note that goose byproduct is lighter compared with duck fat. By the amount of unsaturated acids contained, the first version is on a par with olive oil. Of course, everything depends on the breed of poultry. But both types of fat have almost the same chemical composition and a list of healing properties.

Composition and calories

Some people mistakenly believe that the fat is a harmful product. In fact, its composition contains substances that are important for the body. For example, among them are unsaturated acids, vitamin E, as well as B-group.

Goose lard receives medicinal qualities due to the useful elements it contains.

  1. So, thanks to selenium, iodine assimilation improves, which has a positive effect on the endocrine system. In addition, this element protects the body against cancer.
  2. Small amounts of cholesterol in goose fat help the absorption of vitamin D and also stimulate the process of cell regeneration.
  3. Vitamin E or tocopherol is essential for immunity. In addition, this substance provides the synthesis of collagen, which is responsible for the health of the skin.
  4. Of unsaturated fatty acids found here oleic, stearic and palmitic. All these components are responsible for the rapid recovery of the epidermis after any damage. They also help to maintain water balance in the human body.

Since goose lard refers to fatty products, you should not add it to your diet in large quantities. However, when used wisely, it will help improve health.

In 100 grams of pure goose fat contains an average of 900 kcal.

How goose fat is useful

General benefits

Goose fat is characterized by many useful properties.

  1. When used internally, as well as externally, this product provides cellular renewal and restoration of the dermis after cuts and various injuries.
  2. It also increases the protective functions and ensures the absorption of other, no less useful substances entering the body.
  3. In addition, it is noted that goose oil helps reduce the risk of cancer, is effective in treating respiratory diseases, helps with coughs and bronchitis.
  4. With skin inflammatory diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, you can also use the fat of this bird. Proper use of this component restores tissue health after mechanical burns and frostbite.
  5. Goose lard is also known to be used in gynecology, namely in the treatment of cervical erosion and infertility.
  6. This product will help with hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and thrombophlebitis. In addition, the component is able to relieve pain and improve mobility in case of injuries in the joints and muscles.
  7. With goose lard, you can get rid of a bad hangover. If you eat a spoonful of this product before a feast, it will reduce the absorption of alcoholic substances in the blood, which will prevent the appearance of pronounced intoxication.
  8. Goose fat provides the normalization of metabolism, helps to combat avitaminosis. It is also able to dilute bile and provide cleansing of the body of toxic substances.
  9. Earlier goose fat was used as an aphrodisiac. In addition, it was recommended to be regularly used by women who could not get pregnant.
  10. In Russia, this substance was prescribed to eliminate prostatitis. To this end, compresses were applied to the crotch area.
  11. The fat is characterized by a favorable effect on the functioning of the digestive system. For this reason, it is recommended to use it for constipation, intestinal disorders and other gastrointestinal ailments.
  12. The goose product contains natural antidepressants. Therefore, it is useful in the fight against stress and depression. With regular use, you can get rid of chronic fatigue, as well as improve sleep.
  13. It is recommended to include such a component in the diet of the elderly, as it helps to strengthen the immune system, reduces the likelihood of heart attack, atherosclerosis and stroke.

It should also be noted that nowadays there are many cosmetics designed to treat dermal diseases, which contain goose fat.

For women

As noted above, lard is widely used in the treatment of gynecological diseases. Since it contains selenium, it is effective for uterine erosions. In addition, this product will help to equalize the hormonal background and bring significant benefits in the complex treatment of infertility. Also regular use of such a substance helps to reduce the discomfort of painful menstruation.

Representatives of the weaker sex very often use goose fat for cosmetic purposes. As it contains a large amount of fatty acids, products prepared on its basis, well absorbed and soften the skin. Such a component will help get rid of fine lines, with its help the epidermis becomes smoother and firmer. It also helps to protect the skin from cracking in the cold period.

For men

Since goose lard is characterized by the properties of a natural aphrodisiac, it can be used to increase libido. This product can strengthen blood vessels and accelerate blood circulation. This allows it to be used to improve potency.

Goose fat is considered indispensable for regular consumption of alcoholic beverages. This is due to the fact that it reduces the rate of intoxication, relieves the symptoms of a hangover and helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

In folk medicine, there are many recipes for the treatment of hemorrhoids and prostatitis. This therapeutic effect is achieved due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the fat, which helps to alleviate pelvic diseases.

When pregnant

During the expectation of a baby, women should limit the use of such a product. You can use it only for medicinal purposes. And it is with his help it is easy to get rid of coughs, when most pharmaceuticals are forbidden to take in pregnant women.

In this case, it is necessary to put a lemon in a glass with water and boil this mass for 20 minutes. After that, cut the citrus in half and squeeze the juice. In the resulting mass enter 35 ml of goose fat and shake. The resulting composition to drink 30 ml before each meal. In addition, this remedy will help improve the immune system of women.

When breastfeeding

During breastfeeding, a woman should refuse to use goose fat in her diet. Such a product is hard for the body to process, and its overprocessing will lead to the fact that ascorbic acid will be assimilated worse. This will adversely affect the well-being of the mother and baby. In addition, digestion can be disturbed, which is usually manifested by nausea and heartburn. Use it during lactation can only be used for external use.

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For children.

As for children, goose fat can only be used externally. It should be noted that the benefit of this product is that it helps in combating dermatitis, allergic rashes and diaper rash on the skin of the baby. Also lard can be used to treat bruises, abrasions, sprains, which are very common in children.

Goose grease is considered useful for coughs and low immunity. However, for internal reception of such a component can be used only from the age of 3 years. This is explained by the fact that lard is characterized by a high degree of fat content, which is dangerous for children, even in small quantities. The child's body will not be able to cope with the assimilation of such a substance.

You should know that goose fat has certain contraindications. Therefore, in order not to harm the child, it is important to consult with a pediatrician before the first use of such a remedy.

For weight loss

For weight loss, this kind of fat is not suitable at all, since it contains a large number of calories. When following a diet designed to lose weight, only the meat of this bird can be consumed. The fat itself can only be used as a general tonic. To do this, you need to combine goose fat and aloe juice in equal quantities. After that, 1 tsp. of the mixture heated and diluted in a glass of warm milk. Such a composition to take two times a day.

Therapeutic properties of goose lard

Goose lard has a rich composition, which allows its active use in folk medicine. On its basis, it is possible to obtain remedies for internal and external use. If you follow the requirements of the recipes, you can observe their high effectiveness.

Therapeutic properties of goose fat

In case of a stomach ulcer.

In acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, goose fat in its pure form can be harmful. However, a complex healing infusion can be used for therapeutic purposes. For its preparation you will need 3 tbsp. Combine the lard with 2 leaves of aloe, which are crushed beforehand. Leave the resulting mixture for 60 minutes to let the leaves run dry. Then add to the preparation 3 tablespoons of dry red wine and mix. After that infusion to continue for another hour. Ready to take the drug 2 times a day for 1 tbsp. The course of treatment is 3 weeks.

In small quantities, red wine has a medicinal effect. However, if against the background of such treatment, the pain in the stomach increases, the use of such a home remedy should be discontinued.

When coughing

Goose grease has a soothing effect in coughs with colds. Such a composition provides separation of sputum. For therapeutic purposes, you can prepare a remedy by mixing 100 g of lard with the same amount of natural honey. The resulting solution should be diluted in 100 ml of vodka. All components should be thoroughly mixed and hidden for 7 days in a dark and cool place.

After the specified period the tincture will be ready. It should be taken every day with 1 tsp. The treatment should be continued until the disease disappears.


Unsaturated fatty acids, as well as vitamin E contained in goose fat, have a beneficial effect on the dermis in the presence of burns. In this case, it is necessary to prepare an ointment. To do this, melt 100 grams of fat in a steam bath, and then mix it with 1 tbsp of sea buckthorn oil. The resulting product should be applied to the damaged areas of the skin twice a day. You can put a bandage on the wound, so that the medicine does not stain your clothes.

It should be noted that only healing wounds can be treated with goose grease. On fresh burns it is strictly forbidden to apply such a composition.

At a temperature

With a high body temperature, natural remedies can be used. To do this, you need to boil 1 lemon in a mug of water for 10 minutes. After that, add 3 tablespoons to the composition obtained by squeezing the citrus. goose fat. Use the solution three times a day with 1 tbsp.

When you have a runny nose.

There are other folk recipes that will help to get rid of other symptoms of colds, such as a runny nose. Speaking of goose fat, it should be noted that in this case, this product will help to quickly eliminate the discomfort of the ailment, as well as facilitate breathing. To achieve a positive result, it is necessary to begin treatment before the appearance of the main symptoms of a runny nose.

To do this, melt 50 ml of lard and add to it 1 tbsp. ground red pepper. Mix the mixture thoroughly, put in a clean container and store in the refrigerator. Use this ointment to lubricate the heels. After treating these areas of the body with the medicine, it is recommended to wear socks on top.


Unfortunately, many people often face allergies, which are manifested by the appearance of rashes and redness on the skin. All this is accompanied by intense itching and discomfort. To cope with such a disease, it is necessary to consult a specialist, and with the help of folk remedies only reduce the symptoms. From goose fat in this case, an ointment is made, which helps to eliminate redness, swelling and itching. To get such a healing composition, you need to combine sea buckthorn oil, cranberry juice and goose fat in equal quantities.

With bronchitis

To get rid of a lingering cough caused by bronchitis, you need to mix grinded onions with goose fat and eat the resulting mixture before meals by 1 tbsp. Additionally, before going to bed, it is recommended to rub this mass on the chest for warming. Positive results can be seen after 3 days, the cough will gradually begin to go away.

With psoriasis

Those who use the recipes of informal medicine, advise goose fat to treat psoriasis. The product should be melted and mixed with the soapberry root in a ratio of 3:1. This composition should be used to smear the affected parts of the dermis daily. Continue treatment until the symptoms of the ailment disappear.

For joints.

The elements in the composition of goose fat will help to cope with inflammation and pain in gout and other joint pathologies. At home, you can get a liniment with your own hands. To do this, it is sufficient to place 50 g of lard on a steam bath, and then add a spoonful of camphor oil.

This healing remedy to use every evening to treat the joints. After that, cover the lubricated areas with a bandage and such a compress should last all night. Positive results are felt after 10 days from the date of application of the drug.


As mentioned above, unsaturated fatty acids and tocopherol in goose lard strengthen the vascular walls. Consequently, this product is highly effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids. For this disease, prepare an ointment consisting of 150 g of fat and 10 g of dried sage herb. Then add 10 g of chamomile flowers to the ointment base. All these components should be thoroughly mixed.

Use the prepared ointment to treat the anus 3 times a day for 7 days. It should be remembered that the last, third application should be made shortly before going to bed. If necessary, the course of therapy can be repeated after a break of one week.

With pneumonia

A healing compress is used to treat pneumonia. In this case, 0.5 kg of fat should be mixed with 100 grams of crushed garlic. Such a mixture heated on a moderate heat, spread evenly on a piece of parchment paper and apply to the chest. Additionally wrap the patient with a warm blanket. Such a compress is suitable for use before going to bed. The course of therapy averages 5 days.


Areas of skin subjected to frostbite, it is recommended to restore the goose fat, pre-steamed. Repeat such treatments several times a day. To speed up the healing process, you can apply a bandage with such lard to the damaged areas at night.

With dermatitis

Due to its healing properties, goose fat can be applied to eliminate dermatitis. As a remedy, you need to make an ointment from two parts of this product, as well as one part of fir essential oil. The ready mixture should be applied to the affected dermis 3-4 times throughout the day. Repeat such manipulations for 20 days.


To eliminate this disease is shown the use of infusion, for which you need six parts of the bird's offal, natural honey and sea buckthorn oil and one part of the aloe squeeze. Ready medicine to drink by 1 tbsp. The frequency of intake is 3 times. It is recommended to wash down this composition with milk.

If you have tuberculosis

To reduce the symptoms of the disease you can use a remedy for which you will need aloe juice, goose lard, cocoa powder, and a product of beekeeping. You will need 100 grams of each substance. The resulting mixture should be well mixed and consumed by 1 tbsp. several times a day. It is recommended to wash down this medicine with milk. Such a scheme of therapy should be adhered to for several months. The remedy provides a strengthening of the protective functions of the body, suppresses inflammation in the lower respiratory organs.

When varicose veins

Goose fat treats varicose veins and thrombophlebitis. In addition to the main component, you will also need a squeeze of calanhoe. To make a healing mixture, it is necessary to take a product of animal origin and the specified plant in the ratio 2:1. Mix both components, then put them in a cold place protected from sunlight. After two or three days, the healing ointment is suitable for fighting the disease. It can be used to treat the affected vessels before going to bed. Repeat such procedures until recovery.

From prostatitis

Such an ailment can also be cured with the help of goose fat, namely a tincture based on the specified substance. In addition, you will need crushed garlic, honey and a small amount of squeeze of calanhoe. All these components should be mixed. Use the prepared remedy by 1 tbsp. twice a day on an empty stomach. After 2 weeks, usually relieves pain in urination. To completely eliminate prostatitis, you will need to treat this composition for 30 days.

With shortness of breath

Tincture of natural lard helps to counteract shortness of breath. To prepare such a potion, you need to combine 250 g and the same amount of natural honey. Both substances mix and pour a glass of vodka. After careful mixing, send the composition for 2 weeks in a dark closet. Ready solution to drink 1 tbsp. 1 time on an empty stomach.

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Goose fat in cosmetology

In addition to the fact that the fat from the subcutaneous layer of goose carcasses is used in food, as well as for medical purposes, such a product still found application in the field of cosmetology. Excellent for this substance for dry dermis. So it is better to use it before going out in the cold to protect against chilblains.

Goose fat in cosmetology

Used goose lard to create a nourishing face mask, which is also able to smooth out irregularities. The melted component of animal origin should be mixed with a small amount of camphor oil. Mix the ingredients and apply to the previously cleansed skin of the face. After 30 minutes, you can wash it off with warm water.

Regular use improves the condition of the skin on the hands. Treating the dermis with lard helps to moisturize and nourish it and heal small cracks.

For the face

Goose grease is characterized by a rich chemical composition, which explains the presence of useful qualities for the skin. Such a product protects it from wrinkles, acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. In addition, goose lard acts as a moisturizing, regenerating agent, which restores normal cell metabolism, eliminates redness and inflammation, regulates the activity of sebaceous glands. You only need to use such a valuable component correctly.

  1. To obtain a facial protective agent, you should send the fat for a few minutes in a steam bath, and then filter it with a fine sieve. Such a solution is applied warm to the face an hour before going out into the cold. Acts such a mask for half an hour, then wash off the rest of the remedy.
  2. To obtain a nourishing product you will need to combine 25 g of goose lard with 2.5 g of camphor oil. The resulting mass is applied to the surface of the face for a third of an hour. Remove the remaining product with a napkin, then wash your face.
  3. It is also recommended to massage the face every day with goose fat. Such a remedy is shown with dry skin type. It should be remembered that such a remedy provides cell regeneration and has a revitalizing effect on the face. Cosmetological procedures using such an ingredient contribute to the reduction of wrinkles, as well as giving the skin a fresh and healthy appearance.
  4. A mask based on such a substance and rose petals is used to treat the lips before going to bed. If you repeat the procedure several times a week, they will stop cracking, constantly remaining moisturized.

For the hair

Fat is also shown for the hair, especially if the hair is dry and brittle. Melted butter must be rubbed into the dermis of the head and kept for 35-40 minutes. At the end of the specified time, rinse the mask with warm water. After such a procedure, it is recommended to use a therapeutic shampoo. Also after applying this composition, you can additionally rinse your locks with herbal decoction or water to which you can add a small amount of vinegar.

Masks made of lard are used in alopecia, as the components found in its composition, activate hair growth.

To make your tresses healthy and beautiful, you can apply goose grease. Also, this product helps to eliminate hair brittleness, gives them shine, softness and hydration. Instead of decoction of medicinal herbs, water with the addition of lemon juice is used as a rinse.

Cooking Applications

Goose grease is excellent for cooking various dishes. It is used to make sauces and pâtés. In addition, it can be used to bake meat products, pass vegetables. Most often you can find recipes for potatoes, which are fried in goose lard until they form a crispy crust.

Most cooks consider this product a real delicacy. On it, you can fry an omelet, boil soup, cook stew, bake casseroles, stew cabbage. You can coat lean meats with it, add it to dough.

Goose fat is concentrated in a lot of fatty acids in contrast to other animal products and butter. For this reason, dishes cooked in goose lard turn out incredibly tasty and fragrant. There have even been studies that have proven that countries that often cook with goose fat have very low rates of heart disease.

Below will be the most common recipe using goose by-products, namely potatoes baked on this product.

To prepare this dish you will need 1 kg of potatoes, 300 g of goose lard, as well as salt, dried spices to taste. First, peel the vegetable from the skin, rinse thoroughly and cut lengthwise into four pieces, rinse again and dry with a towel. After that, prepare the fat. To do this, melt it in the oven. In the heated mass put potato slices, preferably in one layer. After this preparation, salt to taste, season with dried herbs. In this case, you can use parsley, dill, basil. Also a special seasoning designed for potatoes will do.

Next, stir the potatoes with all the spices, and then send them to the preheated oven for half an hour. The time can be slightly increased, depending on the thickness of the slices cut.

It is recommended to serve baked potatoes immediately after cooking, as only in a warm form they retain their crispy crust.

Can I fry in goose fat?

If the question arises about the use of lard for frying, you can not doubt and safely cook on it. The fat of goose subcutaneous layer is excellent for this, because it concentrates a lot of valuable elements. And the taste of such dishes will be excellent. If there is goose fat, frying with it is not only possible, but also necessary.

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Harms and contraindications

Grease of this bird has almost no contraindications and side effects, but there are still some cautions. In general, goose fat is considered safe and hypoallergenic. Quite rare cases where this product can harm the body. However, the contraindication to its use is considered an individual intolerance.

Harms and contraindications of goose fat

It is not recommended to use this product in the presence of acute and chronic liver pathologies, diabetes, pancreatic problems.

The use of goose fat should be limited to obese patients, as well as pregnant and lactating women and children under the age of three.

In the case of external use, there are no restrictions. It is not recommended to apply the composition on the skin, if they are exposed to direct sunlight. This is due to the fact that in this case the oxidation of fatty acids, which leads to the formation of toxic components. Such a fat can be treated only in the evening or treat it in areas of the skin that are not exposed to sunlight. You should also remember not to apply the product to open septic wounds.

It is important for people with excessive body weight to limit the intake of such a high-calorie product. This is especially true for recipes consisting of lard and aloe juice. Such a complex stimulates the appetite.

If the cholesterol level is high, it is recommended to first consult a specialist. Also important is a doctor's advice in case of GI abnormalities, pregnancy and lactation.

How goose fat is obtained

To obtain such a natural product, it is necessary to process the raw subcutaneous layer and connective tissues from the bird carcass.

Goose fat can also be prepared at home. A dish with raw blanks, pre-cut into small pieces, should be sent to the oven for melting. This procedure usually takes about 4 hours.

The hot solution should be filtered through a layer of gauze and poured into glass containers. Ready fat resembles vegetable oil in structure, but thicker, yellowish color. Goose fat should not have an unpleasant odor or have dark impurities.

How to use goose oil correctly

The butter of this bird should be used for therapeutic purposes, strictly following the recipe. In order not to harm your body, the treatment should last no more than three weeks, after which a break must be taken.

The daily dose of goose fat should not exceed 1 tbsp. In large quantities this substance is dangerous for a man, because it leads to the accumulation of cholesterol, which negatively affects the liver.

Usually goose fat is consumed in melted form. It can be bought or cooked by yourself.

How to store goose fat correctly

To cooked lard preserved all the useful properties, jars with melted poultry subcutaneous layer should be tightly covered with lids and stored in the refrigerator. Goose lard can be stored for 9 months.

Storage in the freezer is also possible. In the frozen form it can keep fresh for 4 months. If the product is placed in the freezer in melted form, it can be stored in such conditions for a year.

How to make goose fat soap

To make natural soap at home, you need to melt 400 grams of goose lard in a steam bath. In addition, in a separate container dilute in 110 g of water 50 g of lye. Bring both solutions to the same temperature, about 50 degrees. After that, mix the contents of both pans with a blender until the mixture has the consistency of kissel. The base for the soap is ready, now you can pour the mixture into the forms. After that, cover the surface of the blanks with food film and a towel. Next, wait 24 hours for the soap to harden.

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Can we give goose fat to dogs?

Normally, pets tolerate animal and vegetable fats well. The type and amount of such substance greatly affects the taste characteristics of dog food.

Typically 25 to 50% of the daily energy needs are met by fats. Therefore, the dog's diet should contain 5-20% of this component per dry product.

A greater amount of fat in the pet's diet should be present during growth, lactation, and during increased physical exertion. If the amount of this product is exceeded and the pet's body does not have time to digest it, steatorrhea or, simply put, fatty feces are usually observed. It can also lead to acute pancreatitis, especially in obese dogs.

Insufficient fat in a pet's menu can cause a deficiency of essential fatty acids, as well as energy deficiency, impaired growth and physical condition of the pet.

For this reason, dog owners are advised to always consult a veterinarian about the possibility of including goose fat in the diet of their pet, as well as to clarify the allowable doses.

Interesting facts about geese

Interesting facts about geese

  1. Geese are a kind of monogamous geese, as they choose a partner for life. If one of them dies, the other may spend the rest of its time alone.
  2. The domestic goose species came to Russia about four centuries ago.
  3. For a long time, the feathers of this particular bird were used for writing.
  4. Geese can live for a quarter of a century.
  5. Many have noticed that wild specimens line up in a wedge shape when flying. This allows them to cut the air after the first representatives, thereby facilitating the flight of others.
  6. The domestic bird has already lost the ability to fly. This is due to the fact that these geese have frequent molting, as well as having excess body weight.
  7. To insulate the nest, the female plucks her feathers and down, although this is quite painful.
  8. Wild birds molt twice a year. Therefore, they are unable to fly for almost a quarter of their lives because they lose their feathers at certain times.
  9. Little geese are capable of swimming a day after they are hatched.
  10. Geese were domesticated in Egypt four thousand years ago.
  11. In America, they are used to weed areas with cotton plantations. They do not like the raw material itself, which cannot be said of weeds. Therefore, hungry birds eat the weeds, cleaning the plantations.
  12. Such birds can fly at heights of up to 10 km. By comparison, a person in such conditions can not breathe without a special oxygen mask, no longer considering the reduced pressure and temperature readings.

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