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How to store persimmons to make them ripe: secrets and tricks

Often southern fruits are transported in a semi green state. So they have a chance to reach the counter in a marketable form. Persimmon - is no exception: it is very delicate and ripe fruit is not suitable for transportation. But we want to try the whole palette of flavor, and for this persimmon need to create special conditions for it to ripen. This is not difficult if you know the peculiarities of the plant.

What is persimmon good for?

How to store persimmons to make them ripe

It is necessary to preserve these fruits. Everyone chooses for himself: buy one piece daily or buy 1-2 kg at once and distribute persimmons so that they ripen gradually. Include this delicacy in the diet is recommended for:

  • increase immunity;
  • maintain visual acuity;
  • prevent cataracts;
  • improve blood flow;
  • accelerate thinking processes;
  • slowing the aging process;
  • reducing the risk of cancer;
  • Increased metabolism.

Worth considering: If you have diabetes and significantly overweight, you will have to give up persimmon. In the flesh is a lot of fructose.

The fruit contains tannins, and their effect is twofold. On the one hand, they regulate the cholesterol level, but on the other hand, their high concentration in the body can significantly worsen the digestion. Therefore, it is worth observing the principle of moderation in the consumption of this product. The more relevant question of its storage and ripening methods.

How to choose a persimmon

To enjoy the taste, it is better to choose a fully ripe fruit and carefully take it home, because it crumples even under the careless movement of the fingers. If you need to keep persimmons for several days, choose a tougher persimmon.

Storage life is influenced by ripeness and optimal conditions. Select the fruit is the initial degree of ripeness. They are still hard, but already have a characteristic color and flavor. The taste is astringent and astringent, and in this form they are undesirable. Integrity of the skin is a fundamental requirement. This is a guarantee that no pathogenic microbes and mold fungus got inside. The stalk should be dry, gray-green in color, adhere to the surface.


To make persimmons last for several weeks, they are placed in a dark, cool place. It is desirable that the fruits do not come into contact. It is necessary to ventilate the room regularly, avoid direct sunlight on persimmons. From this storage, you can gradually select a few pieces to enjoy them.

Video: How to preserve persimmons until summer Expand


The selected fruits are not yet ready for consumption. There are several ways to ripen them.

  1. Put in a cellophane bag or plastic container and place in the freezer for 6-12 hours. Then the product thaws and is practically ready to eat.
  2. Place at room temperature next to apples or bananas. In this neighborhood, ripening goes several times faster. Contact with other vegetables and fruits, the southern beauty does not tolerate and very quickly begins to spoil.
  3. Place for a few hours in warm water no higher than 40 degrees, otherwise the persimmon will boil over.
  4. If ripening is not urgent, the easiest option is to leave the fruit at room temperature, covered with a cotton or linen cloth.

If the volume of ripe fruit is too large for a single serving, they can be stored in the refrigerator on a shelf for vegetables. Note that the humidity level in this case should be kept between 80-90%. They are placed in containers with the stalks down 1 level. Polyethylene bags are undesirable, they provoke rapid formation of mold. There is no need to wash persimmons when putting them into storage either, it is better to do it just before consumption. These little secrets will allow you to keep the southern fruits for the right period and fully enjoy their luxurious taste.

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