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How to insulate mastic from cream-cheese: useful tips

Popular but capricious "edible plasticine" is designed to cover and cover cakes, create flat, volumetric figures, ruffles, reliefs, flowers. To work with mastic, you need knowledge and practical skills, otherwise the sugar mass can break or leak. When covering a cake with no less popular cream-cheese with confectionery material, you will suffer a failure if you do not study the nuances of working with it in advance.

What cream can a mastic be sprinkled on?

Creamy mass should contain a minimum of moisture and be dense, so as not to cause mastic to melt, slip off the cake.

How to Insulate Mastic from Cream Cheese

Stable, dense texture has chocolate ganache, marzipan, caramel creams, butter-based creams, cottage cheese, made of marshmallow and with added protein.

Sour cream, whipped cream or yogurt-based creams are not suitable for sugar mass. These desserts contain a lot of moisture, which makes the finish deformed.

Before applying the cream layer, it is cooled a little, after coating it is smoothed with a pastry spatula.

What should be the cream-cheese under the mastic

It is acceptable to use cream cheese cream with a lot of butter under the mastic, but it is better to make an insulating layer, since the main component of the cheese contains moisture. It is more reliable to cover the cake with icing, marzipan mass, ganache, melted chocolate or custard with condensed milk.

If the cake is supposed to be stored in high humidity, you can save the mastic decoration by using a pastry varnish with harmless components, drying in a few seconds. It will not only prevent the mastic from sliding off the confection, but also make it glossy.

How to insulate the mastic from the cream

From the wet cream, mastic is insulated with melted chocolate to maintain its shape and dense structure.

If the cake is not completely covered with "edible plastic" and decorated with individual elements, chocolate is spread only in places where mastic makes contact with cream cheese. It is important that the flowers, figurines were pre-dried. Confectioners recommend making them at least one day before assembly.

How to attach mastic on cream properly

Before wrapping, decorating, apply cream, the surface is carefully leveled, as mastic does not hide irregularities, the slightest defects of the confectionery.

How to properly insulate mastic on cream cheese

Preparatory steps and the coating of the cake itself plastic pastry material perform in stages:

  1. Put the cake on a plate or cake pan. Apply a thin layer of buttercream to the sides, rotating the cake counterclockwise, moving the spatula toward you in the opposite direction. Place the dessert on the refrigerator shelf.
  2. After a quarter of an hour, cover the cake in the same way with a second layer thicker than the first. Return it to the refrigerator. This time ten minutes will be enough to cool.
  3. Remove the cake from the refrigerator. Using a warm spatula, smooth the surface to a perfectly smooth state, removing any excess cream. Send the pastry back to its original place.
  4. As soon as the cream has hardened, roll the prepared layer of rolled out mastic on a rolling pin.
  5. The end of the rolled out layer is on the side with a reserve, then gradually rotate the rolling pin in the direction away from you, unroll the layer over the cake and drop it on top of the cake.
  6. In the next step you will need an iron. First work the top surface with the mastic tool, then the sides. If bubbles form, pierce them with a needle and smooth them out.
  7. Press the dangling edges to the backing with an iron. Trim off the excess with a knife in a circular motion.
  8. Go over all surfaces again with the iron.

To secure the mastic figures to the cake, work the bottom with white or dark chocolate, use skewers, and confectioner's gel. Or make a backing of a wafer sheet coated with chocolate.

Without mastic coating and decor, it's hard to imagine modern cakes made for anniversaries, weddings, children's birthdays. To keep the confectionery material in shape until the end of the celebration, you need to think in advance about the recipe for the cream, the composition of the insulating layer, the way to attach the mastic figures.

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