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How to Dry Garlic at Home

Garlic is a foodstuff which is used in many dishes. It is loved for its spicy aroma, it gives food a taste that whets the appetite. Also, everyone knows that this product has beneficial properties that help maintain health. It contains unique essential oils, useful trace elements and vitamins. It is the main helper in the period of colds, as its consumption helps to improve immunity.

Garlic is preferably eaten as a meal or used fresh in cooking. But it is not always possible to preserve it for a long time. There are problems with storage when there is an abundant harvest. In these cases, drying helps to preserve the product and use it throughout the year. In addition, the availability of this vegetable in a variety of forms greatly expands the possibilities of its application, allows you to prepare delicious and very useful dishes.

How to Dry Garlic

Dried garlic has a number of advantages over fresh garlic:

  1. Much easier to store.
  2. Does not need to be cleaned.
  3. It has a wider range of culinary uses.
  4. More pleasant and noble taste, it can be called spicy rather than pungent and unpleasant.
  5. Regardless of the dish and cooking technique, dried product does not change its taste and aroma.
  6. Does not leave a strong and unpleasant breath.
  7. Easy to use, takes very little space and stores for a long time.

To achieve a good result, not to lose taste, useful substances and oils during processing, it is worth following simple rules: choose a suitable variety, dig up and dry the crop correctly, follow the temperature regime when drying, keep an eye on the humidity and ventilate in time to avoid mold and fungus infestation.

There are several ways to dry garlic, each with its own characteristics, which allows you to choose the appropriate one.

How to choose garlic for drying

Almost any variety of garlic is suitable, but some may lose their unique flavor due to evaporation of large amounts of moisture. It is recommended to use winter varieties. They have a pronounced flavor and aroma that persists after drying. Their bulbs are usually stronger and firmer, and the flesh has a dense structure. These include, for example, Silver White, Creole, Kalininsky, Southern Purple. You should not choose a plant with too large fruits. These contain more moisture, which will increase the drying time, along with water will be lost bright aroma and taste.

To find the perfect variety, it will take time and experience. Some people successfully dry young garlic and are quite happy with the result.

How to prepare the vegetable for drying

The first thing is to wait until the product is fully ripe. The young plant contains a lot of liquid and has not yet concentrated useful substances. The bulb and cloves are too soft and do not store well. But you shouldn't allow the garlic to become overripe either. The garlic can start to re-grow, which will spoil the quality of the product. It will no longer be suitable for further processing and storage. It is not difficult to determine the time of harvesting. As soon as the stems and leaves start to turn yellow and lie on the ground, the root neck is dry, the head is fully formed, and the cloves stand out noticeably and have a thick skin, you can start digging up and preparing the harvest.

The soil should be dry and crumbly, so a few days before harvesting, stop watering completely. If it has rained, you should wait until the soil is completely dry. The weather is important. It should be dry, but not too sunny. It's better if a light breeze is blowing. This will allow the plant to dry quickly.

The bulbs should be gently dug up, taken out of the ground and easily shake off the remaining soil. Place the plant in rows right there on the bed or next to it. It should not be stacked in one pile, it should be evenly distributed in a single layer, so that there is room for air circulation. If the weather permits, you can leave the dug up garlic for a few days to dry out, putting it in a shelter for the night. Or leave the bushes for 3-4 hours, then remove to a well-ventilated room or shelter for 5-10 days for final drying. It is important to remember not to dry garlic in direct sunlight. It should be in the shade.

If you plan to store garlic fresh, the next step is to carefully cut off the roots and stems, leaving a stump 5-6 centimeters long. It is important to cut the roots so as not to damage the bottom of the bulb. Otherwise infection and rotting may start here.

To prepare for further drying, the bulb should be taken apart and the cloves cleaned. If there are dark spots, damages, cut them off with a knife. Garlic should not be washed. Excess moisture gets into it, it increases the drying time. It is enough to shake it off well and peel the skin.

How to properly dry garlic

Preparation for the drying process begins with cleaning the cloves from the husks. To save time and effort, you can use a couple of culinary tips. With the flat side of a knife, easily press the clove to the surface. The peel itself will easily come off. But do not overdo it, so that the product does not turn into mush.

How to Dry Garlic

Take two metal bowls, in one of them put garlic cloves, which have been cut off the roots and stems, cover the second and shake intensely for a minute. The cloves will quickly peel off the husks. Then go through the product, removing spoiled or blackened specimens. If you don't do this, they will begin to get moldy during storage. The whole batch will be spoiled.

There are several ways to chop garlic:

  1. Some people like to grate it through a coarse grater. But this method has significant disadvantages. It produces too much juice, which will be lost in the process of drying, which will greatly affect the taste. It will become less rich and flavorful.
  2. You can cut the cloves into halves. Lay the halves with the slice upward, so that the juice does not leak out on the surface, and the moisture evaporates evenly.
  3. Another way is to cut the cloves into thin slices. This will result in crispy chips. They can be stored and used in this form or crushed into a powder.
  4. Also, some people prefer to grind in a food processor. This greatly simplifies the process and saves time. But the effect in the end will be the same as grating.

Garlic should be chopped and dried in a room with good ventilation. Substances and essential oils are actively released in the process and will begin to irritate the mucous membranes of the nose, throat and eyes. It is worth protecting your hands from the caustic juice by wearing gloves.

In the oven

For drying in the oven, it is better to cut the garlic in slices. Place the petals in a single layer on a baking tray. Do not stack too much, small gaps will help better circulation of warm air and drying of the product. To ensure that the juice does not leak out to the bottom of the dish and does not stain it, you can pre-lay a sheet of parchment paper, foil, silicone mat for baking.

Preheat the oven to a temperature of 50-60 degrees. At higher settings, the garlic will simply fry or burn at all. Place the tray in the oven. The first stage takes 40 minutes. To evaporating moisture does not accumulate inside, as well as to avoid strong heating, it is necessary to provide an inflow of air. If the functionality of the oven allows, it is better to turn on the mode of ventilation or convection, and leave the door slightly ajar.

After the allotted time, take out the tray, stir and turn the petals to the other side. Allow to cool slightly, while leaving the oven door open to let the moisture evaporate. Then dry it again.

The total time will be about 3-6 hours. This depends on the type of plant, its humidity, and the peculiarities of the oven. Every 40 minutes the product should be taken out, stirred, turned, after cooling again put back.

If in the process began to appear individual pieces, which have long dried out and began to darken, they should be removed so that they do not burn and do not spoil the taste and flavor of the entire batch. Slices that are too dark will be very bitter.

When the slice is dry and brittle, the process is over. If the petal is still soft and bends well without breaking, you should continue drying.

A well-dried product should be taken out of the oven and left to cool at room temperature. To prevent the plates from drying out underneath, they need to be stirred constantly.

In an electric dryer

The electric dryer is the best appliance to use for preserving vegetables, herbs and berries for the winter. Its design and functionality are designed for this purpose. Working with it is easy and convenient. Garlic drying will not be an exception. The advantage is the presence of holes in the trays and good air circulation, provided by the work of the turbine. This makes the process quick and easy.

For drying, you can cut the cloves into slices or plates. This will only affect the duration of the process. Place the prepared slices on a rack in a single layer at a small distance. Set the temperature to 55-60 degrees. If you make the temperature higher, it will begin to destroy the valuable substances and flavors. It will take 4-6 hours to dry. It is worth stirring the product during the process, so that it goes evenly. When the slices are sufficiently dry and begin to break when pressed, drying is complete. Before stacking in a storage container, it's worth giving the garlic cloves time to cool well at room temperature.

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In the microwave

This method is suitable for those who need to dry a small amount of garlic. The process will go quickly, it doesn't take much effort, and you don't have to heat up the oven or use a dryer for a small amount of product.

After slicing the cloves into slices or slices, they should be placed evenly on a microwaveable plate. It is placed in the microwave, set the power to 850 W for 5 minutes. After the allotted time, open the door and let the steam out. Take out the garlic and leave it for 1 to 2 minutes to allow the moisture to evaporate from it as well. Put the dish with the slices back in the oven and turn on the 850 W power mode again for 5 minutes.

Open the door, remove the plate with the slices and let the steam out. Part of the slices by this time will have dried out, you need to remove them, let the rest cool down, stir and put it back in the microwave.

If you want to get a richer color, you should leave the previous power for 2 minutes. It is better during this time to closely monitor the color of the product, so as not to overdo it. It all depends on the power of the device. If you need a lighter shade, then it is recommended to reduce the power to 650 watts. After a couple of minutes, check the readiness. When the result is satisfactory, the drying process can be stopped, put the pieces on a paper towel and allow to cool well.

In the sun

Garlic should never be dried in the sun. It should be a dark, dry and well-ventilated room. You can dry in the fresh air, but the product should be in the shade. Exposure to sunlight destroys the useful substances and essential oils in the product.

Air drying is the natural way, but it takes a long time and requires care. It is this option that allows preserving the greatest amount of useful substances, elements and essential oils.

To dry, cut the cloves in half into slices, lay them with the slice upward on a flat surface covered with parchment or paper towel. If you put the slices with the cut side down, the juice will run out, which will lead to a loss of flavor, aroma, and nutritional value. Place the slices in a ventilated room or in the fresh air in the shade. The humidity in the air should be monitored. Its increase will lead to a delay in the process and possible spoilage of the product.

In this way you need to dry the garlic for 10-14 days. The duration depends on the temperature and humidity. Every few days, it is recommended to turn the slices for better drying and air circulation. As they dry, remove the finished slices.

How to check readiness

Regardless of the drying method chosen, you should check the product for readiness during the process. Some slices may dry out faster. Do not allow them to dry out too much, especially if the oven and microwave are used. Overdried slices will be bitter and take on an unpleasant smell.

Readiness is checked simply. You need to take a petal or slice in your hand and try to break it with your fingers. If the garlic pieces are still wet, soft and pliable, you should continue the process. In case the plate breaks and crumbles easily from pressing, you can remove these slices, they are ready.

How to make garlic powder


Dried slices and chips can be stored, used as such, or made into a seasoning powder. To do this, you need to grind them with a blender, or better yet, use a coffee grinder or mill. The longer it takes to grind in an appliance, the finer the grind will be. If you want the granules to feel in the finished dish, it is worth shortening the time.

For a homogeneous structure, the resulting powder is sifted through a sieve to remove too large particles.

How to store dried garlic correctly

To ensure that the obtained seasoning pleased with taste and aroma for a year, until the new harvest, it is necessary to observe simple rules of storage.

Powder, slices or chips are better stored in an airtight container with a tightly closed lid. For this purpose, a jar of dark glass is ideal. Dried garlic should be stored in a dry, dark place. Some people prefer to store the container with the obtained seasoning in the refrigerator. Attention should be paid to humidity and strive to maintain a constant temperature. If the indicators change frequently, the raw material will begin to caked and clump, deteriorate and become moldy. Dried garlic should be taken from the jar with a dry spoon.

What are the benefits of dried garlic

Dried garlic is no less useful than fresh garlic. It has its own advantages and disadvantages. The product in concentrated form contains vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential oils. Garlic contains choline or B4. This vitamin-like substance has beneficial effects on the human body. It helps to protect cell membranes from destruction and damage, reduces cholesterol levels, also has a calming property. Its role is important in the prevention of gallstone formation, it normalizes lipid metabolism and promotes weight loss. People engaged in active mental or physical labor need this substance.

In addition to choline, garlic contains other B vitamins (B1, B2, B5, B6, B9), which play an important role in the normal functioning of all body systems. B1 is necessary for normalizing the metabolic process, has a favorable effect on brain function, improves memory, attention, thinking. It slows the aging process and reduces the effects of negative factors and bad habits. B2 helps to strengthen the immune system, has a positive effect on the health of skin, hair and nails. B5 also participates in the formation of immunity, normalizes adrenal function. Vitamin B9 or folic acid is used in the development of all tissues, in the cardiovascular system.

Garlic also contains potassium, magnesium, calcium, selenium, zinc, iron, iodine and other useful elements. All of them help the normal functioning of all systems of the human body. Potassium is responsible for the regulation of salts, acids and alkalis in the body, favorably affecting the reduction of edema. Potassium is required for the adequate functioning of all soft tissues of the body.

Magnesium is necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous and other systems, prevents calcium deposits and stone formation, helps eliminate toxins and heavy metals, has a positive effect on many systems, including the cardiovascular and endocrine systems.

Calcium is involved in the formation of bone tissue and normal functioning of the joints. Selenium plays a leading role in strengthening the immune system and fighting cancer cells. Microelement is part of metabolic processes, adjusts the work of reproductive functions in humans, affects the condition of the skin, hair and nails. In the first place, iodine affects human brain activity. Its deficiency manifests itself in the slowing of thought processes, impaired memory. It also increases the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels.

Everyone knows that garlic is a source of phytoncides, which help to fight bacteria and viruses. It is a kind of natural antibiotic. The allicin in the vegetable reduces the risk of upper respiratory tract infections.

Garlic has a favorable effect on the digestive process, increasing the release of enzymes that contribute to easier digestion of "heavy" food. It neutralizes free radicals and helps to resist the formation of cancer cells, has a positive effect on men's and women's health. The use of this product helps against senile dementia. It is also an effective remedy against parasites.

No matter how useful the product is, you should not abuse it. Firstly, dried garlic is quite caloric, it should be handled carefully, so as not to harm the figure. Secondly, the vegetable, even in dried form, is contraindicated for people suffering from disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. The ability to stimulate the release of digestive enzymes in this case is detrimental.

Some people can't stand the smell of garlic, which stays in their mouths for a long time after eating it. To get rid of it, you should eat some parsley or a slice of fresh cucumber.

Where dried garlic is used

This product is used not only in cooking. It is actively used in folk medicine, to solve household problems and even in cosmetology.

Where to use dried garlic


Dried garlic sometimes has clear advantages over fresh garlic. It does not have such a pungent smell and spice, so it is suitable for dishes where the seasoning should emphasize the delicate taste of the product, and not play a leading role. There are people who cannot stand the smell of raw garlic. In this case, you can safely replace it with dried powder.

The use of dried product justifies itself in the preparation of first dishes. Often raw garlic loses flavor faster, especially if it is boiled for a long time, but dried spice gives a spicy taste and pleasant smell. It is also suitable for meat and poultry dishes. Dried garlic gives a very mild flavor to the chłodnik. When cooking seafood, it is definitely worth adding dried seasoning. Fresh vegetable is able to interrupt the delicate sweet flavor and subtle aroma of shrimp, crabs, lobsters, while in the dried version will only emphasize the right notes. The spice is ideal for cooking vegetables, especially potatoes. For example, if you bake it with oil and sprinkle it with dried granules, you will get a great dish that many people will definitely like.

Dried garlic is used in baking bread and rolls. The powder is fried in oil to enhance the flavor and give a smoky aroma, and then sprinkled on the baked goods just taken out of the oven. The mixture of the smell of garlic and fresh baked goods provokes abundant salivation and hunger.

In order not to spoil the dish, it is necessary to adhere to a few simple rules:

  1. The main secret to good flavor is the right dosage. A quarter teaspoon of dried pellets corresponds to 1 clove of garlic. If the recipe specifies a raw vegetable, knowing the proportions will not allow you to make a mistake with the amount. But, first of all, you need to consider your own taste.
  2. To maximize the flavor of the seasoning and enrich the taste of the first dish, stew or casserole, the dried product is added a few minutes before cooking. Otherwise it will lose its flavor and will not be felt in the food.
  3. It is also not forbidden to sprinkle the powder on the already cooked, but still hot dish. It will quickly dissolve and give off its flavor under the influence of temperature.
  4. For the garlic to give out as much flavor as possible, it should be fried or added to boiling water.
  5. It is advised to rub the seasoning on the meat before you start cooking.
  6. To add garlic to minced meat, you must first dilute it with water in the ratio of 1:2.


Use garlic for the treatment and prevention of diseases should be used with caution. For some people it is contraindicated at all, for others it can cause an allergic reaction. Do not use garlic at all or in large quantities to those who suffer from chronic liver and kidney diseases, hypertension, asthma, who have gastrointestinal disorders. The use of garlic is not recommended for pregnant women.

Nevertheless, the useful properties of the product make it one of the most popular for use in the treatment of many diseases. It is no secret that garlic helps to boost the immune system and fight many viral and bacterial diseases. It is also a natural remedy against parasites. Garlic powder is used to relieve leg swelling, normalize the menstrual cycle. It is a good disinfectant for malaria, typhoid, cholera, insect bites.

To improve the immune system, it is enough to add the spice 2-3 times a week in the first and hot dishes. It is very tasty and useful.


As strange as it may sound, dried garlic can also help in the practice of beauty care. A mask based on garlic powder helps fight skin imperfections. The disinfectant helps to reduce rashes on the face.

Before using, be sure to test for allergies by applying a small amount of the prepared mask on the wrist of the hand. After a couple of minutes, wash the mixture off. If there is no redness and rash, you can safely use the product further.

Also, dried granules are used to stimulate hair growth. To prepare a therapeutic mask, you need to heat a little olive oil and add garlic to it. Warm the resulting mixture for a few more minutes, mix it with kefir and apply it to the root of the hair. After holding the mask for about an hour, you can wash it off with shampoo. To get the effect, it is enough to apply this method twice a week for a month.

Application in the home

First of all, garlic powder is the main means of controlling garden pests. It contains a lethal component for insects, which is completely harmless to humans and plants.

Using dried garlic in everyday life

Spraying with garlic infusion helps against aphids. The powder should be poured with warm water and allowed to stand for 24 hours. Sieve the resulting substrate, and then you can spray damaged plants with it. After some time, the procedure should be repeated.

Fragrant spice is also the main weapon in the fight against ants. It is very difficult to get rid of these insects, but dried garlic copes well with this task. If insects have settled in the house, you should sprinkle powder on the place where they are most abundant and treat baseboards. When the pests are gone, you can simply wash the floor with water. Garlic is not harmful to humans.

Outdoors, dried garlic should be simply poured into the holes of the anthills. Very quickly the nasty neighbors will leave the place.

Dried garlic is quite easy to prepare yourself. But this spice will not only improve almost any dish, but also come in handy in everyday life, help to solve problems with health or skin condition.

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