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Pine nuts: useful properties and contraindications

Siberian pine is an evergreen tree, whose life span reaches two hundred years. The first cones begin to bud only after 25-30 years. Its fruits are fragrant nuts that also take a long time to ripen. They are one of the most expensive varieties today. The oblong, small-sized kernels are yellow-white in color and have an oily flavor. Not only people like pine nuts, but they are also to the taste of the forest dwellers - bears, wild boars and various rodents.

Useful and harmful properties of pine fruits are still being studied. Such a tasty and valuable product was considered by our ancestors as a cure for all ailments, while foreigners gave it the name "Russian gold". But, in addition to its medicinal properties, cedar kernels have qualities that limit their use in food.

Composition and calories

Cedar pine seeds are characterized by the presence of useful and nutritious components. Many vitamins are found in their composition.

The benefits and harms of pine nuts

В1. It promotes the breakdown of BW, converting them into energy, which is then expended during motor activity, body warming, and even during breathing. The vitamin also has antioxidant properties. It helps protect cell membranes, making it harder for free radicals to enter cells. It is they, starting to interact with each other, form compounds that cause the development of cancer.

В2. It takes part in the synthesis of red blood cells, which are necessary for hematopoiesis. In addition, this vitamin is able to produce anti-inflammatory hormones, which makes it useful for diseases such as cystitis, acne, etc.

PP. It has a positive effect on the blood vessels of the brain, dilating them, which leads to improved blood flow. Niacin is even included in a variety of medications that are used as vasodilators.

С. Is designed to protect the immune system. Pine nuts contain ascorbic acid. This means that the product can increase the body's resistance to various viruses and infections. Therefore, it is recommended to use nuts for pregnant women, children and people who have suffered severe illnesses or have gone through a stressful situation.

Е. It is characterized by its antioxidant property, strengthens cell membranes, like vitamin B1, and protects red blood cells, which transport oxygen to cells. If there is not enough tocopherol in the body, the structure of red blood cells is disrupted by free radicals. This leads to insufficient oxygen supply to the cells.

In addition to the rich vitamin composition, pine nuts are also characterized by a high content of minerals.

  1. Calcium, phosphorus are elements that are necessary for the development of bone tissue, protection against bone deformation. They are especially important during the fetal period and in childhood, when the stage of active growth is underway.
  2. Potassium is responsible for muscle function and normalizes heart rhythm. Magnesium ensures the absorption of potassium, and also takes part in the process of cellular metabolism.
  3. Zinc, also present in pine nuts, is involved in the formation of the bone system, in addition, this substance is characterized by the ability to regenerate the skin.
  4. Iron, when ingested, reacts with oxygen, resulting in the formation of hemoglobin molecules. Consequently, the Siberian nuts are useful for anemia, that is, for low hemoglobin levels caused by a deficiency of iron in the blood.

The caloric value is quite high - 100 g of kernels have 675 kcal. High-calorie product requires compliance with the daily dose, so that it can bring the body only benefits.

Useful properties of pine nuts

General benefits

There are many beneficial properties inherent in the pine fruit.

  1. With regular consumption of kernels, the work of the gastrointestinal tract is established, the metabolic processes in the human body are restored.
  2. The product helps restore liver function, helps strengthen blood vessels and protects against the occurrence of atherosclerosis.
  3. Cedar nuts have a beneficial effect on various inflammatory diseases in gynecology.
  4. Also cedar fruits help with low blood pressure, help restore the hormonal background.
  5. The product is able to strengthen the joints and relieve the human condition in arthritis and rheumatism.
  6. An important property of peanuts is protection against the development of cancer cells. Even in official medicine, the product is recommended for use in moderate doses for the prevention of tumor diseases.

For women

The benefit of the cedar kernel for the female body is that the fruit can have an effective effect on gynecological problems. Nuts normalize the synthesis of female hormones, get rid of inflammation, help restore normal menstrual cycle, as well as reduce negative manifestations during menstruation. Nuts have a positive effect on a woman's beauty. The fruits will help to maintain youthful skin, tighten and cleanse it, as well as return beauty and strength to the hair.

If a woman has varicose veins, rubbing with cedar oil will help her. In diseases such as psoriasis, furunculosis or eczema, you can also lubricate the affected areas of the skin with this oil. It contains a large amount of antioxidant substances, which, with continued use will help get rid of such diseases. Walnut oil can improve the condition of hair and nails, making their structure stronger and giving them a healthy look.

It is no secret that the beautiful half of humanity is prone to neuroses, chronic fatigue, insomnia. If you prepare a tincture of pine nuts on grape wine and add a little honey, you can forget about these problems for a long time. Such a remedy is also used for anemia and urolithiasis.

For men

The benefit of cedar fruits for men's health lies in their tonic effect. Nuts can improve sexual function and increase libido. The product is also necessary for the health of the cardiovascular system. Nuts protect against the development of ischemia and heart attacks. In addition, with their regular use, brain activity is increased and the immune system is strengthened.

In Pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the inclusion of pine nuts in the diet helps improve blood clotting and normal fetal development. Cedar seeds protect the female body while carrying a child from a lack of calcium, which ensures the health of bones, teeth and nails. In addition, the nut will help regulate mood swings associated with hormonal restructuring of a pregnant woman.

Women in the period of pregnancy need magnesium, which can reduce uterine tone, resulting in a reduced risk of miscarriage. However, the use of pine nuts is possible only if there are no contraindications, for example, allergies.

During lactation

During lactation, nuts are allowed to be added to the diet after 3 months, but it is important to observe precautions. Often nuts cause a strong allergic reaction. At first, you need to try a small amount of nuts and monitor the baby's condition to rule out the possibility of a negative reaction in the baby.

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For babies

The product is also useful for children, as it is able to provide the growing body with the necessary vitamins and trace elements, improve mental activity and strengthen the nervous system. However, such positive properties of the nut for children can manifest themselves only after the age of two. Until 2 years of age, children's bodies will not be able to assimilate the components of the product.

In certain diseases, the fruit of the cedar can do more harm than good to the body, so before giving a child nuts, it is important to consult with a pediatrician.

When losing weight

It is noteworthy that even with a high caloric value, pine nuts will help in the fight against excess weight. The fats that are present in the fruit stimulate the production in the intestines of such a hormone as cholecystokinin. It inhibits the receptors that are responsible for the synthesis of hydrochloric acid by the gastric mucosa. This causes the brain to receive information that the body is full at the time of eating. Consequently, the feeling of fullness comes much earlier and the amount of food consumed is noticeably reduced.

Cedar fruits help to reduce appetite and lead to satiety in smaller portions. However, this important property for weight loss is effective only if the cause of excess weight is overeating. If the fullness appeared due to a metabolic disorder, then the caloric nut will only add pounds.

It is recommended to use nuts for weight loss in the case of raw dieting. Even so-called mono-diet with the use of pine fruits is known. However, you can eat only nuts for 2-3 days, then they still need to be combined with other low-calorie products.

Pine nut shells: benefits and harms

Healing properties have not only the core of the nut, but also its shell. It is high in fiber and protein, as well as various minerals. Therefore, it does not have to be thrown away at all. It is used in the treatment of inflammatory diseases, used as a wound healer and to strengthen bones.

Pine Nuts Shells

From the use of means on the basis of the shells of pine nuts should be abandoned in the case if there is a predisposition to thrombosis. This is due to the fact that the shells contain tannins that thicken the blood.

Since the hard parts of pine nuts can not be used without treatment, they are used to obtain a therapeutic broth. For this purpose, about three tablespoons of shells should be poured over a glass of water and boiled for 30 minutes over low heat. After that, the liquid should be strained. Such a decoction helps with kidney disease. In this case, within a month, you need to take a drink three times a day for 70 ml. Useful will be such a decoction and with such problems as stomatitis and periodontal disease. For this purpose, it is enough to prepare a strong drink based on the husks of the walnut and rinse your mouth with it.

With wounds, burns and eczema, this remedy can be used externally, treating the damaged areas several times a day.

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The benefits of cedar nut Urbech

Urbech is a useful paste-like delicacy, brought from Dagestan. It is made in the process of grinding the raw fruits of the cedar tree. In the production of used selected nuts, grown in ecologically clean areas. If the surface of the finished product appears a little oil, this suggests that the paste is natural, it does not contain thickeners and various other additives.

Urbech from pine nuts is characterized by the presence of a number of vitamins and mineral components. Among them are B vitamins, E, iodine, lecithin. It is able to remove harmful substances from the body, is considered a natural source of protein of plant origin. Urbech strengthens the protective shell of the body, has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

It is produced only from raw materials gathered in an environmentally safe place, without heat treatment, which preserves the unique properties of cedar nuts. Due to the absence of sugar and various preservatives in the product it is perfectly assimilated by the body.

The paste is allowed to use during pregnancy, as well as at children's age. The only contraindication is the intolerance of the components. The way of using the product is quite simple. You just need to spread the paste on bread or add it to cottage cheese, porridges or other dishes. Urbech will make any dish more delicious. The product can be used during a diet, but it is important to adhere to certain dosages, as it has a high caloric content. You can consume urbeche for breakfast or for lunch, which will allow all the useful components to assimilate better.

Pine nut oil: properties and uses

Oil of the fruits of the cedar tree has a unique set of useful properties, which helps to get rid of various diseases. The product is obtained by cold pressing, so it preserves all the vitamins, macro-and micronutrients. And in their number pine nuts oil is ahead of any vegetable oil, even olive or burdock. The amount of unsaturated fatty acids is higher than that of fish oil.

Pine nut oil

Cedar oil is used as a preventive and therapeutic agent that can help with diathesis, eczema, avitaminosis. The product promotes the restoration of metabolic processes, has an antihistamine effect, relieves intoxication reactions, and helps with alopecia. The method of application, dosage and duration of treatment depend on the specific disease. Usually the oil is used by teaspoon three times a day for ten days. After that, a five-day break is made, and treatment is resumed. Such courses continue for up to three months.

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The benefits of pine nut tincture

Using a tincture of pine nuts will protect in the autumn and winter period from colds, flu, and if the disease is already present, the drink will accelerate the recovery. Also, the tincture is used to restore the water-salt balance, is used for arthritis, gout and in cases where there is deposition of salts in the body. In addition, this remedy is effective for pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract: ulcers, colitis, gastritis. The drink is used for cholelithiasis, for the treatment of liver pathologies and various skin problems.

Tincture of cedar fruits has a therapeutic effect in cases of high blood pressure, neurosis, allergies. For the prevention and treatment of numerous diseases, the tincture is recommended to use 20 drops three times a day.

It is also known to use cedar tincture for myoma and mastopathy. In this case, it is necessary to take a pure tincture made from the shell of the fruit in the proportion of three tablespoons of raw materials per glass of vodka. The resulting mixture should be corked and filtered after 9 days. For treatment, it is required to drink two tablespoons each.

To prepare a tincture on the cedar nuts requires a glass of pounded nuts and two glasses of vodka. The fruit should first be washed and dried, then cleaned of the shells with a hammer. It is important to use whole, undamaged kernels, get rid of rotten and moldy kernels. Pour vodka over the shells and the cleaned kernels and seal the container tightly. The drink should be kept in a dark place for about two weeks. The finished tincture should be strained and placed in the refrigerator. You can store it for a year.

Pine nuts in medicine

The nuts of the cedar tree are widely used in the field of folk medicine. On the basis of the nuts and their shells, various tinctures and decoctions are made, as well as cosmetics. There are many known recipes using cedar seeds. However, this does not mean that the fruits of the Siberian plant can cure any disease. This product is only able to provide therapeutic support to the body, as well as act as a preventive measure.

Pine nuts in medicine

For diabetes

Pine nuts can benefit the body of a person suffering from diabetes. It is known that pine seeds contain a lot of protein, which is much better assimilated than protein from poultry meat. Also, the fruit contains a large amount of amino acids, vitamins, mineral elements, which contribute to strengthening the body of the patient. An important property of nuts is the ability to satiate quickly and reduce the likelihood of overeating, which is very dangerous in diabetes.

In the case of diabetes, it is recommended to eat nuts in the first half of the day. You should not combine such a product with meat or fish, as in this case the body will have an overabundance of protein.

Important: The glycemic index of pine nuts is 15 units.

In pancreatitis

During the exacerbation of pancreatitis, the use of pine fruits is contraindicated. They can only harm the body at this stage, because they can have an irritating effect on the pancreas.

As for the period of remission, in this case, pine nuts will be beneficial. This product will have an analgesic effect and will protect against the development of recurrent inflammation.

You need to consume pine fruits in chronic pancreatitis very carefully, eating no more than 40-45 grams per day. It is recommended to eat the seeds before the main meal, but you should not do this if a person has a strong sense of hunger.

With this disease you can prepare a tea based on the fruit of Siberian cedar. For its preparation, it is necessary to add one teaspoon of nuts to an ordinary drink.

With gastritis

With an exacerbation of gastritis, you can use healing pine nuts to reduce the unpleasant manifestations of the disease. For this purpose, you need to peel the nuts and grind them with a blender or mortar, and then mix them with the same amount of honey.

It is necessary to use such a remedy three times a day for one tablespoon, about half an hour before a meal. Such treatment should be continued for a month, observing the therapeutic diet. This contributes to the fact that the pain in the stomach will decrease, the inflammatory process will recede, and the secretion of gastric juice will normalize.

With constipation

Cedar nuts are the lightest of all varieties of nuts. It contains very little fiber. The protein in the cedar seeds is very quickly digested and assimilated by the human body, it has a slightly spicy taste and pleasant smell.

Cedar nuts are used to treat constipation and help normalize bowel function. To do this, you should eat the nuts raw or use them in the preparation of meat and vegetable dishes. It is enough to eat up to 20 kernels a day.

For gout

Use pine kernels in the diet of a patient with gout can be used only if the disease is in remission. The product is able to provide the patient's body with the necessary vitamins and trace elements. The stage of exacerbation of gout is a contraindication to the use of seeds.

When hemorrhoids

To alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids, you can also use the fruit of the cedar tree, more precisely - the shells of the nuts. To prepare a therapeutic agent will require a tablespoon of nutshells, which should be poured over a glass of boiling water and insist for 60 minutes, covered with a towel. After that, the liquid must be strained. Prepared infusion should be taken two spoonfuls 3-5 times a day, taking into account the condition of the patient. The treatment should continue for a month.

Pine nuts in cosmetology

The useful properties of cedar fruits have found widespread use in the field of cosmetology in the preparation of recipes for self-care. The kernels of the nuts take care of the health and beauty of the skin and hair. Masks based on cedar seeds will prevent hair loss.

Pine nuts in cosmetology

For face

Nuts contribute to toning, deep cleansing and tightening the skin of the face. For example, with dry and normal skin type you can use the following mask: crush the husks of nuts with a blender until a homogeneous powder and dilute it with olive oil and oatmeal flakes. All the components should be thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous mixture and applied to the face. The mask should be kept for about 20 minutes. If this procedure is done twice a week, in a short time the skin will become softer, all pimples and inflammation will disappear for a long time.

You can prepare another cleanser - a scrub. To get such a mask, you will need the same ingredients as in the previous case, but you do not need to add oil. Thus, you need to dilute the ground shells with boiling water, add some oatmeal flakes and grind all the ingredients in a blender. The result will be a scrub with solid particles of small size. The ready mask should be applied to a pre-cleaned skin with massaging movements and keep for 30 minutes. Such a remedy removes pimples and black spots.

For hair

Cedar nuts contain in their composition a number of useful elements that will help to restore the structure of the hair. With the use of such masks, curls will be protected from the sectioning, the process of combing will become easier.

  1. For brittle and thin hair you can use a mask based on pine nuts. Such a remedy includes only two ingredients. So, you need a small glass of peeled cedar seeds and three tablespoons of water. Pine nuts should be ground in a mortar. Then you should gradually add water until you get the consistency of a thick porridge. After that the mass should be placed in a container of ceramic or heat-resistant glass and placed in an oven heated to 150 degrees for half an hour. Ready "cedar milk" should be applied evenly and rubbed into the scalp every day for two weeks.
  2. You can prepare a cedar mask, which will get rid of dandruff. For this you will need in equal quantities cedar seed oil, vodka and freshly prepared strong tea. It will be enough to take one tablespoon of each ingredient. Then, all the elements should be mixed and applied to the hair, especially rubbing in the roots. The mask should be kept for two hours. After that, you need to wash the mass with shampoo and rinse your head. It is enough to carry out such a procedure twice a week for a month: the problem of dandruff will be eliminated.
  3. To prepare a strengthening cedar mask you need to prepare one tablespoon each of cedar oil, kefir, cognac, sea salt and honey, as well as two tablespoons of onion juice. All the ingredients should be mixed one by one, adding the onion juice last. The ready mixture should be applied to the hair, rubbing into the scalp and distributing the mass over the entire length. Then you need to cover your head with polyethylene and a towel and leave it for 60 minutes. At the end of the procedure it is necessary to wash off the mask with shampoo and rinse with water, in which you should add apple cider vinegar (50 ml of vinegar per liter of water).

Using pine nuts in cooking

Pine nuts will make the taste of any dish special. This product is used in the preparation of various dishes, including fish and meat. It is also added to recipes when making desserts and baked goods. In terms of its nutritional properties, the cedar fruit can replace a glass of milk or a portion of meat, so the seeds are especially valued among vegetarians.

Culinary applications of pine nuts

Crispy cookies

You can make crispy cookies for breakfast with a simple and quick recipe. From the ingredients you will need 100 g of butter, a cup of flour, 50 g of sugar, an egg, half a packet of baking powder, 100 g of pine nuts and some salt.

First you need to whip the butter with sugar and salt. Then in turn add the egg, nuts and flour with baking powder to the dough. Then you should knead the dough. Then grease a baking tray and put the pieces of dough formed into small balls, leaving a few centimeters between them. Bake for about 15 minutes at 180 degrees.


You can also prepare a delicious salad that will decorate any holiday table. In addition, the dish turns out to be low-calorie and of great benefit to the human body due to the rich vitamin and mineral composition.

So, the following ingredients will be needed: 250 g of cabbage, 1 avocado and bell pepper, 100 g of pine seeds, two fresh cucumbers, 3 tablespoons of lemon juice, salt to taste, a little olive oil, about 200 g of cooked iceberg lettuce and greens.

The first thing to do is to cut the Aisberg lettuce, peppers, cucumbers and cabbage into julienne strips. Shred the greens as well. Avocado should be sliced and sprinkled with lemon juice to prevent the product from turning black. Nuts fry in a dry frying pan until golden. It remains only to mix all the components, dress with olive oil and salt to taste.

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Hazards and contraindications

A contraindication to the use of pine nuts is a tendency to allergic reactions. Nuts, namely the oil in their composition, is a product that often provokes allergies. That is, the body often perceives the proteins of the fruit as foreign and begins to synthesize histamine, which manifests itself as an allergic reaction. Especially often this happens when using tincture.

In this regard, pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy are not recommended to eat nuts and use nut oil in food. A woman's immune system during this period is working hard, trying to protect the future baby, so it may react negatively even to those products that have never caused allergies. In addition, the body of a pregnant woman at the initial stage of pregnancy contains very little histamine in the blood, since even the fetus itself is to some extent a foreign body.

Cedar nuts are a high-calorie product, so they should not be consumed by children who are dieting due to obesity. Although the seeds are very useful, the high caloric content can be detrimental in this disease. Also, people with obesity are not recommended to consume tinctures with the addition of honey.

If you eat about 50 g of nuts or a few tablespoons of butter every day, you should exclude dairy products and meat from your diet, as there is a possible risk of oversaturation of the body with protein. This can create an additional load on the kidneys. With the daily use of nuts or oil based on them, the amount of meat and dairy products should be reduced.

Cedar fruits should not be purchased in peeled form. If the shell is removed immediately after harvesting, it is possible that the nuts will have a bitter taste. It is better to buy unpeeled nuts, as the shells protect the kernels from the negative effects of sunlight.

How to choose and store pine nuts

Perhaps not everyone is aware of the fact that low-quality products can cause poisoning. Therefore, when choosing a pine nut in the store, it is necessary to take into account some points.

How to choose and keep pine nuts

First of all, you need to remember that it is best to buy nuts in the shell. In peeled kernels under the influence of the sun oxidation processes occur more quickly, which negatively affects the taste of the product, and also reduces the amount of useful substances. The husk protects the seeds from the light, preserving all the useful components.

Pine nuts are harvested in September-October, therefore, the production date on the package should coincide with the beginning of autumn.

The safest nuts are those preserved in vacuum packaging, which protects them from the development of mold and the effects of various microorganisms. As for the nuts on weight, it is better to refuse such a purchase. In the best case, such a product will not bring the body any benefit, in the worst case - will cause a strong allergic reaction. Bitter fruits contain poisons, which become in the human body an agent of severe poisoning.

Store pine nuts should be in the refrigerator, away from sunlight. It is recommended to put the fruit in a vacuum pack or a tightly closed container. Nuts with the shell can be stored for two years, preserving all the vitamins and minerals. Peeled fruits are able to retain their useful components for no more than two weeks. It is impossible to freeze the product.

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How to eat pine nuts properly

It is recommended to eat pine nuts in raw form. When roasted, the taste of the product changes not for the better, in addition, in this case some of the vitamins and minerals are lost. Nuts can be mixed with honey, added to granola. Nuts are perfectly combined with cottage cheese, with any chocolate, the main thing is not to subject the fruit to heat treatment. Also the nut can become an ingredient in various fresh salads.

How much you can eat per day

The benefits and harms of any product depend on the daily rate. This also applies to pine seeds. You should not abuse them, as you can harm your digestion. The average daily dose of pine nuts is not more than 50 grams for a healthy person. In this case you should use only raw fruits. Roasted nuts become more caloric. If the above norms are exceeded, allergic manifestations are possible due to the accumulation of the substance in the body. Such reactions are manifested by skin rashes, urticaria, and gastrointestinal disorders - vomiting, diarrhea and nausea.

Can I eat at night

Although pine nuts are very useful for human health, you should not abuse them. Although a lot of vitamins and other important elements are found in nuts, it should be taken into account that it is not the best option to consume the fruit at night. Of course, 5-6 fruits won't do any harm, but an excessive amount of them can become dangerous. As already mentioned, the product has a high caloric value, so you should not eat nuts at night, otherwise you can later face the problem of excess weight.

How to peel pine nuts

Pine nuts have a hard shell, which is impossible to crack with your hands. To clean the fruit, a special garlic knife or simple pliers are used. You can use a hammer for this purpose.

Some people believe that the nuts should be roasted in order to make the husks more brittle. However, it is not recommended to do this, since under the influence of high temperature most of the useful properties of the product are lost.

Why are pine nuts bitter?

The bitterness in pine nuts comes from a chemical reaction. As is known, a large amount of vegetable oil is found in the kernels, which contain glycerides of linoleic, oleic and linolenic acids. The molecules of these substances have double bonds between their atoms, which ensures their liquid consistency at room temperature. But at the same time such components are highly reactive. For example, they are easily oxidized in the air, forming various compounds that make nuts taste bitter. It is unlikely to get poisoning from such a product, but the taste of such fruits is not very pleasant.

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Is it possible to give pine nuts to animals

Pine nuts are easy to digest and have a number of important properties for the body. However, this does not mean that the dog can be given kernels in large quantities. Moderation is needed here. A pet can be given a few cedar seeds, but not every day.

Whether it is possible to give pine nuts to animals

As for cats, the nuts of the pine plant are contraindicated to them. They contain a lot of phosphorus, which in large doses is dangerous for the pet. Often, it is products with a high content of this substance that become the cause of poisoning of the animal. Symptoms are weakness, refusal of food and water, and severe vomiting. Another reason why nuts should not be given to cats is the presence of fat in them. The digestive system of the animal is not able to cope with such a load. Subsequently, the pet can develop liver failure, which is hard to treat.

Interesting facts about pine nuts

  1. A handful of pine kernels, used with honey or to prepare a salad, can increase the libido in men.
  2. Residents of the Siberian regions boiled cedar seeds in milk and used the drink to relieve the symptoms of colds.
  3. The husks of cedar fruits can be used for drainage.
  4. One of the national dishes of Spain is paella. Flour derived from pine nuts is used to make it.
  5. Scientists have proven that adding pine nut shells and cake to a bath can help get rid of tuberculosis.

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