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Coffee with cardamom: useful properties and contraindications

One of the most popular drinks on the planet is coffee. Around the world there are millions of people who cannot imagine their morning without a cup of this fragrant invigorating drink. Many connoisseurs are trying to diversify the delicate taste with various additives. And one of the striking companions of coffee is cardamom, a traditional oriental spice.

Composition and calories

In general, the spiced drink is low-calorie. At the same time, it contains a whole bouquet of nutrients. There are 311 kcal per 100 g of cardamom. It is rich in B vitamins (B1, B2, PP, B6), C, as well as macro- and micronutrients such as calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, iron and zinc.

There are only 2 kcal per 100 grams of coffee, and without added sugar or milk, this beverage fits perfectly into a low-calorie diet. Coffee contains residual amounts of proteins and carbohydrates (0.2 and 0.3 g, respectively).

Useful properties of coffee with cardamom

Overall Benefits

Such a drink will not be enjoyed by people prone to high blood pressure, because it is contraindicated to them. However, cardamom in the composition of coffee has a neutralizing effect, so the caffeine in a drink with spice is less than in the pure.

The benefits and harms of coffee with cardamom

Cardamom is rich in essential oils and also contains a lot of useful substances that nourish the body. The grains of the spice, as well as ground powder, release active radicals upon contact with hot coffee, so such a combination can strengthen the immune system.

In addition, coffee with cardamom shows medicinal properties:

  • lowers blood pressure;
  • tones the body and normalizes nervous excitability;
  • Liquefies accumulations of phlegm from colds and promotes its rapid removal;
  • relieves intestinal cramps;
  • Binds toxins and flushes them out of the body;
  • Prevents formation of stones in the kidneys;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • disinfects the mucous membranes of the digestive organs.

For Women

The stabilizing effect of coffee with cardamom on the nervous system allows ladies to remain calm in stressful situations. In addition, this drink helps reduce the degree of symptoms that accompany the onset of menopause.

For men

Strong representatives of mankind appreciate the drink for its subtle taste and aroma. But there are also benefits from the use of coffee with cardamom. It consists in a tonic effect on the male body, as well as assistance in strengthening the walls of blood vessels.

When pregnant

There is no unambiguous recommendation or contraindication for women in the position. Many doctors note a decrease in the manifestations of toxicosis and the removal of nervous states after the use of coffee with cardamom. The spice helps to strengthen the immune system. However, a pregnant woman should rely on the individual tolerance of the product, as well as take into account the ability of the spice to cause allergic reactions.

Cardamom in pregnancy can be used alone to eliminate nausea and vomiting, which are frequent companions of the first trimester:

  1. You can chew the kernel extracted from the cardamom kernel.
  2. It is effective to use a mixture of oils of ginger, cardamom, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon and lavender. Such a combination of aromas helps to fight bouts of morning sickness.
  3. Milk with a pinch of cardamom, drunk before bedtime, relieves nervousness and normalizes digestion.

However, many doctors are concerned about the possibility of a child being allergic to the spice. Therefore, if there is a tendency to allergies in the family of a pregnant woman, it is better to limit the consumption of spice.

When breastfeeding

Despite the fact that coffee with cardamom normalizes the production of digestive enzymes, which is extremely important for the body of the woman after childbirth, in the first 3 months after the baby is born, nursing mothers should refrain from drinking. The spice, like coffee, may cause an allergic reaction in a newborn. Also, the tonic effect of the drink can appear, which is extremely undesirable for a baby with an immature nervous system.

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For kids

Coffee is not recommended for children under 14 years of age. And regarding cardamom, the opinions of experts differ. Some experts prohibit the spice for children, while others advise using cardamom to neutralize harmful bacteria in milk bought from the hands, as well as an aid for diarrhea.

When losing weight

Nutritionists do not forbid drinking coffee with cardamom to those who follow a diet. On the contrary, this combination allows you to neutralize the possible harm of caffeine on the body. Many experts recommend adding a pinch of cinnamon to the drink, which enhances the positive effects of cardamom, manifested in accelerating the metabolism.

The combination of coffee with cardamom and cinnamon can reduce glucose levels, which is key in weight loss.

The most effective spice blend for weight loss is considered cardamom in combination with red pepper and cinnamon. Coffee with the addition of these spices will be a flavorful assistant in the fight against excess weight.

Harm and contraindications

Oriental spice carries many useful properties, but the negative effects of its consumption can also manifest themselves. Due to the presence of essential oils in the composition of cardamom, after drinking a cup of coffee with the spice, the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines may be irritated, which can have a positive effect on a healthy person. And for people with gastrointestinal problems, the consequences can be unpleasant, so they are not recommended to drink such a drink.

Strict contraindication to the use of coffee with cardamom is peptic ulcer and gastritis at any stage of manifestation.

Cardamom has a choleretic effect, so you should not drink coffee with this spice when you have gallstone disease.

You should also abstain from drinking the beverage for people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, because cardamom has a pronounced tonic effect on the blood vessels.

Thus, the following conditions can be classified as strict contraindications to the use of coffee with cardamom:

  • pancreatitis, diseases of the gallbladder;
  • hyperacidity and gastritis;
  • conditions accompanied by spikes in heart rate;
  • hypertension;
  • Intestinal or stomach ulcers;
  • Hypersensitivity to the spice or allergies.

Cardamom is known as a strong allergen. It causes severe reactions in many people. Therefore, when drinking coffee with the spice for the first time, you should carefully monitor your body's reaction.

Children tend to overreact to cardamom in dishes and drinks. Therefore, you should not abuse the spice in the child's diet.

How to Choose and Store Coffee

Coffee is made from the beans of Robusta and Arabica, the two types of coffee trees. The choice of one type of bean or the other depends on individual preferences.

How to Choose and Store Coffee

Arabica has a strong sour-sweet taste and notes of bitterness. The plant is very capricious in breeding and the grains of this variety can be distinguished by their elongated shape.

Robusta trees are less demanding in terms of breeding conditions and can tolerate temperature changes and weather vagaries. This coffee can be distinguished by its round beans, which contain more caffeine and have a bitter taste.

100% Arabica is considered the most elite, but the same variety, grown in different continents and under different weather conditions, can differ significantly in taste.

When choosing a coffee in the store, it is important to pay attention to the packaging. The access of oxygen and light inside the packet mercilessly destroys the taste of the future beverage. Coffee connoisseurs do not buy beans by the weight under any circumstances. A good quality pack is made of three layers of foil and fitted with a valve, which allows the carbon dioxide to escape from the pack.

An important criterion for choosing coffee is the degree of roasting. This index is influenced by the amount of essential oils contained in the beans. The index can be found on the package - it is marked with numbers (from 1 to 5) in ascending order of roasting degree. When choosing, please note that after processing the beans retain their aroma for 30 days, so it is worth paying attention to the date.

Whole beans are the best preserving flavor and aroma of the future beverage, while ground coffee loses most of its organoleptic qualities almost immediately after grinding. Fine espresso is considered ideal for ground coffee, while coarsely ground coffee, which is ground for 10 seconds, is the coarsest and cheapest raw material.

It is not uncommon to find diluted coffee. You can check the ground product at home for impurities. To do this, you need to put 0.5 tsp. of purchased coffee in a glass of cold water. Fake product will give the liquid a brown hue, while real coffee will not give off the pigment before heat treatment.

When choosing a spice for making a coffee drink, you should also pay attention to the quality of the product. Whole beans without damage, with a persistent spicy flavor can be used for cooking. If the smell is musty and the shell of the grain has specks or is pitted, it is better to avoid such a product. Ground cardamom, packaged in individual packages, makes it easier for consumers to choose. It can be used immediately for making aromatic coffee.

Storing Coffee
Coffee beans are a delicate product that requires individual storage conditions. Even a small amount of air can ruin the taste of the beverage.

If storage conditions are not correct, coffee beans absorb moisture from the environment and after a short period of time become unfit for brewing. In addition, coffee can lose its aroma and taste due to evaporation of essential oils and absorb extraneous odors. Such a product will unpleasantly surprise with an aftertaste with an admixture of foreign flavors.

For the storage of coffee beans is best suited foil or vacuum packaging. The product can be stored in a sealed container for about a year and should be used up within 3 weeks after opening the package. This is a time frame for a room with an average temperature of 22°C and normal humidity levels. Glass jars with tightly closing lids are also suitable for storing coffee.

Coffee beans can also be frozen. This can be done in a vacuum bag. Freezing should be done in small portions, putting the containers in the freezer. After defrosting and grinding such coffee is not suitable for storage, it should be consumed immediately.

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Recipes for making coffee with cardamom

Brewing coffee is a very special mystery. Connoisseurs of this noble beverage thoroughly approach the choice of spices that will help to reveal the rich taste of the beans. Various methods are used to prepare coffee with cardamom. It can be brewed by hand-ground coffee beans and spices. Basically, the taste of the drink depends directly on how it is brewed.

Recipes for Making Coffee with Cardamom

Tips for brewing coffee

  1. A new brew should be brewed in a clean container, as the residue from previous brews can ruin the taste.
  2. Bottled or filtered water is best for making coffee.
  3. The beverage should be brewed with as freshly ground beans as possible.
  4. The way of brewing coffee should be based on the degree of grinding.

Brewing in a mug

It is important to prepare it over a low heat. Too intense heating contributes to a rapid loss of valuable flavor notes.

To prepare the coffee you will need:

  • freshly ground coffee (1 tbsp;)
  • water (150 ml);
  • cardamom (2-3 grains);
  • sugar (0.5 tsp.).

If the spice is needed to give a light aroma to the drink, it is better to put less cardamom.

Ingredients of the drink mix in a carafe, pour water and put on low heat. After a few minutes of gentle heating foam will appear. At this point, remove the pot from the fire. When the foam subsides a little, put the pot back on the fire and wait for the reappearance of foam. Repeat the procedure 3 times.

It is important not to allow it to boil, as this will spoil the deep taste of the beverage. The whole process of making coffee with cardamom in a turkey takes about 15 minutes.

There are several ways to introduce cardamom into the coffee drink. According to the classic recipe, the spice should be mixed with the coffee after grinding and then adding water to the two ingredients. Oriental connoisseurs of the drink say that the beans of the spice should be placed in the pod in such a way that the liquid takes away its aroma when pouring. Another brewing tradition involves stewing the beans in a carafe until the foam rises and removing them as soon as the foam forms.

Aromatic Cinnamon Beverage

Cardamom with spicy cinnamon perfectly complements and reveals the taste of coffee. This drink invigorates, lifts your spirits and boosts your immune system. Oriental connoisseurs are well familiar with the miraculous properties of a drink with a combination of these spices. When preparing such a coffee, it is necessary to adhere to the conditional proportions, because cardamom can drown out the taste of cinnamon in coffee.

To prepare it will require:

  • ground coffee (1 tbsp;)
  • water (120 ml);
  • cardamom (2-3 beans);
  • ground cinnamon (0.5 tsp.).

The secret of making the perfect coffee in this recipe lies in the sequence of adding components. First, pour the coffee into the mortar, then add the cardamom and add water. The mixture should be simmered on low heat. When the coffee is a little warmer, you can add cinnamon and sugar (if desired). When the coffee is foamy, remove the pot from the heat, being careful not to let it boil. Strain the coffee and serve at once.

Brewed Coffee

This is said to be the quickest way to prepare a beverage. The process of brewing is omitted, instead of it, infusion is used.

Ground coffee together with cardamom should be placed in a container and pour boiling water over the ingredients. Cover the container and let the drink infuse for at least 5 minutes. After that, strain the coffee and pour out in portions.

Coffee with cardamom in a coffee machine

Pour ground or ground coffee beans into the machine. Cardamom can be added to the dry ingredients, the resulting drink will please fans of spicy notes in coffee.

Interesting facts about coffee

Interesting facts about coffee

  1. Ludwig Van Beethoven, an outstanding composer, was a passionate fan of coffee. He used the author's recipe for its preparation. The secret of its taste was the 64 selected beans that were used to brew a cup of coffee.
  2. The famous writer Honore de Balzac drank at least 20 cups a day. He considered it a source of inspiration.
  3. It is not advisable to boil coffee, because at temperatures above 98⁰C acids start to be released which spoil the taste. The ideal temperature for brewing coffee is 95-98⁰C.
  4. A so-called coffee bath can relieve the fatigue of an entire day in just a few minutes. The pioneers and connoisseurs of this method of relaxation are the Japanese. They add coffee beans heated to 60 C to the water and take a 20 minute bath. In Japan, "Coffee saunas" are very popular, which use the same technique for relaxation.
  5. Kaffa in Ethiopia is considered the birthplace of coffee. Local shepherds of ancient times noticed the excited behavior of their goats after eating berries from an unknown plant.
  6. The process of roasting coffee beans was invented by accident. In the ashes of the fire left after burning the branches of the coffee tree, people found the beans. Some daredevils decided to taste them, and they turned out to have an invigorating effect.
  7. Professional long-distance runners were the first to use coffee to speed up their metabolism and burn excess fat mass.
  8. The main ingredient in coffee beans, caffeine, promotes the regeneration of organs and tissues in the human body. It is this property of the substance has caused its popularity in medicine. Today a huge number of certified medicines have caffeine in their composition.
  9. In Arab countries coffee has spread rapidly. This drink replaced wine, which Muslims are forbidden to drink by their religion.
  10. About 25 million people worldwide work in the coffee industry.
  11. Every day more than 2 billion cups of coffee are drunk in the world. This product is the second most popular and marketable after oil.
  12. The fruit from which the beans are extracted for roasting and making your favorite beverage is a type of cherry, which is why the name "coffee cherry" can often be found.
  13. Some producers grind the coffee berries into flour, which is used to make muffins, cookies, sauces, chocolate and even bread.
  14. The intestines of the Asian palm civet, a cute cat-like animal, yield fermented coffee beans that cost a lot of money. Today, competition for this type of product comes from beans extracted from the digested waste of Thai elephants.
  15. The antioxidants that coffee is rich in prevent premature aging and reduce inflammation.
  16. Abuse of coffee during pregnancy may cause low birth weight and even provoke miscarriage. According to British scientists, the norm of caffeine for a woman in the position of pregnancy is 200 ml. It is the equivalent of one cup of freshly brewed coffee or two servings of instant drink.
  17. The first public coffee houses began to open in the Middle East. These establishments quickly gained popularity. Coffee drinkers would meet there for conversation or a game of chess.
  18. Coffee-growing countries are part of the so-called Grain Belt. It consists of about 50 countries.
  19. Leaders in coffee consumption are Scandinavian countries. For example, in Finland there are up to 12 kg of coffee per capita per year. The second place is occupied by the drink lovers in Norway.
  20. The largest coffee producers are Brazil, Vietnam and Colombia.
  21. In the beginning of the history of coffee tree cultivation their trunks reached 8-10 meters in height. Today the plants are cultivated so that they remain 3 meters high. This makes it easier to harvest.
  22. Surprisingly, espresso coffee contains minimal caffeine. This is due to the method of preparation - a stream of water is passed through the coffee beans under great pressure, so that the drink is maximally saturated with flavor, and a small amount of caffeine goes in.
  23. Coffee can be stored unroasted for about a year. After heat treatment the beans change their flavor within 2 to 3 days.
  24. A type of drink called "Americano" was invented by the American military in the 1940s of the 20th century. They couldn't drink the bitter and too strong European coffee because it was bitter and they asked for it to be diluted with water.
  25. To this day, coffee berries are picked by hand. One picker, on average, removes about 700 kilograms of product per day.

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