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Hemp flour: useful properties and uses

Flour, which is obtained by processing the seeds of such a plant as hemp, has been known since ancient times. The seeds of this culture were used in the manufacture of porridge. This product is currently very popular in different countries. For example, the Tatars got used to use this ingredient for cooking traditional dishes, Asian inhabitants - for making sweets. The negative attitude towards cannabis is due to the presence of narcotic components in the leaves, which have no connection with the seeds.

Composition and calories

Flour derived from hemp seeds is considered a source of valuable dietary fiber, which, when ingested, helps the digestive tract function and has an overall beneficial effect on the body.

The benefits and harms of hemp flour

This product contains about twenty amino acids, some of which are indispensable, that is, they are not synthesized by the human body, and can be replenished only by ingestion. These include methionine, arginine, tryptophan, lysine and others. Hemp flour does not contain gluten. For this reason, the product is recommended for people who often have an allergic reaction to this substance.

A lot of vitamins are found in hemp seeds. You can highlight among them tocopherol, which refers to antioxidants and contributes to the regeneration of skin cells. Vitamin E helps to strengthen the immune system, increases performance, makes the walls of blood vessels more robust and resilient, ensures normal heart function. Also in this flour contains almost all the representatives of the vitamin group B, which ensure the normal functioning of the nervous system and the brain. In addition to useful vitamins, the product contains representatives of fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-6. These substances are involved in the work of all organs and systems of the human body. Also fatty acids can eliminate inflammation, relieve stress, they have a restorative effect.

In the hemp seed flour there is such a substance as phytin, which is necessary for a man if his diet is lacking sufficient protein.

In the composition of the product of hemp processing is found a lot of mineral components, which have a positive effect on human health.

What is the benefit of hemp flour

General benefits

Enriched with useful components and minerals, the flour from hemp seeds has a positive effect on the human body, namely - prevents the occurrence of diabetes, regulates the glucose in the blood. The product improves metabolism, stimulates intestinal peristalsis, which allows you to clean it of toxins and toxic compounds. Flour has the ability to restore intestinal microflora, which solves the problem of chronic constipation. It is also known that this product is used to get rid of worms.

Hemp flour helps to cleanse the liver and protects it from negative influences. In addition, the flour cleanses the blood vessels from plaques and makes them stronger. The use of hemp flour prevents the occurrence of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Also, thanks to such an ingredient in the diet, you can increase hemoglobin in the blood, get rid of extra pounds and protect the body from the development of obesity.

The use of hemp seed flour helps to overcome respiratory diseases of viral and infectious origin. The product has the ability to accelerate the healing process for mechanical skin damage, ulcers and burns.

For women

For women, hemp flour is valuable because it helps to reduce the centimeters on the waist, prevents the development of obesity. The fiber in this product suppresses the feeling of hunger, which allows for a long period to feel full and not use additional snacks. The vitamin composition of flour activates the metabolic process. This leads to the burning of fat cells.

Women also appreciate the ability of hemp flour to improve the condition of the dermis, accelerate the treatment of skin diseases, as well as the healing process in mechanical injuries. Omega-3 fatty acids and tocopherol ensure that the skin retains the necessary moisture. Carotenoids, ascorbic acid and amino acids stimulate the natural synthesis of collagen, which is responsible for the firmness and youthfulness of the dermis.

For men

Hemp flour enhances performance. Vitamin E found in it increases stamina and stimulates the recruitment of muscle mass, which is especially important for athletes.

Also the inclusion of such a substance in the diet of a man leads to the fact that it reduces the likelihood of male genital system pathologies such as infertility, prostatitis. This is provided by the presence of selenium and zinc in the product. It is these substances ensure the maintenance of men's health.

As is known, more often with diseases of the cardiovascular system face precisely men. Therefore, in their diet must be present hemp seed flour. Pectins and magnesium, which are contained in this product, contribute to the removal of "bad" cholesterol. This protects the walls of blood vessels from the appearance of cholesterol plaques and the development of thrombosis.

When pregnant

The period of carrying a fetus is often characterized by a weakening of the body's defenses. Therefore, the diet of a pregnant woman should be enriched with a variety of products that have a rich vitamin and mineral composition. One such product may be hemp flour. It helps strengthen a weakened immune system due to the fact that it contains fibers that are a favorable environment for the reproduction of beneficial bacteria. Immunostimulating effect is also due to vitamins, antioxidants and various useful substances that are present in this product.

Often pregnant women have low hemoglobin levels. Using hemp flour as a food can help to solve this problem. This property is due to the content of iron, vitamin C, as well as a number of essential amino acids.

The product restores intestinal microflora. This property will be useful for those women in the position, who are faced with the problem of constipation while carrying a baby.

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When breastfeeding

Including hemp product in a woman's menu when breastfeeding leads to increased lactation. In addition, this flour is characterized by the presence of a large list of vitamins, mineral compounds and other useful components that will help a woman to quickly recover after childbirth, strengthen a weakened immune system.

At the first use of this ingredient, it is important to monitor the reaction of the baby. If no negative effects are detected, you can use the product in the future. If the baby has a negative reaction to the new product, it is better to refuse to use it.

For children

Children's growing, still immature body is in constant need of useful substances, mineral compounds that ensure normal growth and development. Hemp flour is characterized by these properties. That is why it is possible to include such a component in children's menus starting from one year. It is better to use such a product in the process of cooking porridge.

It is important to monitor the child's well-being after consuming such porridge. Before using such a product, you should first consult with the pediatrician with whom the baby is observed.

When losing weight

As mentioned above, hemp milling has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, gets rid of constipation and restores microflora in the intestines. Fiber, available in the flour, helps to cleanse the body of toxic substances and improve metabolic processes.

The product helps to get rid of extra pounds and prevent the development of such a disease as obesity. The fiber suppresses the feeling of hunger.

How to take hemp flour

Hemp flour can be used in the preparation of porridges and various flour products. You can use such a product in the form of a useful protein or vitamin additive to various side dishes and first courses. In cooking at home, it is recommended to use such a component for breading cutlets, to use as a natural thickener in obtaining sauces and gravy. You can add this ingredient to milk or coffee, in batter for making pancakes.

How to take hemp flour

The recommended daily intake of this kind of flour is about 30 grams, which is equivalent to a couple of tablespoons.

The use of hemp flour in cosmetology

The useful properties of hemp flour have found use in the field of cosmetology as well. The oil of this product is contained in various shampoos and hair rinses. The flour of hemp seeds is used to prepare nourishing masks.

For example, you can prepare a cleansing face mask with the addition of baking soda. The recipe includes a teaspoon of baking soda, two tablespoons of flour and half a glass of water. First, you should mix the dry ingredients, and then gradually pour the liquid into the powdered mixture. The resulting mixture should be mixed thoroughly so that no lumps are formed. Apply the mask to the skin of the face, keep it for about ten minutes, then rinse it off. Such a procedure helps to clean the pores. You can use such a mask only if there are no scratches or other injuries on the face, otherwise the baking soda in the composition can harm the skin.

Also known is a recipe for a moisturizing mask. For its preparation it is necessary to mix in a deep dish 20 grams of flour, a dessert spoon of honey, 0.5 cup water and 5 grams of cocoa powder. Instead of water you can use decoction of lemon balm. The resulting mixture should be applied to the previously cleansed face for half an hour. At the end of the specified period the mask should be washed off and a nourishing cream should be applied to the skin. This mask is suitable for use in winter, when the skin needs protection from temperature extremes.

Cosmetologists offer a rejuvenating mask with the addition of hemp product. A mask with this ingredient is able to have a rejuvenating effect. For its preparation, you will need 40 grams of flour and 100 grams of heavy cream. The crude component should be diluted with cream until a homogeneous consistency. The resulting mass should be applied to the face for 25-30 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Such a mask is effective for smoothing fine lines and preventing the appearance of new ones. In addition, such a composition gives the skin a healthy look and makes it more elastic.

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Benefits and contraindications

A few years ago it was thought that the only contraindication to the use of hemp seed flour was individual intolerance, but now there are other limitations to the use of this substance.

So, if there are chronic pathologies of the digestive tract, especially pancreatitis, it is necessary to consult with the attending physician before using dishes based on hemp flour. Sometimes the product can cause a worsening of the pathology.

If the daily norm of consumption of such flour is exceeded, blood thinning can occur. This leads to prolonged bleeding, and also causes problems with the cardiovascular system.

Hemp flour should not be used for breading if the dish will be fried with vegetable oil. This can lead to destruction of the amino acid structure. Under certain conditions, these substances can become carcinogenic, and their accumulation in the body increases the risk of cancer.

If any symptoms occur after consuming hemp flour, you should consult a specialist.

How to choose and store

When choosing a product, it is important to study its composition. Quality flour should be made only with the seeds of the plant, other raw materials and foreign impurities should not be present. Nowadays, unscrupulous manufacturers often replace a certain part of the useful product with various inclusions of unclear origin. If you buy such a product from an unreliable manufacturer, you can harm your body.

How to choose and store hemp flour

Hemp flour is stored in a sealed package at room temperature. The storage period should not exceed six months. After that period, the flour loses some of its useful properties.

What can be made from hemp flour: Recipes

Hemp seed flour has found wide application in medicine and cosmetology, but most often this component is found in various culinary dishes, especially in Asia.

There are many different recipes using hemp flour. It is used to make porridge, soup, baked goods, and as an additive to side dishes and drinks. This component is also used as a thickener to make a sauce.

It is not recommended to use the product when frying fish and meat, because the chemical reaction destroys amino acids and releases dangerous compounds that can cause cancer.


Cookies with hemp flour turn out crumbly and soft, acquiring a chocolate-nut flavor. Any kind of nuts can be used for these baked goods, but walnuts or hazelnuts are best for this purpose. So, you need 50 g of hemp seed flour, 100 g of nuts, a tablespoon of cocoa, one banana, a couple of drops of vanilla syrup and two to three tablespoons of topinambour syrup. The nuts should be ground with a blender or coffee grinder. The banana should be mashed with a fork until a homogeneous mass is obtained. In the resulting puree you need to add the rest of the ingredients, knead the dough, which should be sticky. Use a spoon to place the dough piece by piece on a mat of silicone. Then with wet hands form cookies and make a pattern with a fork. Bake such cookies need only 15 minutes in an oven heated to 190 degrees.


Probably the simplest and most common dish with the addition of hemp flour is porridge. To get such a useful treat, you will need water, half a cup of flour, salt and pepper and herbs as desired. The water should be brought to a boil, then add to it the flour from the seeds of the hemp plant. The mass should be stirred until it has a sour creamy consistency. The ready porridge only needs to be flavored with spices and sprinkled with finely chopped herbs. The dish should infuse for 20 minutes.


To make pancakes with hemp flour you will need 400 ml of milk, a glass of flour, 2-3 eggs, sugar to taste, a pinch of salt and vegetable oil to grease a pan. First, you need to mix and slightly beat the eggs, sugar and salt. Next, pour in the milk, which has been at room temperature for some time, and mix with the egg mixture. After that, add hemp seed flour, and the dough should remain the same liquid. Then add regular wheat flour until the desired consistency is obtained. The dough is ready, it remains to bake pancakes in the usual way, pouring a small amount of dough into a greased pan and frying on both sides.


Two eggs, a tablespoon of sugar, three tablespoons of sour cream, 250 grams of cottage cheese, two tablespoons of hemp flour, two tablespoons of melted butter and salt to taste are needed for the cheese cake dough. The oven should be preheated to a temperature of 200 degrees. During this time you must whip the eggs, and then add all the other ingredients. From the finished dough, form cheesecakes, place them on a baking tray lined with special baking paper, and bake for 20 minutes.


For two portions of soup you will need one onion, 200 g of cabbage, two carrots, a tablespoon of hemp plant flour and the same amount of oat bran.

In the pre-cooked broth of the mentioned vegetables, hemp flour and bran should be added. The mass should be mixed, seasoned with spices and brought to a boil. The dish is ready, you can serve it with sour cream and finely chopped greens.

How to make hemp flour

To obtain such a flour it is first necessary to choose high-quality raw materials. Beforehand washed seeds of whole parts of the crop must be dried at 90 degrees to obtain a product with a moisture content of no more than eight percent. Next, cool the raw material and grind it to a powdery consistency. The resulting powder is packed in bags without separating the husk. This processing of hemp seed results in a flour enriched with mineral elements, various vitamins and fatty acids.

Interesting facts about hemp

Interesting Facts about Hemp

  1. Today, in a number of countries it is considered legal to possess up to 0.5 kg of hemp. In half of the American states, doctors prescribe cannabis, in the best clinics this substance is used for medicinal purposes.
  2. Hemp is used for a variety of purposes. Some parts of the plant are used in the therapy of various diseases, culinary field, cosmetology. Certain parts of the crop are used in the production of cloth and paper. In addition, there have been attempts to use the plant as a fuel for a diesel engine. This was done in order for the exhaust gases to have an aroma characteristic of the plant.
  3. Hemp oil is characterized by its ability to reduce neoplasms. When used internally, as well as used for compresses, such a remedy will help get rid of skin cancer.
  4. When studying this plant, scientists discovered that hemp contains a cannabinoid, which relieves stress and eliminates anxiety. However, the long-term use of such substances can have side effects which may manifest as hallucinations and attacks of paranoia.
  5. According to studies, more than two million people have used pot to smoke in a year, with the majority being young people between the ages of 16 and 30.
  6. Those who use cannabis frequently suffer irreparable brain damage in return, leading to the development of various mental illnesses and nervous system disorders.
  7. Today there are many "Starbuck" coffee shops. It seems that not five minutes go by when another such establishment appears before our eyes. Now, by comparison, there are many more scientific centers that are dedicated to cannabis research.

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