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Red cabbage: useful properties and contraindications

Red cabbage is a vegetable that is very popular among people who watch their diet. This product is similar to white cabbage in its structure and appearance, but there are some differences between these species in the composition. Red cabbage tastes somewhat spicy, it is almost impossible to confuse it with anything else. Despite the large number of useful properties, red cabbage is not so common in our country, much more often it can be found in the states in northern Europe, as well as in Asia.

What is the difference between the white cabbage and the red cabbage?

The first difference that cannot be overlooked is, of course, the color of these types of vegetables. White cabbage is so called because its leaves are the usual white color, while red cabbage has a purple color. Moreover, there are differences in the chemical composition of cabbage varieties. So, red cabbage has more vitamin C, which is good for the human body. In addition, this type of cabbage also contains more protein. Due to its chemical properties, red cabbage keeps its freshness much longer and does not spoil.

The benefits and harms of red cabbage

There are many varieties of cabbage, but the red cabbage deserves special attention, because it is a very real source of useful substances that strengthen the body. It is often used in various folk recipes as one of the remedies. For example, the juice of this vegetable is used as a cure for stomach ulcers. And fiber, which is contained in cabbage, helps the body to get rid of unnecessary substances. Also, if you compare red cabbage to white cabbage, you will find that it contains four times as much carotene.

The cost of red cabbage is higher. There are several reasons for this difference:

  1. Red cabbage takes longer to mature than white cabbage, which causes it to require longer care.
  2. Red cabbage contains a large amount of a particular substance - anthocyanin - which gives it its characteristic colouring. Moreover, thanks to the same substance, the vegetable has special taste properties, which directly affects the popularity of culture and, accordingly, its value.
  3. Red cabbage has a positive effect on the composition of human blood, which further increases its popularity.
  4. Red cabbage has a number of medicinal properties, due to which the purchase of the vegetable increases many times.

There are some differences in the conditions under which cabbage varieties are grown. Thus, red cabbage matures for a longer period of time - an average of 160 days. Due to the higher density, red cabbage is somewhat more resistant to various diseases. Planting it in the open ground can not be until the end of May. The sprouts of this culture are planted at a closer distance than is usual for white cabbage. Between each bush should be necessarily about 25 centimeters, between the ridges - about 40. As for other features of cabbage care, in general, there are no differences between species.

What is more useful

Each of the types of cabbage in its own way is useful. Use them depending on the purpose and condition of the body. If you prefer to eat cabbage in raw form, it is better to use red cabbage for this purpose, because it contains a large amount of substances that can remove harmful substances from the body and generally improve digestion. The presence of red cabbage in the diet will improve the functioning of many organs and even entire body systems. In addition, red cabbage is great for main courses and various kinds of winter preserves.

White cabbage has softer leaves, so it is great for cooking cabbage rolls. Also this vegetable is an essential ingredient in the composition of the first dishes, namely - in soups, borscht and other soups. Very useful white cabbage in sauerkraut form. Its juice can improve bowel function and increase the immune system.

Composition and calories

A big plus for anyone who adheres to a diet or just watches the figure, will be the fact that the red cabbage contains only 29 calories per 100 grams. Of course, in terms of nutrition cabbage is inferior to more nourishing and calorie-dense products, but for those who lose weight it is a real gift. It can be eaten unashamedly on a diet, whether raw, boiled or stewed. In addition, a big plus is the presence of easy to digest protein.

Red cabbage does not contain a lot of fats, with only 0.1 grams per 100 grams of product.

There are also 7 grams of carbohydrates in red cabbage, but 2.5 of them are special dietary fibers that are not digested in the gastrointestinal tract. These fibers increase in volume while in the stomach, after which they very gently remove accumulated mucus and toxins from the intestines. In addition, these same fibers remove radionuclides and heavy metals.

The composition of red cabbage can be called rich, because it also contains a considerable amount of vitamins A, C, group B and PP.

In addition, there is beta-carotene and mineral components:

  • iron;
  • potassium;
  • selenium;
  • magnesium.

Thanks to all these substances, red cabbage is recommended for increasing the elasticity of capillary walls and the elasticity of vascular tissues. Also phytoncides and anthocyanins in its composition help to increase immune resistance.

What are the benefits of red cabbage

What is useful for red cabbage

For Women

For women, red cabbage is very useful, because since ancient times, the leaves of this plant are recommended to use as compresses in the presence of benign formations in the breast area. In addition, there is a widespread belief that the use of red cabbage in food contributes to a later onset of menopause.

As noted by experts, this is not the only useful properties of cabbage for women. This list also includes the use of the vegetable for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, ulcers or burns. If a woman suffers from osteochondrosis, she should apply to the unhealthy vertebrae cabbage leaves, pre-lubricated with grated laundry soap. In the case of burns will help fresh leaves, applied to the sore spot at night.

Women also appreciate the fact that red cabbage is a great helper for beauty and skin care. For example, this vegetable helps to fight pigment spots on the face, including freckles. To eliminate them, it is necessary to make various masks from cabbage leaves, prepare juice and whether mashed and apply them to the face. Get rid of irritation can special cabbage baths, which are prepared with brine. Just one cup of brine will be enough for a bath.

For Men

For men, red cabbage is also very useful. For example, it is known to help protect the male body from the development of prostate cancer. In principle, this vegetable has a general property to protect a man from the development of cancer, but we can also consider some special cases. There is an opinion that red cabbage helps to improve potency in men. Here it is important to understand that it does not directly affect the potency, but because of its many beneficial properties has a beneficial effect in this area of men's health.

Useful red cabbage for male athletes, because it helps to get rid of muscle pain. If you have a regular workout, then the presence of cabbage in your diet you will definitely say thank you. Men often suffer from all kinds of diseases of the genitourinary system. In this case, cabbage also helps to eliminate various inflammatory processes in the bladder or kidneys. This vegetable can also be eaten in the absence of problems with the genitourinary system for preventive purposes.

In case of pregnancy

During pregnancy, red cabbage is also very useful. It is able to enhance the immune system, strengthen teeth, hair and improve the skin, so it will help the future mother to endure such a difficult time for her body without much loss. In addition, cabbage leaves, as mentioned earlier, are rich in micronutrients. The presence of this vegetable in the diet will allow you to give up a number of bioactive supplements.

When breastfeeding

When breastfeeding, red cabbage, as a rule, is not used, because it can provoke an unpleasant reaction of the still immature digestive system of the baby. Moreover, the unfamiliar vegetable can provoke allergies, which is also very undesirable, since it is more difficult to rid the child of this disease than an adult.

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For kids

Cabbage is just as useful for children as it is for adults, but at an early age it should be given with caution. This is due to the fact that children's bodies can hardly digest cabbage, both red cabbage and white cabbage.

In general, if a child can tolerate this vegetable normally, it will definitely not be unnecessary in his diet, because red cabbage is definitely beneficial for the child's body:

  1. Makes the immune system stronger and more stable.
  2. It helps the child to concentrate better, to be more attentive and in general activates the work of the brain.
  3. Improves the functioning of muscle tissues.
  4. Contributes to the formation of bones.

Before giving a child cabbage, you should first consult with a specialist, so as not to harm the young body. There is an opinion that red cabbage can provoke diathesis in a baby. This statement is very controversial, but allergies to this vegetable can occur in both children and adults.

When losing weight

When losing weight, red cabbage becomes an indispensable assistant. First of all, this is due, of course, to the low caloric content of the vegetable. In fact, the cabbage can be eaten in almost any amount, it will not harm the figure in any way. Moreover, since any diet is always a restriction, the body during such periods is deprived of a number of trace elements and dietary fiber. Red cabbage due to its rich composition allows you to survive this time with minimal losses.

Any balanced diet includes salads, stewed and sauerkraut. Consumption of this product will allow you to give up a number of dietary supplements. The most useful dish of cabbage is considered a salad with the addition of a small amount of sunflower oil. You can also make coleslaw with vinegar, but such a dish is worth eating only if you do not have any problems with the stomach.

Is red cabbage juice useful?

Like the cabbage itself, its juice also has a number of useful properties, due to which it is recommended to use even by some doctors. There are a lot of useful properties of red cabbage juice:

  1. Regular consumption of such juice helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, in particular capillaries. For this reason, cabbage juice becomes indispensable for bleeding, as well as in the case when in principle the capillary vessels in the body are quite fragile.
  2. Because cabbage juice contains special substances - anthocyanins and phytoncides, this product is able to remove radionuclides from the body. A great advantage is that cabbage juice can be used to fight tuberculosis, because the substances in its composition have a negative effect on the causative agent - tubercle bacillus. The same substances can stop the process of development of white blood disease.
  3. You can use red cabbage juice to treat bronchitis and other throat diseases. It is better to mix it with honey, then it will remove the hoarseness in the voice and will be more effective.
  4. Since cabbage contains substances that can relieve inflammation, cabbage juice can be used as a mouthwash for problems such as bleeding gums or other inflammatory processes.
  5. You can also use cabbage juice for external use as a liquid for compresses, it will remove inflammation and have a healing effect. This remedy has been used since ancient times, including for the treatment of pneumonia.
  6. The juice of red cabbage can be used to fight insomnia. In this case, it is also recommended to add to the juice decoction of cabbage seeds.

Folk recipes with red cabbage

Folk recipes with red cabbage

Red cabbage is used in phytotherapy and folk medicine, as it is known for its useful properties. An important advantage for therapy is the absence of any contraindications in the external use of cabbage products. Only in rare cases an allergic reaction may occur when used externally. In the case of using cabbage-based medicines internally, some body reactions may occur, but if detected quickly, any side effects can be minimized.

There are many different folk recipes using cabbage juice to treat a variety of ailments:

  1. If the patient suffers from bronchitis or just a bad cough, you can prepare an infusion of red cabbage. The recipe is very simple to prepare, but no less effective. To create a medicine, you will need to finely chop about 100 grams of cabbage leaves, then pour this mixture with a glass of boiling water. Insist the obtained for one hour. After that, strain and use three times a day until full recovery. If it will not get better, but, on the contrary, only worse, the treatment should be stopped and you should immediately consult a doctor. It is important to understand that decoction and juice are different things, and you can hardly replace one with the other. Juice is somewhat better in its effectiveness.
  2. At high blood pressure can help a variety of dishes from red cabbage. Moreover, people suffering from hypertension are also recommended to drink cabbage juice regularly. As a rule, the duration of treatment in this situation is 2 weeks, per day it is recommended to drink 1 glass of cabbage juice. It is necessary to control the level of pressure, so as not to lower it too much. Patients with low blood pressure should not drink too much cabbage juice and only a moderate amount of it should be consumed in their daily meals.
  3. From a variety of abrasions and bruises will save compresses of red cabbage. They can be prepared in two ways. First, you can grind the cabbage leaves, getting them in a pulp. Then apply this mixture to the painful place and fix it with a bandage. Or you can use as a compress whole leaves, securing them with an ordinary elastic bandage. Preferably, you can steam the leaves slightly, this will also give an additional effect.
  4. To eliminate joint pain, you can prepare a therapeutic drink, which will include not only red cabbage, but also black currant leaves. To prepare it, first take 7-8 leaves of currants, rinse them and pour a glass of boiling water. This mixture insist for four hours. After the resulting drink, strain by eliminating the leaves, and then mix the liquid with cabbage juice, 150 ml will be enough. Such a medicine should be consumed daily, twice a day, about 150 ml. The duration of therapy can be from two to three weeks. Further, if the disease still remains, after consultation with the attending physician, you can continue the course.
  5. Red cabbage is also used for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. In this case, the medicine is prepared using hawthorn. For preparation, you need to take 2 grams of hawthorn flowers, pour them with a glass of boiling water and leave for 20 minutes. Then strain and dilute with a glass of cabbage juice. The resulting remedy can be taken for a week and a half, once a day.
  6. If you want to strengthen the immune system, you should prepare a drink of cabbage juice and beet. Mix the above ingredients in equal proportions and consume once a day as needed. You can also strengthen your immune defenses with an infusion based on rosehip berries and cabbage leaves.
  7. Red cabbage is an excellent remedy for the prevention of cancer of various kinds. To protect yourself from cancer, you should use a special recipe. To begin with, you need to take 100 grams of red cabbage, as well as 80 grams of avocado. Finely chop these ingredients, then add to them chopped nuts. Mix all this thoroughly with 40 grams of honey and put in the refrigerator. Take such a remedy should be half an hour before a meal for a month.

Harm and contraindications

Despite the large number of useful properties, red cabbage, like any product, has a number of contraindications and can even cause harm to the body. It is not recommended to use red cabbage in the following cases:

  • Gastric or duodenal ulcer;
  • intolerance to this product;
  • Exacerbation of any diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Any disorder of the thyroid gland.

It is important to understand that the use of red cabbage may entail some consequences:

  1. The large amounts of magnesium, sulfur, iron and potassium contained in cabbage can lead to abdominal bloating and flatulence. In addition, these components can provoke cramping of the intestinal walls.
  2. In the case of frequent use of red cabbage there may be a noticeable increase in blood pressure, for this reason the use of this product for hypertensive people should be extremely careful.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to eat red cabbage, and in general any cabbage with pancreatitis.

How to choose and store

In order to keep red cabbage for as long as possible, it is necessary to choose the cabbage correctly. First, they should weigh at least one kilogram and at the same time be quite dense. To check this is easy, you just need to put pressure on it, the cabbage should not lose its shape. The leaves of the cabbage cauliflower should have a bright pronounced purple hue. Remove the vegetables for storage should be before the first frosts. It is very important to leave about 2-3 surface leaves on the cabbage, they will serve as a kind of protection against all kinds of damage and even diseases. It is important that the vegetables to be put into storage should be dry. If necessary, they should definitely be dried.

How to choose and store the cabbagePhoto of red cabbage

It is best to store cabbage in the cellar. To keep it fresh for as long as possible, it is necessary to prepare the room in advance, conduct disinfection there. The cabbage itself is best placed in special boxes, on shelves or even hang up with something. The temperature in the cellar should vary from -1 to +1 degree. The humidity should be at least 90%, but no more than 98%. If these conditions are met, the cabbage can be stored for about 3 months.

Recommendations for use

The first thing to do is to check all the contraindications for the use of red cabbage, which are available. This is necessary so that there are no unpleasant feelings after using the product. If there are no prohibitions, you can eat cabbage in various forms in the same amount as any other products. It is believed that the best way to eat cabbage is in the form of salads, as well as sauerkraut.

What can be made with red cabbage

Red cabbage is great because a huge variety of dishes can be prepared from it. In addition to the fact that it is perfectly used in sauerkraut and stew as an additive to main dishes and side dishes, it is also possible to prepare a lot of salads, for example, from cucumbers, cheese and cabbage. First, thinly slice the red cabbage into julienne strips. Next, grate cheese and thinly slice cucumbers. To the mixture add finely chopped greens and mayonnaise or sour cream. All ingredients mix well and season with salt and pepper to taste.

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Can I give red cabbage to rabbits?

It is not recommended to feed rabbits with red cabbage because this vegetable can cause bloating in animals and in case of frequent use it can provoke the development of a special disease - gastrointestinal stasis. For rabbits, it is better to use white cabbage, its composition is more suitable for pets.

Interesting facts about cabbage

Despite the fact that cabbage has long been used by people as a food and is quite a popular vegetable, there are things that are surprising:

  1. No one can name the specific homeland of cabbage, it is simply unknown.
  2. There is a whole legend about the origin of cabbage. It says that a few drops of sweat rolled off the head of the god Jupiter to the earth - that's how this vegetable appeared.
  3. Experts say that cabbage is much healthier in its sauerkraut form than in its fresh form.
  4. In the past, people seriously considered the red cabbage to be a witch's plant.
  5. Red cabbage is an excellent natural coloring agent. Its juice can be used to color baking dough, boiled eggs and even pastry cream.

Red cabbage is notable not only for its many useful properties, but also for its interesting facts.

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