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Blood sausage: what is made of, useful properties, recipe

Blood sausage is very popular, any nation can boast of the special technology of its production. The specifics of this type of sausage is that it is impossible to get the same taste twice, so most people are sure that there is no unique recipe. Despite this, the main components of this sausage are minced meat and fresh blood.

What is blood sausage made of

It absolutely does not matter who and when made this type of sausage: its ingredients are unchanged to this day. Every nation has made this sausage from ancient times, using finely chopped or ground meat. Stuffing was diluted with fresh blood, from which all clots were removed beforehand. For the preparation of blood sausage, pigs, calves, bulls, and other animals were slaughtered.

Benefits and harms of blood sausage

As all chefs try to make the culinary traditions and recipes of their ancestors more perfect, there are many variations of blood pudding. Some recipes and techniques have survived only in certain regions, as they are designed exclusively for the tastes and preferences of local people. Other recipes are universally renowned and are the hallmark of any national cuisine.

For example, the most famous Spanish technology for making blood sausage "Morcilla", in addition to ground meat and fresh blood, they add fat, lard, a little rice, and onions. And canary sausage differs in the presence of raisins, almonds, cinnamon. Naturally, traditional ingredients are used on the islands. Slavic peoples do not particularly prefer these exotic combinations of products. Therefore, blood sausage is made using meat trimmings, tongue, and meat.

The Spartans were the very first to eat blood. A famous culinary expert from Sparta, Apteneus was the inventor of the "black soup. His special recipe has not survived to this day. One thing is known: the soup had a disgusting taste and the same smell. But after eating this soup, warlike people had no fear of anything on the battlefield.

Cooking a real blood sausage is not easy. Experienced experts pay a lot of attention to the quality of blood and guts in the process. To thoroughly clean the blood, it is whipped with a broom directly in the process of collection. It is very important that the product be as fresh as possible: blood cannot be stored for long. Before eating the blood they pass it through a small sieve to avoid clots.

To make the guts full, the meat or minced meat is supplemented with spices, fried onions, cereals, pieces of liver, and various by-products. Each cook prepares sausage according to his own technology, and the ingredients are different for each variety.

Composition and calories

If you look at the composition of this dish, you can divide the sausage into three types:

  1. "A" - these are high-quality sausages, where 54% is lean meat, 15% - is pork brisket and 31% - edible blood. There is an industrial grade of such sausage - "Assorti". This is the only industrial blood sausage.
  2. "B" is a variety that differs in its composition: cheek meat, head, tongue and other by-products.
  3. "C" - one of the lowest-grade products. GOST 54670-2011 provides for connective tissues, pelts, brain, trimmings and other low-quality meat raw materials.

Industrial varieties of blood sausages, which are manufactured according to factory technologies and found on supermarket shelves, in addition to the meat itself, blood and by-products necessarily contain the following set of components:

  • salt;
  • sodium nitrites;
  • spices: ground white pepper or black pepper;
  • nutmeg;
  • fragrant varieties of pepper;
  • cloves, cardamom, garlic, marjoram, cloves.

In the modern civilized world, there is a special tradition among hunters: they drink the blood of the animal immediately after killing it. For example, in the Siberian land shamans consider it the most effective remedy for scurvy. African Bedouins cannot live without blood and camel's milk - it is a delicious cocktail for them. African hunters specifically kill long-horned bulls to drink the blood of the animal. And in Europe immediately after the slaughter of any livestock it is customary to drink a mug of warm blood.

Medicine does not recommend the consumption of raw blood, as there is a high risk of contracting salmonellosis and other equally dangerous diseases, such as fatal botulism. However, in ready-made blood sausage the blood is not dangerous and is even useful.

There are only 274 calories in 100 grams of this dish - it is a portion of an omelet with whipped cream or a plate of buckwheat porridge with green kernels. The amount of fat is 32.5 grams, carbohydrates - 14.5 grams, proteins - 9 grams.

What is blood sausage good for?

Most of those who love sausage products deify the special aroma and taste of blood sausage, and it is this quality that underlies the popularity of this product. Specialists have other arguments - the chemical composition and the inestimable benefits for the human body as a whole. Naturally, this is relevant if you consume the dish wisely. If you do not follow the rules, then there is a risk of developing many diseases: atherosclerosis can begin, obesity, edema will appear, helminths of all kinds.

What is blood sausage good for?

General benefits

Health experts cite a host of reasons why eating this type of sausage is recommended:

  1. Sausage contains blood - it provides very important proteins to the human body - which cannot be obtained from most traditional meat products or even fresh meat.
  2. Sausage is a powerful source of hemoglobin. The more it contains, the more oxygen the body's tissues and internal organs will be infused with. For people, it is a healthy body, a cheerful attitude, a great shape.
  3. The fibrinogens present in blood sausage are responsible for the clotting of human blood. Blood sausage is highly recommended for those who have been diagnosed with hemophilia.
  4. Eating blood sausage, a person not only can deliciously satisfy the feeling of hunger, but also nourishes the body with a mass of unique micronutrients.
  5. The delicacy contains a huge amount of animal fat. The blood in moderate amounts will have a positive effect on the state of the heart and blood vessels, on the work of these systems.
  6. The spices contained in the composition will clean the blood vessels, serve as a stimulus for more efficient operation of the digestive system, and normalize metabolic processes.

An interesting fact: A huge demand for blood sausages is recorded in Belgium. During the celebration of the national holiday, the Belgians presented a four-meter stick of blood sausage. This is the longest blood sausage and Belgium has earned an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records.

If we consider the positive properties and effects on the human body of blood sausage, it is recommended to introduce it to the diet of people who have received serious injuries and are in the rehabilitation period after complex operations, chemotherapy procedures. It is shown to people who are experiencing tremendous physical exertion, as well as those who are anemic.

But despite the obvious benefits of this "black pudding", there is an opinion of experts that blood-letting is not recommended for certain categories of people. What are these bans: reality or myths - we will consider further in the article.

For women

Blood pudding contains a huge amount of iron. Its deficiency affects most people. With a lack of iron, there is a dulling and loss of hair, dry skin, brittle nails. Women, unlike men, have a peculiarity - menstruation. Therefore, they need more iron than men.

For men

Blood sausages are very useful for men involved in active sports. The product contains quite a lot of protein. It is necessary for the processes of formation and growth of muscle mass. If the body endured grueling physical exertion, the blood sausage will help to quickly restore the muscles.

If you are pregnant

In this difficult period, a woman's body needs a double portion of substances, minerals and useful elements necessary for the health and development of the fetus. Therefore, experts recommend consuming such a sausage in small portions: it will become a basic source of vitamins and minerals. Blood sausage is very relevant for those women who have a low level of hemoglobin in the blood.

It is worth considering that only a high-quality product can be considered useful. Particularly rich in useful elements is homemade blood-beet. But there is still a risk of infection with intracellular parasites. One such parasite is Listeria, which lives in the spleen and liver. The danger is that it can spread with the blood stream throughout the body.

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When breastfeeding.

The product is very rich in its chemical composition and is equally useful for both mother and baby. Particularly valuable is considered iron. For women in this period, it is important to monitor not only the quality of the food consumed, but also the volume of portions. It is a fatty food - it is better to calculate the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Is it possible to eat blood sausage when losing weight

For women and men who are on a diet for weight loss, dietitians do not recommend this product, because it has a high caloric content and high animal fat content. But if the portion size is small, then the use is quite allowed. This dish can be eaten on the Kremlin diet. However, you need to control the volume of portions eaten.

Is it possible to eat blood sausage with diabetes and gout

People suffering from diabetes, blood sausage is strictly forbidden. Diabetes is a disease, the effective treatment of which depends directly on the diet. For people suffering from this disease, not only floury and sweet dishes, but also smoked meats, fatty foods, spicy foods, and pickles are excluded from the usual diet. Since blood is very fatty and salty, you should not use such a sausage for a diabetic.

Can I Eat Blood Sausage on Diabetes and Gout

Patients with gout are allowed to eat a small piece of 100-150 grams several times a week. It is best to combine "black pudding" with zucchini, cucumber: these vegetables have a pronounced diuretic effect and will help to quickly remove uric acid from the human body.

Harm and contraindications

Despite the fact that the dish is very rich in various useful chemicals, excessive use usually leads to serious disorders. First of all, this is associated with the poor quality of products: in the process of preparation the sausage did not undergo a thorough heat treatment. Also, the recommended storage conditions are not always followed. A lot of manufacturers often add harmful impurities to the product in order to save money.

But even if the sausage was cooked on its own in the home kitchen, it is important to have confidence in the quality of the original raw material. The main raw material is blood, and it is better to buy it from healthy, uninfected animals. Otherwise you could get not only a delicacy that has a special taste, but also salmonella and helminths.

Blood sausage is a difficult product to digest. It is not recommended for eating to people suffering from atherosclerosis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, vascular and heart disease.

Bloodwurst, despite the peculiarities of taste, is a food for holidays and celebrations. Daily eating such sausage can be harmful.

How to store blood sausage

Finished products, made at home with their own hands, or the product purchased in the store, it is recommended to store in the refrigerator. Shelf life can be no more than 4 days. In this case, the temperature should be kept in the range from +2 to +6 degrees.

If it is impossible to eat the sausage in 4 days, it is recommended to store the product in the freezer. Experts say that in the freezer the product is fit to eat within 6 months. However, after 3 months of deep freezing all the useful components of the sausage will be lost. It is not advised to freeze sausage if it contains garlic or onions.

Before freezing cooked and blood sausage products, you should thoroughly dry them: you can simply put the product in the refrigerator for a few hours. In the defrosting process, do the same procedure. The product will defrost gradually, preserving the juiciness.

Most housewives advise storing homemade bloodsteak in lard. Boiled or baked product rings are placed in a container of glass, clay, plastic and abundantly covered with melted animal fat on top. The fat layer should completely cover the sausage product.

Containers preserved in animal fat can not even be put in the refrigerator: the sausage can be kept at room temperature in any convenient place for three months.

What you eat blood sausage with

What can you eat blood sausage with?

Blood sausage is unique: it's a versatile dish. It's delicious both hot and cold. Blood sausage goes well with:

  • With most cereals;
  • boiled or fried potatoes;
  • boiled pasta;
  • various side dishes;
  • raw vegetables;
  • Egg dishes;
  • Breads and pastries;
  • sauces.

Can I Eat Blood Sausage to the Orthodox?

According to Church law, blood sausage is forbidden. Clergy refer to the Old Testament prohibition. Also in the New Testament, the prohibition is confirmed by the Apostles in Rule 63: Christians were instructed to abstain from blood sacrifices and idol-sacrificial food. It is believed that people who drink blood, even if it is animal blood, will become violent and aggressive.

However, modern church ministers hold different views. Priests advise us to distinguish between eternal canons, which concern the faith, and temporal canons, which are conditioned only by some historical situation. If the Ecumenical Councils were applied to believers today, all would find themselves anathematized.

According to the teaching of the Church, all that is not a contradiction, but enters into human life as an ordinary phenomenon and is accepted by the fullness of the Church, is the norm. This includes blood sausage. It was different in the past, but it is so today. Eating blood sausage is not a sin.

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How to cook blood sausage at home

Products sold in markets and stores are not always of good quality. And if you want to try real blood sausage, you need to make it with your own hands.

For the preparation you will need 1.5 liters of blood - calf or pork will do. Also you will need to dice 1.5 kilograms of fat. Then buy, clean and wash 3 m of small intestine. You will also need 200 grams of buckwheat porridge - you don't need to butter it. In addition, you also need 2 tablespoons of salt, 1.5 liters of boiled milk, 1 teaspoon of black pepper.

How to cook Blood Sausage


  1. On a hot frying pan poured cooked lard and fry it until it becomes soft enough. Then combine all components of the product. This is blood, milk, buckwheat, spices and, of course, bacon. The resulting mixture should be mixed very thoroughly.
  2. After that, the prepared substance is poured. You can use a meat grinder with a sausage head or a plastic bottle with the neck cut off. The intestine is cut into pieces - each piece is tied tightly into a knot on one side.
  3. The free edge of the prepared gut is put on the neck of a bottle or on the nozzle of a meat grinder. Pour the mixture inside. Do not fill to the top.
  4. After filling the second end also tie a tight knot. One can insure and tie up the ends with a thread.
  5. Put a large pan on the fire and fill it with drinking water. After the water boils, the sausage is put in the pot and boiled. Raw blood can contain organisms dangerous to human health, including deadly botulism.
  6. After heat treatment, the sausage is taken out with a slotted spoon and pierced several times with a fork. Then continue cooking again. The total cooking time should be at least 15 minutes.
  7. When the blood sausage has boiled for the allotted time, it is taken out of the boiling water and placed on a baking tray, pre-lubricated with any vegetable oil. The sausage itself is also smeared with oil. Heat the oven to 250 degrees and send there a tray with sausage. After baking, the dish can be eaten.
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Interesting Facts about Hemlock

  1. In Scotland, it is a traditional breakfast dish. But their "black pudding" is different from Slavic sausage. It is something that is a mixture of pig's blood, oatmeal, and pig fat.
  2. In Kenya, blood sausage is not made, but the day of Kenyans necessarily begins with blood. They like to drink hot blood in the morning, flowing from the throat of a freshly slaughtered cow. The locals revere this dish very much - it is a tribute to the local deity. You can't refuse it. Kenyans also use blood to cure diseases by making ceremonial drinks. In this case, the animal stays alive: the blood is taken from the artery, and it is not life-threatening at all.
  3. Asian countries are very fond of blood and blood-based meals. For example, people in China use it to make blood tofu - pig or duck blood boiled on a low heat in the form of jelly. It can then be added to soups and served as a side dish.
  4. And in Finland and Latvia they love blood pancakes. The cooking technology is similar to Slavic flour pancakes with milk. But the Finns have blood instead of milk. The taste of these pancakes is very reminiscent of blood pancakes.

Blood and blood products are worshipped and consumed throughout the world. It is delicious and healthy product. It will saturate the body with iron and other beneficial substances, and eating sausage is not a sin from the point of view of Orthodoxy.

«Important: All information on this site is provided solely for educational purposes purposes. Consult with your health care professional before applying any recommendations. specialist before using the recommendations. Neither the editors nor the authors shall be liable for any possible harm caused by materials."

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