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Tea from a linden: useful properties and contraindications

For more than a thousand years, people have been using plants for medicinal purposes. Previously, when synthetic medicines were not yet produced, women healers used medicinal herbs, flowers, roots and roots to treat various diseases. People then knew quite a lot about the benefits of each plant. Currently, phytotherapy is becoming popular again, people are again resorting to the help of nature for the therapy and prevention of a number of diseases.

Lime is one of the representatives of the flora, which helps to eliminate not only physical ailments, but also psychological disorders. It is believed that a person can even adjust his biofield by lying under this tree.

Honey harvested by bees from the nectar of linden blossoms can help cure many pathologies. Herbal tea from linden flowers and leaves is considered a source of active substances and mineral elements, which is of great benefit to the male and female body.

Before including this plant in your diet, you should study all the information about it. In particular, it is important to know all the healing properties of linden, in which cases it is necessary to take a drink from this plant, and when it is contraindicated. Otherwise, you can only aggravate the condition and cause a worsening of any disease.

Composition and calories

The useful qualities of linden tea are due to the rich composition of the flowers of such a tree. Drink from linden flowers contains in its composition such substances as carotene, ascorbic acid. In addition, such tea includes flavonoids, which have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-allergic effects. It also contains essential oils that have a calming effect on the nervous system. The flowers contain glycosides and phytoncides. They are characterized by their antiseptic effect.

Tea made of linden flower is very tasty and useful. There are natural sugars concentrated in the flowers of the tree, which give the drink a sweetish flavor.

In addition, such a medicinal plant contains tannins, which have a bactericidal effect.

The caloric value per 100 grams of tea is only 21 kcal. This is an average figure, it can increase with the addition of other components. Also linden decoction is characterized by a high content of carbohydrates - almost 4 g in 100 g of liquid composition.

Useful properties of linden tea

The benefits and harms of linden tea

General benefits

  1. Such a remedy is useful for colds. Tea helps to reduce fever, relieves the first manifestations of the disease. When the first symptoms of a cold appear, you should drink linden decoction every morning with the addition of honey. Also linden is characterized by anti-inflammatory properties. Due to the high concentration of vitamin C, it strengthens the immune system. In addition, the drink from this plant has expectorant properties, which makes it indispensable for bronchitis and other pathologies of the respiratory system.
  2. The product strengthens the walls of blood vessels and increases their elasticity, is the prevention of atherosclerosis and the appearance of cholesterol plaques in the vessels. Tea is useful for people with hypertension, as the decoction is able to normalize blood pressure.
  3. Useful drink from linden blossoms and for the digestive tract. So, with its help, you can get rid of cramps, flatulence. Also, such a remedy prevents inflammation in the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, stimulates the production of digestive enzymes, increases the outflow of bile.
  4. Lipa has a diuretic effect and helps to remove excess fluid from the body. Consequently, the drink is useful for those who often face edema. It has a positive effect in the treatment of cystitis and urolithiasis.
  5. Strong tea from the flowers of the tree will help to cope with insomnia, soothe and relax. It is recommended to drink such a composition before going to bed. It is also useful for dizziness, tinnitus.
  6. Redness, inflammation and other skin lesions in the form of wounds, burns and abrasions can also be eliminated with the help of a linden, because the plant provides disinfection and accelerates tissue regeneration.
  7. Linden tea is considered a natural antispasmodic. This decoction can be used for headaches, as well as pain in the joints.

For women

Tea from the leaves and flowers of linden is recommended for girls who have severe pain during menstruation, unstable cycle or profuse discharge. The product is able to raise the level of hemoglobin and eliminate pain. In this case, it is necessary to prepare a drink of double brewing, that is, first you need to pour the herbal raw material with boiling water, after which you need to boil it on the fire for another 15-20 minutes.

The menopausal period in women is characterized by constant discomfort, which negatively affects the vital functions. To reduce the frequency of hot flashes and improve your general condition, normalize the hormonal background, you should drink linden decoction.

There have been a number of studies that show that linden tea can be used to prevent cancer of the female reproductive system. The drink contains substances that can cut off the blood flow to the neoplasm and help eliminate it.

Valuable properties of linden in the field of cosmetology are also known. Thus, decoction from the flowers of the linden tree can be used as a remedy for dandruff and hair loss. Tea can be used as a facial skin care product that will help to cope with peeling, open pores and cure severe rashes. To do this, you will need to prepare a strong drink.

For men

A hot drink will protect the body from colds and help relieve stress after a hard day's work. It is known about the beneficial effects of linden tea on the work of internal organs. In addition, linden helps to quickly recover from stresses. Linden tea with honey will help cleanse the organs and tissues from toxic elements and toxins.

For your information! Decide the problems with sleep also under the power of a decoction of linden flower.

There is a folk recipe using linden, which allows you to cure prostatitis. In this case, the remedy is obtained from the coals that remain after burning the twigs of the plant. To make the product, it is necessary to grind the charred raw material to a powdery consistency and pour boiling water over it. The resulting liquid should be taken three times a day for a week. The optimal dose for one reception is 100 ml of drink.

When pregnant

When carrying a fetus, it is especially important for a woman to drink tea from the inflorescences of the linden tree. Such a drink will be an effective and safe prevention of viral diseases and flu. Linden tea can be used not only for preventive purposes, but also for medicinal purposes. It is undesirable for a pregnant woman to take medicines of synthetic manufacture, it is better to use natural drinks that have antipyretic properties.

In addition, the product contains iron, which is necessary for a woman and her unborn child to prevent iron deficiency anemia. Regular consumption of tea will prevent dizziness.

Often women during pregnancy face heartburn and constipation. Brewed linden will help eliminate such ailments. Thanks to its diuretic effect, linden decoction will relieve women from swelling and heaviness in the legs.

Linden tea is enriched with vitamins, which have a positive effect on the nervous system of the expectant mother and contribute to the normal development of the child's CNS. Systematic intake of the drink helps to cope with insomnia, as well as with nightmares.

During the period of carrying the baby, before using the linden composition, you should consult a doctor. When treating with such a remedy, it is necessary to monitor the reaction of the body: if unpleasant symptoms appeared, from such a drink should be abandoned.

When breastfeeding

Experts recommend including linden in the diet of young mothers who need to increase the volume of breast milk, as well as to prolong the period of lactation. It is best for this purpose to buy dried raw material, sold in pharmacies.

There are many useful components in linden tea, so it can be used during the breastfeeding period. Such decoction will help to strengthen lactation and give the opportunity to feed your child for a long time. However, it is necessary to study all indications and contraindications, so as not to harm the baby's body. In order not to get sick with colds, it is recommended to take a tea of linden inflorescences. So, in the case of a fever or cough, it is not at all necessary to drink strong medications and refuse to breastfeed for a while. It is better to use decoction of linden, which has a high concentration of ascorbic acid.

For preventive purposes, you can drink a glass of tea a day no more than 3-4 times a week.

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For kids

Useful linden tea and for the younger generation. The main advantage of using such a remedy is that linden decoction can be given to the child from as early as six months. To determine the optimal dosage for the child, you should ask your pediatrician.

Drinking from linden blossoms will be effective in the fight against fever. The use of such a remedy will eliminate the need for strong medications. In addition, such a tea will help to eliminate the feeling of heaviness in the stomach and solve other problems of the digestive system. Regular use of a linden-based remedy will help the baby get rid of bloating, soothe the nervous system.

When losing weight

Quite often dietitians advise using linden decoction as a supplement to the main diet for weight loss. If you drink the herbal tea regularly for a month, you can lose up to five kilograms during this period.

Many preparations are produced today that promote weight loss. Such remedies have a diuretic effect. The linden extract is often added to the bath. This herb also helps to remove excess fluid from the body. To take a bath with the addition of linden leaves and flowers need about 300 grams of dried herbs per 5 liters of water. The resulting composition to boil, strain and pour into the bath. The course includes six such procedures, each of which is carried out once every seven days. It is best to take a linden bath just before bedtime. These procedures help to adjust the water-alkaline balance. The skin thus becomes smooth, velvety, cellulite disappears.

To eliminate stretch marks, you can make compresses with linden. Hot lotions should be kept on problem areas for 15 minutes. Severe defects are unlikely to be corrected, but small scars will disappear in a month.

Lime tea in sachets is useful

If there is no linden tree nearby, or for some reason you have not been able to collect the plant material, you can buy dried, crushed linden inflorescences in filter packs at any drugstore. They are very easy to brew, and much easier to determine the right dosage. The main thing is a sufficient shelf life. For such raw materials are characterized by the same qualities as those of fresh raw materials collected on their own.

Tea from linden in medicine

Linden Tea in medicine

  1. Decoction of linden inflorescences is characterized by antipyretic, diuretic, choleretic, anti-inflammatory properties. Also this plant has an expectorant and anti-allergic effect.
  2. Tea from linden is effective in treating colds and viral diseases, characterized by diaphoretic and anticonvulsant properties. Also such a product can be used for sore throat, sore throat, cough, as it is able to soften the throat and have an expectorant effect.
  3. Kidney and bladder pathologies can also be treated by consuming decoction of linden leaves and flowers. This is due to the anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic action, as well as the diuretic property of the product, which allows to cope with edema.
  4. Due to its sedative action, the product can be used for headaches, nervous disorders and sleep disorders.
  5. When allergies occur, linden tea can help reduce itching, redness and irritation.
  6. Due to the bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, linden tea can be used for stomatitis and gingivitis.

For diabetes.

In the inflorescences of linden found natural polysaccharides, whose therapeutic properties are widely used in the treatment of diabetes. Regardless of the type of the disease, such a tea can be of great benefit. Treatment in such a case consists in the exclusion of sweet foods and flour products, as well as the complete replacement of ordinary drinks with decoctions from raw materials of the linden tree. The product can reduce the concentration of glucose in the blood.

Tea based on the leaves and flowers of linden can harm the body if a person does not need to lower this indicator. Therefore, it is important to conduct tests in time.

In pancreatitis.

Lipa flower is effective in treating inflammation of the pancreas. To prepare the healing remedy, you need to pour two tablespoons of raw materials with a glass of boiling water, after which the mixture should be heated over low heat for about 15 minutes. Then cool the decoction and strain. The finished drink should be consumed in hot form by the glass several times a day. Drink such a tea should be after a meal.


Lime flowers are highly effective in the treatment of gastritis, regardless of increased or decreased acidity. Plant raw materials will help to quickly relieve inflammation in the stomach, while improving the condition of the patient. To obtain a therapeutic tea, pour 100 grams of the flowers of the linden plant in an enameled container and pour a liter of water. This mixture bring to a boil over low heat. Then cover the pan with a lid, let the broth infuse for several hours. After that, strain the liquid.

Consume such a remedy should be 30 minutes before a meal, 100 ml. With gastritis with hyperacidity, the treatment continues for ten days, after which you should take a break for a week. If necessary, the course of treatment can be repeated.

With a cold

With colds, tea with lime can give good results. The drink will help to alleviate the condition of the patient, as well as quickly relieve the unpleasant manifestations of the disease and strengthen a weakened immune system. When making such a composition, you should take into account some points. At the bottom of a dish, in which the preparation of tea will be carried out, should be poured a little linden inflorescences. After that, pour a glass of boiling water over the plant. The container should be covered with a lid and insist for half an hour.

Ready remedy should be used in warm form. You can use it instead of tea throughout the day. To improve the taste of the drink you can add to it a small amount of honey or lemon. Suitable as a supplement and raspberries.

At menopause

At the appearance of the first symptoms of menopause in women of mature age, the healing characteristics of tea or flowers of linden are useful. Gynecologists recommend including this drink in the diet after 45 years of age.

The course of treatment with such a useful drink should be more than a month. Repeat these procedures every six months. Such preventive measures will help the beautiful half of humanity to prepare for such a rather difficult period in life. With the onset of menopause, the tea should be taken in a month to maintain hormonal balance.

For coughs

Usually with a cold accompanied by a cough, people are used to go to the pharmacy in the hope of buying a modern drug that will cure the unpleasant manifestations of the disease. However, few people know that in such cases you can do without synthetic drugs, using medicinal plants. For example, properly prepared linden can benefit the body and quickly get rid of the symptoms of acute respiratory infections or acute respiratory infections. Decoction from the raw material of the linden tree has a gentle and effective effect.

The linden blossom is rich in various useful components, which have a therapeutic effect on the respiratory system.

There are many options for obtaining home remedies from the medicinal herb, which will help in the fight against coughs. Lime can be taken in the form of decoction, infusion and tea.

Depending on which method of making the infusion is used, you can get drinks that will help get rid of dry or wet cough. In order to cure a cough with phlegm, it is necessary to place two teaspoons of dried inflorescences in a glass and brew them with steep boiling water. The product should infuse for 40-45 minutes. After that, you should strain the drink and take warm three times a day.

With a dry cough, an infusion, the preparation of which is carried out according to the following recipe, will help. It is necessary to insist a teaspoon of linden flowers for two hours in cold water. At the end of this time, drain the liquid and boil it. Add to it a few raspberries and once again pour this liquid over the linden raw material. Repeated infusion continue for 30 minutes, after which you can add a little honey to the drink and drink throughout the day at a sip.

Decoction of the flowers of this plant is used in the treatment of bronchitis. To prepare it requires a tablespoon of inflorescences boiled in 0.5 liters of water, and then insist 60 minutes. Strain the finished decoction and drink 100 ml three times a day.

There is another variant of cooking decoction, which has proven itself as a remedy that can cure a strong, debilitating cough. To obtain it, pour four tablespoons of dried raw materials with two glasses of boiling water and place on a water bath for 10 minutes. Cool the mass, strain and take 1/3 cup three times a day.

Harms and contraindications

A large list of positive qualities does not say that the drink from the leaves and inflorescences of linden is useful to everyone and at any time. There are some contraindications, in which it is necessary to exclude the use of such tea. First of all, we are talking about individual intolerance to the body. With poor blood clotting, which often results in bleeding, you should also limit the intake of such a product. Low blood pressure and increased acidity of gastric juice are also contraindications to the use of the medicinal composition.

Excessive consumption of tea from linden causes various complications. For example, women may have decreased visual acuity, there will be a violation of the water-salt balance. There may also be a lack of potassium in the body, cramps in the legs will begin to worry. Breastfeeding impairs the nervous system in both the mother and the baby.

Negative effects appear even when low-quality raw materials are used to make tea, so it is important to buy linden from a pharmacy.

When to harvest and how to store linden

Today it is not difficult to buy ready dried raw material of high quality. You can buy such a plant in any pharmacy, in special stores selling medicinal herbs, as well as on the market. But in order to provide yourself with high-quality raw materials, you can make your own preparations.

When to harvest and how to store linden

Gathering linden inflorescences and leaves begins in late spring and early summer. The collection period lasts only ten days, when most of the flowers are open.

Lime should be harvested in dry weather. Avoid harvesting after it has rained and in the early morning, when there is still dew on the leaves. Picking intact inflorescences without damage, picking them with your hands or special scissors. The inflorescences with small leaves near the peduncle should be trimmed.

Remember that the useful and harmful properties of the product depend on the quality of the raw material, so it is necessary to harvest only healthy linden flowers.

Dried linden flowers are stored in paper bags or in cloth sacks. The shelf life of raw materials is two years.

How to Dry

The collected raw materials should be spread out in a thin layer on a table, covered with gauze and placed in a room that is well ventilated. It is important to protect the linden inflorescences from direct sunlight. To prevent the plant from rotting, you need to stir it periodically, and then dry it. To do this, you need to spread the linden on paper and move it to a dry place without direct sunlight. The temperature in the room should be no more than 45 degrees. Only in this way will it be possible to preserve all the healing qualities of the product.

How to brew linden tea

To brew linden beverage, you need to use a glass, ceramic or porcelain dish. Place in a container several tablespoons of dried linden and pour hot water at 85-90 degrees. You should not use steep boiling water in this case, as the high temperature of the liquid will neutralize the healing properties of the plant, and the tea will be useless. The container should be tightly closed and covered with a towel. The drink should infuse for half an hour, after which it can be used.

You can also use the method of double brewing the linden flower. In this case, the inflorescences should be poured over a hot liquid, insist for 15 minutes. Then put the raw material on a low fire and simmer for about 30 minutes. Tea obtained in this way is useful for neuroses and menstrual cycle disorders. But frequent use of such a remedy can cause kidney problems.

Why does the tea become viscous?

Linden tea can thicken because the inflorescences and bark of this tree contain tannins, sugars, and wax, so when you get a strong infusion, mucus starts to come out. This often happens with herbal decoctions and infusions where such substances are present.

What can be combined with

Lime tea can be combined with black and green tea in any ratio, add honey or lemon. Lime tea has a sweet taste, so there is no need to add sugar. To obtain a medicinal collection, linden blossom can be mixed with raspberry fruits and leaves, with oregano, sage, fennel, mint, St. John's wort, etc.

To prepare a gargle, you can add a spoonful of baking soda to the drink. Such a composition will reduce inflammation and eliminate sore throat.

In cosmetology, a mixture of linden decoction with mineral water is used. For face and hand creams, linden tea can be mixed with various vegetable oils.

How often you can drink linden tea

In order not to harm the body, it is important to observe the norm in the consumption of linden decoction. The treatment can be carried out for three weeks, after which it is necessary to take a break. The optimal dose is considered one cup of tea per day.

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Interesting Facts about Linden

Interesting facts about linden

  1. As you know, in the people "linden" means fake, but few people know where this meaning came from. This is due to the fact that in the past, the soft wood of linden was used to forge seals, and some unscrupulous shoe makers used such material to create the soles of shoes.
  2. The linden tree can live for several centuries, although there are trees that have lived for more than a thousand years.
  3. Such a tree can be nearly five meters in diameter.
  4. From the wood of a linden tree, tar is obtained.

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