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Mayonnaise: useful properties and recipes for cooking

While some physicians warn people against excessive use of mayonnaise, the statistics of sales in the trade consistently for many years says that this product - one of the most popular and favorite, especially on holidays. Although it is not a staple food product, it has the important function of improving the taste of many dishes. Therefore, recipes for salads, first, second and snack dishes necessarily include mayonnaise.

The history of mayonnaise

Linguists have tried to determine the history of the origin of the word itself, which denotes a delicious and sought-after sauce, but, to their surprise, found that the word of French origin is absent in the language. A close relative in composition is mayonnais, that is, the yolk, and therefore it is this consonance that was taken as the basis of the name.

The benefits and harms of mayonnaise

But there is a more romantic version. There is a Spanish Menorc in the Balearic Islands, and it is in its capital city of Mahón where the historical events that made the world know about mayonnaise took place. The city was in the possession of the Duke of Richelieu, but the eternal enemies of the French, the British, also wanted power over these areas. So in 1758 the British laid siege to the town. The inhabitants were nearly out of food in the end, helped only by eggs and plenty of olive oil, but the constant diet of omelets and scrambled eggs bored everyone, especially the higher ranks of the officers. A food protest was brewing, and the situation had to be resolved by the cook, as the hard-headed Duke Richelieu ordered him to come up with some tasty dish out of the two main annoying ingredients. Well, a worthy solution was found: olive oil, spices, salt, and lemons were added to the richly beaten eggs. This, according to legend, was the prototype of the now popular sauce. And it was named after the place where it was created, and there it is called Mahon sauce.

However, there are even scholars who claim that it predates the French and British rivalry, because the word "mayonnaise" is very similar to the word "aioli". It refers to a sauce which contains garlic mixed with olive oil.


Of course, you can prepare mayonnaise yourself, using the necessary components. But many people prefer exactly a purchased product. Especially famous are those manufacturers, in which the required proportions required by GOST and taken for the preparation of high-quality products. Thanks to the fact that there are developed state prescription standards, mayonnaise has been able to hold its own as a sales leader among other sauces.

There are countless types of mayonnaise. But each must contain eggs or egg powder, sunflower or other oil, salt and sugar, water, mustard powder and milk. And if in the past the only preservative added to mayonnaise was alcoholic vinegar, now there are other ways to preserve the product for a long time. At one time in Russia, not even particularly controlled the presence of chemical additives, but over time, the rules have been tightened, and mayonnaise regained the status of a quality product.

There is a division of sauce into classes, depending on the presence of the proportion of fat in the composition.

  1. High-calorie. It has an increased mass fraction of fat (more than 55%), and the water does not exceed 35%. It is considered the most delicious.
  2. Medium calorie. The percentage of fat is 40 to 55%, water 30 to 50%.
  3. Low-calorie mayonnaise with less than 40% fat and no more than 50% water. This product is recommended for those people who are watching their figure, if they cannot give up mayonnaise altogether.

After the government has decided to return mayonnaise to the category of a high quality product, it is believed that it can only be truly mayonnaise when it has more than 15% fat and requires at least 1% egg powder. Otherwise it is just a low-quality mayonnaise sauce, and if the label indicates that the fat is less than 10%, it is just a simple vegetable oil cream.

Composition and calories

The traditional components of mayonnaise are egg yolk, vegetable oil, various additives, spices and spices that greatly enhance and emphasize the virtues of the sauce. All these natural components make the product useful and bring health to people.

Various vitamins

  1. Retinol increases immunity, avoids many inflammatory processes, helps the skin to look good, delays the aging process, heals wounds and has a positive effect on sexual function, helps improve vision, and is a preventive agent against atherosclerosis.
  2. Vitamin D is an essential component for phosphorus and calcium metabolism.
  3. Nicotinic acid, better known as vitamin PP, is essential in hematopoiesis, stimulates the secretory function of the pancreas, prevents the development of dermatitis. This vitamin is essential in carbohydrate metabolism, it enhances the peristalsis of the stomach, so that there is no delay of evacuation of the food from it.
  4. Vitamin B group is essential for the production of hydrochloric acid, absorption of proteins and fats, participates in blood processes, facilitates the process of oxygen absorption by tissues, gives the body energy, vivacity, improves the nervous system, eliminating the symptoms of anxiety states.
  5. Ascorbic acid - an indispensable aid in strengthening the immune system, can quickly promote tissue repair and takes care of the health of the gums, it also monitors the normal functioning of the adrenal glands, collagen formation and production of anti-stress hormones.
  6. Vitamin K: we learned about it not long ago, but we have already managed to determine that thanks to it in the liver prothrombin is formed, which is actively involved in blood clotting. If the body lacks this vitamin, it can cause hemorrhagic diathesis.

In the body, they perform a variety of important functions. After they are converted into simpler constituents, they begin to release energy, which the body needs for many needs. Hormones, antibodies are partially composed of protein. It should be noted that enzymes, biological catalysts, cannot work productively without protein, since it is used for their synthesis. But they also act as protectors, since skin, nails, and hair are all made up of building protein.

Amino acids
Have an antiviral effect, help in the processing of fats, do not let them be deposited in the liver and on the walls of the arteries. They stabilize blood sugar levels and have a positive effect on heavy workouts.

Above all, they are an irreplaceable source of energy. They also increase immunity, contribute to prevention of intestinal disorders, increase resistance to catarrhal diseases, and are necessary for cellular renewal.

Macronutrients and trace elements

  1. Iron. Without it, hemoglobin formation and oxygen transport by blood cells are impossible; it supports the immune system and energy balance.
  2. Phosphorus. Its important role is that this element is the main component of bone tissue.
  3. Potassium. Draws fluid out of the body, without its presence it is impossible to muscle contractions and conduct nerve impulses, a balanced balance of blood and tissue fluids.
  4. Magnesium. Can lower blood pressure, takes part in phosphorus metabolism.
  5. Calcium. It is difficult to imagine bone tissue without this element: their mechanical strength would probably be absent.
  6. Sodium. Its functions are participation in water metabolism and many biochemical reactions.

Important: Mayonnaise has an average of 627 calories.

What is mayonnaise useful for

For women

Mayonnaise contains proteins, and their important function is to participate in the regulatory mechanisms that are responsible for the work of the endocrine organs. During menopause, thanks to the presence of magnesium, mayonnaise is useful in that it relieves the appearance of discomfort. If a woman's body lacks the necessary amount of fat, which is present in mayonnaise, her menstrual cycle can be disrupted and it will be impossible to conceive, and the presence of vitamin D in the product prevents the appearance of cancer.

What is useful mayonnaise

For men

Mayonnaise has a trace element such as phosphorus. In the study of this element was found that it has a positive effect on libido, it is involved in metabolic processes, which includes the formation of nucleoproteins: they are responsible for the reproduction of offspring.

During breastfeeding

If the baby reacts normally, he has no allergic manifestations, in small quantities the product can be used.

During pregnancy

Even if pregnancy proceeds without side effects, still doctors do not cease to remind that women need to pay attention to their diet.

The main thing during this period - do not harm the health of the developing fetus. Mayonnaise is not one of the products that can cause harm. Moreover, it contains amino acids that can provide detoxification processes: help in cases of toxicosis in pregnant women, improving the immune system. And the presence of fats helps the embryo to develop normally.

There is calcium in mayonnaise, in the lack of which there is a strong toxicosis.

What is harmful to mayonnaise?

  1. For women. He can increase weight with frequent use, which so many ladies are afraid of.
  2. For men. Because of the synthetic analog of the egg - powder - it can not be completely assimilated, settling in the body in the form of plaques, sometimes localized in the inguinal vein.
  3. For children. Because of the thickeners and flavorings, this product should not be given to children: some components of the product stunt growth and cause fatigue and inattention during classes.
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Is it possible to eat mayonnaise when losing weight

From the recognized caloric product can not give up sometimes those who have decided to get rid of excess weight. In this case, it is only necessary to choose to eat the type of product in which the calories do not exceed 600, and better to stop at a low-calorie - 150 kcal. At the same time, it is important to reduce its consumption.

Mayonnaise in medicine

Many serious diseases dictate their own rules of diet. Highly nutritious mayonnaise can not always be used if the patient is diagnosed with any disease, but in small quantities it will not bring harm in some cases.

For Diabetes Mellitus

If you consume mayonnaise with natural ingredients for diabetes, nothing dangerous will happen. But if there is starch in the composition, it is dangerous, because it contributes to an increase in sugar levels. Often such patients are obese, and the high amount of fats in the product can add extra pounds.

Important to know: The glycemic index of mayonnaise is 60 units.

In pancreatitis

To treat the disease more effectively, a special diet helps, and in the first place it is necessary to sharply reduce the consumption of fatty foods, because in the breakdown of fats is involved in the enzyme composition of the pancreas. Excess fatty food is manifested by nausea and vomiting, severe pain and stool disorders. Another prohibition on the use of mayonnaise is that the industrial sauce contains acid - citric or acetic. Any of these, once in the stomach, can irritate its mucosa. Therefore, the juicing process begins, and then pancreatic enzymes are produced, which provokes a flare-up of the inflammatory process.

In gastritis

With gastritis, improper nutrition immediately causes pain and discomfort, that's why a number of strict diets have been created, in which there is no place for mayonnaise. It is allowed to use that sauce, which is made at home, but if the acidity is elevated or at the moment the patient is experiencing an exacerbation, it is better to refuse such a product.

In case of constipation

With constipation, synthetic products can harm the digestive system, because it is very difficult to digest modified oils - the body is overloaded and weakens even more.

In case of gout

With gout, it is better to limit the consumption of mayonnaise to a minimum. The fact is that all foods rich in fats are dangerous in this disease. Fans of this product can eat only homemade sauce, which has an egg yolk, vegetable oil and vinegar, but in small portions and only fresh.

In colitis

In colitis, the most common culprits are fatty and smoked foods. Therefore, another serving of fatty sauce with added acid and mustard will cause irritation of the intestines, fermentation in it, impaired stool and another attack of pain.

Mayonnaise in cosmetology

Mayonnaise is used extensively in cosmetology because of its many natural beneficial components. The presence of vitamins and amino acids allows it to play an important role in the formation of collagen and elastin.

Mayonnaise in cosmetology

Hair Masks

To prevent hair brittleness and dryness, you should use this method of therapy, which uses mayonnaise. After all, it perfectly nourishes and restores the hair. In the whipped sauce can be added diluted in a water bath honey (very small amount) or a little cocoa, stir. Apply to the hair, at the same time massaging the skin. Wrap your head with cellophane, and preferably put on a warm scarf. Leave it for an hour, and then rinse it off. It is desirable to repeat the procedure several times at intervals of two weeks.

You can use the same recipe only for the ends of hair, then the procedure is performed more often - once a week, but the hair should be wrapped with a warm towel.

Facial Masks

To maintain skin elasticity take mayonnaise, 50 grams each of parsley and dill, which are ground in a blender, and then add the sauce and whip for a short time. Let the mass stand for 15 minutes, and then it should be applied to the face and left for 10 minutes. Rinse off and moisturize the skin with a cream.

If the skin is oily, you can make a scrub out of mayonnaise. For this purpose, a solution is made of three spoonfuls of sauce mixed with a teaspoon of salt, which is applied to the face for one minute with a tampon. Then you should wash your face with slightly warm water.

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Harms and contraindications

First of all, in large quantities this sauce can harm the gastrointestinal tract, even if it is made at home. It is not recommended to buy the product, the label of which indicates that the composition does not contain natural vegetable oil, but contains trans fats. The difference is that vegetable oil is quickly and easily assimilated by the human body. It saturates the body with useful substances, and then easily eliminated.

A different picture appears when mayonnaise contains trans fats. They cause a lot of harm, because they are not able to be broken down, in addition, they gradually accumulate, settling in the blood vessels, kidneys, liver and stomach. As a result, health problems arise, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, overweight accumulates, leading to obesity.

In order to achieve a longer shelf life of the product in mayonnaise added various preservatives. They do not stay in the body due to the fact that the stomach can not decompose. As a consequence, they enter the cells, destroying the living organisms necessary for human life.

All sorts of hazardous additives E has long been ranked as particularly harmful to health. It happens that their presence is not always shown on the packaging, but there is assurance that the contents have a natural composition. But professionals offer methods that will help identify the presence of harmful ingredients. True, in order to do this, you will have to buy a package. If the mayonnaise is really composed of natural raw materials, it can quickly go bad and already after a week will fall into disrepair.

The expiration date will tell you if there are a lot of preservatives. If it says that the mayonnaise is still edible even after several months, it means that the content is far from natural ingredients.

Many emulsifiers serve the function of creating a homogeneous sauce. Mayonnaise does look beautiful because of its appetizing attractive texture. However, instead of egg lecithin there is a soy additive, although its qualities are not much different, and there will be no harm from it. Unless, of course, it is genetically modified soy, because scientists have not been able to fully determine the impact it has on the body. Often this homogeneity is due to the presence of synthetic emulsifiers.

Although flavor enhancers increase the taste quality, the pleasure from them is short-lived: soon the stomach and then the intestines begin to suffer.

It is not recommended for elderly people and those who lead a sedentary lifestyle to include mayonnaise with a high concentration of fat in their diet, because they have a defined daily requirement of 70 to 120 grams of these substances that do not cause any harm.

Nowadays, this exquisite French sauce is different from the once invented. But it has not lost its caloric value. It is impossible to get rid of the amount of fat present in mayonnaise: it is not possible to remove the necessary components, saturated with fat! All the same, the production of mayonnaise with this fact does not cease to fight, but still ranked as a product that is different caloric.

This product is contraindicated to people

  • with gastrointestinal diseases;
  • For obesity;
  • Not recommended for children under 2-3 years.

How to make mayonnaise at home

The difference between homemade mayonnaise and industrial mayonnaise is immediately noticeable. Who recognizes only homemade mayonnaise, finds that it costs more, but the taste is worth it. There are various recipes compiled by famous chefs.

How to make mayonnaise

Cooking without eggs

Despite the standard recipe, it is quite acceptable to make a delicious sauce without yolks. To do this, you must first mix 300 g of vegetable oil (preferably use cold-pressed olive oil) and 150 g of milk (it must necessarily be at room temperature). To taste you should add salt and a tablespoon of mustard without bitterness. The whole mixture should be thoroughly beaten. You should get a puffy, delicate emulsion. After adding 3 tablespoons of lemon juice, preferably freshly squeezed, whip until thick. It turns out 500 grams of delicious and healthy seasoning for various dishes.

With chicken eggs

It is better to take only the yolk. It is carefully separated from the protein and rubbed with salt, sugar and two teaspoons of mustard. Then 250 g of vegetable oil is added in small portions. When the mass is enough whipped and has a homogeneous consistency, a teaspoon of vinegar is added and it is whipped again. The sauce is ready.

With quail eggs

It is believed that it is these dietary and tasty eggs that make a healthier product. You need 5-6 eggs per 100 grams of vegetable oil. First you whip the eggs in a blender, then add a teaspoon of mustard, salt and pepper. It will take no longer than a minute of beating, but at high speed. Then in the process add the oil in small portions, observing the following rules: a teaspoon at the beginning, a tablespoon at the end of the process, and two tablespoons at the end. All that remains is to add a teaspoon and a half or two teaspoons of lemon juice and mix gently.

In a blender.

Thanks to the kitchen technique, you can create your own version of mayonnaise using a variety of herbs. Prepare in advance spinach, basil, green onion arrows, parsley and dill, garlic clove. Wash, dry and finely grind everything. In a blender, put all the greens, add an egg and half a teaspoon of mustard, salt and sugar. All components are whipped until a homogeneous mass. After obtaining a positive result, lemon juice is added and whipped for a few minutes.

Homemade mayonnaise should preferably be stored in a glass jar, only in a cold place. After 3-4 days, it becomes unfit for food.

Sometimes homemade mayonnaise is liquid. This occurs most often due to the fact that he did not have enough time to stand. After a while the excess oil rises, and it should be drained. You can add a little flour and baking soda (on the very tip of a knife), and then whisk again for a few minutes. When it will stand in the refrigerator, it will get the right consistency.

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How to replace mayonnaise in salads

If you want to dress the salad with something else, you can use yogurt, but it must be unsweetened, and to improve the taste in it add vinegar or lemon juice, various spices and spices. A good substitute is sour cream, seasoned with salt, pepper or other spices.

How to choose mayonnaise

Before you send the store mayonnaise to the cart, you should get acquainted with the information on the label. If there is no information there about the presence of eggs and vegetable oil, it is better to return it to the shelf.

How to choose mayonnaise

  1. The egg ingredient, at least in one percent, must be present. And vegetable oil must also be present, and sunflower or corn oil, olive oil or mustard oil are acceptable. And it must be refined and deodorized.
  2. A quality sauce is a sauce whose consistency is homogeneous, without various grains. Liquid should not appear on the surface. If it is too thick, most likely there is a lot of starch or powdered milk. If liquid, there is an excess of water.
  3. The color can be white or with creamy yellow hues. But if the color is too intense yellow, it indicates the presence of dyes in large quantities.
  4. There should not be voids and bubbles on the surface. Crumbles can tell about improper storage or a violation of the technological process. Fat content can be judged by finding out the percentage of vegetable oil.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Mayonnaise was introduced in the USSR thanks to Mikoyan. In the 30s of the twentieth century, he in the rank of Commissar of Food Industry visited America and became interested in the unusual condiment. The inhabitants of the country really liked it.
  2. Peoples use the sauce in different ways. For example, French gourmets make a special soup with snails, seasoning it with mayonnaise, and the Dutch dip crispy potatoes in the sauce.

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