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Carrots: composition, types, useful and harmful properties

Carrot is one of the basic vegetables on our table because of its useful composition and fragrant flavor that makes dishes especially appetizing. Carrots are versatile: they are boiled and roasted for first courses, pickled as a snack, used fresh and boiled in salads. Carrot extract serves as a harmless food coloring and is even used for medicinal purposes. What is the usefulness of the orange guest in our kitchen, and whether there are contraindications to its use - let's consider further.

Types of Carrots

Carrots as we know them today were bred by hard-working breeders, who worked long to improve the nutritional qualities of the vegetable. Initially, carrots were represented by purple, almost tasteless rhizomes, whose homeland is believed to be Afghanistan. Today, however, we all know the juicy and sweet orange beauty, rich in vitamins and minerals, which was obtained in the Netherlands through long scientific work.

The benefits and harms of carrots

White carrots can also be found, but only the golden varieties, rich in carotene and other beneficial micro-components, are eaten. Among the varieties of carrots there are sweet and juicy ones that make an excellent base for fraiche and salad preparation, as well as fleshy subspecies that make excellent purees for baby food and not only.

Wild carrots are hard to find on the market. It has a pronounced flavor and toughness of the root. But sweet carrots in all their variety can be found on store shelves almost anywhere in the world. The plant is undemanding and adapts to any climate, so you can not only buy it in markets and stores, but also grow it yourself in your own garden beds.

Composition and calories

The orange vegetable is considered one of the dietary low-calorie products. It contains only 30-40 kcal per 100 g of weight, depending on the variety. And boiled carrots "weigh" on energy and even less - 24-26 kcal.

The product has almost no fat, up to 1.5 g of protein and about 7 g of carbohydrates. Also, carrots are rich in valuable dietary fiber, which is well processed by the body and promotes cleansing.

In addition, carrots are valuable for their vitamin and mineral composition. It contains all the necessary micro- and macronutrients, the most important of which are potassium, magnesium and sodium, phosphorus and calcium, iron, zinc, iodine, fluoride. Root vegetables contain valuable compounds for the body - lycopene and anthocyanins, useful for regulating blood pressure, B vitamins in almost full composition, vitamins A, C, E, K, P, as well as phytoncides, pectin and other substances necessary for the body.

At the same time, nutritionists warn that the root vegetable is one of those vegetables that provoke an increase in blood sugar. Fortunately, these spikes are insignificant, so people with diabetes can consume the vegetable not only possible, but also necessary. But those who observe the diet should be careful - it awakens the appetite, and it is necessary to eat it according to certain rules.

Many of the vitamins in the orange root vegetable are fat-soluble, so it is advisable to eat carrots with a fatty dressing. With the right composition of the diet, it will not interfere with the diet for weight loss.

What are the benefits of carrots

General benefits

The useful properties of carrots mainly rest in the presence of carotenoids and other microcomponents. It:

  1. Increases the immune system and the body's resistance.
  2. Improves overall health, helps to cope with avitaminosis, gain strength and vigor, improves mental performance.
  3. Stabilizes mood, improves nerve conduction and brain function, normalizes cerebral blood flow and protects against strokes.
  4. It relieves inflammatory processes, accelerates cell regeneration and healing, improves the condition of mucous membranes and increases tissue elasticity.
  5. It helps maintain water balance in the body, nourishes the skin, eliminates acne and early wrinkles, improves complexion.
  6. It strengthens hair and nails, helps fight dandruff, prevents breakage and restores healthy shine and elasticity.
  7. Helps eliminate excess fluid from the body, has a mild laxative effect in constipation and normalizes stools.
  8. Helps the absorption of vitamins to strengthen the musculoskeletal system.
  9. Improves vision.
  10. Helps strengthen and restore the body after illness, prolonged cold.
  11. Supports the health of the blood and blood vessels.
  12. Stimulates a good appetite and normal digestion, supports the health of the liver.
  13. Helps cleanse the bowels of toxins, eliminates toxins, has an antioxidant effect and thus contributes to weight loss.

Carrots are used as a supportive agent for acute respiratory infections, respiratory diseases, inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system. Although the product is not a panacea for ailments, because it must be consumed in combination with more effective means, it saturates the body with resources for recovery and accelerates its process.

Carrots charge the body with a supply of vitamin A for 2 days. It is enough to eat about 50 grams of carrots a day regularly to feel strong, vigorous and healthy. The product is optimal in the daily diet of healthy people, on diets for weight loss and on special "clinical tables. Carrots have beneficial effects on children, men and women and are not contraindicated for the elderly.

For women

The female half of the population appreciates carrots for their low calorie content, which allows you to maintain slimness, as well as antioxidant properties and tremendous benefits in skin care. Carrot promotes rapid regeneration and rejuvenation of cells, slows down the aging process and prevents the formation of wrinkles, perfectly strengthens hair and nails.

At the same time carrots normalize the stool, provides a sense of satiety due to the coarse fiber. If you choose the right diet with the product, you can effectively cleanse and restore the body, lose excess weight without losing vigor, and refresh your appearance after winter and in a period of severe stress.

Carrots protect blood vessels and are an excellent preventive agent for varicose veins, which most often affect women's legs. In addition, scientists are studying its anti-tumor effect.

For men

Carrots are an excellent stimulant and anti-inflammatory, which protects the body from damage, including preventing prostate disease and supports healthy potency.

Consumption of carrots can protect against stress, hair loss, rashes and dandruff, which sometimes affect men. The vegetable strengthens blood vessels and the heart, increasing their endurance, so it is useful for preventing the development of hypertension, atherosclerosis, heart attacks and other disorders.

When pregnant

Women who are expecting a child, the vegetable is necessary to saturate the body with vitamins, preparing for nurturance and the formation of a healthy fetus. Vitamins A, E and B group contribute to the laying of all types of tissues, and in combination with other components of the vegetable provides an immunomodulatory effect.

The vegetable also prevents the development of anemia, promotes the timely removal of fluid, preventing the formation of edema, prevents constipation, helps to improve digestion. Carrots are useful for the nervous system and hormonal balance during pregnancy.

Experts say that the vegetable should be introduced in neutral amounts, not arranging himself a "carrot diet", because hypervitaminosis - oversaturation of useful components - is no less dangerous for the body than their deficiency.

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When breastfeeding

A set of useful elements in carrots stimulates the production of delicious and healthy milk, so with lactation, the product in the diet is approved. It is not necessary to specially increase its amount, it is enough to consume the usual doses to feel good and not to harm the baby.

Also, pediatricians note that carrots can cause allergic reactions in the delicate baby body. Therefore, it is worth careful to make sure that the child does not get a rash from the vitaminized product.

For children

Carrots are a must in children's diet. It establishes digestion and a good appetite, promotes rapid healing of abrasions, in adolescents - elimination of acne. Such a component is important for fast and proper growth, the development of bones, muscles and internal organs, speedy recovery from colds and other ailments.

In adolescence, the use of carrots will help to cope with hypersensitivity to light, to avoid the development of anemia.

Introduce the product in the form of processed boiled puree as early as six months of age in a mixture with other vegetable mousse. Be sure to monitor the reaction of the child's body and reduce portions or temporarily eliminate carrots in the case of allergies.

Children are given carrot juice, mashed or steamed carrots, later - after 5 years - fresh salads, stews, fried product, desserts. After 8 years, if desired, you can treat children to Korean-style carrots.

In what form carrots are healthier

For different health conditions, carrots may be more acceptable in one form or another. Let's look at a few basic ways to process it.

In what form carrots are healthier


Raw carrots retain most of the vitamins and nutrients, so the vegetable is most valuable for the body. But there are also caveats. For example, carrots have very coarse fiber, which in raw form can be difficult for the sensitive digestive system. Therefore, it is useful to get juice from the root vegetable in its raw form, and for consumption it is better to boil or stew it.


In the process of boiling, carrots lose some of their valuable vitamins and compounds: some disintegrate at high temperature, some are boiled into broth. It is much more useful to cook soup from carrots, that is, cut it into slices and make a fragrant broth with the addition of onions, celery, bay leaf and other useful components.

For salads and snacks, it is better to steam cook carrots - then the nutrients remain in the vegetable, and the taste and softness will be the same as when boiled.


Carrots contain a high concentration of vitamin A and its "brethren" of the fat-soluble type. This means that oil, or at least dairy, is mandatory for the absorption of the vegetable. Therefore, even dietary processing requires the addition of fats.

Baking carrots can and should be - so it retains more useful components, but before processing it is desirable to grease it with butter or sour cream sauce. You can bake both in the peel - after that it is easy to peel, and in a pre-prepared form.

You can also roast carrots. For it to retain maximum benefits, it is best to add a minimum of oil.


The dried product retains enough vitamins, so it is considered a valuable food component. To preserve the fragrant slices, carrots are dried and added to soups, pilaf, potatoes and other dishes.

You can also freeze the product - in this case, carrots do not lose almost any vitamins. In stores you can often find healthy assorted vegetables in the freezer. Prepare such a mix or just carrots - in slices, cubes or bars - you can also prepare yourself.

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What is better to eat carrots with

In order to assimilate all the components of the vegetable, nutritionists recommend consuming it with fats, while building a balanced diet with the addition of proteins and hearty carbohydrates to carrots. A mixture with peas or asparagus beans is considered useful, and carrots are also often combined with different types of cabbage.

To vary the fatty additions, boiled, baked or steamed carrots are served with hummus, nut paste or creamy creams. In addition, the vegetable is a perfect side dish to meat, fish and mushrooms. All lovers of unusual combinations can safely combine the vegetable with fruit in salads, pastries and desserts.

With sour cream

One of the perfect companions for carrots is sour cream sauce. The animal fat promotes the absorption of vitamins from carrots, and it in turn helps absorb calcium and form vitamin D. Sour milk product normalizes the internal microflora and combined with a "brush" of fiber effectively debilitates digestion and establishes a natural biological regime in the body.

Root vegetables with sour cream can be prepared in the form of a dessert cake, casserole, combined in pancakes with vegetable fillings or served with carrot cutlets. The cream sauce can also be topped with any salad.

With Milk

Carrots with milk interact the same way as with sour cream, helping to strengthen bones, relieve inflammation, and treat colds. This smoothie is good for children's growth, and for adults to maintain a strong immune system.

The products can be combined in different ways: boil the mixture to form a marshmallow, mix the fraiche with milk to get a tasty drink, make creams for desserts and flavorful salty sauces for fish, meat and vegetables.

For those on low-fat diets, milk can help absorb vitamins from the healthy vegetable.

With honey

Carrots with honey are incredibly beneficial for maintaining skin tone and cleansing. Honey helps draw toxins and salts out of the body, and carrots promote rejuvenation. Regular use of the root vegetable with honey will make the skin soft, tighten pores, and help in the fight against cellulite and excess weight.

Such a mixture is used not only in nutrition, but also as a mask for the face, skin of the neck, chest and hands. It has a tightening effect and refreshes the epithelium.

With garlic

Carrot salads with the addition of garlic are another protective agent that helps fight viruses, flush out parasites, heal inflammation and restore skin health by increasing elasticity and smoothing the epithelium.

The combination of zinc and vitamin A actively fights scaling, dandruff and normalizes sebum function. The same cocktail increases male potency, promoting the production of healthy semen and preventing prostate disease.

Such a mixture can not only be consumed as a flavorful snack, but also used as a disinfecting healing compress.

With Sugar

Carrots with sugar can be beneficial to babies for active growth. Juice, puree or grated carrots are mixed with other vegetables and fruits, adding sugar for flavor. However, nutritionists still recommend giving up sugar so as not to provoke blood glucose spikes.

To use stewed carrots as a filling in sweet buns or to make carrot desserts, they recommend choosing fructose or honey, and abandoning sweeteners in favor of fruit in salads.

With apple.

A classic salad "from childhood," carrot and apple is the first dish to normalize bowel function. The delicate flesh of the apple balances the coarse fibers of fresh carrots. The products gently massage the intestinal walls, stimulating blood flow and improving peristalsis, and in addition, remove toxins and collect all the toxins.

Apple with carrots - a cocktail to normalize the blood composition, to combat high cholesterol, anemia. Such a salad is sometimes recommended for dessert in diabetes. The dish is easy to prepare, it can be eaten raw or stewed to make sweet stews and fillings for baking.

The usefulness of carrot tops

Carrot tops have been used for centuries in folk medicine and cosmetology as a healing, anti-inflammatory and diuretic. Decoctions on carrot tops clean blood vessels and restore the health of the liver, strengthen the hair, preparing rinses and shampoos. The remedy is excellent for treating skin from acne, saturates it with moisture, and smoothes wrinkles.

The usefulness of carrot heads

In addition, carrot leaves can be eaten. Young greens are sometimes added to salads and soups, but because of the specific taste of the leaves, they are most often salted. Carrot leaves are as rich in vitamins as root vegetables, but they contain less sugar and are firmer in terms of dietary fiber. Therefore, the leaves are eaten for digestion and colon cleansing. Carrot greens are also considered a beneficial food for diabetes.

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Carrot juice: benefits and harms

Carrot juice is nice because it can be combined with both vegetable and fruit components. It is rich in vitamins and comes in handy in cases when you can't eat coarse fiber. It is necessary to take into account the acidity, which has carrot juice, and drink it with milk or kefir in the morning or at lunch and at noon (after or during the meal).

Carrot juice is drunk to restore the body after cold and debilitating illnesses, to rejuvenate and improve the skin. Nutritionists consider the best combinations of carrots with onions and bell peppers, as well as with apple, strawberry, apricot, mango juice without added sugar.

Among the obvious pluses of carrot juice are vitaminizing the body, establishing digestion and treating inflammation. Of the disadvantages - the prohibition to use on an empty stomach, an exacerbation of hunger, which can be harmful to diabetics, as well as people who are on a diet for weight loss or by doctor's orders.

Can I eat carrots while losing weight?

Carrots on a diet - the product is ambiguous. On the one hand - it is a low-calorie treat that satiates the body with vitamins, on the other - a vegetable rich in pectin, which stimulates the appetite. Every body reacts differently to carrots. In a diet it is useful, but to effectively lose weight, you need to consume it in moderation with protein foods.

In this case, on a diet to lose weight it is better to resort to the use of steamed or boiled carrots, since it has fewer calories and pectin, which means that such a product will not cause brutal hunger.

Carrots on a diet is important - it will allow you to maintain a healthy complexion and hair quality, to tighten the silhouette, to flush out of the body all the excess. You should not use pickled carrots with spices on the diet.

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Carrots in Medicine

Carrot juice and puree are often used in dietetics to make a diet for various diseases. The vegetable helps to restore the body and nourishes it without any harm. First of all, it is an excellent remedy for restoring healthy intestinal peristalsis, improving vision and speeding up recovery.

Carrot components are used in the production of medicines. Mainly they are diuretics, as well as products to improve vision and maintain vascular health.

For diabetes.

Carrots are useful for high blood sugar when there are complications with the skin and eyesight. The vegetable is great for moisturizing and increasing tissue elasticity. At the same time, some people carrots help to feel full longer and not to remember to eat. You need to be careful with your body: if carrots cause sugar spikes and awaken constant hunger, it is better to give up the vegetable.

Important: The glycemic index of raw carrots is 35 units, cooked from 75 to 85.

In pancreatitis.

Vegetable purees are one of the few dishes that can support the body with the disease. The main thing is not to eat stiff food, and dilute carrots with unsweetened components, then it will help to relieve inflammation.

With gastritis

With mucosal irritations, it is important to pay attention to the acidity and softness of food. On an empty stomach fresh carrots in this case can not be eaten, but that's to eat boiled dietary fruit can safely - it will contribute to healing and normalization of the internal organs.

For bowel

Carrots are excellent for cleansing the intestines from processed foods, normalizing absorption, because the rough fiber tends to swell, creating a feeling of fullness. The vegetable is able to remove toxins and eliminate gas. In some cases, carrots can cause gas, so it is necessary to monitor the state of health.

For constipation

Carrots can have a mild laxative effect, remove piles of undigested protein from the intestines. But with severe constipation extra fiber can be detrimental. Carrots are introduced into the diet along with a course of enemas to normalize stools after getting rid of constipation.

For gout.

Since the root vegetable does not contain purines, but helps eliminate excess fluid from the body, drinking fresh carrot juice is recommended for gout. The vegetable increases tissue elasticity and stamina, protects the heart and detoxifies the body.

In colitis

If the intestinal mucosa is damaged, you can not irritate her rough fiber, so carrots in such cases are used in boiled or baked form, as well as puree. Then she will help to restore health more quickly. With serious forms of diseases before introducing the product into the diet, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

For the liver

Carrots stimulate the liver and gallbladder, cleansing them. Moreover, vitamin A and other components of carrots promote cell renewal, which is important for maintaining the health of the filtering organ. But it is impossible to overdo it. Thus, experts do not recommend mono-diet on carrot juice, but insist on a balanced diet.

With hemorrhoids.

Carrots establish local blood circulation, have an antimicrobial effect, and also help to heal and relieve inflammation, so the consumption of vitamin A is necessary for the cure of hemorrhoids. In addition, carrots help regulate stool, eliminating constipation, which is often the cause of hemorrhoids.

In cholecystitis

People who suffer from acute forms of these or other diseases, need a prior consultation with your doctor to get individual recommendations for the use of the products of interest. With the disease in a chronic form, carrots are not contraindicated, but since the vegetable must be consumed with fats, this can cause difficulties with cholecystitis.

Recipes of folk medicine based on carrots

All parts of the vegetable are useful for health. If the root and leaves of the carrot people eat, getting from them healing elements, then from the seeds are prepared medicinal powder, which saves in case of kidney failure and stone formation.

Recipes for traditional medicine based on carrots

  1. To cure the excretory system, carrot grains are ground into flour and taken with meals 3 times a day at 1/2 tsp (1 g). Carrots relieve inflammation and help eliminate residual products from the body.
  2. You can make an unusual carrot tea to support the immune system. For this purpose, fresh carrots are ground on a coarse grater, and the resulting shavings are dried in the oven. After that, the raw material can be ground in a coffee grinder for convenience. To make tea, 1 tsp. of such raw materials is diluted in a glass of boiling water. For flavor add a little honey and milk or lemon juice. If you drink such a tea 1-2 cups a day in the cold season, you can significantly support the body to fight viruses and colds.
  3. For good digestion, protection against GI disorders, constipation and sluggishness, fructose jam is made from carrots and consumed regularly. In a couple of weeks of taking such a supplement, you can significantly improve your well-being, normalize stool and appetite.
  4. To heal burns and abrasions, you can prepare a pulp of carrot pulp with the addition of vegetable oil. A compress is put on the problem area and covered with gauze, hold it until it dries - up to 2 hours. The procedure is repeated several times until the skin improves.
  5. In sore throat and respiratory diseases to dilute phlegm, relieve inflammation and restore the normal state of the mucosa drink 100 ml of carrot juice with 1 tsp. honey, dilute the mixture with milk. For children, it is advisable to divide the portion into 2-3 meals.

Carrots in cosmetology

Carrots heal the body not only from the inside, but can also refresh and rejuvenate the skin externally. Masks and balms for hair with a vegetable are prepared very simply.

For the face

  1. Dry skin of the face can be nourished with moisture and vitamins with a carrot mask. For this, the egg yolk is mixed with finely grated vegetable, without squeezing the juice. The mask is applied in a thick layer and kept for about 20-25 minutes. You will need 2-3 procedures to get a noticeable result.
  2. To get rid of peeling in the windy season and to protect the skin from the sun in summer - it is rejuvenated and nourished in this way: 1 tsp. carrot juice is mixed in equal proportions with fat cottage cheese and cream. The mixture is left on the face for 15 minutes, after which it is washed off with lukewarm water. Mask should be made a course of up to 8 treatments twice a week.
  3. To tighten fading skin, including on the hands, chest and neck, mix in equal proportions of carrot pulp with honey and apply to the body with gentle upward motions. The application lasts 20-30 minutes to produce the desired effect. The procedure is repeated 4-6 times at intervals of twice a week.
  4. For the care of oily skin is suitable for the following recipe: white clay is mixed with carrot juice, you should get a mixture of the consistency of sour cream. The mixture should be left on the face for about 15 minutes and then washed off. The course - 1-2 times in 7 days for 1 month, then you can take a break for 2-3 weeks.
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For hair

  1. To saturate the hair with moisture, give them elasticity and shine, carrot seed oil is introduced into the shampoo - 2 drops per serving. It does not leave a greasy residue or unpleasant odor on the hair, keeps them healthy.
  2. You can make a nourishing mask from dandruff and for accelerated growth. To do this, add 3-5 drops of carrot seed oil, 2 tablespoons of kefir and 2-3 drops of tea tree oil to 10 ml of burdock oil. The mixture kills fungus, refreshes the skin, warms and supplies blood to the bulbs, so strong healthy hair grows, and the scalp remains moisturized and intact.
  3. To normalize the sebum of the head, add 2-3 drops of grapefruit or bergamot oil to 1 teaspoon of carrot juice and rub into the hair roots half an hour before normal washing. The procedure should be repeated 2-4 times before each wash, then take a break and return to the lotion periodically if necessary.

Harm and contraindications

For all its benefits, carrots also have a few cautions for use:

  1. You should not consume more than 300 g in a day, so as not to happen an upset stomach or intestines on the basis of excess fiber.
  2. An overdose of essential vitamins can lead to a painful condition, so you should not indulge in carrots in excess.
  3. Careful approach to the use should be in periods of exacerbation of allergies - in the spring.
  4. Carrots can be harmful to people with hyperacidity, gastritis, colitis, gallbladder disease and in some cases diabetes. About the individual diet you need to talk to your doctor.

Carrot allergy symptoms

Allergic reactions to carrots most often appear in the form of rashes on the skin, itching, increased body temperature, increased lymph nodes, swelling. Malaise can be similar to the spring states of hypovitaminosis and allergies to flowering plants.

You should not give the product to children if they persistently refuse it.

How to choose and store carrots

To ensure that the product stays fresh for a long time, it is important to pay attention to its quality when buying it. Rootcrops should be cleaned of soil, have a dry surface without damage or traces of mold. Good carrots are sold "with tails" - stumps from the tops so that they do not dry out at the base.

How to choose and store carrots

Varieties with a rounded spout tend to be sweeter and have a characteristic "quart" flavor. Triangular in cross-section carrots are more sour, sometimes tasteless. But it yields a lot of juice and contains valuable fiber.

Store carrots in the cellar or refrigerator, in a container for vegetables at +2-5 ° C up to several months. If carrots start to dry out or sprout, there are several ways to extend their life:

  • Freeze (but this should preferably be done while the vegetable is still fresh);
  • Dry it to make a flavorful condiment for hot dishes;
  • pickle with the addition of fragrant spices.

Pickled or marinated according to Oriental recipes, carrots can be rolled up in jars for long-term storage.

Can I Freeze

To preserve the vitamins, the vegetable is often sent to the freezer. Of course, they have to be processed beforehand - well washed, peeled, sliced, diced or shredded. Then it is spread out on a sheet of film or a tray, kept in the chamber until completely frozen, then poured into a convenient bag or container and stored for up to six months.

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What can be cooked from carrots: recipes

The delicious vegetable has not in vain become one of the main ones on our tables. It's all about not only its availability, but also the universally sweet taste and spicy aroma that adorns many dishes.


Carrot salads are so varied, you could write an entire book. Here are a few delicious recipes for all occasions.

Fresh Power Salad.
To prepare it, you will need lettuce leaves, spinach, fresh carrots, cucumber, red cabbage. All components are cut into sticks and dressed with a special sauce. In it go 2 tbsp. olive oil, 1 tbsp. soy sauce, 1 tsp. mustard, a few drops of honey to taste. You can also add pine nuts to the salad to make it nutritious.

Late Fall Appetizer
In the cold, when the body begins to miss vitamins and fiber, prepare this salad: take equal proportions of steamed green beans and Korean carrots (or also steamed), add a pickle. Dress the salad with olive oil. If desired - add fried onions.

Salad "Chinese style".
This salad reminds of China except for the carrots, but the recipe is interesting. Our chefs cook 250 grams of boiled beef or other dark meat and add 150 grams of boiled beans, 150 grams of grated carrots and 50 grams of crushed walnuts. Some hostesses traditionally add eggs and potatoes in convenient proportions to the salad.

The appetizer is usually smeared with mayonnaise, but it will be delicious with plain butter as well. The dish is great to warm up on a cold day after hard work.

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Not everyone likes carrot juice. To make eating a healthy product enjoyable, you can add it to a smoothie. Here are some very tasty recipes:

  1. "Tropical Paradise." Take 150 ml of orange juice as a base, grind in a blender 1 mango, 1 carrot, banana, 2-3 tbsp of Greek yogurt. You can add passion fruit and honey to taste. All blended and diluted with ice if desired.
  2. "Health. Take 2 florets of steamed broccoli and carrots, add a stalk of celery, parsley greens and a bunch of spinach to taste. The smoothie can be made with water or kefir.
  3. "Honey Summer". Take 2-3 slices of melon and 1 large carrot, add guava or feijoa for flavor, ice, as a base you can take nonfat yogurt, apricot juice or a glass of cucumber or white grape juice.

Carrots are good as a puree for smoothies, but you can also use carrot juice as a base ingredient.


Making carrot juice is simple: just carefully wash and peel the vegetable, cut it into handy bars, and place it in a juicer. Another option is to pass the pieces through a mincer or grind in a blender, and then filter the liquid through gauze.

Carrot Juice

Boiled carrot juice is less aggressive, so it is recommended for those who suffer from gastritis, colitis and other GI diseases. You can boil the freshly squeezed raw material with milk, sugar or in pure form. Boiled carrot juice loses some of the acid, has less effect on the appetite and does not cause bubbling in the intestines. At the same time, its vitamins and useful compounds are simplified and better absorbed by the body. Such a component can be added to compotes and morses and safely close for the winter.

Carrot chips

Want to prepare a healthy and nutritious snack? The best option is carrot chips. There are two options - dietary and fatty.

In the first case, peeled raw carrots are cut into thin slices and dried in the oven, stirring occasionally. Ready chips last a long time and become a good low-calorie snack. They can be seasoned with salt, dried garlic, coriander, turmeric or other favorite spices. They are best eaten with kefir or as a snack after a fatty meal.

The second recipe is carrot fries. Slices or straws are fried in boiling oil, after cooking they are coated with salt and herbs, and laid out on parchment paper or paper towels to remove excess oil. Dried snack served with beer, kvass, kefir or as a garnish to any dish.

Korean-style carrots

The main rule of pickled carrots - no harmful preservatives. Therefore, it is better to abandon table vinegar in favor of lemon juice or apple analog. The marinade can be made in the usual way. Another option is to grind carrots on a grater to get "threads", pour them with salt - generously, but within reasonable limits, to taste, add black pepper, very little red pepper and pour everything with acid, squeezing lemon or lime. If desired, you can take cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar.

A pinch of sugar is added to the marinade - just a little, so that it does not feel in the recipe. Salt can be replaced with soy sauce. You can also add spices to the Korean carrots to taste - coriander, cloves, ginger, rosemary.

"Soaked" in acid carrots should stand for some time. The degree of readiness is determined by the proportions of spices and the "caliber" of raw materials. You can check the readiness by taste: the carrot will become sharper, a little less hard and give a lot of juice, which is not decanted until the snack is eaten. Keep the dish only in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks in a tightly closed container.

Carrot cutlets

An excellent Lenten dish can be prepared on the basis of carrots in several ways. The classic version is as follows:

  • 500 g of carrots;
  • 1 onion;
  • 1 egg;
  • 1 clove of garlic (you can have more, to taste);
  • breadcrumbs and vegetable oil for frying;
  • Salt and pepper to taste.

Prepared vegetables are chopped in a blender or on a grater. Stuffing should be homogeneous, so that the patties are fried. The mixture is salted, spices are added and an egg is beaten. Knead the stuffing and form small tortillas, roll them in breadcrumbs and fry in oil on a hot frying pan. Serve with sour cream and greens.

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Carrot Caviar

Fragrant and very homemade dish is prepared to stock carrots for the winter or make a delicious snack at any time of the year. You will need a minimum of components:

  • 1.5 kg of carrots;
  • 0.5 kg of onions;
  • salt, pepper, coriander;
  • vegetable oil;
  • tomato paste or ketchup - 4 tbsp.

First, whole carrots are washed and boiled until half-ready. At this time, fry the onion with salt until golden. Prepared carrots are peeled, shredded on a grater or passed through a meat grinder. The resulting mass is added to the onion and fry for about 20 minutes, then add coriander (generously, about 1 tbsp.), spices, tomato, mix everything thoroughly and keep on the fire for another 10-15 minutes.

Ready caviar is allowed to cool and stored in a closed jar. If you need to make a snack for the winter - act in the same way as with zucchini caviar or sauté: sterilize jars and lids, and then seal the product in hot. Stood upside down under a blanket.

How to boil carrots

To prepare carrots for salads and other dishes, sometimes it is boiled. To do this, the fruit must be thoroughly washed, placed in a deep saucepan and poured with water so that the liquid covered the vegetables by 2-3 cm.

How to boil carrots

After boiling water make the fire low and cover the pan with a lid. After half an hour, pierce the carrots with a fork. When the vegetables are half-ready, salt the broth, add a bay leaf or cloves (optional) and cook for a few more minutes until fully cooked, when the carrots are soft.

Do not overcook the fruit. They should pierce easily, but remain tight and not fall apart under the pressure of a fork. Otherwise, there will be no useful components left in the vegetable.

To get a broth for drinking, soup or gravy, peel carrots in advance, cut into medium slices, so it is better boiled. Add other vegetables - onions, potatoes, bay leaf, peppercorns, salt (after boiling) - and boil until tender. After that, the pulp can be taken out and used in salads or cream soups, and the broth can be strained if necessary and added to healing potions or dishes.

Can I Eat Carrots Every Day

Carrots are a healthy and safe vegetable. There is no extreme need to eat it daily, but it is acceptable. It is enough to eat about 50 grams with other foods. Do not overeat, excessive fiber can lead to flatulence and bloating, discomfort, heaviness, heartburn or exacerbated feelings of hunger.

Can I Eat at Night and on an empty stomach?

On an empty stomach to drink juice or eat rough raw, pickled carrots is not worth it, so that the acid and heavy fiber do not damage the mucosa and do not cause a surge of bile. Boiled carrots, especially in a creamy sauce, can be eaten in the morning.

It is not advisable to eat carrots at night, so as not to force the body to work with coarse fiber. Nevertheless, carrots for dinner is a good option in the diet. It will digest quickly, help cleanse the intestines and cause no problems.

Can I give carrots to pets?

Just like humans, pets need healthy fiber for proper digestion. This applies not only to rabbits and hamsters, poultry, but also dogs and cats. Introduce carrots to your pet's diet in moderate amounts, 1-2 times a week is enough.

You can give shredded raw or boiled carrots, which will be well digested even by animals with digestive problems. The tops can also be added to the pet's food to strengthen the claws and coat. It is definitely worth chopping the vegetable and adding very little fat, such as broth, to it.

If the pet reacts to the product with allergies, it is excluded from the diet, replacing it with another to get the necessary vitamins.

Interesting facts about carrots

Interesting facts about carrots

  1. The first carrot roots found were brown and bitter. Carrots have undergone many changes over the centuries to become what we know and love.
  2. Regular consumption of the vegetable can make your skin turn yellow and your tan will be smoother and more intense.
  3. In ancient Greece, the aromatic leaves of carrots were used for medicinal purposes, not even aware of the benefits of their roots.
  4. In the United States, there is a town called Holtville, which is considered the carrot capital. There they hold an annual harvest festival and grow quality vegetables.
  5. The biggest carrots were grown in Britain. Its length reached almost 6 meters, thanks to which the vegetable was included in the Guinness Book of Records. It should be noted that most of the length was not the juicy fruit, but the tail of the carrot.
  6. Not everyone knows, but carrot juice is sometimes used not only as a coloring agent, but also as a flavoring to give dishes an appetizing taste.

Easy to handle, useful and such a diverse vegetable can be loved by everyone if you find delicious recipes with carrots. Cook with pleasure!

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