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Carrot tops: useful properties and contraindications

Carrot is a popular root vegetable, actively grown around the world. The roots of this vegetable are very much in demand in cooking. But the haulm is considered by many as an unnecessary addition to the carrots and simply thrown away, which is wrong. The greens are very useful, it is full of vitamins - 6 times more than in the root vegetable. Since ancient times, it was the greens that were considered medicinal, and ancient medical books prescribed the use of decoctions and infusions on the haulm for vascular problems, hemorrhoids, weakening of vision, and various ailments. Today, carrot tops are also included in soups, salads and sauces.

Composition and calories

The main treasure of carrot tops is the presence of selenium. This is a useful element, which is necessary for cells, kidneys, spleen and immune system. In our country, more than 80% of the population is chronically deficient in selenium. That is why carrot tops are extremely useful. Among all the macro- and micronutrients, it is worth mentioning:

  • potassium - 237 mg;
  • calcium - 32 mg;
  • sodium - 78 mg;
  • phosphorus - 28 mg;
  • iron - 89 mg;
  • selenium - 0.9 mg;
  • zinc - 0.17 mg.

Carrot tops are rich in vitamins. They are:

  • B4 choline - 7.5 mg;
  • vitamin C - 2.6 mg;
  • pyridoxine B6 - 0.11 mg;
  • vitamin PP - 0.71 mg;
  • folic acid - 28 micrograms;
  • vitamin K - 9.4 µg.

Carrot tops can be attributed to dietary products, in 100 g contains only 35 kcal. At the same time, there is almost no fat - 0.13 g, carbohydrates are fast and easily digested. Also in 100 g of carrot tops there are 3 g of useful dietary fiber, which improves digestion.

What are the benefits of carrot tops?

General benefits

Valuable vitamins make carrot tops especially useful. We are not talking about popular ones like PP or C. The greens contain a very rare vitamin K - its chronic deficiency is statistically recorded in more than a third of the population. Serious deficiency leads to ossification of cartilage, poor blood quality, deposition of salts on the walls of the arteries due to imbalanced metabolic processes.

The benefits and harms of carrot tops

Even more valuable is selenium - an essential element that is found only in a few products. It is necessary for the proper functioning of the spleen, kidneys, liver and immune system. Modern studies have shown that the abundance of selenium allows a strong response to viral diseases. The period of active phase of the disease is reduced by 30%. Moderate and severe courses of the pathology are recorded much less frequently. Recent studies on selenium showed that it is also indispensable for the proper functioning of the male genital system.

For women

  1. Even the ancient Greek physician Dioscorides prescribed decoctions of carrot tops for swollen feet and as an antipyretic and diuretic.
  2. Carrot tops are low in calories, so they are actively added to various diets. You can make smoothies, use in salads and soups. This is a huge baggage of essential vitamins and minerals, easy for the body to digest.
  3. Carrot tops can be used for cystitis. It will significantly alleviate the condition. Usually an infusion of 1 to 1 with parsley is used.
  4. Useful greens and in cosmetology. It can saturate the subcutaneous layers with vitamins and minerals. Lotions are used for dermatitis, rashes and psoriasis. Carrot tops are included in a number of masks rejuvenating and smoothing type.

For Men

Carrot tops are extremely important for the good functioning of the male reproductive system. Large studies have proven the connection between chronic selenium deficiency in the body and male infertility. Therefore, it is necessary to include sources of this element in the diet. Carrot tops are the most available and richest of them.

In addition, it improves metabolism and blood quality. Carrot greens are a stable supplier of another rare element - vitamin K. And he is also extremely necessary for any man, especially if he leads an active life, moving a lot, running, doing sports.


Pregnant women are advised to refrain from eating carrot tops. A few sprigs in a salad or soup will do nothing wrong. But drinking smoothies and decoctions purposefully and daily is not worth it.

Botva contains special alkaloids, which in large doses can affect the development of the fetus. Another thing to consider is sodium. Pregnant women are especially vulnerable to excessive doses of this element, and it is found everywhere, even regular salt is sodium chloride. Carrot tops contain quite a bit of sodium. In overdose, toxemia can worsen, increasing the burden on the already overloaded kidneys.

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When breastfeeding

When breastfeeding, carrot tops are recommended, and in fairly large doses. Vitamins and minerals will help give rich and healthy milk. Selenium will support the immune system, so that even the occasional flu will pass as easily and quickly as possible, without leading to interruptions in lactation.

However, some precautions are necessary. It is better to consume carrot stems, dishes from them, teas and decoctions in small doses, while watching the baby. If there are no manifestations of allergies, deterioration, you can return to the normal diet with normal doses of carrot tops.

For children

Consumption is highly discouraged until the age of 14 years. Carrot tops contain many alkaloids, which should not be ingested by children, they can affect the hormonal background and development of the nervous system. After the first signs of puberty the destructive properties of carrot alkaloids become inactive.

However, children can rinse their mouths with decoctions and infusions. Since ancient times, it has been recommended to chew or apply fresh carrot to the gums when milk teeth fall out. There are also no restrictions on external application, masks, compresses.

For weight loss.

Carrot tops - an extremely dietary and at the same time very useful product. 100 g of greens contains only 35 kcal, and mostly in the form of fast carbohydrates. But there is a lot of useful substances, minerals and vitamins, especially necessary during the diet period, when the traditional food is prohibited.

Carrot greens are included in the diet as a filling in salads and soups. You can make delicious and healthy smoothies, combining the haulm with other plants.

Tea from carrot tops: benefits and harms

This form can be considered as a medicinal and strengthening drink. When brewing, the haulm loses a lot of vitamin C, but the most valuable vitamin K, as well as the B and A groups remain in the drink. But it is worth remembering that these substances are fat-soluble, so such a tea is better consumed with vegetable or animal fats.

The list of beneficial effects from regular consumption of tea from carrot stems is extremely large, namely:

  1. Thanks to beta-carotins, a positive effect on the respiratory system is noted (it is useful to drink tea for bronchitis).
  2. Improves vision.
  3. Studies have noted a slight decrease of blood pressure by 6-8%.
  4. Appetite is stimulated, stagnation in the digestive tract is eliminated.
  5. The immune system strengthens against viruses, various diseases occur in a mild form due to the elimination of selenium deficiency in the body.
  6. Men's reproductive system works better (researchers have proved the connection between male infertility and chronic selenium deficiency).

Tea should be used with caution in cases of gastritis and colitis. A special diet should be for gastric or duodenal ulcers. The furocoumarin content makes the tea a mild but still allergen. When used externally, you should check for an allergic reaction. If a rash, irritation or redness occurs, then you should avoid using carrot leaf tea.

The presence of natural alkaloids makes the tea harmful for children under 14 years of age. The body is not yet able to use them, they will affect the nervous and hormonal system in unpredictable ways. Of course, we are talking about systematic use in medium to large doses. From one cup of tea from carrot stems there will be no harm.

Recipes of folk medicine based on carrot tops

Recipes for folk medicine based on carrot tops

  1. Back in ancient Greece, healers used carrot greens as a good diuretic. A tea was prescribed in this concentration: one spoonful of dried carrot tops per glass of boiling water. Infuse the remedy for 5 minutes. Consume 3 times a day, before each meal. The course of treatment lasts two weeks, then you need to take a break for one month.
  2. The property to strengthen blood vessels is used to alleviate hemorrhoids. Marked a significant reduction in bleeding during treatment with carrot tops. You should take 20 grams of dried herbs and pour 250 ml of boiling water. The container should be covered and covered, leaving for 7-9 hours or overnight. Infusion should be strained with gauze, and then drink 50 ml five times a day.
  3. Cystitis or urethritis can be treated with an infusion of 5 g of dried parsley and 5 g of dried carrot tops. It is better to grind them into a powder, using a mortar or coffee grinder. Pour 500 ml of boiling water and leave to infuse for two hours. Take 5 times a day for 15-20 minutes before a meal, 100 ml. If the herbs are not ground into a powder, the infusion should be filtered before drinking.
  4. Drops based on carrot tops are excellent for a runny nose. You need to pour 5 g of dried haulm 150 ml of boiling water and insist for half an hour. Then select about 5 ml of infusion in a separate small bowl, add there 5 ml of garlic juice. You can simply crush a clove in a gauze bag on a sieve, and then squeeze the mush. Pour 5 ml of olive oil or refined sunflower oil. Mix everything and drip two drops into each nostril.

Cosmetic applications

The firming and saturating effect on the skin has long been known to cosmetologists. It is used both for topical effects, for example, in compresses or lotions, and for preparing various masks.

  1. A nourishing face mask includes one egg yolk, a teaspoon of olive oil, a teaspoon of sour cream, 50 grams of fresh or soaked in water carrot tops ground in a blender. Mix everything thoroughly and apply an even layer on your face. Hold for 30 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.
  2. On the basis of carrot tops prepare a lotion for any type of skin. To do this, take 5 grams of calendula and sage and 20 grams of fresh carrot greens, all crushed and mixed in a blender. Then pour a glass of boiling water for 15 minutes. Strain and add 10 ml of apple cider vinegar and 10 ml of apple juice. Mix everything and you can wipe the skin after washing.
  3. Good antibacterial and nourishing properties make it possible to use the haulm as a topical skin care product. This eliminates oily shine and prevents pimples and rashes. Take 10 grams of fresh leaf bean, pour a glass of boiling water, infuse for 15 minutes. Then strain and add to the infusion 2 g of crushed salicylic acid, 10 ml of vodka and carrot juice. All mixed, wipe the skin twice a day.
  4. A special mask gives a little volume, reduces the amount of dandruff, and eliminates hair loss. You need to combine 20 grams of dried carrot tops and 20 grams of dried chamomile. All grind into a powder and pour a glass of boiling water. Insist for half an hour, then strain. Beat an egg and add it to the infusion, mix everything again. Now, with a brush, apply the mask to your scalp and hair roots. Wash off after 20 minutes with normal warm water and neutral shampoo.

Carrot tops in cooking

Carrot tops are used in various dishes as an ingredient or useful additive. The only important point is the bitter taste. It must be eliminated or concealed with other foods. Basil, ginger, garlic, fresh onions, chili peppers, and many spicy herbs will do an excellent job. When cooking, you can not throw carrot greens at the beginning of cooking, it will pass the bitterness to all the other products.

Carrot tops in cooking

You can get rid of the bitterness of carrot tops by soaking them in a salt solution. To do this, add 3 teaspoons of salt to 1 liter of water. Stir everything and put the greens in it. In 15-20 minutes the bitterness will be gone.

Carrot and beet tossed cabbage rolls

Exquisite carrot and beet botvina is prepared on the basis of kvass, beets, sorrel, carrot tots, parsley and spinach. If the proportions and overall structure of the recipe are maintained, fish or meat can be used. In general, the preparation will require:

  • fish - 500 g;
  • two beets;
  • fresh cucumber;
  • beet tops - 150 gr;
  • carrot tops - 150 gr;
  • sorrel - 100 g; spinach - 100 g
  • spinach - 100 gr; spinach - 100 gr
  • parsley - 30 g
  • green onions - 30 gr;
  • bread kvass - 500 ml;
  • sugar - tablespoon;
  • horseradish - teaspoon;
  • half a lemon;
  • mustard - half a teaspoon;
  • sour cream - to serve.

Two pots are needed, in one immediately put the beets to boil, in the other - a piece of fish. Boil in the classic way, bearing in mind that it is necessary to preserve the broth and broth. To the fish add a little salt, two bay leaves 5 minutes before cooking.

Take out the fish and strain the broth, save 250 ml of this liquid for the botvina. Put back in a pot with water and bring to the boil. Place the spinach and blanch for 30 seconds. Then take it out, cool it and finely chop it. Do the same with the sorrel, carrot and beet tops, simmer for 30 seconds and then chop. All move into the same bowl for the collection. Finely chop the cucumber, onion, parsley, add to the prepared haulm and mix everything.

Prepare the base using 250 ml of fish broth and 200 ml of beet broth. There pour kvass, add horseradish, sugar, salt, squeeze the juice of half a lemon and mix thoroughly.

Assemble the Botvina in a plate. Put the mass from the bowl with greens, tops and cucumbers on the bottom. On top of this pour the prepared cold sauerkraut-bouillon base. Add a portion of fish, a few ice cubes or a spoonful of sour cream and serve. This is a gourmet restaurant dish.


Salad with carrot tops is a light and extremely healthy dish. You can use the classic ingredients - tomatoes, cucumbers, onions. It is acceptable to experiment in the direction of Greek salads with nuts. However, the most simple and vitamin includes such products:

  • one floret of cauliflower;
  • several leaves of lettuce;
  • one small carrot;
  • 50 g of fresh carrot tops;
  • one cucumber;
  • one egg;
  • olive oil - a tablespoon;
  • salt and pepper.

Boil an egg, and in the meantime, tear lettuce with your hands, dice cucumber and finely diced raw carrots. It is acceptable to use boiled, it will be softer and nicer, but will lose some vitamins, and it will take time to boil. Divide the cauliflower into individual pieces. Finely chop the carrot tops.

In one bowl add all the ingredients, cut the boiled egg into small cubes and cool (you can in the fridge, chopped, it will cool down in 2-3 minutes). Stirring, add pepper, salt and olive oil. Vitamin and very tasty salad is ready.

Carrot and pepper curd casserole

This is a great snack dish. It is delicious, light and yet nutritious, and it is quite easy to prepare. Products needed:

  • one carrot;
  • 80 grams of carrot tops;
  • one-third of the sweet peppers;
  • two eggs;
  • Pack of cottage cheese with 6-9% fat content;
  • some cheese for decoration.

Grate the peppers and carrots on a grater and then mix. Add the carrot bean to the blender, there pour in the white of one egg and mix.

The base of the casserole will be cottage cheese, so add the remaining egg yolk and the second egg, a little salt and sugar, and then mix until smooth. Add about a quarter of the resulting curd mixture to the carrot stalk with the protein and stir once more in the blender. This will be the center layer of the casserole. It should be moved to a separate bowl.

The simplest recipe is formed on the type of one green layer, two orange, that is, they will have the same filling. However, a complication is possible, where each layer will get a different filling. Put the carrots and peppers in the blender, along with the remaining curd mixture, and mix again.

Now place a layer of carrot and pepper filling in the bottom of the baking dish. In the center of the green layer with the haulm, and on top of another with peppers and grated carrots. Put to bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 40 minutes. At the 35th minute, take out, check for doneness, sprinkle with cheese and send to bake. Can be served hot or cold.

Vitamin smoothie with carrot tops and kiwi fruit

It is easy to prepare, and it will be very tasty and extremely useful. Needed such products:

  • A glass of carrot tops;
  • One small sweet and sour apple;
  • One small kiwi;
  • One teaspoon of honey or sugar;
  • About 50 ml water.

Put the carrot tops in a blender and stir. Peel the kiwi and apple from the skin, it will only stir in the smoothie. Cut into pieces suitable for the blender and add there. Pour in the honey and water, stirring everything until smooth. A delicious, flavorful, extremely vitamin-rich smoothie is ready.

Health Hazards and Contraindications

Carrot chard does not contain obviously harmful substances. However, due to abuse, there will be an oversaturation of micro- and macronutrients, as well as vitamins. This is the only harm that can come from carrot greens, and only theoretically. The calculated toxic dose is more than 2.5 kg of carrot greens.

However, colitis and gastritis are conditional contraindications for taking decoctions or teas based on carrot tops. It is not recommended to use this product and pregnant women, as a high concentration of alkaloids can affect the development of the fetus.

There is a special contraindication for children. Do not use in any form of carrot tops before the age of 14 or puberty. The matter is the same alkaloids. Children's bodies simply do not know how to correctly break down these substances. They can have unpredictable effects on the child's hormonal and nervous system. However, we are rather talking about systematic consumption in food. From a single cup of tea or a salad with the leafy leaf, nothing will happen.

The traditional contraindication is allergies, especially when used externally. Special substances - furocoumarins - can cause a reaction when interacting with skin or gums.

Harvesting and storage of carrot tops

The useful part or raw material goes from the root rosette to the leaves. And if the stems are actively used for cooking, for preparations it is better to use only the leaves and delicate twigs.

Carrot tops cooking and storage

It is important to pick a good and useful carrot haulm. It should be bright, lush, evenly green. Another aspect is the growing conditions. Root crops and greens absorb substances from the ground. If aggressive chemicals, high doses of fertilizers and special substances were used, a busy highway is laid nearby, then the content of harmful compounds in the greens will be high, and such haulm is more likely to harm than benefit.

Fresh carrot tops are practically impossible to store, they will quickly wither, just like any other bundle of greens. At most a week in the refrigerator. But there are three ways to be sure to preserve the product until the next harvest:

  • Freezing;
  • drying;
  • pickling.

Greens lend themselves well to freezing in an ordinary household freezer. And you can store both chopped haulm and whole haulm. To do this, use plastic containers with an airtight lid or bags with clasps. Maximum preservation can be achieved by using a vacuum cleaner. Then place the packed carrot tops in a quick freezer drawer or set a special mode in the freezer, after 5-6 hours move them to the normal compartment of the camera or return the mode to normal. Carrot tops are stored up to a year, but repeated freezing is not allowed.

The most compact and practical option for medicinal purposes and limited culinary use as an additive to soups or sauces is simply to dry the haulm. Cut the greens into small pieces and then spread evenly on a sheet of paper. The room should be well ventilated. Dry 4 to 10 days, depending on humidity, temperature and airflow. When fully dried, put the carrot tops in jars or other containers and store in a dark and dry place.

Pickling will be a good option for culinary use, such haulm can be added to soups, sauces, marinades. You need to cut the greens into small pieces and pour everything into a bowl. Sprinkle salt on top. Proportion - a tablespoon without a hill per glass of greens. Stir the composition thoroughly and put in an airtight, pre-sterilized container. Stored pickled carrot tops in the refrigerator for up to 5 months.

How to eat carrot tops

It is allowed to use raw greens, you only need to rinse them with warm water. This is actively used in salads, exotic burgers and sandwiches. It is possible to prepare smoothies and cocktails that do not undergo heat treatment.

Dry and fresh haulm is popular to infuse or brew as a tea. Baking, frying, and boiling are acceptable. Thermal processing loses most of the vitamin C and up to 20% of the B vitamins. However, the product is still very useful.

It should be remembered that carrot stems contain a large number of fat-soluble vitamins. For them to work, it is necessary to have vegetable or animal fats. Therefore, such greens are excellent with soups, salads and creamy sauces.

Norms of consumption

There are no clearly calibrated norms of consumption. There is a toxic dose, but it is almost impossible to achieve, as it is 2.5 kg of fresh carrot tops per day.

Nutritionists recommend to eat about one bundle of leaves, that is, about 100 grams in terms of fresh greens a day, and regularly - 3-4 times a week. This way you achieve the greatest beneficial effect, eliminate vitamin K and selenium deficiencies. In this case, carrot stems do not get bored, and the diet becomes diverse.

Can I give chickens and rabbits carrot tots?

Rabbits are happy to eat carrot tops, but a measure must be observed. An overabundance of the product will lead to poisoning with organic acids, digestive disorders and other negative consequences.

The average recommended rate for a young rabbit, just weaned from its mother, is 20 g per day, can be mixed with dandelion, burdock and plantain. Later the daily dose is brought up to 30-40 g. An adult rabbit will gladly eat 60 g of greens. The same applies to dried carrot tops and can be added to hay or winter fodder. However, it is important to observe quality standards, forbidden dried greens with mold can kill the rabbits very quickly.

Chickens also respond well to carrot tops, but here the dosage is even smaller, 10 g per day is enough. It is optimal to combine beet and carrot greens, adding them to the diet in chopped form. In this way, the birds will get maximum nutrients and will develop well.

Interesting facts about carrots

Interesting facts about carrots

  1. Recent studies have established the homeland of the carrot - it is modern Afghanistan. However, it was unlike the modern root vegetable. Carrots were thin and predominantly purple in color with similar stems. The familiar orange carrot with a thick and fleshy root vegetable was an invention of Dutch breeders.
  2. For a long time around the world, carrots were considered a vegetable. For 3/4 of the world's population, this is still true today. However, a separate law was passed in the EU, which ruled that carrots are a fruit. The reason is extremely interesting - carrot jam is popular in Europe, and according to other, already fundamental EU laws, it can only be brewed and sold from fruit.
  3. Carrots have given their name to B-carotene. It is very rich in this substance in an easily digestible form. It was from carrots that B-carotene was first isolated, which was somewhat of a sensation in the scientific world. The new substance was named after carrots (carota in Latin).

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