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Can you whip cream 10 or 20 percent heavy?

When whipping cream, the fat content is crucial. A figure of 30 percent or higher is preferable. But if there is only a store-bought, so-called adapted product with a percentage of 10 or 20 units at hand, then when whipping you will have to apply small tricks to get the desired result. Even so, it is worth bearing in mind that you will not get steep peaks and that they will not last very long.

Cream characteristics

It is the topmost, fattest layer of milk, which is clearly visible on settling. To obtain it more quickly, the raw material is separated. Cream has long been a universal ingredient, it contains many vitamins and trace elements in an easily digestible form. In cooking they serve as a base for desserts and an element of decoration. With a high fat content the cream is easily whipped and retains its shape for a long time. When a product of sufficient fatness is not available, you will have to make do with the available options.

Extra ingredients for whipping cream

Their purpose is to increase the percentage of fatness or to enhance stability while maintaining shape.

Can you whip cream 10 or 20 percent fat

Creamy butter

Used in combination with cream to make pastry cream. To obtain a homogeneous, airy mass, both ingredients are gently heated, mixed, and then whipped until foamy. The resulting mixture should be kept in the refrigerator for about 2 hours and then whipped again.

Thickeners .

You can buy them in any store, pre-packaged in sachets. The volume is small, on the package indicates how much liquid it is designed for. Approximate calculation - 10 grams per 250 ml. of cream. It contains powdered sugar and starch in a ratio of 2:1, so you can make a similar mixture at home yourself. If the fat content of the cream is within 10%, the amount of thickener is increased one and a half times.

Important: the cooled mass is whipped more easily.


The substance has its own flavor, which is not to everyone's liking. To hide it, a little citric acid and vanilla is added to the composition. In this way, the creamy flavor and aroma is preserved, and the peaks are quite stable. 7 gr. Dry gelatin is dissolved in a small amount of cream, after the mass has swollen, it is heated and a thin trickle is poured into the remaining cream. In total, 250 ml of liquid is used. Whisk until thickened, use it to decorate pastries or desserts.


First whip the cream until it is foamy. Then gently whisk in the mass pre-cooled egg white of 1 hen or 2 quail eggs. Beating continues at maximum speed until an airy homogeneous mass is obtained.

It is worth noting that the cream of 10% fat content is better simply added to the coffee in its original form. Whipping them even with additional ingredients is likely to fail or the result will be very unstable. The optimal option is a product with a fat content of 33 to 38%. In the store on the package it says so - "whipping cream".

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