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Food preservation
Proper food preservation is necessary to keep food fresh and
fresh and nutritious food must be stored in the right way.
How to Store Food

Can raw egg yolks be frozen?

After whipping meringue remains raw egg yolks, which is a pity to throw away. If you know the intricacies of freezing, you can later use the product to make baked goods, desserts, homemade mayonnaise, or simply spread on toast.

Shelf life and storage conditions for egg yolks

The shelf life of the yolk, extracted from a thoroughly washed shell, depends on the conditions, place of storage, packaging, freshness of the product and even its further use.

Terms and conditions for storing egg yolks

For example, to prepare cream, the product is used within six hours. If you plan to introduce it into baking dough, the shelf life is extended up to one day. Sanitary rules and regulations prescribe a storage temperature not exceeding 6 degrees.

In the refrigerator.

Separated from the whites yolks immediately transfer to a clean dry container, close tightly with a lid, put on the shelf of the refrigerator. Tight packing is necessary to prevent the surface from drying out and absorbing foreign odors.

If the product is left unclaimed within 24 hours, it must be boiled and used within a day, frozen or discarded.

It is possible to extend the shelf life for another 24 hours if the shell is intact. In this case, place the yolk in a glass, pour boiling cold water or vegetable oil.

For brighter baked goods, culinary experts advise cooling the yolk for at least ten hours. During this time, as a result of ongoing biochemical processes, the color will change from yellow to orange.

Boiled egg yolks keep their freshness in the fridge for 2-3 days. Egg powder has a shelf life of six months to two years.

In the freezer.

Properly prepared frozen yolks are good for further use in home cooking for six months. Do not store them whole, as the product becomes rubbery when defrosted. It is pre-whipped with salt or sugar, depending on its further use.

At room temperature

Yolk raw and boiled without the shell retains its consumer properties at room temperature no more than two hours. If during this time the product was not used as intended, it becomes unsafe for health.

Important! Yolk with an expired shelf life is a breeding ground for pathogens that cause food poisoning.

How to freeze egg yolks correctly

To preserve the properties as much as possible, the yolks are frozen with sugar, salt or trimolin (invert syrup consisting of equal parts glucose, fructose). The product is better preserved in an ice mold with volumetric cells for each yolk. It is mixed with sugar or sprinkled with sweetener on top before being placed in a container. Such freezing is designed for making baked goods, desserts.

How to freeze egg yolks correctly

If the product is to be used for unsweetened dishes, it is whipped with salt before being sent to the freezer. This method is especially relevant for yolks with damaged shells.

The product is frozen in ice molds after one day. For further storage, it is transferred into a food container or bag with a lock.

It is not possible to fully restore the original structure after defrosting, so confectioners are advised to add such yolks in the dough.

For the preparation of desserts is more suitable freezing with trimolin or its counterpart honey, added in an amount of 10% of the total mass. In this case, the consistency after defrosting remains the same as in the original raw yolk.

Whisk both ingredients with a whisk until homogeneous, pour into ziploc bags or pour into the cells of an ice mold.

Write the date and method of freezing on the package so you know what foods to use this or that bag for and when it will expire.

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Beginning cooks are wondering how to properly defrost a product, whether it will change its taste and how to determine if it is past its expiration date.

Does freezing change the taste?

Freezing weakens the taste of eggs, making it less pronounced. It does not matter if the thawed yolks are used in doughs or to thicken homemade sauces. When spreading on bread, adding to salads, omelets, professionals advise adding seasonings, spices.

How to know if the yolks have gone bad?

Signs of expired yolks:

  • Brownish color;
  • A repulsive smell;
  • Fluid, mucus secretion;
  • mold on the surface.

It is not always possible to recognize a spoiled product, especially at the beginning of the reproduction of pathogenic microflora. To avoid food poisoning, affix a sticker to the package with the date of storage. After the expiration date, dispose of the product, even if there are no obvious signs of spoilage.

How do I defrost the egg yolks properly?

To preserve quality, defrost the product gradually. The texture is harmed by temperature changes. A container with yolks move to the shelf of the refrigerator, leave overnight.

The next day, use the thawed parts of the eggs to prepare dishes that require heat treatment. Professionals advise introducing defrosted yolks together with fresh ones into the dough. An alternative defrosting method can be used. Put a hermetically sealed container under a stream of cold water or put it in a bowl of ice water.

To avoid health problems, obey the SanPiNa, do not keep the product in the refrigerator longer than a day. Be prepared for the fact that thawed yolk changes the consistency, taste.

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