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Mousse cake: how to freeze and store properly?

Mousse cake, a pastry product native to France, surprises with its taste, combination of ingredients and textures. To stabilize the liquid mousse, create a chocolate smooth coating and retain the structure when decorating, the cake must be frozen.

What is a mousse cake

European dessert is gaining popularity, gradually replacing the usual sweets.

Mousse Cake

To make it, you need to have an outstanding taste, knowledge of terminology, and pastry chef skills. Multilayer cake looks smart thanks to the final coating of chocolate velour or icing, the cake cut pleases the eye with colorful, airy structure.

What's in it

The classic recipe for mousse cake involves the preparation, assembly of four layers:

Biscuit base.
This can be a brownie, dacquoise, Joconda or honey biscuit with a height of 0.7-1.3 cm in diameter 2 cm less than the assembly mold.

Brownies are made with butter, eggs, a minimal amount of flour with the addition of chocolate, pieces of fruit. The Joconda air cake has almonds as part of its composition. Dacauz confectioners make from nut and wheat flour, chocolate chips, and whipped egg whites.

The basic recipe for the mousse includes Belgian milk chocolate, white or dark chocolate, high-quality gelatin, and whipped cream. You can make mousse from cottage cheese, cream. In both cases, the addition of pureed fruit, berries is allowed. This part of the cake is prepared before the assembly.

Stuffing .
Made from chopped fruit, berries (puree, sauce), thickened with a gelling component. The main thing is to choose the right flavor combinations. With white and dark chocolate in harmony with raspberries, bananas, cherries and strawberries, with milk - blueberries, mango and passion fruit. Banana and caramel are added to creamy mousse. Universal fruit, spice - pear, apple, cinnamon. English curd, which is a fruit custard, most often lemon, is also used for filling.

The cake is covered with chocolate glaze or velour, made of equal parts cocoa butter, chocolate with the addition of food coloring. In the first case, the cake is placed on a stand standing on a plate. Pour the glaze over the dessert in a quick circular motion. Smooth it out, then remove the excess with a spatula from the bottom edge of the pastry after it runs off.

To get a velour coating, you will need a spray paint gun with a fine dispersion spray.

A fifth crisp layer (crumble) can be added for contrasting structures. It is made from a mixture of crushed wafers, caramelized or ground nuts (praline), and chocolate. Another variation on kramble is to mix waffle crumbs, chocolate and butter.

Can I Freeze a Mousse Cake

Freezing the cake is the cooking step that determines the final result. The dessert in the form is frozen for at least 8-12 hours to stabilize the mousse with gelatin, obtain a mirror surface without flaws.

Can I Freeze Mousse Cake

Before assembling the confectionery, freeze the sponge, filling. Freezer storage extends the shelf life of mousse cakes and gives pastry chefs the opportunity to make preserves.

Can I Re-Freeze

Cakes coated with icing or velour are not recommended to be re-frozen in the freezer. The taste worsens when the cake is defrosted.

Shelf life and storage conditions

If the mousse cake is left on the table at room temperature, in a couple of hours it will deform, flow. For the confectionery product, two methods of storage are suitable:

On the refrigerator shelf.

In the refrigerator, assembled, completely cooled and defrosted French dessert is kept in a closed container or on a tray, wrapped in food film. The shelf life is three days if the temperature does not exceed 6°C, the limit is 5 days. Purchased dessert is better to save in the factory packaging - cardboard or plastic box.

It is important to observe the commodity neighborhood. It is unacceptable to have products with a pungent odor - meat, fish, dairy products - next to the cake. Ideally, there should be a separate chamber or at least a shelf.

The confectionery also defrosts in the refrigerator. Depending on the size, it will take from three to five hours. After slicing into portions, the dainty is immediately returned to the refrigerator.

In the freezer

To completely prevent the process of reproduction of harmful microorganisms, the product is stored at a temperature no higher than -18 degrees.

The sweet product does not lose its original organoleptic characteristics in the freezer for one month. Although confectioners have different opinions on this issue. Some believe that the cake begins to change taste after two weeks, others say that the consumer properties are retained for up to three months.

Hostesses often ask whether you can store at sub-zero temperature delicacies with frosting or velour. The velour-coated dessert, applied in a thin layer and made with quality products, sets immediately. You can put it in the freezer without worry. Mirror glaze is better to pour on defrosted cakes before use, otherwise the coating will lose its shine.

The French are not proud of their invention for nothing. The taste, spectacular appearance leave no one indifferent to the exquisite treat.

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