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Cashew nuts: health properties and contraindications

Cashew is the most unusual nut, and not only for its taste qualities, but also for the way it is grown. This delicacy product is widely used in cooking, medicine and cosmetology, as a large concentration of vitamins and minerals is its main advantage.

Homeland of this unusual nut - India, so in common people it is called "Indian nut". This confirms the special taste, filled with notes of spice and sophistication. But like any product, cashews have their useful and harmful properties, which must be taken into account to avoid a negative reaction of the body to such food.

How cashews grow

In appearance, the cashew tree is similar to the apple tree, but there are certain differences that are important to consider when growing such a fruit-bearing plant. It is an evergreen spreading tree, which can reach a height of up to 13 meters, so when planting it, you should take care about the appropriate space to avoid inconveniences later on. Its crown is broad and dense and can grow to up to 12 meters. The leaves are large and wiry (5-20 cm in length), so the overall impression of massiveness is created not only by the tree, but also by the branches.

The benefits and harms of cashews

The resemblance to an apple tree is achieved by the fact that the tree bears pear-shaped fruits, either pink or yellow, depending on the variety of cashew. But the most interesting thing is that such a peculiar pear is supplemented with a suspended nut in a tough shell. The shell hides the nut kernel, which is suitable for consumption. But this does not mean that only the kernels are suitable for food; the fruits themselves, which are called "kaju apples," can also be eaten. The fruit's sour but juicy and rich flavor are its main benefits, which is why it is widely used in experimental cooking in India, Africa, and other Asian countries.

As for the shell in which the nut matures, there is only one fruit in such a "body", so to get a large crop, you need to plant a proper plantation.

Important! Do not open the shell with bare hands, as the resin on the surface can cause chemical burns, which is fraught with serious consequences.

To remove the resin that envelops the nut, you can use heat treatment, which literally dissolves the substance and opens access to the kernel.

How much you can eat cashews a day

Cashews differ from other nuts in that they have minimal fat, so their energy value is much lower. But in order to benefit the body, you need to stick to the daily rate.

The maximum allowable daily rate is 30 grams. For a child, no more than 20 grams is allowed, because the abuse of the product can cause disorders in the gastrointestinal tract.

Important! Before taking cashew nuts, it is necessary to consult a doctor, because there may be individual contraindications.

Which is healthier: cashews or almonds

Almonds and cashews are eternal rivals, as the similar composition and energy value create the maximum similarity between the products. But which is healthier: cashews or almonds? Presented are the main distinguishing facts that will allow you to make the final choice:

  1. Cashews have several times higher content of iron, thanks to which the body receives much more benefits.
  2. Cashews contain more copper than almonds, so 30 grams of nuts can compensate 69% of the daily requirement of an adult body for this element.
  3. But as for vitamin E, almonds have several times more vitamin E.
  4. Calcium is slightly more in almonds, so when the product is eaten regularly, it can prevent problems with bones, nails and teeth. Cashews, on the other hand, are low in this element.

But it is important to take the right attitude to the construction of the diet, because each type of nut, in addition to the benefits, has individual contraindications.

Composition and calories

Cashew is a high-calorie product, and the energy value is achieved not at all due to the concentration of saturated fats in the composition. Therefore, when losing weight or dieting for medical reasons, it is advisable to be careful in calculating the caloric content of the product consumed. If you take into account the maximum possible amount of cashews per day, the calories will be absolutely acceptable and safe for weight loss.

The caloric value of cashew nuts is 600 kcal/100 grams, and the B/L/D ratio is 18.5/48.5/22.5. As you can see, the energy value is achieved at the expense of carbohydrates, so it is recommended to use cashews as a second breakfast or snack. In the evening, it is not recommended to eat high-carbohydrate products, as they are deposited in fat cells. The body does not have time to cope with carbohydrates consumed in the second half of the day, so they "take root" in the body in the form of slags and extra pounds.

Chemical composition:

  1. The most useful things in cashews are the fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9, which are involved in the work of the body, strengthening the immune system and overall health. Regular intake reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood, which proves to be an effective prevention of plaques and blockages, and is also considered an important benefit within the health of the body.
  2. Tryptophan is a substance found in cashew nuts that is beneficial to the nervous system and brain activity by creating new neural connections. This improves memory and contributes to the overall calming of the person.
  3. B, E, K and PP vitamins are indispensable helpers for the whole body, as they have a restorative effect.
  4. Minerals in the form of potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and so on are protection for the body, which prevents the appearance of atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, problems with the musculoskeletal system and other diseases.
  5. The plant protein found in cashew nuts is an opportunity to get a valuable product without harming the overall condition, as the body takes it more easily.

Important! Cashews will only be useful if chosen correctly and taken according to the allowable standards.

What are the benefits of cashew nuts

Cashew is a natural Indian nut, which has benefits for the whole body, thanks to which the effect of a complete recovery of the work of internal organs and systems is provided. But it is important to know what exactly the product is useful for the female and male body, during pregnancy and lactation, as well as for children. This will allow you to take the right attitude to build the use of nuts without harming the body, getting only the benefits and enjoying its exquisite taste.

What are the benefits of cashews

For women

Women's health needs constant support, because this way you can prevent the appearance of many problems. Cashew nuts also have a supportive effect due to the high concentration of nutrients and minerals in their composition. Experts single out such positive qualities of cashew nuts for the female body:

  1. The level of discomfort during painful menstruation is reduced.
  2. The probability of conception increases due to the normalization of the reproductive system.
  3. Increases sexual desire.
  4. Stabilizes the emotional state, thanks to which the girl feels more calm and confident.
  5. The condition of nails, hair and skin improves, because the inner filling with useful substances and microelements is provided.
  6. Hormonal background is normalized, emotional instability is eliminated.

For men

Men also need a constant replenishment of vitamins and minerals in the body, so it is important to include cashews in the diet as a preventive measure, as well as for the treatment of various diseases:

  1. The work of the prostate gland improves, so the man becomes more confident sexually.
  2. The state of the cardiovascular system improves, and considering the fact that the representatives of the strong half of mankind are more often exposed to such diseases, such prevention will be extremely important.
  3. The metabolism is accelerated, which helps to get rid of excess weight. Cashews are considered particularly useful for abdominal obesity, which is most often diagnosed in men.
  4. Muscle mass builds up, so the man becomes more enduring and stronger physically.

The daily norm of cashew nuts is calculated for men individually, depending on the daily caloric intake and body weight, because active sports require special attention to the diet to replenish lost resources.


When pregnant, a woman's body needs additional vitamins, so it is important to pay careful attention to the composition of the diet. The daily norm of cashews in the diet of the future mother provides such benefits for her body and the health of the baby:

  1. Iron deficiency is eliminated, thus normalizing the overall condition of the body.
  2. Bone tissues are strengthened in the woman and the unborn child.
  3. Restores the gastrointestinal tract, thereby preventing constipation, which often affects pregnant women.
  4. Transport of vitamins from mother to child is organized, as cashews contain all the necessary substances for this.

But it is important to observe the daily rate to avoid deterioration of both mother and fetus.

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When breastfeeding

The lactation period refers to the special for both mother and child, so it is important to control the diet of a nursing woman so that the breast milk contains only beneficial micro- and macronutrients.

Cashews can be included in the diet, but it is important to remember that although they are not a strong allergen, it is still necessary to observe the rule of a gradual increase in the amount. It is best to start with 1 nut per day, gradually increasing the amount to the daily rate. But if there is a negative reaction from the child's body, you need to immediately exclude the product to avoid further problems.

Important! It is recommended to initially consult a pediatrician for general advice on introducing cashew nuts into the mother's diet.

For children

In raw form cashews should not be given to a child, because they are hard to digest and can cause gastrointestinal disorders. As for the benefits of such a nut, the following features are noted:

  1. The work of the circulatory system is normalized, as it is filled with oxygen, which normalizes the level of hemoglobin.
  2. Vitamins and minerals contained in cashew nuts are better absorbed by the body, so it is an excellent preventive agent against colds and viral diseases.
  3. Teeth and gums are strengthened, which is especially important for children.
  4. The appearance of skin diseases is excluded.

Which cashew is healthier: roasted or raw

To begin with we need to understand the difference between raw and roasted cashews, because the product either acquires new qualities or loses the existing ones when it is processed in a special way.

Roasted cashews are products that have undergone heat treatment, which makes them fully edible and recommended for children. Raw cashews are freshly harvested fruits that do not undergo additional processing, so there is a possibility of a negative reaction of the body.

Fresh cashews contain the phenolic resin cardol, due to which there is a high probability of chemical burns of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and internal organs.

It is recommended to consume only roasted nuts so that, in addition to the vitamin benefits, to enjoy a refined taste and aroma, which after the heat treatment of the product becomes more pronounced.

The benefits of cashews for weight loss

When losing weight, it is necessary to control the caloric content of foods to avoid overdoing the right amount of kcal, as this is fraught with the risk of overweight. It is also important to consider the energy value and benefits of foods, which requires a careful attitude to the construction of the diet to avoid overeating or oversaturation of the body is not the most useful carbohydrates. It is the carbohydrates and saturated fats in high concentrations that lead to overweight, so a certain balance must be observed when losing weight.

Cashew nuts for weight loss can be considered a real salvation, because they eliminate appetite and saturate the body with useful substances. But it is important to remember that the high amount of carbohydrates in the composition prohibits uncontrolled consumption. It is best to eat nuts in the first half of the day or instead of an afternoon snack. For dinner, such food is not recommended because of the need for prolonged digestion, which the body can not provide. The leftovers are deposited in the body and will soon turn into an additional plus on the scales.

Cashew nuts in medicine

Studies and medical observations have shown that cashews are not only tasty, but also good for the body. But like any other product, cashews have their own indications and contraindications for use. Therefore, it is important to carefully read all the features, so that subsequently do not encounter problems of a medical nature.

Cashew nuts in medicine

In case of diabetes

With diabetes, cashew nuts are considered a useful source of vitamins and minerals, so they can satisfy hunger without harming sugar levels. In addition, the product normalizes the work of internal organs, which alleviates the overall condition.

Important: The glycemic index of raw and roasted cashew nuts is 15 units.

In pancreatitis

In acute pancreatitis it is forbidden to eat cashews, because they, like any other nuts, have a high concentration of saturated fats. This overloads the pancreas, which may negatively affect the overall health. But in the absence of inflammatory process, nuts are allowed, moreover, they provide a good antioxidant effect, which improves the function of internal organs.

For gastritis

With gastritis, cashew nuts are allowed due to the fact that they have in their composition many useful for the body micro- and macronutrients. But it is recommended to eat no more than 5 pieces per day, so as not to provoke additional irritation of the mucous membrane of the esophagus and stomach.

For the intestines

Cashew nuts have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, so they are extremely useful for intestinal function. Regular use of the product prevents constipation or diarrhea, and normalizes the digestive system. But you should not abuse the product, as it can lead to adverse reactions.

In case of gout

In the composition of cashew nuts there are useful minerals and vitamins that have a beneficial effect on overall health. As for consumption in gout, due to the ability to improve the quality of the blood, nuts can relieve the acute syndrome of the disease. But it is recommended to additionally consult with the attending doctor to avoid a negative reaction of the body.

Cashew Urbech: the benefits and harms

Cashew urbeche is a natural product, which is a paste based on these nuts. The absence of sweeteners or chemical additives makes the product the most useful and safe for the body. Among the positive qualities are:

  1. Normalization of the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. Elimination of appetite due to the excellent satiety of the product.
  3. Improvement of the metabolism, as all the toxins and toxins that have a poisonous effect are removed from the body.
  4. Elimination of inflammatory processes in the body, thanks to which it is possible to have a preventive effect in order to prevent various kinds of diseases.

But be that as it may, cashew seed cake has its own contraindications:

  1. It is not recommended for people with exacerbated pancreatitis and gastritis, because the saturation with fat negatively affects the function of the stomach and pancreas.
  2. Due to the high caloric content, the product is not very useful for weight loss, but in minimal doses it is necessary.

Properly selected cashew urbechee provides an opportunity to adjust the internal organs and have an anti-inflammatory effect, which is important to prevent gastric, renal and hepatic diseases.

Cashew oil: benefits and uses

Cashew oil is considered a delicacy because it requires a lot of nut kernels to make. But at the same time it is very useful for internal and external beauty. The composition contains saturated vegetable fats, so the product easily saturates the body, and can also be used in cosmetology to restore the beauty of hair and skin. The most important thing is to use the product correctly to avoid overdosing, which can turn into an allergic reaction or stomach upset.

Cashew oil

Cashew oil can be used for:

  • salad dressings;
  • marinades for fish and meat;
  • Cold and hot soups.

The oil is also used to make nourishing masks to strengthen hair and nails, moisturizing creams for hands and face.

This is not the whole list of possibilities for using cashew oil. The product refers to the universal, so the benefits of it are observed in different cases.

Harm and contraindications

Despite the great benefits, cashew nuts can bring some harm. Therefore, it is worth learning about the contraindications that are important to consider before including the product in the diet:

  1. Allergic reactions can occur with uncontrolled consumption of nuts or individual intolerance to the product.
  2. The product is contraindicated for kidney stones, because soluble oxalates can have a detrimental effect on the current state, aggravating it.
  3. If nuts are consumed incorrectly (using raw product, overdosing), there is a high probability of chemical burns, which is justified by the presence in the composition of the phenolic resin cardol.
  4. In acute gastritis or pancreatitis, these nuts are not recommended.

Individually it is worth consulting a doctor to understand the overall benefits and harms depending on the characteristics of the body.

How cashew allergies manifest themselves

Cashew allergy is considered a complex pathology, which can be congenital or acquired, so it is necessary to strictly control the amount of consumed fruit. The allergic reaction is manifested as follows:

  1. A fine red rash on the body.
  2. Allergic cough.
  3. Itching in the nose and throat area, which gradually turns into a feeling of constant burning.
  4. Stomach upset and intestinal cramps.

If any of these symptoms occur, you should seek medical help immediately.

How to choose and store cashews

To get the most out of cashew nuts, they must be chosen and stored correctly so that their composition does not change and they do not become dry, moldy or dry out. It is best to buy them in specialized stores or grocery hypermarkets, which guarantee the observance of temperature conditions to preserve quality and usefulness. But additionally, it is important to consider such rules:

How to choose and store cashews

  1. The product must be in a sealed package, so that contact with open space is excluded, because the dust that settles can lead to spoilage of nuts.
  2. It is necessary to check the expiration date to avoid purchasing a spoiled product.
  3. Also it is necessary to check the country of the producer and the name of the company of the creator, so you can determine how safe and quality the product is considered.

And when storing it is important to consider the following recommendations:

  1. It is best to store the product in a place with minimal light.
  2. It is allowed to store nuts in the refrigerator or freezer.
  3. It is recommended to isolate nuts from other products in the refrigerator so that they do not absorb foreign odors.
  4. And most importantly, it is necessary to observe the level of humidity, so that the product does not spoil during storage.

How to make cashew milk

It is possible to make cashew milk at home. The main advantage of making this drink is a minimum of effort and time.

For the preparation you will need raw cashew nuts and water. Grinding the product with the addition of water to the consistency of milk takes a few minutes, depending on the power of the blender. The amount of water is selected individually, as some people like very liquid milk, and some - pasty.

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How to roast cashews

If you could not buy roasted cashews, you can roast raw cashews. The main thing is to keep the rules in mind. For roasting, you will need an ordinary frying pan, an oven or even a microwave oven with a drying function. The time of heat treatment is chosen individually depending on the degree of rawness of the product.

Cashews are usually baked in an oven preheated to 180°C for about 12-15 minutes.

Can cashews be given to pets?

It is allowed to give cashews to dogs and cats, considering that most animals of this kind are meat-eaters. Therefore, they do not have enough nutrients in the body, which negatively affects their overall condition. But it is recommended to give no more than 2 pieces per day, depending on the size of the animal, and such food is also prohibited in cases of kidney and liver disease. It can provoke the appearance of complications.

Interesting facts about cashews

About cashew nuts, as well as any other product from this category, there are many interesting facts:

Interesting facts about cashews

  1. In India, these fruits are considered to belong to the category of grace, so their consumption allows the acquisition of mental and physical tranquility.
  2. In Africa, cashews are actively used as a tattoo medium.
  3. The Portuguese believe that cashews are more noble and nutritious compared to almonds, so they have a greater preference for them.

Cashew nuts are undoubtedly good for the human body, but only the right choice and storage will allow you to get only the best from the product.

«Important: All information on the site is provided solely for introductory purposes only. Before applying any recommendations, consult with a specialized health care professionals before you use any of the recommendations. Neither the editors nor the authors shall be held liable for any possible harm caused by materials."

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