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Nutrition in hemorrhoids: what you can and what not to eat?

List of foods and drinks that you can and can not eat with such a disease as hemorrhoids.

What you can and can't eat with hemorrhoids

Nutrition for hemorrhoids


The diet for hemorrhoids includes red lentils. It is rich in vegetable protein, which helps to restore intestinal function. Along with berries, fruits and vegetables, lentils should be eaten more often during treatment.

Wheat porridge

In hemorrhoids, first of all, you need to regulate the diet, based on what kind of stool the patient has. And, in addition to other products that normalize stool, wheat gruel is necessarily introduced in the diet, because it contributes to this and has a favorable effect on the work of the intestines.

Corn porridge

In this disease, it is very important to avoid constipation. Therefore, the diet must be varied and balanced in terms of the combination of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Corn porridge is just part of such a balanced diet. It contains a lot of magnesium and potassium, which increase intestinal peristalsis and remove the very cause of hemorrhoids. It is also useful because it contains a lot of iron, which prevents anemia, and this is very important because hemorrhoids are often accompanied by this pathology.

To get the maximum benefit from corn porridge, in this case it is worth taking grits coarse grinding and serve the dish with vegetables rich in fiber.

Milk thistle oil

Very effective are enemas with milk thistle oil for inflammation of hemorrhoidal nodes. Carry out such procedures as follows - first you need to make an ordinary enema, and then with the addition of 30 ml of vegetable squeeze. As an additional measure, it is recommended to lubricate the area around the anus with this oil.

Black cumin oil

Relevant this remedy and for diseases such as hemorrhoids. In this case, cumin oil can be part of therapeutic baths, ointments or lotions. Thanks to the substances included in the oil, it will help:

  • completely relieve or reduce acute pain syndrome;
  • Stop bleeding of different intensity;
  • completely relieve inflammation;
  • Soften stools, facilitating the process of defecation;
  • Increase the elasticity of the skin, preventing the formation of new microcracks;
  • Accelerate the healing process of cracks.

The naturalness of the product allows it to be used to treat those patients who are contraindicated for many drugs, which is especially important for pregnant and lactating women.

Linseed oil

To treat hemorrhoids with linseed oil, it is sufficient to drink a tablespoon of the product before meals for a month. When applied externally, it is necessary to make regular compresses or baths. To prepare such a remedy, you will need 30 ml each of linseed oil and sea buckthorn oil, 1 g of "Anesthesin" and 50 g of calendula ointment. All ingredients must be mixed. Ready to enter the product rectally with a tampon. This procedure is usually carried out at night.

Pumpkin seed oil

In this disease, the use of pumpkin seed oil as microclimaxes is recommended - no more than 5 ml at a time. If there is itching or burning, it is recommended to stop using this product.

Coconut oil

According to many therapists, coconut oil will help to solve such a problem as hemorrhoids, especially in the initial stage of the disease. When using this product externally, a reduction is noted:

  • hemorrhoidal nodes;
  • itching;
  • pain syndrome;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • swelling;
  • irritation.

Thanks to the substances contained in the oil, cell regeneration is improved, which allows you to speed up the healing process.

Sea buckthorn oil

In hemorrhoids, sea buckthorn oil quickly relieves pain and gives a feeling of comfort. It speeds up the healing of wounds and fissures and helps to restore dilated blood vessels, does not give rise to serious varicose intestinal veins. The peristalsis of the intestine, the condition of its mucosa, the work of the muscular wall is stabilized. All this can be achieved with ordinary rectal suppositories based on sea buckthorn oil, or simply by smearing the diseased areas directly with pure oil.

But in no case can you use this method of treatment if there is intestinal bleeding, intestinal oncology, thrombosis in the hemorrhoidal focus (node) or the wounds have already become very large in area.

Hemp oil

The anti-inflammatory and healing properties of the oil are widely used in the treatment of hemorrhoids. It is soaked in tampons and inserted into the anus, leaving them in overnight. The effectiveness of the treatment is directly related to the degree of complexity of the patient's condition.


With this disease, it is necessary to regularly use butter, as it helps to get rid of constipation and hemorrhoids. Butter can have a beneficial effect on the body: it relieves the symptoms of hemorrhoids, reduces inflammation and can even reduce pain during defecation. Ointments and oil suppositories can have anti-inflammatory effects, relieve pain, itching swelling of hemorrhoidal nodes and heal wounds.

Olive oil

In the presence of hemorrhoidal nodes, olive oil is always included in the treatment package. When the product is used internally, due to its special properties, it is possible to adjust the digestive processes and ensure regular emptying of the intestines. The olive product is included in many recipes for external application for hemorrhoids. With the use of such means, it is possible to stop bleeding, reduce swelling, localize inflammation.

In addition, vegetable oil activates wound healing processes. Olive oil is used to prepare therapeutic microclysters and ointments. The product is necessarily included in the diet for this disease.

Goat milk

Acceptance of goat's milk is indicated in the presence of hemorrhoids, it works especially well when consumed on an empty stomach before breakfast. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce enlarged knots. In the presence of lactose intolerance, it is better to use whey milk.


What fermented dairy products you can and can't eat with hemorrhoids

With this disease, it is very important to establish the digestive process, so that there is no constipation. That's why ryazhenka is a must in the therapeutic diet for hemorrhoids. In addition to the fact that it improves intestinal peristalsis and contains beneficial bacteria, its constituent vitamins and minerals strengthen the walls of blood vessels.


To relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids, it is important to follow a diet. Cottage cheese is one of the approved foods for this disease. It is beneficial due to the micronutrients in its composition. The cottage cheese helps to normalize the intestinal microflora. It will help to soften the stool masses. However, in the period of exacerbation of the disease, the dairy product can be eaten after three days.


In this disease, fermented dairy products are recommended, because they are better absorbed by the body. But whole milk can cause additional digestive problems.


The treatment of hemorrhoids requires the presence in the diet of at least 3 glasses of kefir, because it improves the microflora not only the stomach but also the intestines, so relieves inflammation and prevents the proliferation of hemorrhoids. Suitable product of medium to high fat content due to a sufficient concentration of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.


Yogurt can also be considered as a preventive measure against hemorrhoids - by eating it regularly and combining it with fruits, dried fruits and fiber, you will never suffer from this problem.

During an exacerbation of the disease, yogurt is an essential part of the diet, as it is good at normalizing the stool.


Cholodec in hemorrhoids is not contraindicated. The only condition is the addition of more ground meat than in the usual cooking.


There are many effective, proven recipes for hemorrhoids, the main ingredient in which is lard. You can make suppositories of melted lard for cracks, for soreness, with the addition of herbs. Reviews about this method of treatment are positive, but before starting the course you should definitely consult a doctor.


With this problem, both women and men should not include in the diet of sausage products, in particular, sausages, which provoke constipation. They lead to damage to the lymphatic system of the rectum in hemorrhoids.


Corn in hemorrhoids is recommended by medics, as it can cleanse the body and eliminate constipation.


The consumption of the root vegetable helps to make the process of defecation regular, which is a key factor in the prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids. Beet juice compresses help with acute inflammation.


When the disease develops, tomatoes should be present in the diet, as they help to relieve inflammation, have an enveloping property and normalize the digestive process.


In folk medicine, the product is also used to treat hemorrhoids. The substances included in the composition allow to relieve the inflammatory process.

For treatment, various infusions are made for enemas. It is useful to use the vegetable and in fresh form.


It is allowed to consume garlic with hemorrhoids, but it is necessary to observe some rules, namely, to eat the product exclusively in raw form, no more than 4 cloves per day. In the case of internal hemorrhoids with bleeding, the product should be used finely grinded.


A pronounced effect on hemorrhoids from the eggplant diet has not been achieved. However, this fruit is recommended for systematic consumption at least 4 times a week. The impact goes in two directions at once:

  1. Normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, softening of stool and as a consequence less damage to the hemorrhoidal nodes.
  2. General strengthening of the walls of blood vessels, including in the hemorrhoidal node, which reduces the number of ruptures and bleeding.

Peking cabbage

Dishes of Beijing cabbage in hemorrhoids are recommended by specialists because of the presence of fiber in it, which prevents constipation. It is these that are contraindicated for such patients.

In addition, unlike other varieties of cabbage, Peking cabbage has the lowest rate of gas formation. For salads made of Peking cabbage, you can take cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots as additional components. Boiled eggs or chicken breast will be a useful addition to the peking cabbage. Vegetable oil, yogurt, sour cream or kefir can be used as dressing.


Celery can be taken only in the initial stage of hemorrhoids in a limited amount during the period of persistent remission. In the acute form of the ailment, the use of the vegetable crop should be limited for a number of reasons:

  1. Vitamin K promotes blood clotting, so eating celery can cause hemorrhoids to enlarge.
  2. Including celery in your diet can cause fibrin to form, which forms the basis of a blood clot.
  3. The undigested remains of coarse fiber can damage hemorrhoid nodes, aggravating the course of the disease with unpleasant symptoms in the form of inflammation and bleeding.


Pumpkin can relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids. The most effective in this case is the vegetable juice. For treatment, you need to squeeze the juice from the ripe fruit, strain and use 55-70 ml in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before a meal. The course lasts up to 4 weeks.

Cucumbers .

Patients suffering from hemorrhoids are better off avoiding canned vegetables and focusing on fresh cucumbers. They will help avoid the discomfort associated with stool disorders.


Which vegetables you can and can't eat with hemorrhoids

In this disease it is very important that the muscles and blood vessels do not strain when defecating, otherwise it can cause bleeding. Since zucchini greatly improves digestion and intestinal peristalsis, it helps with this condition as well.

Bell peppers

In hemorrhoids, doctors advise to reduce the consumption of bell peppers, so as not to provoke the aggravation of the disease. Peppers should not be eaten with open bleeding, bruises, including hemorrhoidal lumps.


For the prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids, broccoli is more suitable than any other product. The dietary fiber content of the vegetable is enormous. In addition, the use of broccoli is the prevention of constipation, and vitamins and minerals contribute to the normalization of the circulatory system. Based on this, it can be safely concluded that this vegetable will be an excellent ally in the fight against this insidious disease.


This product is indispensable in the treatment of hemorrhoids. It contains in its composition a large amount of:

  • fiber;
  • pectin substances;
  • nitrogenous components;
  • starch.

These components have a coating and wound-healing properties. They will help to heal the microcracks that can form during the development of this disease and stop bleeding.


Carrots establish local blood circulation, have an antimicrobial effect, and help heal and relieve inflammation, so taking vitamin A is essential for hemorrhoids to heal. In addition, carrots help regulate stools, eliminating constipation, which is often the cause of hemorrhoids.


A diet with the use of cauliflower helps to get rid of hemorrhoids. This is due to the fact that this vegetable has a strengthening effect on blood vessels, prevents bleeding. The plant also helps to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. In addition, curly cabbage has a restorative effect on damaged tissues. Another advantage of kale in the treatment of hemorrhoids is that this product helps to get rid of pathogenic microbes.

Pine nuts.

To alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids, you can use the fruit of the pine tree, and more specifically - the shells of the nuts. To prepare a therapeutic agent, you will need a tablespoon of walnut husks, which should be poured over a glass of boiling water and insisted for 60 minutes, covered with a towel. After that, the liquid must be strained. Ready to take infusion of two spoons 3-5 times a day, taking into account the condition of the patient. The treatment should be continued for a month.

Almonds .

Due to the content of healing substances, almond oil both in external application and in food will contribute to the regeneration of damaged tissues, reduce swelling and inflammation, as well as have a preventive antihelmintic effect in hemorrhoids.


During hemorrhoidal disease is always prescribed to follow a diet, and it is peanuts is the No. 1 product to combat the ailment. The thing is that the high fiber content (9.5% per 100 grams of kernels) helps to eliminate toxins, and also protects against cancer, which borders hemorrhoids stage 4. Therefore, at any stage of the disease in the absence of other contraindications, ground walnuts should be among the main products.


In this case, walnuts should be included in the diet, because hemorrhoids are one of the complications of constipation. It is nuts that trigger intestinal motility, than help to avoid the occurrence of the disease or to facilitate its course. The kernels clean and strengthen the vessels in the rectum. This gets rid of bleeding and ruptured intestinal vessels. The fruits have regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties, which prevents infection from entering the fissures.

Walnut tinctures are also used to treat hemorrhoids, which are used in the form of lotions or baths.

Laurel leaf

For many centuries, the bay leaf, and in different forms, has been used to treat hemorrhoids. Various infusions and decoctions are used for this purpose. Such popularity of the spice has rushed thanks to the presence in its composition of tannins, fatty acids and essential oils. Also bay leaf itself has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

With regular use of the bay leaf the density of the mucosal film of the colon increases several times, which prevents the emergence of inflammation.

Useful properties of the bay leaf in hemorrhoids:

  1. The high content of essential oils reduces exposure to germs that affect swelling when hemorrhoids are affected.
  2. Tannins constrict blood vessels, which reduces the risk of bleeding.
  3. The laurel leaf partially relieves pain and itching.
  4. Practice shows that several intakes of decoction or specially prepared tincture significantly reduces pain, irritation and itching. The overall condition is normalized.

Sea Salt

Sea salt is actively used to treat hemorrhoids. It promotes normalization of microcirculation in the affected area, and this leads to faster healing of the formed wounds and elimination of hemorrhoidal formations. Sea salt has an irritating effect on the skin receptors, which leads to increased blood flow in the affected area. This increases the regenerative capacity of tissues. In addition, this product has an antimicrobial effect, getting rid of purulent inflammation. Salt can be used in the form of candles, compresses, baths, lotions, microclysters.


When hemorrhoids, turmeric is used to prepare therapeutic pastes and ointments. The remedy is applied externally to the problem areas. As a base for home preparations, it is recommended to use ghee. Also, oral intake of medicinal cocktails that improve digestion is not excluded.


Ointments based on honey and bee products can relieve inflammation and contribute to tissue regeneration, so you can accelerate the wound healing process, which can be attributed to important positive qualities. But if we are talking about rehabilitation after surgery, in this case, it is necessary to initially consult with doctors to avoid the appearance of complications.


Non-conventional therapy has a wide arsenal of remedies that are effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids. These are suppositories, ointments, microclysters. Thanks to such popular folk methods, it is possible to achieve positive results in the treatment of even complicated forms of hemorrhoids. Any of the above remedies are easy to prepare at home, if good quality propolis is available.

To make suppositories will need to take 15 grams of bee product and 150 ml of water, which should be slightly warmed. Then, the main ingredients should be combined, add a little oil, you can also use a small amount of cocoa powder. When the mixture becomes a homogeneous consistency, it should be poured into molds and cooled. Such candles can be used by pregnant women. This remedy quickly relieves signs of inflammation, pain and swelling.

Fish oil

Such an unpleasant problem as hemorrhoids can be solved once and for all with the help of fish oil. This preparation is used not only orally, but also in the form of microclysters, with which you can achieve healing of microcracks, as well as facilitate the process of bowel emptying. The recipe for microclysters is simple: 1 teaspoon of liquid fish oil should be taken 2 tablespoons of crushed chamomile leaves, pour 200 ml of hot water and insist for 30-40 minutes. After that, the composition to strain and apply in the form of mikroklizm: 10 ml of infusion injected into the rectum with a syringe, then remain in a prone state for about an hour.


Despite the fact that in general seaweed is beneficial for the intestines, it is contraindicated in hemorrhoids.

Dill seeds

What seeds you can and can't eat with hemorrhoids

When formulating a diet for hemorrhoids, seeds are often included in the diet, as they have a beneficial effect on the GI tract and cardiovascular system. In addition, dill seeds are a mild laxative, which is extremely important.

Black cumin

To treat hemorrhoids on the basis of black cumin, you can create a special cream, for the preparation of which you need 30 grams of seeds, which are previously roasted and ground. The preparation is mixed with 15 grams of black cumin oil. The resulting mixture perfectly relieves inflammation and has an antibacterial effect, so with regular use you can not only relieve the pain syndrome, but also completely get rid of the problem.

Important! The remedy should be used for 3-4 weeks to avoid a relapse.

Pumpkin seeds

To effectively treat hemorrhoids, it is recommended to use cotton swabs with pumpkin seed oil. To do this, it is enough to insert the tampon into the anus for a few hours, after which it must be replaced with a fresh one. Improvement usually comes on the 4th-5th day of treatment, but such procedures should be carried out for 7 days. If necessary, the course can be repeated after a week's break.

Flax seeds

Caution should be exercised in this disease. Although flaxseed improves digestion due to fiber, it can have an irritating effect. It is better not to use the seeds themselves, but a decoction of them.

It is also recommended to take a complex collection on their basis of various herbs. For example, you can take in equal parts chamomile (only dried flowers), the herb sage, yarrow, nettle, shepherd's purse, mint, add the same amount of flax seeds. All these ingredients are ground beforehand. Of the resulting mixture is selected 1 tbsp. and pour boiling water. Insist this liquid in a water bath for 15 minutes. Then cool, strain, divide the resulting amount into three equal portions and drink before meals.

Sesame seeds

When hemorrhoids, sesame decoction can be washed over the problem area. To do this, pour 2 tablespoons of sesame seeds 0.5 liters of boiling water, boil on low heat for 4-5 minutes. Then the decoction should infuse in a warm place until it cools completely. After this, the decoction can already be used as a solution for bathing or wiping the anal passage.


The appearance of hemorrhoids can be affected by increased intra-abdominal pressure, which often occurs even with abdominal bloating. When consuming large quantities of sweets, flatulence is a frequent problem because bacteria release carbon dioxide when they break down carbohydrates. Therefore, uncontrolled eating sweets can lead to a worsening of the disease.

Oatmeal cookies

To the products that are hard to digest, cause fermentation in the intestines, flatulence and can even provoke constipation, doctors boldly include baked goods and any baked goods, including oatmeal cookies. Therefore, when treating hemorrhoids, you should forget about sweets or replace them with fruit or berries.

Ice cream

Ice cream is on the list of prohibited products, because it is difficult for a weakened gastrointestinal tract to cope with it.


Hemorrhoids are a disease associated with impaired blood flow in the lower rectum. As a rule, the disease occurs with improper diet and consumption of spicy and spicy foods, as well as alcohol. In addition to a course of treatment, the patient is prescribed a diet, which should include cereals and foods containing dietary fiber. Therefore, halva should definitely be included in the menu for this ailment.

Tomato juice

Tomato juice is useful because it contains almost all the important elements for health that can be found in plant foods. Tomatoes are characterized by their antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, and are a natural antioxidant. Due to this, the regular use of tomato juice reduces the likelihood of hemorrhoids, if such a disease already exists, the product is able to cure it.

Tomato drink prevents the process of putrefaction in the intestines and has an antiseptic effect, as a result of which the damaged walls of the arteries are less exposed to pathogenic microbes. It accelerates tissue regeneration, restores blood vessels.

Vegetable juice contains substances that prevent the formation of blood clots and clots. This is also important in the therapy of hemorrhoids. In this disease, it is also recommended to drink the juice half an hour before meals several times a day. Salt should not be added, it reduces the useful properties of the product.

Freshly squeezed beet juice

Beet juice with the addition of glycerin can be used as a compress in the treatment of hemorrhoids. A mild anti-inflammatory effect allows you to relieve swelling and improve blood circulation, which accelerates the treatment of the disease.

Fresh orange juice

Hemorrhoids are varicose veins of the rectum. To treat this disease, it is important to keep the vascular walls in a toned state, able to withstand the stresses. Natural juice in this case will be very helpful in the treatment of this disease. It is drunk during the day in a volume not exceeding two liters. In undiluted form, it is not desirable to drink it, it is necessary to dilute the fraiche in proportions of 1:1. Drink the drink half an hour before a meal, so it is easier to digest and facilitate the excretion of feces from last night's dinner. However, you should not forget that after half an hour you must necessarily eat, otherwise the juice will cause unnecessary fermentation.

Pomegranate juice

On the basis of pomegranate juice, you can make compresses to treat hemorrhoids. But it is important to act carefully, because the acidity of the drink due to the content of vitamin C can provoke the appearance of additional inflammation.


Consumption of cognac causes vasodilation, resulting in a rush of blood to the already dilated hemorrhoid vein, which begins to bleed, causing pain to the patient. Also, the liquor oils of the drink can further irritate the mucous membranes. These factors are the reasons for banning the consumption of cognac.

Laxation can be done in a single case, after consultation with a specialist. In this case, if he allows you to consume 50 ml of cognac, you should snack on light foods, and before drinking and at night you should drink 4 pieces of activated charcoal. And it should be remembered that with hemorrhoids, drinking cognac combined with coffee is extremely contraindicated.


In the presence of hemorrhoids, coffee does not belong to the forbidden drinks. It can be consumed, but only in reasonable quantities, no more than 2 cups in the morning.

The drink contains substances that improve blood circulation and improve vascular tone. It allows you to stop minor inflammation in the intestine and eliminate unpleasant symptoms.


The use of beer is contraindicated for patients with hemorrhoids. When the alcoholic product enters the body, blood vessels, including those of the anal canal, become dilated. This leads to a serious exacerbation of the disease.

Chamomile infusion

When hemorrhoids occur, chamomile infusions are recommended to consume not only orally, but also rectally. This relieves irritation, itching in the anus area, pain. In addition, chamomile is able to heal wounds and stop bleeding.

Let's highlight the main advantages of the therapeutic effects in hemorrhoids:

  • relief of pain and itching;
  • elimination of inflammatory processes;
  • Destruction of germs.

To get a greater effect, several ways to eliminate the ailment should be carried out at once. The first is taking the infusion orally up to 3 times a day for half an hour before meals. The second option of treatment consists of taking baths, douches, lotions, microclysters with chamomile "potion".

Mineral water

An important principle in the treatment of hemorrhoids is an established mode of operation of the digestive system and the gastrointestinal tract. Lack of fluid and sedentary lifestyle can cause colitis and constipation. These diseases aggravate hemorrhoids and may provoke their development. Mineral water helps to eliminate constipation and improves the regenerative capacity of cells. Do not forget that only a doctor can prescribe an effective treatment regimen. The use of mineral water for hemorrhoids will not completely eliminate the symptoms of the disease. Therapy is part of an integrated treatment, which includes a well-established diet, exercise therapy and medications.

White wine

People who drink large quantities of alcoholic beverages are twice as likely to suffer from hemorrhoids. This disease is characterized by pathology of the veins of the rectum. In this case, blood vessels become deformed due to blood stasis. Wine, like other alcoholic beverages, causes the blood vessels to dilate. This leads to an increase in the flow of blood to the inflamed hemorrhoid node, which leads to an increase in inflammation of the anal canal and the formation of new hemorrhoids.

Red wine

What drinks you can and cannot have with hemorrhoids

In this disease, you can not drink strong alcoholic beverages, because the decomposition products of alcohol will traumatize the mucous membranes. For the same reason, you can not drink sparkling wines. But this is not the case with dry red wine. It is possible to drink 1 glass of red wine a week, but only during the remission period.


The disease is characterized by the prolapse of venous knots and often accompanies alcohol drinkers.

Alcoholic beverages have a negative effect on the venous system. They dilate the veins and can aggravate the course of the disease. For this reason, during an exacerbation of hemorrhoids, it is better to stick to a sober lifestyle. During remission, it is allowed to use a minimum amount of vodka: for women - 30 ml; for men - 50 ml. At the same time, it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Avoid spicy snacks and fatty foods.
  2. Do not use carbonated drinks.
  3. As a snack, choose low-calorie dishes, such as vegetable salad dressed with vegetable oil.
  4. Take activated charcoal or polysorb before a meal.
  5. Avoid drinks with high caffeine content, as it may lead to dehydration.
  6. Prefer lean meats and plant foods.
  7. Avoid diarrhea and constipation.

Green tea

The effectiveness in the treatment of hemorrhoids with green tea can be compared with the use of various herbal tinctures. Therefore, using it for hemorrhoids is not only possible but also necessary. If you drink the tea daily, it will lead to the following improvements:

  • inflammation in the anus decreases;
  • vascular walls become stronger;
  • The risk of purulent complications and diarrhea is reduced.

Recommendations for drinking green tea drink will be the same - do not abuse, drink no more than three cups per day.


Raisins are useful for hemorrhoids because they have a mild laxative effect, which in turn prevents damage to the inflamed area.


Due to the nitrogenous, tannin and pectin components in prunes, they not only help prevent hemorrhoids, but also cure them.


Prunes are good for hemorrhoids. It has a positive effect on the motility of the intestine, because it contains quite a lot of dietary fiber. It can act as a natural laxative, which is also useful for hemorrhoids, because in this case constipation will not occur and the feces can leave the body quietly, slightly affecting the painful places.


In order for herbs to help cope with such an unpleasant problem as hemorrhoids, they must have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, have antibacterial, restorative and sedative effects. Peppermint has these qualities. Consequently, it can be used for this disease.


In this disease, it is very important to establish a proper digestive process. For this purpose, it is advised to consume more leafy greens, but most importantly parsley, because it also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to strengthen blood vessels.


The cause of hemorrhoids, as in the case of pancreatitis, is primarily considered to be abuse of alcohol and improper diet. Horseradish in this case will be very useful both as a condiment for food, and in the form of infusions and decoctions. The reason lies in its useful properties, as it:

  1. Improves blood circulation in the body, including the lower regions.
  2. Normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract due to the presence of essential oils and coarse insoluble dietary fiber.
  3. Normalizes stools.

Based on the above, we can safely say that horseradish is able to eliminate the cause of the disease and create conditions for successful treatment.


When hemorrhoids, it is recommended to consume foods that have a laxative effect, because this prevents damage to the rectum during emptying. Dill is on the list of these foods, so it is useful for hemorrhoids.


To treat this unpleasant disease, nettles can be used both internally and externally. For internal use are usually prepared at home natural teas, infusions, microclysters. For external use is usually used, baths, lotions and special compresses of nettles.

To prepare an infusion of 10 grams of dry nettle leaf pour a cup of steep boiling water, then insist for at least half an hour. When ready to infuse one quarter mug three times a day before meals. The same infusion can be used for baths and lotions.


This type of inflammation leads to difficulty in defecation. Eating nectarines will help ease the process. People with hypersensitivity should use these fruits with caution to avoid aggravating inflamed nodes.


Hemorrhoids are a lesion of the venous system of the rectum. There are many methods and preparations used to fight this pathology. Many fruits and vegetables are forbidden to eat. For example, sour varieties of apples were banned, but sweet varieties could be included in the diet. Doctors recommend that you use them in a baked form. In this way they will be better absorbed by the digestive process and will not cause any harm.

The most effective product of apple fruit in the fight against hemorrhoids recognized apple cider vinegar. Its internal and external application helps to cope with the disease: eliminate inflammation of the hemorrhoid vein and accelerate the healing process. It is used as lotions, compresses and infusions.


With this condition, caution is required when using apricot fruits. If the fruit is unripe, severe intestinal irritation may occur. In the case of hemorrhoids, vegetable products should be eaten fresh, because only in this state they retain all the vitamins and useful fiber. In this case, you should not subject them to any heat treatment.


In folk medicine, the treatment of hemorrhoids with persimmons is often used. To do this, pour boiling dried persimmons and infused for about half an hour, and then take such an infusion for 1-2 tablespoons three times a day. It is also possible to consume porridge of rice with the addition of the berry, which is also a good way to combat hemorrhoids.


Pomegranate fruits are contraindicated in the presence of hemorrhoids and anal fissures. They contain substances that are characterized by strengthening properties.


What fruits can and what shouldn't be eaten with hemorrhoids?

In the presence of hemorrhoids, a tropical fruit such as the peach should be used with caution. The danger of its use in this disease is that the peach can increase the level of hemoglobin, which affects blood clotting.


When hemorrhoids, the use of grapefruit, which is rich in fiber, allows you to eliminate the very cause of the disease. Also, this fruit helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, which will reduce the risk of bleeding.


In the complex treatment of hemorrhoids includes a special diet, during the observance of which it is not recommended to exclude tangerines from the daily diet. In combination with other products, they will have a beneficial effect on bowel function, facilitate the process of defecation and prevent the formation of new fissures.


It is not recommended to use juices and compotes, they will lead to thickening of the feces, and therefore - the hemorrhoidal nodes will be more traumatized.

Fresh or baked pulp is indicated for systematic consumption, it has dietary fiber and has a generally normalizing effect. However, nutritionists make special menus for hemorrhoids, where the fruit is adjacent to fruits or berries that have an obvious laxative effect.


Official medicine recommends more modern means of treating this ailment, but folk medicine advises to alleviate the condition in two ways at once. The first is the normalization of bowel function, softening of feces, which means a more comfortable trip to the toilet with less damage to hemorrhoidal nodes. The second is to strengthen the vessels and skin. To do this, soak a cotton ball in squeezed lemon juice and smear it on the hemorrhoidal nodes. Initially there will be moderate itching, but it will soon disappear.


Quite often hemorrhoidal lumps occur as a result of constipation. For this reason, you can get rid of or relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids only after cleansing the digestive tract. Figs help regulate the gastrointestinal processes and fight constipation. The fruit contains seeds that stimulate intestinal peristalsis.

To relieve hemorrhoids, you need to wash 3-4 fruits in hot water and soak for 9-12 hours (overnight). In the morning, you should eat the figs and drink the water (in which it was soaked). Also the effect of this product can be felt if you eat figs in the evening. This course is designed for 3-4 weeks.


For the relief of hemorrhoids, fruits that help normalize stools are important. But this list does not include oranges, because they irritate the intestinal mucosa and with it the hemorrhoidal nodes around the rectum.


Additional discomfort is felt during exacerbations. At this time, bananas will be a great addition to the diet and will help eliminate possible bowel problems.


Kiwi is an effective natural laxative, so it can and even should be consumed with hemorrhoids, but again in moderation. Thanks to this fruit, you can get rid of constipation in a short time, while lowering the chances of exacerbation of hemorrhoids.


Mango is highly recommended in the case of hemorrhoids, because it helps to improve intestinal peristalsis. As a rule, in this case, it is advised to consume unripe fruit with honey and salt. This will help to facilitate the elimination of feces from the body, reduce irritation of the inflamed area.


Anti-inflammatory and healing properties of avocados can accelerate the healing of swollen hemorrhoids. That said, if the cause of hemorrhoids is a parasitic infestation, you can introduce an avocado bone supplement into your diet - it will help kill worms and bacteria. And if the cause is a sedentary lifestyle and constipation - the fruit will contribute to the normalization of stool and remove poisons from the blood.


When hemorrhoids, which often occurs against constipation, cherries can be a lifesaver. She can be eaten both fresh and in the form of compote, jam and other stuff. It has a laxative property and will help to establish the process of defecation, which in turn will alleviate the symptoms of the disease. But it is worth remembering that the laxative effect of berries is weak, so it is still not worth abandoning the drug treatment.


With hemorrhoids, it is important not to allow flatulence and bloating. On this basis, doctors do not recommend patients to eat grapes, because they can cause and exacerbate these disorders. But constipation is also dangerous for the inflamed rectum, so the use of grapes may be allowed by the doctor, but in a strictly recommended dose.


Today there are several folk medicine recipes based on blueberries. There are also special preparations that include an extract of the berries or leaves of the plant, which help to cope with hemorrhoids.

The use of remedies will help get rid of unpleasant symptoms and restore normal stools, avoiding serious consequences.


An effective remedy for healing this ailment are dogwood fruits. The easiest way to use them is to consume 15 pieces whole throughout the day, with fresh fruit can be replaced by jam. Alternatively, you can grind the pips into powder and take a tablespoon three times a day.


Infusion of fresh leaves is used for internal bleeding, hemorrhoids as a wound-healing, antimicrobial agent. In addition, such a composition has an astringent and anti-inflammatory property.


What berries can and what shouldn't be eaten with hemorrhoids

This berry is good for hemorrhoids for several reasons. On the one hand, it contains a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants, which help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and improve blood circulation, which is very important in this disease. On the other hand, it is very important to avoid constipation in hemorrhoids, and strawberries have a mild laxative effect with no side effects.


In this disease, it is very important to avoid constipation. And with their prevention watermelon does an excellent job. It contains a lot of vitamin C, which strengthens blood vessels and helps to fight those problems, which lead to the development of the disease. Of course, eating watermelon does not cancel the need to do special exercises.

Sea buckthorn

In this disease is usually used not the berries themselves, but ointments and suppositories with sea buckthorn oil. The substances in their composition, first, prevent constipation (and they often contribute to the development of this disease), and secondly - help the rapid healing of cracks.

Rose hips

The berries of this wonderful bush are very rich in various vitamin complexes and healing components. Medicine prepared with these berries affects the body of a hemorrhoid patient:

  • establishes digestion;
  • heals;
  • Reduces or eliminates inflammation;
  • stops the blood;
  • tones vessels;
  • relieves edema;
  • eliminates itching;
  • relieves pain.

All these properties allow to eliminate severe disease in a short time. However, treatment will be successful only if all the recommendations of the doctor are strictly followed.


The fruit is used to treat inflamed hemorrhoids due to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action. The berries contain many substances that improve blood circulation. Also, raspberries are used for hemorrhoids because of their ability to stop bleeding.

Before using the product to treat hemorrhoids, you should consult a specialist. This is because the recipes of traditional medicine can help only at an early stage. Sometimes they can be combined with medication treatment, but with the neglected stages will require surgery.


The exacerbation of hemorrhoids entails the need for strict dietary restrictions. During such periods, it is better to give up omelets. In moderate periods of the course of the disease, omelets, in which there is no yolk, are allowed.

Boiled eggs

When treating hemorrhoids, it is very important to normalize the patient's stool. No treatment will give a positive result, if constipation will constantly cause vein tension and worsen circulation in the intestines, and diarrhea - contribute to the constant irritation of the sore spot and the multiplication of bacteria. Therefore, boiled eggs for stool problems with hemorrhoids are used in the same way as for intestinal colitis. With diarrhea you can eat "hard" eggs, and with constipation they are not recommended at all in periods of exacerbation. In periods of remission, they can be eaten no more than 1 piece of softened eggs.

Boiled potatoes

Hemorrhoids are an inflammatory disease in which there is a stagnant process in the colon. As a result, knots form around the organ, preventing the normal process of excretion of feces.

When the disease is diagnosed, it is also important not only to take medications prescribed by the doctor, but also to follow a special diet. Specialists recommend introducing potatoes into the diet. He will help to relieve the inflammatory process, alleviate the overall condition.

Olives (olives)

The use of olives for people suffering from hemorrhoids is indicated. Such berries are useful because of a number of properties. For example, olives in this case have a regenerating effect, allowing to accelerate the healing process of anal fissures, and a laxative effect, which helps to soften feces and eliminate constipation. In addition, the product is characterized by anti-inflammatory action, which reduces swelling, and venoprotective ability, therefore, olives stimulate blood circulation, strengthen blood vessels and eliminate blood stasis.

To cure hemorrhoids, you should eat 2-3 fruits daily on an empty stomach for 10 days. You can also consume olive oil every day on an empty stomach, 2 tbsp.

Apple cider vinegar

If you spend most of your time sitting, whether at work or at home, you will probably run into this problem sooner or later. When hemorrhoids appear, it is worth increasing the amount of fiber in your diet as well as the amount of water you drink. In recent years, for the treatment of hemorrhoids in the initial stage, even doctors advise the therapy with apple cider vinegar. This natural remedy is suitable for both internal and external treatment of hemorrhoids, including bleeding problems.

When treating, a cotton disk is dipped in apple cider vinegar and placed on the place where the hemorrhoids appeared. The duration of the compress is 30 minutes. The procedure is carried out daily or as needed. Freezing apple cider vinegar in the form of a vaginal suppository, you can use it to treat internal hemorrhoids. This treatment will have positive results for 24 hours.

Fermented Cabbage.

What you can and cannot eat with hemorrhoids

The sauerkraut product helps to resorb hemorrhoidal nodules. To eliminate such an unpleasant problem, you should drink 200 ml of cabbage juice in the morning and evening. You can also additionally make lotions from the brine for the anus.

Boiled corn

With this disease, it is very important to normalize digestive processes to prevent constipation. To do this, you need to establish a proper diet, including the inclusion in the diet of boiled corn, which contains a large amount of fiber. In addition, its grains contain substances that help strengthen blood vessels, and this is also very important in hemorrhoids.


Flour products, which in this case can include pasta from white wheat flour, cause increased gas formation in the intestinal sections, along with legumes and cabbage. Therefore, in case of hemorrhagic problems it is better to give up pasta.

Boiled beets.

When hemorrhoidal knots prolapse, beets can be used not only in the diet, but also externally, because the antibacterial and soothing effect is important to reduce inflammation in the size. And also the product stops bleeding, so the person feels lighter. But it is important to remember that beets can not be used as the only way to treat hemorrhoids, so when combining external use and internal use in combination with drugs is an opportunity to get rid of inflammation in the anus and prevent intoxication of the body.

Potato starch

Many physicians agree that potato starch is an excellent remedy for the first and second stages of hemorrhoids.This remedy is ideal for those patients who are contraindicated medicines. Starch will help to relieve acute pain, which is characteristic of this disease, strengthen blood vessels, stop the development of inflammation, relieve irritation and severe itching, and accelerate the healing of microcracks.

Pea soup

Pea grits provoke increased secretion of gas, so in hemorrhoids, food with this ingredient in the composition will bring harm.


It is worth applying steam baths. Stir 80 grams of mustard flour, 3 liters of "strong" boiling water, pour the mass into a bucket, then sit on top, wrapping the basin and the top of the bucket so that the steam gets to the problem area. The procedure lasts up to 10 minutes. It is not necessary to endure the burning, in which case the bath is stopped earlier. It is important to repeat the procedure several times (no more than once a day).

Chicken broth

With such a disease as hemorrhoids, in addition to medications, it is important to follow a diet. The patient's diet should include dishes that soften stools, which improves their elimination from the body, stimulates motility of the large intestine, and normalizes microflora. Chicken broth has these properties, so it can be added to the menu for hemorrhoids. However, you should remember that the meat used should be lean, without skin. Consume the dish should be warm. From chicken broth you can prepare various soups with the addition of peas or beets and cabbage.

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