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What can and what can't you eat when you are constipated?

A list of foods and drinks that you can and cannot eat when you are constipated.


What you can and cannot eat if you are constipated

Nutrition for Constipation


If you include lentils in your diet at least three times a week in 100g portions, you can get rid of the disease, even those that have reached the chronic stage. The only condition is the use of sprouted grains. It is they, as a light laxative, have a favorable effect on the digestive organs and intestines, shorten the muscles, thin the stool mass and remove it.


Systematic constipation can cause intoxication of the entire body. To stimulate intestinal peristalsis, it is recommended to introduce into the diet oatmeal in any variant of preparation. The high level of fiber in the product and the ability to envelop the mucous membranes will help restore normal intestinal function. The same effect can be achieved with mucilaginous kissels made from Hercules flakes. To improve the taste in such a dessert, you can add slices of fruit.

Wheat porridge

Wheat porridge normalizes fat metabolism at the cellular level, has a beneficial effect on the intestinal function, as mentioned above, prevents constipation. The high fiber content in wheat helps the gastrointestinal tract function, including the activation of intestinal peristalsis.

Hercules porridge

Herculean porridge is able to eliminate constipation thanks to the coarse fiber contained in the composition of the flakes. They have the ability to swell when entering the stomach, releasing mucus, which normalizes the digestive process and prevents the development of intestinal abnormalities.

Pearl porridge

As a rule, pearl porridge is recommended as a remedy for constipation because it contains large amounts of fiber, which increases intestinal peristalsis and softens stools. Even if constipation is accompanied by hemorrhoids, pearl porridge is considered an excellent laxative. But only cook it according to the dietary recipe described above. Improvement comes even after a single use of this dish. But for a stable effect, it should be included in the diet on a regular basis.

Pea porridge

Peas are forbidden in chronic constipation.

In the treatment and prevention of constipation, pea powder helps. To do this, you need to grind a small amount of dry peas in a coffee grinder and take a teaspoon twice a day. The only thing to pay attention to is the appearance of bloating. If it appears, the procedure should be abandoned, it can cause a worsening of the problem.

Bovine porridge

Porridge fiber helps to improve intestinal microflora, removing toxins and impurities, cleaning the walls of the intestinal tract. In combination with other laxative foods (prunes, apricots, fresh fruit) it gives a positive effect in constipation and short-term stagnation in the intestines. It is important to remember that porridge cooked only with water is allowed, in no case can you use dairy products during cooking, especially butter with high fat content. It can be replaced by olive oil or any vegetable oil.

Soup based on vegetable broth will increase the laxative effect of "yachka". Instead of roasted vegetables should be boiled or steamed, then the positive effect on the intestines will be noticeable. Porridge for laxative purposes is taken on an empty stomach.

Buckwheat Porridge

Such an unpleasantness as constipation can turn a person off from normal life for several days. It occurs because of weak intestinal peristalsis. Impaired function causes lumps of food to accumulate and not be excreted by the body. It is necessary to stimulate the intestines and practically clean them out. Fiber, the percentage of which in buckwheat can cope with this delicate problem, will help. It is important to know that the buckwheat itself can hardly cause constipation.

For therapeutic purposes, buckwheat is steamed with boiling water in a thermos, and left overnight. In the morning, eat it on an empty stomach, drinking plenty of water. In this case you get the effect of "ruffle". With this method, the function of evacuation of the contents is restored.

Corn gruel

Corn grits contain a lot of fiber. This allows you to normalize digestion, especially since in this product, dietary fiber is combined with starch, which guarantees a gentler cleansing. In addition, thanks to its unique composition, such porridge stops the fermentation processes and normalizes the metabolism. All this makes it an excellent prophylactic against constipation. It can be used even when they are irregular in nature. But if constipation turns into a chronic form, then you need to take more radical measures.

To croup with constipation gave the desired effect, follow certain rules:

  1. Cereals are taken medium or coarse grinding and thoroughly boiled, so that there was no gas formation.
  2. Cook the porridge exclusively with water, whole milk contributes to constipation.
  3. Vegetable oil, not butter, should be added to the porridge, preferably olive oil or linseed oil.

Such porridge is eaten for breakfast and not washed down with anything. Only an hour later you can have a glass of herbal tea or juice.

Wheat Cereal

The fiber contained in cereal normalizes digestion and eliminates constipation. It promotes faster and smoother passage of food through the digestive canal, so this product is recommended as a prophylactic against constipation.


For constipation, it is necessary to consume this cereal, as it improves intestinal peristalsis. The fiber contained in the product cleanses the intestines from toxins and various accumulated toxins.


Dishes prepared with spelt or in combination with other products activate the metabolic process and solve the problem of cleansing the intestinal tract. Regular use of spelt prevents constipation.

Brown rice

People prone to the formation of hemorrhoids and constipation, brown rice should not be consumed or should be limited to small portions. From diets built exclusively on brown product, you will have to give up, because it can give a fortifying effect: bind the stool and aggravate the situation. However, there is a loophole - consume brown rice with laxative foods: for example, make porridge with pumpkin or pear. Then the components will balance each other out.


The high fiber content of the cereal is great news for people who have slow intestinal motility or constipation. Regular consumption of the cereal will help normalize bowel function and, in addition, prevent the formation of diseases and infections that often occur with chronic constipation.

Thistle oil

Oil is characterized by a laxative effect, so you can use a natural remedy on a plant basis in such unpleasant problems. To do this, you need to drink one spoonful of oil on an empty stomach and 10 minutes later drink a glass of water at room temperature. Such a procedure will help to cleanse the intestines. This will solve the problem within a few days and ensure further smooth functioning of the intestines.

Soybean oil

If you have such an unpleasant condition as constipation, you can use a folk medicine recipe based on the use of soybean oil. As a rule, elimination of constipation can be expected as early as 5-6 hours after consuming the oil, but it is important to perform the medical procedure correctly.

What oils you can and can't eat with constipation

In order to get rid of constipation, it is necessary to drink 1 tbsp of soybean oil on an empty stomach, you can have breakfast half an hour after the procedure. Due to its mild laxative effect, the oil will eliminate constipation, as well as saturate the body with many useful substances. You can use soybean oil for this purpose on a regular basis, it will not cause any harm. Of course, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of your health, as well as the presence or absence of individual intolerance components of soybean oil.

Black cumin oil

This unique product is one of the best natural remedies not only for the prevention, but also for the treatment of constipation. According to many physicians, thanks to its unique composition, it can not only improve intestinal peristalsis, but also to soften and accelerate the elimination of hardened stools, which allows you to get rid of constipation without the use of medication. Such properties of caraway oil are especially relevant in cases where the use of drugs is undesirable: pregnancy, lactation or childhood.

Flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil is considered a mild laxative of natural origin. By softening stools and increasing peristalsis, the process of colon cleansing is greatly facilitated.

To get rid of constipation, it is enough to drink a tablespoon of linseed oil mixed with honey and natural yogurt an hour before bedtime. Take such a composition should be chilled.

Pumpkin seed oil

Pumpkin seed oil can eliminate various causes of constipation. If used as a microclysis, it fights hemorrhoids and heals fissures of the rectum. You only need 5 ml of oil for one treatment, you don't even have to dilute it.

On the other hand, pumpkin seed oil, when taken orally, helps eliminate intestinal peristalsis disorders and normalizes digestion. To do this, you need to take this medicine 1 tsp. in the morning on an empty stomach, without drinking. During the day it is no longer needed to drink. The duration of treatment is 10 days. Repeat this course, if necessary, will be possible in a month.

Coconut oil

There is much debate about the feasibility of using coconut oil as a laxative. Some physicians claim its effectiveness, while others assure that the effect of its use is not observed. Therefore, before using this product for such purposes should consult with your doctor. Only a qualified specialist will be able to confirm the appropriateness of treatment or offer an alternative remedy, based on the characteristics of the patient's body and the severity of the situation.

Sea buckthorn oil

When taken internally, sea buckthorn oil loosens stools, but not everyone and not always can drink it. If it is contraindicated, you can use sea buckthorn suppositories or make enemas with the oil. After the insertion of a suppository, you need to lie on your side and do not get up for at least an hour, so that it works well. An enema is recommended to do with the addition of a teaspoon of oil to 200 ml of warm water and preferably at night.

Hemp oil

Regular use of hemp oil in the morning hours before meals improves bowel function. Softening properties prevent flatulence and constipation. With frequent problems with stools, it is recommended to make cleansing enemas with the addition of oil. This method should not be used if there are chronic diseases of the digestive system, kidney and gallbladder stones.

Melted butter

With constipation, a compress is often made from melted ghee on the lower abdomen, in the area of the navel. Such a procedure is excellent for restoring proper bowel function. Or you can take it orally with warm milk for 1-2 tablespoons in the morning, after a meal.

Sesame oil

Extracted from sesame seeds has a wide range of useful elements. So, one tablespoon of oil contains the daily rate of mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins. In the treatment of constipation it is recommended to drink a tablespoon of oil in the morning after waking up. In this case, drinking the oil on an empty stomach and drinking a glass of acidified water afterwards promotes the removal of bile, which leads to rapid emptying of the intestines.

The use of such a component for getting rid of constipation has become popular not so much because of the unique composition of the oil, but because of the rapid results. This method is contraindicated to people who have cholelithiasis, as well as reflux esophagitis.

You can also use enemas with sesame oil.

Corn Oil

The oil is drunk to normalize stools and defecation regimen. It naturally stimulates peristalsis, removes toxins, has an imperceptible laxative effect, binds water, so that the stool softens. Anti-inflammatory components in the oil will help prevent the development of hemorrhoids.

Due to its participation in fat metabolism, the oil is able to prevent the deposition of slags, so its regular use has a cleansing effect.

Walnut oil

This is an indispensable remedy to combat a delicate problem. Walnut oil coats the walls of the intestine, making them elastic and resilient, which improves its peristalsis. Therefore, it is recommended to consume it 1 tsp. on an empty stomach in the morning, 1 hour before a meal, until the process is restored.


Butter has laxative properties. Most likely, immediately after eating, a person will not feel the urge to go to the toilet, but with regular prolonged use, constipation will gradually pass.

Sunflower Oil

A slight laxative effect of sunflower oil helps to eliminate constipation. But you should not abuse this method, so that you do not get a backlash in the form of gastrointestinal upset. Doctors recommend using a combination of water and a few drops of sunflower oil. This allows the substance to dissolve into molecules in a warm environment and more easily "envelop" the intestines, removing all organic waste products from it.

Important! The product has proven itself in the prevention and treatment of constipation in pregnancy.

Olive oil

With regular constipation, most people try to solve the problem with strong laxatives, which is not quite safe for the intestines and the whole body. To correct the situation, you can use olive oil, if you drink 25 ml every morning on an empty stomach. Vegetable components of the composition activate digestion, enveloping the intestinal mucosa, resulting in an easy process of purification.

Tibetan milk mushroom

Tibetan mushroom has unique purifying properties. It is able to cleanse the digestive tract and normalize the process of digestion. That is why folk healers recommend using it when there are stagnant processes in the intestines.

To eliminate constipation, it is enough to drink about 100 ml of the drink. The result is noted after half an hour. In addition, the product is able to eliminate abdominal pain that occurs against a background of constipation.

Milk whey

The problem with constipation can also be solved exactly by milk whey. This product is a good remedy for removing the discomfort of such an ailment as constipation. The natural drink should be mixed in equal parts with the juice of carrots and drink half a glass in the morning on an empty stomach. Such a procedure will help to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins.

Goat milk

Stool formation is a serious process that takes place in the intestines. Lack of sufficient microorganisms contributes to the development of constipation. Regular consumption of milk solves this problem by populating the intestines with bacteria. They normalize the processing of food and contribute to the proper formation of stools not only for adults, but also for children.


It is believed that fermented dairy products have an exceptionally beneficial effect on the intestines. Ryazhenka is no exception. You need to drink a glass twice a day for the second breakfast and afternoon snack to improve digestion.

Cottage cheese

To normalize the stool and soften the accumulated stool masses, it is recommended to add a fatty dairy product to the food. For the right effect, it is recommended to buy products with a fat content of 2-9%.

Only fat-free cottage cheese can lead to constipation. This is due to the fact that the product has a dry consistency and is poorly digested, resulting in hard and dense feces.


The presence of bacteria in yogurt that normalize the gastrointestinal tract, among other things, it helps to cope with many disorders, particularly with constipation. Regularly drinking yogurt, it is possible once and for all to forget about such a problem as constipation.


Ayran contains lactic bacteria in its composition, so the intestinal walls soften, which contributes to the rapid removal of toxins and organic products of the body, so the body more easily copes with emptying without harming the overall condition.

Condensed milk

Condensed milk will help to cope with intestinal disorders as well. With frequent constipation, medics recommend using condensed milk diluted in warm water. This will help to soften the stools and facilitate the process of emptying the bowels.


Regular intake of this dish allows you to establish the work of all digestive organs. There will be no problems with digestion. The useful bacteria in the composition of katyk restore microflora in the intestines, which allows you to get rid of constipation with regular use.


What dairy products can and cannot be eaten with constipation

Whole milk will only make the problem worse if consumed as a stand-alone drink. But it is possible to prepare porridge with milk. More helpful are fermented dairy products.


Stagnation of organic waste in the body, or constipation in common parlance, is a physiological problem that requires a quick solution to avoid intoxication of the body. Drinking kefir regularly allows you to normalize stools, avoiding digestive problems.


True bio-yogurt is a panacea for constipation. It is best to drink it every day, and then you will not have stool problems. If, however, problems have already begun, natural yogurt with the addition of prunes is the best way to help. It will also be helpful to combine natural yogurt with fiber (bread or ready mix).


Yogurt is a wonderful remedy for constipation because of its mild and effective laxative action. Due to its high content of B vitamins and minerals, it improves intestinal peristalsis, normalizes gastrointestinal function and helps quickly eliminate from the body all unnecessary substances.

Chicken liver

The ability of chicken liver to stimulate intestinal peristalsis and normalize the digestive system is known to medicine. In addition, the ability of liver to influence the hematopoietic function of the body is manifested in the fact that when it is consumed, there is an improvement in the blood supply to the organs, which is essential for digestion in different parts of the intestine. Therefore, liver in constipation can be consumed, paying attention to the method of preparation. A dish that is too fatty will have a negative effect on the peristalsis of the intestines.


If a person suffers from constipation, experts recommend for a while to refuse to eat lard, because it contains unsaturated fats, and with this pathology it is necessary to use saturated fats.

Beef liver

Beef liver helps in the fight against such problems as constipation. By normalizing digestion, in particular improving the function of the gastrointestinal tract, taking this byproduct eliminates constipation. This restores peristalsis, as well as intestinal microflora. This helps to protect the human body from the development of intestinal obstruction.


For constipation (and gastritis), it is recommended to consume beef broth. The meat will help improve gastrointestinal function, which is very important for constipation.


Sausages, as a product with very little quality meat and many additional components, interfere with intestinal peristalsis and do not help in any way to empty it. Sausages are not recommended for people who are constipated.


Weak intestines can not work well if you eat dumplings, which are high in carbohydrates and proteins. If it is difficult to resist, it is advisable to add to your diet vegetables, fruits and drink more fluids.


In case of problems with stools, it is necessary to take corn. It normalizes the work of the large intestine and helps to cope with the problem. The mechanism is quite simple. Maize grains cleanse and normalize the activity of the digestive system, due to which the metabolic processes in the body are accelerated. To achieve the desired result, it is important to follow some rules of corn consumption:

  • take in the morning time of the day;
  • It is desirable to dilute the maize grains with oil;
  • Use only fresh cobs in food.


The fiber in beets stimulates the intestinal muscles and nourishes its bacteria, which helps to restore peristalsis. If the cause of constipation is liver problems, beet juice or the root vegetable in raw form is recommended. The betaine in beets is especially effective without heat treatment. If a patient with constipation has concomitant diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the use of a thermally processed vegetable is recommended.

Remember to observe a reasonable dosage in the therapeutic and prophylactic use of beets. Excessive or too frequent consumption can cause diarrhea.

White cabbage

In order to eliminate constipation, it is enough to introduce cabbage-based dishes and fresh vegetable into the diet. It will normalize the digestive process and eliminate the problem.


Not always getting rid of this delicate problem requires the use of medicines. It can be done with the help of normalization of nutrition. Experts recommend introducing more fresh vegetables into the diet, including tomatoes. The content of certain substances in them helps to improve digestion and eliminate such a problem as constipation.


Garlic is a product that has a laxative effect and also helps to get rid of intestinal bacteria. To get rid of constipation, it will be enough to use this product as part of daily dishes (2-3 cloves) - it will significantly increase intestinal peristalsis and help flush accumulated toxins out of the body.


Asparagus is rich in fiber, which facilitates the passage of food through the GI tract and improves digestion. The gentle effect of the vegetable on the intestines helps eliminate the tendency to constipation, while not irritating the mucous membranes.


Eggplant does not have a pronounced laxative effect. However, it is extremely easy to digest, which has dietary fiber. The digestive system and intestines are stimulated. Everything starts to work, stagnant processes disappear. This leads to normalization of trips to the toilet. Therefore, in chronic constipation and is recommended to use eggplant as a very mild and delicate laxative. And you need to include it in your diet at least 4 times a week.

Beijing cabbage

Beijing cabbage, like its many relatives, is rich in ascorbic acid, which improves the entire body, preventing inflammation. Its regular consumption prevents constipation.

The use of cabbage in raw, stewed or boiled form, as well as in combination with other plant or meat products has a beneficial effect on the function of the intestines. Properly cooked Chinese cabbage is the guarantee of getting rid of constipation.


The consumption of foods containing coarse fiber serves as the best prevention in the fight against constipation. Celery holds the record for dietary fiber content, so this product is ideal for eliminating an unpleasant ailment. The laxative effect has the root of the plant. Therefore, to eliminate constipation, it is recommended to prepare an infusion. To do this, you should pour 30 g of celery root with a glass of boiling water and insist for two hours. Take the resulting infusion of 25 ml before each meal until the elimination of unpleasant symptoms.


Thanks to the content of dietary fiber, the tubers act as a mild laxative. You don't even need to use any complicated recipe for this, just include the raw ground pear in your diet.


Melon promotes the good functioning of the digestive system. With normal functioning of the stomach, the melon quickly reaches the intestines. All the useful properties of the product are absorbed into its walls, and the fiber helps to eliminate toxins and previous food. Constipation passes quickly, bloating of the stomach is not observed.


Pumpkin can help in case of constipation. The vegetable has a laxative effect, so it is recommended for use with this ailment.


Cucumbers can serve as a good laxative - it is enough to consume them in large quantities, prepare cucumber juice and mix it with yogurt or eat them as a salad, well seasoned with sunflower oil. Their regular consumption will help to prevent constipation.


Small amounts of zucchini can help prevent constipation, including that associated with poor intestinal peristalsis. But in too large quantities, they can provoke diarrhea.

Bell peppers

The fibrous pulp of bell peppers promotes natural cleansing of the intestine and increases its permeability. Such a remedy will help in cases where there are stools, but constipation consistently occurs. For best results, it is recommended to use bell pepper pulp in a softened form: steamed, stewed, without excessive fat.

A diet with soft fiber helps normalize stool consistency and also regulates defecation. In cases of acute constipation, preliminary bowel cleansing with enemas is required, and only then is the diet prescribed.


Constipation occurs when you eat foods that are easily digested in the body, which is not the case with broccoli, which contains just a huge amount of fiber. The "rougher" the food, the less likely constipation will occur. Due to the fact that broccoli has in its composition both insoluble dietary fiber and soluble, it has a beneficial effect on the GI: it improves motility, peristalsis, and in this way prevents the occurrence of constipation. In addition, if it has already happened, the vegetable can be used as a mild laxative, which is extremely important.


Potatoes can also help with the problem of frequent constipation. It contains many useful substances that have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, prevent stagnant stools and have a mild, laxative effect.

What vegetables can and cannot be eaten with constipation

Studies have shown that effectively combats this problem is freshly prepared potato juice. Patients suffering from gastrointestinal diseases and, as a consequence, from constipation, note an improvement after the first reception of this unique means, and complete freedom from the problem after a course of treatment with potato juice.

However, physicians strongly advise against self-medication. The appropriateness of using this remedy can only be confirmed by a qualified specialist. Therefore, before starting therapy, it is necessary to consult with the attending physician.


Carrots can have a mild laxative effect, remove piles of undigested protein from the intestines. But with severe constipation, extra fiber can be detrimental. Carrots are introduced into the diet along with a course of enemas to normalize stools after getting rid of constipation.


This vegetable is perfectly digested by the body, eliminating intestinal irritation. Cauliflower contributes to the fact that the emptying of the intestines occurs in a timely manner. If a person suffers from constipation, he should regularly consume this vegetable.


Against constipation, a decoction of the haulm has proven excellent. It is necessary to pour a tablespoon of crushed plant with a glass of boiling water. Insist 1 hour. Drink for 2-3 days a third of an hour before a meal.


Hazelnuts are able to cleanse the intestines and eliminate stale slags. However, it is not a recommended product. It is better for constipation to resort to vegetables and fruits with soft flesh, which have a laxative effect, such as pears, plums, zucchini. Hazelnuts in this case will help stabilize blood composition, as well as avoid the loss of potassium, which is necessary for normal kidney and heart function.

Pine nuts

Pine nuts are the lightest of all varieties of nuts. It contains very little fiber. The protein in pine seeds is very quickly digested and assimilated by the human body and has a slightly spicy taste and pleasant smell.

Cedar nuts are used to treat constipation and help normalize bowel function. To do this, you should eat the nuts raw or use them in the preparation of meat and vegetable dishes. It is enough to eat up to 20 kernels a day.


Almonds are considered a mild laxative, so they can alleviate constipation. The dietary fiber will help cleanse the bowels, and the soft texture of almonds will form soft stools. At the same time, you should not get carried away with this remedy. In severe cases, nuts can cause bloating. Therefore, they should be consumed after cleansing the intestines with an enema to restore microflora and normalize the process of defecation.


Peanuts help to fight constipation in the case where bloating and gasification from it are not detected. Plant fats normalize the gastrointestinal tract and intestinal muscles, they break up stale stools and facilitate their excretion.

To get rid of this problem, even in the neglected stage, you need to do 2 days off, during which you need to eat peanuts (60-100 grams per day) and drink at least 2.5 liters of water. Such a diet will be able to establish the work of the intestines and help in getting rid of constipation. Of course, it can be included only in that situation, if there are no other health problems and contraindications.


Pistachios are allowed to eat with constipation, but it is recommended to focus not on the nuts, but on the oil from them. The oil extracted from the fruit can help get rid of constipation and other gastrointestinal diseases. Pistachio oil will help to eliminate toxins from the body more effectively.


Walnuts are indispensable in the treatment of constipation. Due to their high oil content, they contribute to the excretion of bile, which helps to remove stools from the intestines without liquefying them. They also establish peristalsis. Regular consumption of walnuts and their accompanying products will help to cure this ailment.


When there are serious problems with stool regularity, it is better to use the juice of overripe coconut fruit. It is an excellent natural laxative. Rough fibers of the pulp will have a favorable effect on the intestinal system, increase its peristalsis, help eliminate constipation. Coconut helps with excessive gas and bloating.

Laurel leaf

The laurel leaf has astringent properties, so use it as decoctions and infusions should be extremely careful not to provoke constipation. In this case, it is strongly recommended to switch to a diet in which vegetables and fruits will greatly predominate.

With constipation, the use of bay leaf should be abandoned.


With constipation, cinnamon tree powder has a stimulating and antiseptic effect, due to the fact that it improves digestion and increases appetite, is an effective herbal laxative, restores intestinal tone.

Sea salt

In addition to a properly organized diet, sea salt can also help in the fight against constipation. It not only has a laxative effect, but also helps to normalize the metabolism, stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and strengthen the body's defenses. Taking sea salt leads to better digestion of food and timely bowel emptying.


Turmeric powder in small quantities is able to effectively clean the intestines and relieve the condition of a person with regular constipation. You should use this recipe: dilute a teaspoon of dry spice without a hill in a glass of milk, add a little honey, warm up the drink a little, but do not boil. You can also mix ginger powder with homemade yogurt. Such a dessert is best consumed after a meal or as a separate dish.


Honey stimulates the digestive system and the intestines, thanks to which you can tone the body. Regular consumption of honey can get rid of the problem of chronic constipation, which is considered an important medical benefit.


Propolis tincture will help to establish a regular colon cleansing. Since the main factor provoking constipation is an unhealthy diet, which leads to sluggish intestines, bee glue will only help to cleanse and improve peristalsis. People who have problems with stool, it is recommended to conduct preventive courses of taking tincture of propolis. Such measures will benefit the entire digestive system and even help get rid of the effects of stress.

Fish Oil

Fish oil can help solve such a problem as constipation, including chronic constipation. Because of its enveloping and laxative action, it is just prescribed to patients with this problem. To eliminate constipation can be assigned as a single dose (up to 10 grams), and the course (3-5 grams per day for a month).

Sea kale

Seaweed contains polysaccharides. They are prebiotics, that is, create a favorable environment for the reproduction of beneficial intestinal microflora. That is why seaweed is considered an effective remedy for constipation caused by dysbacteriosis or irritable bowel syndrome.

However, seaweed has another mechanism of action that puts it on a par with the most effective mild laxatives. Because of this mechanism, it helps with functional constipation, which is associated with a deterioration of the intestinal receptors. Fibers contained in seaweed, in the stomach, swells, and in the intestines, it gets, already greatly increased in volume. This leads to irritation of the receptors, which causes bowel emptying. And unlike many other remedies, seaweed is not addictive, it just helps the intestines perform their duties, and so the product can be included in the diet on a regular basis.

Dill seeds

Effective with constipation cope with the seeds of dill. This is due to the unique content of elements such as salts of phosphorus, iron and magnesium. They normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, which leads to the solution of the problem, as well as relief.

Dill seeds not only act as a laxative, in addition they have a complex effect, which significantly improves overall health.

Poppy seeds

People suffering from persistent constipation try to eat foods that have a colon cleansing effect. Given the astringent properties of the seeds, they are not recommended for constipation. This can make the problem worse. Medicinal infusions containing poppy seeds can be used for constipation.

Pumpkin seeds

The components of pumpkin seeds have a laxative effect, remove toxins and toxic substances. Due to this, this product is an excellent remedy in the fight against constipation. For this purpose, the seeds should be consumed in raw form. You can also use a tincture of the seeds. For its preparation one and a half tablespoons of crushed in a blender raw materials should be poured over a glass of boiling water and infused for an hour. To get rid of constipation, you should take a teaspoon of it several times a day.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds help cleanse the intestines of putrid food and feces. To improve stools, you need to take 2 tsp of grains and drink them with clean water (1 glass) without gas.

Flax seeds

With constipation, flaxseed is considered an excellent remedy, because it improves intestinal peristalsis. It can be used only after consulting a doctor, if constipation is caused by this reason. And you can drink the above decoctions and infusions, or prepare kissels and porridges. The main thing is not to abuse it, otherwise constipation will turn into diarrhea.

Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are a natural wound-encompassing and wound-healing agent, and also help to cope with constipation. To get rid of constipation, you need to consume sesame seeds on an empty stomach, it will help cleanse the intestines and remove accumulated toxins.

Peanut paste

What sweets can and cannot be eaten with constipation

Peanut paste contains vegetable fiber. Even if not in the greatest quantity, but it contains them nevertheless. This means that it will improve the intestinal function and motility, contribute to the normalization of stools, prevent constipation or alleviate the condition when there is already a problem.


Urbech helps normalize intestinal function, including daily stools.

These are the properties of urbache made from apricot kernels, sesame seeds and hemp. They contain useful acids that help with frequent constipation. With such a problem helps and paste made of coconut. Its enveloping effect improves the natural process of stool release.

These types of urbache should be included in the daily diet. Just one tablespoon (preferably for breakfast) in pure form or as a supplement to fruits and vegetables will get rid of the problem for a long time.


When a person has constipation, you need to understand that it is caused by intestinal disorders. Therefore, it is not necessary to load it with additional work in the form of breaking down carbohydrates. At such moments, it is better to give up sweets and give preference to fermented dairy products, which improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Oatmeal cookies

With such a problem as constipation, almost everyone has faced. To improve your health and intestinal function, you can use special medications, but not the least role is played by your diet. It is possible to consume oatmeal cookies, but you should not get carried away with them. It is better that the sweetness was homemade.


If properly prepared, this corn product can even help in the fight against regular stool disorders. Fiber is good for cleansing the body, acting as a laxative. Of course, you should take into account your body's individual reaction to the product.


Biscuits can be used when constipation occurs. Sesame in the composition of such a delicacy has a mild laxative effect. Walnuts also have a number of advantages, one of which is to stimulate the functions of the gastrointestinal tract. The useful substances in nuts help in the fight against chronic constipation. The dried fruit in the composition of the lollipop also contributes to the excellent cleansing of the intestines of toxins.


Marmalade is among the products that help normalize the evacuatory function of the colon. Since this delicacy has a laxative effect, it can and even should be used for constipation.

Ice cream

Experts' opinions on the use of ice cream for constipation are divided. Some of them cite as evidence the composition of ice cream. It is a natural dairy product, and dairy is good for constipation. But a large amount of sugar can lead to the growth of intestinal yeast, which will aggravate the situation. Therefore, it is not possible to treat constipation with ice cream, but just to treat yourself is quite acceptable. With this disease, it is better to eat more foods rich in fiber. This fruit, vegetables, whole grains. It is also important to consume plenty of water and the presence of physical activity.


Constipation in the body occurs mainly due to the consumption of easily digestible food, which is not the case with halva. Dietary fiber stimulates the gastrointestinal tract and acts as a laxative.


Marshmallow refers to foods that can cleanse the intestines due to a mild laxative effect, which is considered an important positive quality for people with this problem. In addition, with regular consumption of marshmallows, you can avoid the appearance of chronic constipation.

Pumpkin juice

It is known that with frequent constipation there is a risk of formation of hemorrhoids and bleeding fissures. Since pumpkin juice normalizes the function of the gastrointestinal tract, you can forget about the problem of constipation. Thanks to the vitamin K in the pumpkin, bleeding wounds can heal faster.

To avoid a delicate problem, it is necessary to carry out a preventive 10-day course, consuming the drink 3 times a day before meals.

Important! If diarrhea occurs, it is worth reducing the dose of vegetable juice or eliminating it altogether to avoid dehydration.

Lemon Juice

Ascorbic acid may have a laxative effect. People with weak intestines may be upset when they drink it in the morning. To fight constipation will help a glass of boiled water with lemon juice. It is necessary to add table salt and a spoon of honey. Such a composition has anti-inflammatory properties, restores the walls of the intestine, normalizes stool.

Tomato juice

Tomato juice is characterized by a laxative effect, so it is recommended for constipation, including the chronic form. The product stimulates the process of digestion, increases intestinal peristalsis, due to which the stools are softened, the process of their elimination is simplified.

From the use of tomato juice can develop diarrhea. This occurs when the daily rate is not respected. Even if there are long-term constipation, you should not drink more than five glasses of juice a day.

The product is contraindicated in case of diarrhea, because in this case it will only irritate the intestinal mucosa more. This will only aggravate an already unpleasant situation. Rubbing in the gastrointestinal tract, bloody diarrhea, heartburn and dehydration may occur.

Carrot Juice

Medics recommend taking carrot juice for constipation. 100-200 ml of this drink, drunk in the morning 30-40 minutes before a meal, will help soften stools and facilitate the process of defecation.

Apple juice

Freshly squeezed apple juice can play the role of a natural laxative (just drink it in large quantities, use it together with pear juice or combine it with bran, rich in fiber).

With severe constipation, it is recommended to mix freshly squeezed plum juice with apple juice and drink 3-4 glasses in a day. Under no circumstances should you drink store-bought juice in order to get rid of constipation - it will not help.

Also with a small amount of this drink you can cure constipation and the baby. Infants under a year are recommended to give up to 60 ml of juice per day.

Freshly squeezed beet juice

Beet juice has a small laxative effect, removes all the toxins from the intestines and stomach, normalizes the gastrointestinal tract. But to fully get rid of constipation, you need to consume such a drink regularly.

Freshly squeezed orange juice

In order to understand the mechanism of action of orange juice and to evaluate the possibility of drinking it, it is necessary to differentiate the type of constipation. They come in the form of chronic constipation and temporary constipation. Chronic constipation can be the result of genetics, hormonal changes in the body or lifestyle. Temporary constipation, as a rule, is the result of improper diet, which can be corrected in time.

So, if we talk about the benefits of orange juice for constipation, it is necessary to understand what exactly provoked it. Orange juice is able to improve intestinal peristalsis due to dietary fiber passing through the intestinal surface, freeing the contents of the gastrointestinal tract from harmful toxins. Constipation is also due to the peculiarities of the water balance in the body. There are people who consume very little liquid during the day, which leads to an accumulation of stools of tight consistency. Fresh orange juice will be very helpful under these conditions, because it not only liquefies the contents of the rectum, but also fills the body with liquid. Defecation will become softer and more regular if you consume freshly squeezed orange juice daily.

Regular consumption of orange fruit juice will give the first results no sooner than in two weeks, so you need to have patience and go confidently to your goal.

Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice has the property of strengthening the stool, so if a person suffers from constipation, it is not recommended to use the drink, because it can provoke inflammation.

Sparkling water

When constipation is indicated any carbonated water - both plain, ordinary and mineral. It helps to soften the stool mass, increases the contractility of the intestine and cleans its walls.

Therefore, systematic lack of stools is a direct indication for taking sparkling water. In this case, the best effect will be a soda diluted with laxative herbal decoctions, or mineral water. In the case of constipation, water should be taken heated to a temperature of 37 ° C, a small glass three times a day.


Constipation is most often caused by disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Regular abuse of alcoholic beverages leads to a deterioration, but far from an improvement. The fact is that alcohol causes burns of the mucous membranes, due to which undigested food enters the intestines, forming stagnation.

Experts believe that high-quality cognac can improve the situation, but only if the daily dose does not exceed 30 ml. Another dose exceeding this figure will only cause a worsening of the situation and lead to a chronic course of the disease, in which it is no longer possible to restore the stool.

Oat milk

Oat milk contains nutrients that are beneficial to many processes in the human body. Fibre helps to improve intestinal peristalsis, thus helping to eliminate constipation, pain and bloating. Drink will help restore the natural intestinal microflora.

To prepare an oatmeal drink, you need 45 grams of oat flakes pour 250 ml of warm water. Whisk the mixture in a blender. Drink on an empty stomach, you can drink several times if necessary.


Coffee is known for its properties to prevent the occurrence of stagnation in the intestines. Regular consumption of the drink is an excellent prevention of constipation. This is due to the fact that it contains special substances that help to cope with digestive disorders.


Kissel is characterized by a mild laxative property on the intestines, which allows using it to eliminate constipation. However, in some cases, the product should not be used in constipation. The contraindication in this case is the period of pregnancy. Constipation is often the result of disorders in the body, so it is not recommended to self-medicate, and it is better to seek help from a specialist.

If the product is prepared with the addition of starch, it should not be consumed with constipation, as this substance can only aggravate the situation.


What drinks can and cannot be eaten with constipation

According to numerous evidences, kvass has the most favorable effect on the emptying of the intestines and can be used in this capacity for constipation. Of course, no one cancels the consultation with the attending physician.


Under the influence of alcoholic beverage, there can be failures in the digestive system, which leads to stagnant decay products in the intestines and constipation.

Mineral water

Lack of fluid in the body most often leads to such an unpleasant ailment as constipation. Mineral water helps to soften hardened stools and gently empty the intestines. Before drinking it, make sure you do not have any diseases in which mineral water is not recommended.

Rosehip decoction

Due to their fiber content, rosehip fruits help to soften stools. Their ability to normalize the outflow of bile prevents the thickening and hardening of stools.

To eliminate constipation pour 10 grams of rosehip powder with a glass of boiled water. After 2 hours, the mixture is brought to a boil. Decoction cooled and filtered through gauze. Take twice a day for half a tablespoon in the morning and evening until the elimination of constipation.


Many people believe that alcoholic beverages can cope with constipation. Some types of strong alcohol do help to relax the bowels, but it also harms the entire digestive system.

Vodka has a negative effect on digestion. As a result, the food enters the intestines almost in its original form, getting stuck in it and causing problems with the stool, which is expressed in the appearance of constipation.

Lemon Water

The citric acid found in citrus products stimulates the digestive system, so drinking water with lemon juice regularly can prevent constipation and stool problems. But you should not abuse it, as it is fraught with the appearance of inflammation in the intestines.

Tea with ginger

Ginger tea has a mild laxative effect. Therefore, it is recommended to drink it with constipation. One cup a day, which is drunk before breakfast or lunch, is enough. Lemon and honey can be added to the tea.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is also recommended to consume in case of stagnant stools. This healing remedy will have a mild, laxative effect, softening the stools and facilitating the act of defecation.

Carcade tea

Red tea acts on the intestines as a laxative. But with large portions and frequent intake it can manifest itself in the opposite effect, causing unpleasant constipation. When constipated, a decoction can be prepared and the petals can be eaten, carefully chewed into a mush.

Black Tea

Black tea is the best fortifier, so a strong drink should be excluded when the problem occurs. But the Earl Grey variety warm with honey at bedtime can eliminate constipation. This combination makes the intestinal muscles work, which helps ease defecation.

Green Tea

Green tea drink improves bowel patency, but mostly not because of its composition, but by drinking plenty of fluids. Only the origin of the tea must be natural, it must be bought in loose form, without any additives. But you must also remember that the tea drink only takes away the symptoms, so it should not be seen as a cure for the disease.


Normal intestinal peristalsis is the most important factor in good health. Foods rich in fiber, including raisins, improve peristalsis and make the GI tract work easier. Dried grapes help digested food pass smoothly through the gastrointestinal tract.


Many therapists advise prunes to those patients who suffer from constipation. Regular use of these dried fruits will help to completely get rid of this problem. In this case, it is allowed to use it even for pregnant women and children who have reached the age of six months.

Dried apples.

Digestive complications may well arise even in a perfectly healthy person. The most common problem is constipation. It can be caused by stress, changes in diet, infection, etc. Apples normalize bowel function, which is why they are included in various diets, as a drastic change in diet can be a real problem.

As for dried apples, it is recommended to eat them for constipation. Fresh apples can cause flatulence and fermentation, which often aggravates the situation. Dried apples contain plant fibers that act as a mild laxative. They act on the intestinal walls and soften the feces, so you don't have to push hard, which eliminates the risk of rectal prolapse. Fiber helps restore normal GI function. If dried apples are included in the diet on a regular basis, there is a chance that constipation can be forgotten forever.

Dried apricots

The apricots contain pectin and fiber, which are not affected by digestive enzymes, so they can move freely through the digestive tract. Dietary fiber helps to increase the volume of stools, it stimulates the intestines.

Potassium and pectin help regulate the water balance, so they prevent constipation. To normalize digestion, you should eat apricots 5-7 slices a day. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise there may be discomfort in the stomach.


With constipation, it is better to use not the artichoke itself, but its juice. There is one recipe that will help get rid of bloating and stool retention. You need to take some of the juice and mix it with the egg yolks. Then mix everything thoroughly and drink the resulting mixture in the evening before going to bed.

Artichoke speeds up the metabolic processes, so its regular consumption will get rid of digestive problems.


Modern medicine has a lot of laxatives to offer, but they are all far from ideal. Usually you want a really mild laxative that will solve the problem asymptomatically and comfortably. Fennel is just such a remedy. As a remedy, you need to take oil on sugar or honey. However, tea can solve the problem of chronic constipation, it normalizes the entire process of digestion and intestinal activity. Quite quickly the stool becomes regular, soft, and a trip to the toilet - as comfortable as possible.


It is known that mint is able to enhance peristalsis. From this plant, an infusion can be prepared. To do this, you need to take four tablespoons of mint leaves and pour them with boiling water. The solution should be infused for several hours in a tightly closed container. The ready remedy should be taken 0.5 cup three times a day to get rid of such an ailment as constipation.

Ginger root

Ginger root and powdered form show a slight laxative effect. The mucous membranes are not injured and inflamed areas are healed. The normal microflora in the intestine is also restored, so that the subsequent release of breakdown products is much easier.


The product has an excellent effect on digestion. Spinach in its raw form helps the intestines to recover and cleanse themselves of toxins. Taking half a liter of juice a day, you can quickly cope with the elimination of even the most severe constipation. This happens because spinach speeds up the muscles and nerves of the intestines. After the course passed, the muscles will be able to continue to work actively on their own. That's why spinach juice is the best remedy to get rid of constipation.


For this kind of problem, nutritionists most often advise simply adding fresh parsley to various dishes, although you can also drink infusions and decoctions.


What herbs can and cannot be eaten with constipation

Dill can help relieve constipation. The greens help with the passage of food through the digestive tract. Dill seeds are especially useful because they are rich in calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and iron, substances that improve gastrointestinal function and help flush harmful buildup out of the body.


From recurrent constipation, as well as stomach pain will help the following recipe: 1 tablespoon of crushed raw materials pour 200 ml of boiling water, insist 30 minutes. The finished decoction must be filtered through gauze or a fine sieve, and then on a regular basis take half a glass 2 times a day directly before meals. For a long time to take the medicine, as folk healers assure, you can not, because nettles have the property to increase blood clotting with prolonged use. The stool should gradually normalize, and the pain in the stomach, respectively, will stop.


Nectarine has a slight laxative effect, so if you have problems with stools or digestive motility, it is worth to include it in the menu. The only caveat is that you should not eat the fruit at night, as it can make sleep restless due to the activation of digestion.


Constipation is not a disease, but such a disorder of the intestinal function can deliver a lot of unpleasant moments and even lead to the development of cancerous tumors. Therefore, get rid of constipation is necessary. An aid in this struggle can be an ordinary apple. It perfectly cleans the intestines and eliminate constipation. Dietary fiber of the fruit will help to adjust the gastrointestinal tract, and fiber normalizes defecation, eliminating constipation. It is preferable to use the baked fruit in the amount of 2-3 pieces per day. Good deal with constipation and apple juice, which should be drunk one glass a day before going to bed. Using these tips, a person can get rid of constipation and eliminate this problem once and for all.


The use of apricots is also indicated for the treatment of constipation. In this case, it is necessary to prepare a compote. Such a remedy has a mild laxative effect. It should be drunk three times a day after a meal.

Persimmon .

Undoubtedly, at the unrestricted use of persimmon, it is able to provoke diarrhea. Due to the presence of coarse fiber in its composition, it helps to normalize the intestinal function and accelerate the process of elimination of feces. That is why it is recommended to use the berry in case of constipation.


To cure constipation, you should dilute pomegranate juice with water or a squeeze of beet in a ratio of 1:1 and drink the resulting remedy after a meal for 7 days. Such a drink helps to improve digestion and restore peristalsis in the intestines.

Fruits are not recommended for people suffering from constipation, as they contain enzymes that have a strengthening effect.


The fruit of the peach is characterized by a laxative effect. Consequently, the product can be used to eliminate constipation, as well as the prevention of its occurrence. It can also be eaten during the period of carrying the fetus.


Alycha, like all other fruits of trees of the Plum family, has a mild laxative effect on the human intestines. With chronic constipation in the daily diet should be used not only fresh fruit, but it is recommended to drink decoctions of the fruit and leaves of the alycha. Such a drink is very simple to prepare. For this you will need:

  • 50 g of alycha;
  • 10-20 grams of cherry leaves;
  • 250 ml of boiling water.

The leaves should initially be softened in the palm of your hand with clapping. This is necessary in order for the decoction to receive as many useful substances as possible. Separate the pit from the fruit and cut into small pieces. Pour boiling water over the leaves and fruit and let stand for about 4-5 hours. Strain and take a decoction of 80 ml 3 times a day before meals.


Grapefruit is considered a good remedy for constipation. The easiest option is to drink a glass of grapefruit juice before a meal, but not on an empty stomach. It is also helpful to add the fruit to salads to improve digestion.


To eliminate constipation, you should mix dried plums with oats in a ratio of 3:1. The resulting mixture should be poured over boiling water and insist for an hour. Then strain the composition and use 100 ml 3 times a day.

Mandarins .

Medics often advise to diversify the daily diet with this small citrus to those patients who suffer from frequent constipation. The fiber, which is included in its composition, will help eliminate this unpleasant problem and normalize bowel function.


Pineapple has a pronounced but mild laxative effect. This refers specifically to the fruit itself, it can be eaten fresh, canned, dried or cooked. Pineapple acts very gently, but comprehensively. Fiber is essential for a good and comfortable trip to the toilet. Stimulation of digestion gets rid of stagnant effects and activates peristalsis. All this leads to a serious softening and improvement of the quality of going to the toilet.

It is important to note that pineapple gives a good and statistically confirmed effect exactly in counteracting chronic constipation, as it removes the cause of their appearance.


It is not recommended to consume juices and any form of pears without pulp. It is weak, but still constipating, that is, it will only worsen the situation.

It is allowed to consume fresh or baked pears, but preferably a little and in combination with obviously laxative fruits or berries, such as prunes.

Modern research shows that the systematic use of pear pulp normalizes bowel function and relieves chronic constipation caused by stagnation and poor peristalsis.


Lemon best treats chronic constipation by normalizing bowel function, activating peristalsis. It removes the basis of the entire problem, then constipation goes away on its own.

Persistent, but mild, laxative action has the following solution. In a glass of warm water you need to squeeze the juice of half a lemon, you can have pulp, but without seeds, add a teaspoon of honey and a pinch of salt. Stir everything and drink in the morning on an empty stomach.


Figs are very useful for the digestive system and help to combat the occurrence of constipation. The fiber contained in the fruit helps to eliminate stagnant stools, and also helps to cleanse the stomach. As a preventive measure, you should eat figs fresh or make infusions with them in milk or water.


Breaking down complex proteins can cause GI disorders and problems. Pomelo contains about 1/4 of the daily quota of fiber, which normalizes digestion and prevents constipation and diarrhea. It also stimulates the production of enzymes that promote the active breakdown of food, which facilitates the digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.


When a person has problems releasing the bowels due to constipation, a couple of oranges eaten before bedtime will be the best help. Regular consumption of the product will make the stools normal and the bowel function full.


Systematic intake of bananas helps to soften defecation and eliminate the problem.


What fruits can and cannot be eaten with constipation

Kiwi can be used for constipation, as the fruit helps to soften stools and facilitate their elimination. In this case, in the case of constipation, the product can be given to children, people at an advanced age and even pregnant women.


The fiber and polyphenols contained in mangoes make this fruit an excellent natural remedy against constipation. The dietary fiber helps ease digestion and helps eliminate waste from the body. Thanks to the polyphenols, mango helps to reduce inflammation and suppress the processes associated with this condition. During their digestion, there is an acceleration of the excretion of toxins and improves the composition of the intestinal microflora.


In cases of chronically hard stools and constipation, the introduction of avocados in the diet will normalize regular defecation, soften the released masses and relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids.


In the fight against constipation, the cherry is also able to show itself as a drug to cope with the symptoms of this problem. The berry has a laxative effect, so its use has a positive effect on the treatment of this disease, without causing harm to the body. It is recommended to consume ripe fruits or compote, boiled from them. But you should not forget that increased acidity of the stomach is a contraindication to this method of treatment.


When the process of defecation is difficult, doctors recommend consuming a bunch of grapes every day or drinking 3 glasses a day of freshly squeezed juice of berries before a meal. This will naturally speed up defecation and thereby normalize bowel function. It is better to use seasonal grapes, i.e. do not buy them for medicinal purposes in winter and spring periods. Such berries are treated with special solutions and contain harmful substances that can negate the beneficial effects of the wonderful fruit. Juice also should not be bought in the store, because it contains not so much vitamins as sugar and can be very dangerous to health. Therefore, in winter it is better to use raisins.


When constipation cope with the problem will help fruits and berries, including blueberries. Suffice it to introduce them into your diet, using both fresh and cooked from berries morsels and compotes. Fiber, minerals and dietary fiber will help to cope with constipation softly and in a short time. It should also be consumed as a prevention of stagnation.


Honeysuckle in small quantities has a relaxing effect and helps to eliminate intestinal stagnation.

Lack of treatment for constipation leads to complications, which in some cases require urgent medical attention. That is why therapy should be started immediately after the onset of unpleasant symptoms. In this case, honeysuckle can be eaten fresh, and juices, morsels, compotes from it can be consumed.

Red currants

Like all products that contain fiber, red currants help to fight constipation, including chronic constipation. In the absence of allergies and stomach problems, it is possible to include these berries in your menu without fear. To overcome such an unpleasant phenomenon as constipation, it is enough to eat half a glass of fresh berries two or three times a day, as well as drink morsels, compotes, juices made on the basis of red currants.


Much, of course, depends on the cause of constipation. But if they are caused by atony of the intestine, a decrease in its motor activity, it is sufficient to simply eat 150-200 grams of fresh cherries a day, and the result will appear immediately. Some doctors recommend consuming this sweet medicine in a course of 1-2 weeks, but, in fact, that's how long the cherry season lasts.


Such an unpleasant problem as constipation will help to eliminate mulberry. It acts softly and effectively due to the sufficient amount of potassium and fiber. And this berry can not only solve the problem of constipation, but also eliminate excessive gas and improve metabolism, as well as normalize the water-salt balance, which will prevent the occurrence of such problems in the future.


The composition of cranberry berries contains a large amount of fiber, which effectively copes with various intestinal disorders. With constipation, its use will help to achieve a complete cure. And for people suffering from this ailment, it is systematically recommended to consume dried berries by 1 tbsp. per day. This remedy is guaranteed to help get rid of stool problems.


The astringent effect, which is provided by the composition of dogwood fruits, due to the presence of tannins in it, is contraindicated for people suffering from constipation. In such situations, it is recommended to use fresh dogwood berries with great restrictions, so as not to cause exacerbations. Still, people suffering from these disorders are recommended to use cornelian morsel or compote.


Strawberries contain a lot of fiber, which not only allows you to eliminate harmful substances from the body, but also stimulates intestinal peristalsis, which helps to cope with constipation.

Black currants

If you are prone to constipation, it is better to limit the use of fresh berries, as they help to fix the stool. This is due to the high content of seeds and tough rinds in the fruit.

Allowed in the diet of weak compotes, decoctions, kissels. Concentrated juices are recommended to dilute with water, the drink should be translucent.


What berries can and cannot be eaten with constipation

A few slices of raw watermelon will be quite enough to get your digestive process going - and from the first time.

Sea buckthorn

For constipation it is recommended to use rectal suppositories with sea buckthorn oil, which contribute to a gentle and painless cleansing of the intestines. Regular consumption of sea buckthorn berries (unless there are no contraindications) will help normalize bowel function. The course of treatment is usually two weeks.


In the case of chronic constipation, it is forbidden to use berries. This is caused by the fact that the product has a creeping effect, so it can only worsen the condition.


Wild rose is also used for various forms of intestinal obstruction: the pulp has an excellent relaxing effect, so decoctions are an excellent potion in the treatment and prevention of constipation.


Fresh blueberries have a mild laxative effect, dried - fix the stool.

Infusion will help eliminate constipation. For its preparation, pour 30 grams of fresh berries with a glass of boiling water. After two hours, you can start using. It is recommended to drink 50 ml three times a day until the elimination of the ailment.

Raspberry .

With the regular use of fresh cranberry berries, normal digestive function is restored, which positively affects the process of defecation. The berry is able to prevent the occurrence of constipation.

To get rid of constipation, in the morning you should consume 40-45 berries of the plant, previously rubbed through a sieve together with honey. You can also use another recipe. For this purpose, you should grind a teaspoon of cranberry seeds, add a glass of hot water. Cooled remedy should be taken by half a glass twice a day.


Lingonberry has a positive effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract and is a good diuretic, but many people forget that if they regularly consume it, there will never be constipation. The fact is that with normal peristalsis of the stomach, the occurrence of constipation is impossible. Also, lingonberry promotes the formation of liquid, which softens the stool and facilitates its exit. And the ability to neutralize toxins that occur during constipation makes it one of the best remedies in the fight against them.

If you have a problem with stool, drinking a solution made with cranberries, it can be solved literally in one day. In severe cases, the treatment may take a longer time.

Raw eggs.

Colon obstruction is always accompanied by a lot of problems. Nutritionists recommend eating no more than two eggs a day. But they must be heat-treated (in the form of a soft-boiled egg or an omelet). Eating raw ones for constipation is not recommended.

Scrambled Eggs

Problems with bowel patency and its peristalsis can be exacerbated by eating fried omelets. Also, dishes stuffed with meat and vegetables can make it difficult to defecate, so they should be excluded from the diet. Steamed dietary omelets are allowed.

Soft-boiled eggs

Often, experts disagree on the best way to eat eggs. Some believe that vitamins and mineral compounds can be maintained in the product only in raw form, and that they are destroyed during heat treatment. Others insist that the raw product can be very dangerous to health. In this case it is better to use minimal heat treatment for cooking, which preserves the useful components of raw, necessarily fresh product, but at the same time destroys pathogenic microorganisms.

People who suffer from constipation are advised to eat no more than 1-2 soft-boiled eggs, so as not to worsen the condition.

Boiled eggs

A large amount of protein intake can lead to a deterioration of intestinal evacuation function. Eggs are a rich source of protein. But only hard-boiled eggs can lead to constipation or intensify it. If boiled, then they can continue to eat 1 piece a day, even facing such a problem as constipation, but only after the doctor's permission.


For problems such as constipation and colitis, the consumption of corn flakes is recommended. This is due to the fact that the product contains a large amount of fiber, which helps to normalize the metabolic processes of the body, as well as stimulates the gastrointestinal tract to the full extent.

Oat bran

Oat bran is a time-tested product for the elimination of constipation. The norm of the product in this ailment is 40-60 g per day, but they should be divided into several intakes. Start the intake of useful fiber should be 1-2 tsp. a day, gradually increasing the volume. So the body will gradually get used to the new product, it will be easy to trace reactions.

Bran can be taken on an empty stomach, during a meal or together with drinks. The presence of liquid during the use of fiber is acutely necessary, because it is necessary for the gentle settlement of the formation of feces.

The use of bran should be accompanied by the intake of sufficient fluids - at least 8 glasses of clean water during the day. With its insufficient intake, the problem of constipation can only worsen.

Do not refuse to use bran if gassiness and heaviness in the stomach increase during the first days of use - it is a normal intestinal reaction to dietary fiber.

The combined use of bran with dried fruit and honey increases the effect.

A good effect is given by the use of a drink for constipation, prepared according to the following recipe:

  1. Add 2 tablespoons of bran to 1 cup of milk at room temperature.
  2. Allow to infuse for 4 hours.
  3. Drink the drink on an empty stomach, dividing it into several portions.

The so-called bran water also gives relief for constipation. It is prepared by steeping the bran in water in a ratio of 1:5 for 6 hours. The drink is also drunk on an empty stomach. It is better to strain it before use.

Baked apples

Baked apples can eliminate digestion problems by gently removing masses accumulated in the intestines, relieving constipation and the abdominal pain caused by it. However, the use of baked apples should be limited, as eating this dessert in large quantities, on the contrary, will cause bloating and fermentation processes in the intestines. Baked apples quickly eliminate constipation, as they have the property to soften the walls of the intestine, removing the stool mass. Improvement of stools can be noticed after 2-3 days of regular use of fruits (3-4 pieces per day).

Sometimes baked apples not only do not help in the fight against constipation, but also provoke it. This is the case, for example, with gastritis, ulcers, pancreatitis. Also provoke constipation too sweet varieties of apples and poorly washed fruits. In some cases, they may cause not only constipation, but also nausea and vomiting.


If a person suffers from constant or chronic constipation, you should consume 40 ml of olives on an empty stomach every day. This helps to envelop the mucous membranes of internal organs, cleanses the body of feces, toxic substances and toxins.


Constipation is a fairly common phenomenon, which is caused by stagnation in the body. You can get rid of them not only with the help of medicines, but also with the help of food. One of them is muesli.

They include dried fruit, which has a relaxing effect, as well as cereals that support the microflora. Muesli for constipation should be eaten in the morning immediately after waking up.

Apple cider vinegar

Some medics claim that apple cider vinegar can help relieve flatulence and also get rid of constipation. However, there is no scientific research to support this claim. People who use natural apple cider vinegar as a remedy for constipation often claim that it acts as a natural laxative.

Apple cider vinegar contains pectin and fiber that are water soluble, which helps improve digestion. It also has a small amount of magnesium, a mineral that helps improve intestinal peristalsis and get rid of constipation. Dilute 1 tsp. of apple sour product in a glass of warm water and drink this drink 1-3 times a day as needed.


Often the cause of constipation is weak peristalsis. Such a condition is accompanied by a feeling of heaviness in the intestine, depression, pronounced sweating. In this case, toxic substances are formed in the stomach, which are spread throughout the body. In such a case, it is recommended to drink ½ cup of snack juice three times a day. Such a remedy has a laxative effect.

Boiled corn.

Grains of this cereal contain fiber in large quantities. This component helps to cope with constipation. You only need to regularly include boiled corn in your menu.


Nutrition for constipation

If there is a problem with defecation, only whole grain products should be eaten. Pasta made from buckwheat or spelt flour is also suitable. Products made of these raw materials have a laxative effect and improve intestinal peristalsis.

Boiled beets

Beets have a mild laxative effect, so the process of defecation is facilitated by bowel contractions. In addition, the accelerated metabolism is a wand for people who have chronic GI problems, so emptying is a huge problem.

Coconut milk

Milk contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals. The body is saturated with essential electrolytes and healthy fats that help food move normally through the digestive tract and excrete feces regularly, so it is very useful for constipation

Zucchini Caviar

For such problems, zucchini caviar is an effective, and most importantly - affordable and safe means for regulating daily stools. It should be added to each meal in an amount not more than 2-3 tablespoons. It is important not to overeat and reduce the amount of carbohydrates. If there are no other stomach or intestinal problems (particularly intestinal obstruction and bleeding), 1 coffee spoonful of vegetable oil can be added to the caviar. It can be linseed oil or olive oil. The specificity of oils is that almost all of them have a laxative effect. In combination with fiber, this will facilitate the excretion of stools.


Pickled, pickled cucumbers and brine are a great alternative to laxatives. It's all about the high content of water and fiber in the vegetable. If there are no contraindications, then with constipation you can safely drink cucumber brine up to 4 glasses a day, and also enjoy cucumbers and include in the menu dishes with pickles.

Canned corn

Canned corn is an excellent source of dietary fiber. These substances help activate intestinal peristalsis, eliminate putrefactive processes and can make the process of defecation easier. Corn for constipation is not only useful, but also recommended for systematic use.


When constipation, synthetic products can harm the digestive system, because it is very difficult to digest modified oils - the body is overloaded and weakens even more.

Pea Soup

Thanks to the combination of peas with mixed vegetables (onions, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes), the dish is enriched with fiber. Bowel motility is improved by dietary fiber: stool excretion is gentler, painless and systematic. A hot dish has a positive effect on the intestinal microflora.


In this case, you can consume a mild mustard sauce in small portions, dovetailing with food, or consume the grains before a meal (a couple of pieces, the duration of the course is a month). Mustard components will cleanse the intestines and improve the microflora of the organ.

Chicken broth

Chicken broth helps normalize stools and gently relieves problems such as constipation. However, it is not recommended to use a concentrated product, since broth in its pure form is more difficult for the stomach to digest. You can make soup based on chicken broth. For this, you can use a chicken breast, cut it into small pieces and pour water over it. Boil it over low heat for about 20 minutes. After that, you can add a bay leaf, salt and pepper, potatoes and cook the dish for another 20 minutes. Then you need to fry onions and carrots in a pan and put them into the soup. Next, cook the dish until tender over low heat. Ready soup can be poured on plates and sprinkled with chopped fresh dill.

Flaxseed meal

The soft emptying effect of flaxseed flour helps to soften stools and leads to the elimination of constipation and flatulence.

This property is especially relevant after childbirth or abdominal surgery, when the patient is contraindicated to strain the abdominal wall.

Antimicrobial substances suppress pathogenic microflora in the intestine, thus promoting the reproduction of beneficial microflora. Normalization of intestinal function leads to normal digestion and metabolism.

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Thank you, quite a succinct list of products, often doctors are negligent about their work, especially in Russia, and there is no money for qualified specialists (although "free medicine" is not cheap) so we have to take matters into our own hands.
Very informative, thank you! Quite often the cause of constipation is common dehydration, you should try to drink more water. Also, mineral waters with magnesium and sulfates are great to deal with this problem. I have experienced the beauty of mineral water, in terms of cleansing and getting rid of constipation. I prefer Stelmas Magnesium in the morning on an empty stomach with a glass of warm water (it is not expensive), and the result will not make you wait long).