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Bee propolis: useful properties and contraindications.

Products of beekeeping are used by humans for many thousands of years. Mention of them occurs not only in the treatises of the healers of ancient India and Egypt, about this wonderful product mentioned even in the Bible. In those ancient times, honey was used to treat almost all diseases: wounds, stomach disorders, joint diseases and fevers. And the first beauties of that distant era with the help of honey and products derived from it cared for the body and hair.

From honey you can get a lot of useful products for human health, but the most popular of them was and remains propolis. This unique product in properties and composition is worthy to get acquainted with it closer. We will tell you about the unlimited potential of propolis, the rules of its selection and storage, as well as give a few useful recipes.

What is propolis

When buds appear on trees in the spring, an army of bees rushes to them. These industrious insects are attracted by a special resinous substance that is secreted by the still unopened leaves. This substance is transformed by enzymes produced by bees into propolis, a resinous and very pliable substance with a brown or greenish tint. But sometimes this bee product has a reddish hue. This difference in color is explained simply: the color, as well as the smell of propolis, depends largely on which plant, in what place and at what time the bees collected the resin.

The benefits and harms of propolis

Popularly, propolis is better known as bee glue. This name is due to a number of qualities inherent in the glue structures. Propolis, like no other natural material, is rich in the content of useful components, and its healing properties are actively used in traditional and folk medicine, cosmetology and other areas. An interesting fact is that bees produce this unique substance throughout their lives. They use it as a building material, as well as to protect against pathogens. The plastic structure of bee glue and its pleasant aroma allow the little workers to create a comfortable microclimate in the hive, which is a prerequisite for reproduction of offspring. It is worth noting that a separate group of bees is responsible for collecting this product.

Composition and calories

Propolis is an incredibly useful product for humans. It can be used to treat a huge number of diseases, as well as for preventive purposes. The composition of bee glue includes more than 50 organic ingredients and over two hundred chemical compounds. It is difficult to list all the individual components, so it is easier to name the main groups of these substances:

  • essential oils;
  • flower pollen;
  • flavonoids;
  • waxes;
  • Aromatic acids;
  • Mineral elements, among which there are such rare ones as titanium, vanadium, chromium, silicon;
  • sugars;
  • amino acids: tyrosine, miteonine.

And also a whole group of vitamins (almost full complex of vitamin B, nicotinic acid, tocopherol and other components).

Such a rich composition of the product only confirms its unique properties.

Since propolis is often included in nutritional complexes for weight loss, it will be interesting to know its energy value. It is 319 kcal per 100 g.

Useful properties of propolis

General benefits

Bee glue is widely used today in the form of ointments, tinctures, a base for compresses and inhalations. Often propolis is used in its pure form. The product is willingly recommended by physicians as an additional method of treatment to basic therapy. Propolis is no less popular in folk medicine and home cosmetology. Many generations of scientists have researched this natural product and proved that it has the following properties:

  • bactericidal;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • regenerative;
  • diuretic;
  • analgesic;
  • choleretic;
  • antioxidant;
  • astringent;
  • immunomodulatory;
  • rejuvenating.

Notably, this unique substance helps the body to expend adrenaline efficiently. Propolis normalizes metabolism, metabolic processes and cleans cell membranes of cholesterol.

Scientists have found that propolis blocks the growth of cancer cells, but does not have a toxic effect on the body.

Taken together, all of these properties can improve the dynamics of chronic processes and acute forms of various diseases. Separately, let's consider what benefits propolis is able to bring to different groups of people.

For women

Women's bodies are especially susceptible to overloads, because it is the representatives of the female sex assigned the great mission - motherhood. But very often there is an insurmountable obstacle on this way - hormonal disorder. To normalize the menstrual cycle can be achieved by using bee glue, if you take advantage of one of the popular folk recipes, prepared on the basis of this product of beekeeping. It is widely used in gynecology to treat such pathologies of the female reproductive system:

  • uterine myoma;
  • endometriosis;
  • adnexitis;
  • vulvitis;
  • Cervical erosion and other diseases.

For home treatment, you can prepare infusions, which are then taken internally according to the scheme. In addition, with gynecological diseases, a good result gives treatment with the use of such means as suppositories. Water infusion of propolis can be used for douches. The listed methods of treatment quickly relieve signs of inflammation, improve overall health.

Propolis benefits for women

Of course, this type of treatment should always be coordinated with the attending gynecologist, because methods of folk therapy should always be considered as a supplement to the main set of treatments.

Women who feel absolutely healthy, often include propolis in cosmetic masks to rejuvenate the skin or improve the condition of the hair. The bee product is worth using to strengthen immune strength, for example, after a respiratory infection or other prolonged illness.

For men

Representatives of the strong half of mankind also use propolis. In most cases, it is in demand for problems with potency, as well as with diseases of the genitourinary system of the man. But some believe that prevention is the best cure for all diseases. They periodically take various folk remedies with bee glue in order to prevent sexual impotence. And such a decision urologists only welcome, because the components of propolis:

  • Support the normal production of the male hormone testosterone;
  • prevent the appearance of adenoma and prostatitis;
  • increase libido;
  • Stabilize the nervous system after stress.

When pregnant

The main task of any expectant mother is to bear and give birth to a healthy baby. Due to the fact that with the onset of pregnancy a woman's body expends an enormous amount of resources to support the new life, a constant supply of nutrients is required. A pregnant woman can compensate for the lack of nutrients with propolis. In addition, bee glue is able to prevent miscarriage and cope with coughs and runny nose, which often complicate pregnancy. This wonderful product will help the future mother to relieve emotional stress, establish regular stools and get rid of painful symptoms of hemorrhoids.

It is known that during pregnancy, chronic processes like to remind themselves. But expectant mothers are contraindicated to be treated with antibiotics and other medications. Therefore, medicines may well replace plastic bee glue. It is only necessary to consult with your doctor about the method of its application.

Pregnant women are allowed to use propolis:

  • In pure form, that is, to chew the product;
  • drink an infusion of water;
  • Take together with bees' milk.

Specialists say that regular intake of the healing product will strengthen the immunity of the future mother and baby, as well as help to avoid complications during childbirth.

When breastfeeding

Breastfeeding moms should be very careful in choosing both food and remedies. After all, with the mother's milk defenseless baby receives not only useful substances, there is a risk of getting products that can cause allergies. Therefore, if you want to supplement the menu with bee sticks, you should reduce its dose to a minimum of 1 g per week.

It is best to chew propolis during lactation, which will be very beneficial for the teeth and mouth. It is possible for a nursing woman to take a tincture on water. With hemorrhoids, it is allowed to use homemade rectal suppositories. It is allowed to treat a runny nose and sore throat with folk remedies with propolis.

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For babies

Often parents resort to popular folk recipes created on the basis of bee glue when their child is sick. Of course, such therapy is acceptable if the medicine is prepared with water or natural oil. In such a situation, the dosage is easy to calculate according to the formula: 1 drop of the composition per year of a baby's life. This means that for a one-year-old baby, only one drop of propolis medicine will be enough, and for a five-year-old child, the optimal dose is 5 drops.

Undoubtedly, the bee product will be very useful for the child's body, as it will help to strengthen the immune system and cope with many diseases. But it is necessary to always take into account the likelihood of allergic effects. Therefore, a day before the treatment, you should do a sensitivity test, applying a small amount of tincture on the inner part of the elbow bend of the baby. If after a day there is no rash, redness and itching, you can take the medicine.

You can treat children with propolis runny nose, otitis, bronchitis, tonsillitis and a number of other diseases.

Here are some popular recipes as an example:

  1. Add 50 g of propolis to a liter of boiled milk, stir it, and then strain the mixture. This remedy helps against colds. It can be taken up to 5 times 50 ml.
  2. When coughing, you can do inhalations with bee glue. For one procedure it is enough to heat 3 g of crushed raw materials in a water bath, and then pour a glass of boiling water. For several minutes, the sick child should breathe over the steam.

How is propolis useful for weight loss

Propolis is not neglected by specialists who develop weight loss programs. A series of research activities have been carried out in this field, the results of which proved the ability of this natural material to reduce the content of PPAR-gamma protein in tissues. It is known that this protein compound is responsible for the level of fat reserves in the body. When it is not enough, the fat tissue begins to destroy itself. If extremely small doses of propolis are consumed daily, it is possible to normalize the parameters of one's figure without exhausting diets and workouts.

What is useful for slimming propolis

Propolis effectively reduces cholesterol levels, which also has a positive effect on weight indicators. Folk healers believe that chewing propolis balls will help not only to lose weight, but also to eliminate some oral problems. But this bee product is often used in other ways.

For example, a very effective way to combat excess weight is the use of alcoholic tincture of propolis according to the scheme. Prepare a homemade cure is not difficult. It is recommended to take it in the morning on an empty stomach as follows: one teaspoon of alcohol solution, diluted in a glass of plain water.

Propolis in medicine

It is not surprising that such a powerful natural antibiotic and excellent antioxidant, as propolis, finds wide application in modern medicine. Medics recommend it to patients as a preventive measure, often advising to include the bee product in the basic therapeutic complex. From propolis prepare compositions for internal and external use, often it is used as the basis for inhalations and other home procedures. Let's tell you what can help bee glue in various pathologies.

In diabetes mellitus

In the complex treatment of patients with diabetes, it is allowed to include folk remedies containing propolis. Such an addition to the main therapy will help to establish metabolic processes and increase the body's resistance to infections. In addition, it is proved that the bee glue has a pronounced hypoglycemic effect.

Possible applications:

  1. If pure propolis is used in courses of 3-4 weeks, it will be possible to achieve stabilization of blood sugar levels. Should be chewed 3 to 5 grams of the product for 1.5 hours before a meal or after a meal. Number of intakes per day - 3-5 times. The drug should be carefully chewed and then swallowed.
  2. Infusion of 30% alcohol is also recommended for the treatment of diabetics. The daily portion in this case is 10-15 ml. It is recommended to drink the medicine three times a day on an empty stomach. The standard course of treatment is 3-4 weeks. The therapeutic effect of the alcohol tincture with propolis is enhanced in combination with antidiabetic drugs.

Of course, the treatments listed here should always be coordinated with an endocrinologist.

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In pancreatitis

Patients suffering from inflammatory processes of the pancreas, in the period of remission to prevent exacerbation of the disease, doctors often advise taking short courses of propolis tincture in alcohol. This remedy in combination with other medicines not only helps to normalize the function of the affected inflamed organ, but also has a beneficial effect on the work of the entire digestive system. The treatment regimen and dosage are prescribed individually for each patient.

With gastritis

Thanks to the enveloping properties of propolis, products based on it protect the affected inflamed areas of the mucous membranes of the stomach. In addition, the bee product:

  • reduces the intensity of pain;
  • eliminates nausea and other unpleasant symptoms;
  • activates digestive processes;
  • promotes normal production of gastric secretion.

Propolis is considered one of the best ways to prevent peptic ulcers, which are often complicated by gastritis with high acidity. Also, this natural component can prevent the development of cancer.

At the first signs of indigestion should chew propolis on an empty stomach. The optimal single serving - 8 grams. The duration of one course of this type of treatment can be no more than a month.

A good therapeutic effect is given by a tincture prepared according to the following recipe: it is necessary to take alcohol and propolis in equal quantities, then dissolve the bee product in a liquid base and shake constantly for 20 minutes. The resulting mixture should be left to insist for a day, then filtered through paper. Take the infusion at 15 drops an hour before meals for two weeks. You can also add propolis to herbal decoctions in case of hyperacidity.

For the intestines

Since the bee glue accelerates recovery processes, it is useful for a variety of intestinal problems. Extracts from this bee product are especially effective. You can take the product in pure form, that is, chew the balls on an empty stomach shortly before a meal, it is also allowed to use in the form of tinctures in alcohol and water. Of course, alcohol preparations are allowed to give only adult patients.

With constipation

Propolis tincture will help to establish a regular cleansing of the bowels. Since the main factor provoking constipation is improper nutrition, which leads to sluggish intestines, bee glue will only help to cleanse and improve peristalsis. People who have problems with stool, it is recommended to conduct preventive courses of taking tincture of propolis. Such measures will benefit the entire digestive system and even help get rid of the effects of stress.

When gout

In diseases of the joints and gout, propolis is good to use as an external remedy. Rubbing painful bumps with the natural component will help to relieve inflammation and discomfort. An effective ointment is easy to prepare at home, if you combine vegetable oil (preferably linseed oil) with bee glue. Both ingredients are taken in equal quantities. To activate the properties of propolis components, the resulting mass after mixing should be heated and well mixed. When it cools, it should first rub the painful joints, and then carefully wrap them.

In colitis

For colitis in the acute phase is characterized by intense pain, flatulence, stool disorder in the form of constipation or diarrhea. All these unpleasant symptoms deliver discomfort and suffering to the sick person. To relieve the patient's condition can be simple means with propolis. It is enough to take a tincture of the bee product in alcohol in a weak (10%) concentration of 30 drops three times a day, so that the inflammatory process went down. Previously, the drug should be diluted with milk or water (100 ml). Such a gentle way to treat the first 5-7 days, and then you can take a more concentrated solution (30%). The dose can be increased up to 40 drops.

Effective with colitis microclysters: 4 grams of honey product per 100 grams of boiled water. After the solution has infused for a day, it can be used for the procedure. Before microclysters, it is necessary to clean the intestines well.

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For the liver

With various pathologies of the liver, propolis can become a catalyst that stimulates repair processes in damaged tissues. The ability of the natural material to have a gentle effect will not cause damage to other organs and systems. It is useful in such pathologies to take propolis in pure form or prepare an extract. But you should always remember that this type of treatment can only be an auxiliary tool in general therapy.

When hemorrhoids

Nonconventional therapy has a wide arsenal of remedies that are effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids. These are suppositories, ointments, microclysters. Thanks to such popular folk methods, it is possible to achieve positive results in the treatment of even complicated forms of hemorrhoids. Any of the above remedies are easy to prepare at home, if good quality propolis is available.

To make suppositories will need to take 15 grams of bee product and 150 ml of water, which should be slightly warmed. Then, the main ingredients should be combined, add a little oil, you can also use a small amount of cocoa powder. When the mixture becomes a homogeneous consistency, it should be poured into molds and cooled. Such candles can be used by pregnant women. This remedy quickly relieves signs of inflammation, pain and swelling.

In cholecystitis.

As clinical practice shows, the active components of propolis help to quickly restore the structure of damaged tissues. Treatment with preparations with bee glue combined with a gentle diet will help to normalize the function of the bile ducts. In cholelithiasis, you can take an alcoholic 10% infusion of propolis 20 drops dissolved in a glass of warm milk. Such a medication will relieve painful sensations, even with cholelithiasis. In the chronic form of cholecystitis, you should take for three weeks 40 drops of alcoholic extract diluted with water.

When sore throat

Angina, or tonsillitis, as it is customary to call this infectious disease in medicine, is well treated by folk methods. And in this respect, propolis is an indispensable material for preparing home remedies. Adult patients can take an alcoholic infusion orally, and for gargling the throat use a solution of propolis in water. In a few days of such an effective and safe treatment, the sore throat will disappear without a trace.

In bronchitis

Of course, any disease is better to prevent than to treat intensively later. If you use propolis as a preventive measure, you can forget about bronchitis and tracheitis. To improve the respiratory system is enough to chew small portions of bee glue. This will help to strengthen the immune system and clear the airways. If you still failed to avoid infection, you can relieve inflammation in the bronchi with the help of inhalations with propolis or taking oral tinctures based on it. Such home treatment will be an excellent addition to medication therapy and significantly accelerate recovery.

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For maxillary sinusitis

Inflammation of maxillary sinuses is impossible to cure without the use of potent antibiotics. But in folk medicine, you can always find an alternative to medical treatment. And in this case, propolis is just perfect. Due to its powerful antibacterial properties, this natural product blocks the development of the infectious process. In maxillary sinusitis, it is useful to take oral tinctures, to drop the healing solution into the nasal sinuses, as well as to do inhalations.

With prostatitis

To minimize the negative effects of prostatitis and restore the sexual functions of the man, it is recommended to take products based on propolis. Such preparations today can be freely purchased in the pharmacy or make their own at home. The unique properties of the bee product will help to quickly restore male health.

This is not a complete list of diseases that can help cure propolis - a wonderful product given to man by nature. Even a hundred years ago, it was used to treat scarlet fever and tuberculosis, diphtheria and ulcers.

Propolis in cosmetology

Bee products in all the variety of assortments have long occupied a place of honor in the beauty industry. They are actively used on an industrial scale in the manufacture of creams, masks and balms. It is not lagging behind in this case, and folk cosmetology. Known for a lot of recipes with propolis, which are easy to prepare at home. Here are just a few popular.

Propolis in cosmetology

Masks for hair with propolis

Folk techniques always help to preserve the beauty of the main female wealth - hair. As for propolis, its possibilities in this area are limitless. A simple mask for hair, the recipe of which will be given below, will help to eliminate dandruff, restore the healthy shine of the strands, stop the rapid loss, give the hair a stunning volume.

You will need a small piece of good quality propolis and some alcohol. Before preparing the composition for the mask, it is necessary to put propolis in the refrigerator for half an hour, so it is easier to grate it on the grater. The ground base should be placed in a container that is impermeable to light, add alcohol in a ratio of 4:1. The resulting mixture should be stirred for 15 minutes, and then placed in a dark place for 10 days. Periodically you need to shake the infusion, and before using run through a paper filter. The resulting infusion can simply rinse your hair or use it to prepare nourishing masks.

For example, you can use this recipe: take a spoonful of propolis infusion and cognac, add 40 grams of burdock oil and one egg. After mixing the ingredients, apply the composition to the hair, rubbing it into the roots, and after 40 minutes, wash it off.

Facial Masks

Propolis is indispensable when you need to improve the condition of the skin of the face. A unique set of useful components, which nature has endowed the bee glue, in a few home sessions can transform the appearance: remove wrinkles, refresh the complexion, tighten the contours of the oval. All these actions in combination rejuvenate the woman and make her more attractive. One of these recipes can be used by women with combination skin type:

  1. Two teaspoons of honey should be melted.
  2. Then add to the honey a teaspoon of cold-pressed olive oil and the same amount of 10% propolis tincture.
  3. After mixing the ingredients, apply the nourishing cooled mass on the surface of your face.
  4. After a quarter of an hour, rinse the composition with warm water.

This recipe is so effective that with regular use, it helps to eliminate even deep wrinkles.

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How to properly take propolis

Alcoholic tincture

Above, we have already described the standard way of preparing a tincture of propolis in alcohol. But there we were talking about small amounts of the drug. If you want to prepare an infusion for a full course of treatment, it is better to use the following scheme: 100 grams of dry bee glue take 1/2 liter of alcohol or vodka. After mixing the components should be placed in a place inaccessible to light. After two weeks of infusion home remedy can be used for a variety of purposes. But before this, be sure to filter the solution. Do not take a concentrated formulation. It must be diluted with milk or water.

Propolis infusion in water

The aqueous solution of propolis is dosed according to the concentration. For adult patients, the following rates are suggested:

  • 30% solution - 80-120 drops;
  • 20% composition - 30-180 drops;
  • The 10% infusion should be given 60-360 drops per dose.

Particular attention should be paid to the allowable dosage when treating children:

  • Up to 1 year, toddlers are given 1/20th of the adult portion.
  • From 1 year and up to 6 years of age, it is 1/10th of an adult portion.
  • From 7 to 14 years of age, it is 1/2 of the adult portion.
  • After 14 years of age, propolis tincture is given when treated as an adult.

Milk with propolis

The principle of preparing a healing composition on milk is the same as that used when taking any liquid as the basis. This option is usually used when preparing a remedy for internal reception. Milk in warm form increases the activity of the useful components of propolis and softens the taste of the product. Especially useful is an infusion on milk for diseases of the respiratory system, tonsillitis. The therapeutic composition in this case should be taken immediately after its preparation.

Ointments based on propolis

Home ointments with propolis are intended exclusively for external use. The traditional recipe for the preparation is as follows: 140 grams of petroleum jelly should be combined with 40 grams of lanolin, and then add 30 grams of propolis to the mixture. A container with the resulting mixture should be placed in a water bath for a quarter of an hour. The still hot mixture must be carefully filtered and cooled. The ready-made ointment can be used to treat wounds and burns, it will help to cope with external hemorrhoids.

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Propolis and oil

The combination of propolis with butter is used as a remedy for external application. With the help of such a combined composition it is possible to treat all kinds of burns, non-healing sores, pustules and other rashes. With a severe runny nose and maxillary sinusitis, the healing ointment can be put into the nasal sinuses.

But the internal application of such an effective drug is not excluded. Even long ago, this recipe was used to treat tuberculosis patients. Gives a good result in the treatment of peptic ulcers, bronchitis, colds. From the two ingredients you can get a composition of different concentrations: from 5% to 20%.

The compositions with the lowest percentage are for oral use, and those with a higher propolis content are for external remedies.

Tea with Propolis

The combination of tea with propolis tincture is recommended by gerontologists for the elderly to improve brain activity, vision, concentration. Such a drink will be useful and quite a healthy person because it will give vivacity and provide the necessary energy for proper work. In addition, tea with propolis relieves fatigue and normalizes sleep. This drink has a positive effect on the immune system.

The healing drink is made very simple: 20 drops of the infusion should be added to a glass of tea. But the tea must be lukewarm, not hot. Drink the drink should be slow, small sips. You can drink two cups of healthy tea a day.

The benefits of propolis tincture in alcohol

Any remedy will be useful if it is taken correctly. It is difficult to overestimate the useful properties of alcohol tincture with propolis. It is used in the treatment of a huge number of diseases. And the internal variant of reception is provided both in pure and diluted form.

The usefulness of tincture of propolis in alcohol

By all characteristics, this drug is considered universal, because it has a whole set of useful properties:

  • destroys pathogenic microflora;
  • strengthens the walls of blood vessels;
  • stimulates blood circulation;
  • improves metabolism;
  • normalizes metabolic processes;
  • Is a natural anesthetic;
  • promotes wound healing;
  • localizes inflammation;
  • strengthens the immune system.
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Harm and contraindications

Such an impressive set of useful qualities does not exclude the presence of negative sides of propolis. After all, it is one of the most powerful natural materials, which in some cases can pose a danger not only to health but also to human life. Here is a list of the main contraindications:

  1. Children under the age of 3 years are better not to give such potent agents. If you do decide, be sure to consult with your pediatrician before using it.
  2. Intolerance to any bee products.
  3. Alcohol preparations are prohibited for patients suffering from alcohol dependence.
  4. Very carefully choose these treatments for people with cancer, because propolis is a biogenic stimulant and can accelerate the development of malignant tumors.
  5. People with renal and liver failure are also contraindicated bee glue.

To exclude all possible risks, it is best to consult a doctor.

In addition, you should always remember that propolis is rarely used in its pure form, and additional components can also cause severe allergic reactions.

Propolis allergy symptoms

An allergic reaction to propolis, as well as to other bee products, can develop rapidly, which poses a real threat to human life. The main symptoms that should cause alarm are:

  • lacrimation;
  • nasal congestion;
  • headache;
  • skin itching;
  • swelling;
  • occasional fever;
  • general weakness.

Anaphylactic shock is an extremely severe form of allergic manifestation, which often ends fatally.

How to choose and store propolis

It is best to buy propolis at bee fairs, which are traditionally held twice a year in large cities and even district centers. But you can buy already purified product in the pharmacy chain. Determining the quality of bee glue is easy in three ways:

  1. Smell. In the aroma should be felt honey notes, there may be bright essential accents of pine and wax.
  2. Taste. As a rule, good propolis has a bitter, rather unpleasant taste.
  3. Color. At the beginning of the article, it was noted that this parameter can include a wide range of colors: from red to dark green and brown hues.

Most often, dry propolis is used to prepare remedies according to folk recipes. It is easier to store, because it does not lose its qualities for a long time. Tinctures in alcohol, too, with proper storage (in the refrigerator) will retain their healing properties for more than three years.

Pure propolis for better preservation after cleaning should be rolled into balls, which are then wrapped in parchment. Such preparations should be placed in a hermetically sealed container, and then put in the refrigerator or in a room with good ventilation. The temperature range should be +4 to +20 degrees, but no higher.

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Can you chew propolis in its pure form

Chewing propolis is mainly recommended when there are problems with the oral cavity. This method of use will only benefit the local immunity. Abuse of this product is inadmissible, because, as any antibiotic, propolis in overdose can cause a crushing blow to health.

Can I chew propolis in its pure form

It is necessary to start chewing with minimal portions - 1-2 grams of dried propolis. This process should be given no more than 15 minutes, so as not to cause irritation of the mucosa. This method of treatment is contraindicated for those who have problems with the kidneys, liver, biliary tract.

Can it be swallowed

Many patients ask this question. Usually the instructions for each recipe clearly state how to apply the remedy: if it says that you need to swallow the end product of chewing the bee glue, then you should do it. In the absence of such a recommendation, the residue should simply be spit out.

How to separate propolis from the wax

Cleaning propolis is a very responsible procedure. It is performed in several stages:

  1. First, it is necessary to prepare "tools": a container with water, a strainer, paper, a fine mesh mesh, a piece of cotton cloth, a cabbage sieve.
  2. Use the sieve to crush the substance.
  3. Dip it into a container with water.
  4. After 15 minutes, use a fine strainer to collect the fragments that have floated to the top.
  5. Then well filter the sediment - this is a valuable substance.
  6. Dry the propolis obtained in this way, distributing its particles on paper.
  7. The final step is to roll balls.

This method is considered the best, as it allows the maximum purification of propolis from impurities of wax.

Interesting facts about propolis

  1. In literal translation from the Greek, propolis means "in front of the city". This name is fully justified by the activity of bees: after all, they cover the hives with propolis, which are considered to be a kind of entrance gate to the hive.
  2. Bee glue was used six thousand years ago to mummify the bodies of dead pharaohs.
  3. Aristotle, wishing to study the life of bees more deeply, made a transparent hive. But the clever bees were unwilling to reveal their secrets and plastered the transparent walls with propolis.

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