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Sprouts of wheat: composition, useful properties, how to cook

One of the most common cereal crops finds application in different spheres. Modern people use wheat in cooking, for the manufacture of cosmetics, as well as used for medicinal purposes. The unique plant is used to solve the most unexpected health problems. Especially valuable are sprouted wheat, which is quite easy to sprout at home.

The unique miraculous properties of sprouted wheat have been known since ancient times. The valuable nutritious product has many positive qualities. Wheat combines fast digestibility and also has beneficial effects on the functioning of all organs.

Raw people speak positively about wheat sprouts. After long-term consumption of the product significantly improves the condition of the skin and hair. After the removal of harmful substances and toxins the body is renewed, stops the development of tumors and cystic formations.

Composition and calories

Sprouted grains have a rich set of all kinds of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. Sprouted grains can be made on their own or bought ready-made. The product contains vegetable protein, which in its composition is as close to meat protein as possible. In the process of sprouting, the vitamin composition of grains changes completely. There is an increase in B vitamins and tocopherol, which slows down aging and has a beneficial effect on the human nervous system.

Sprouted grains have the following composition of useful elements:

  1. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). It appears specifically in wheat sprouts. Whole grains do not contain this component.
  2. B-group vitamins.
  3. PP (nicotinic acid), which is responsible for brain function.
  4. Natural folate that keeps the human reproductive system in a healthy state.
  5. Calcium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron.
  6. Amino acids.

Sprouts as well as wheat bran have lithium and chromium in their composition. These elements are necessary for the prevention of diabetes and depression. The amino acids histidine, arginine, valine are involved in the rejuvenation of body tissues. Threonine, cysteine, tryptophan are essential amino acids for the synthesis of serotonin. With a lack of all these amino acids in humans occur neuroses, there comes a decline of strength and loss of vitality.

The caloric value of sprouted wheat grains depends on the variety and is about 200 kcal per 100 grams of product. The glycemic index of sprouts is 15. This figure is ideal for people with insulin addiction.

What is the benefit of sprouted wheat

The benefits and harms of sprouted wheat

General benefits

Thanks to the process of sprouting, the proteins contained in the grains are broken down into amino acids, while fats and carbohydrates are decomposed. Sprouts have a large amount of fiber, which helps to remove toxins from the body, thereby establishing the normal functioning of the digestive system. Sprouted wheat grains have a positive effect on certain human organs:

  1. Normalization of digestion. Sprouts are easily digested, and also contribute to the absorption of useful vitamins from other types of food.
  2. Removal of harmful substances. This helps to restore the normal functioning of all internal organs. After cleansing the body, human well-being improves, hair and nails are strengthened, the skin becomes smooth and tightened.
  3. Strengthening of the immune system. Regular use of wheat sprouts increases the body's resistance to various viruses and infections.
  4. Cancer prevention. Amino acids contribute to the resorption of various tumors and cysts, including cancerous neoplasms.

For women

For the beautiful half of humanity, wheat germ is especially useful. They can prevent many female diseases. Sprouts are recommended to use during menopause and during PMS. Women can also say goodbye to the signs of aging, wrinkles and loose skin.

Women and girls can prepare wheat germ oil for skin care. An excellent rejuvenating agent has a beneficial effect on the skin, hair, nails. After regular use of a miracle product, positive changes in the whole body are noted.

For men

The stronger half of mankind in the form of wheat sprouts will receive an excellent remedy for the normalization of potency. The daily use of sprouts stimulates the production of the hormone testosterone and prevents the development of adenoma of the prostate gland. In addition, sprouts help strengthen blood vessels and capillaries, which is beneficial for the heart, preventing the development of atherosclerosis and anemia.


Wheat sprouts contain all the necessary set of elements for the expectant mother and her fetus. Of particular importance is folic acid, which is contained in the sprouts. If you use wheat sprouts during the entire period of pregnancy, the intrauterine development of the fetus is correct and the risk of pathologies is excluded. Young women not only saturate their bodies with vitamins, but also take care of their appearance. Teeth, nails and hair are strengthened, the skin becomes firm and healthy.

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When breastfeeding

After childbirth a mother's diet should be balanced and complete. Regular consumption of wheat sprouts by young mothers can achieve good lactation. It is enough to eat up to two tablespoons of grains with sprouts per day. This small amount is able to supply the body with all the necessary minerals and vitamins. Vitamin E contained in the sprouts is necessary for the mother and for the newborn. The baby receives with milk all the useful and necessary elements for full development.

For children

Grains with sprouts not only can, but should be given to children from the age of twelve. The unique product has a favorable effect on the growth and proper development of the child. This is an excellent means to strengthen the body's protective functions, vision and the prevention of the appearance of rickets. Sprouted grains for children can be ground, added to salads, yogurts and baked goods. Wheat can also be mixed with different cereals.

In order to avoid problems with the stomach, it is recommended to grind the grains with a blender or other method. Whole grains can cause constipation. It is recommended to begin to introduce a new product to the diet little by little. If the body reacts negatively to the new component, then the use of the product should be canceled.

When losing weight

People who want to normalize their body, try to eat low-calorie products. When wheat sprouts are consumed, the appetite decreases and the feeling of hunger does not come for a long time. People with a lot of weight when using sprouts regularly there is a normalization of digestion, toxins are removed. This allows you to quickly lose hated pounds.

When using wheat sprouts for weight loss, you should limit the amount of bread and pastries. This will not load the stomach and quickly get the body into shape.

Wheat germ oil: properties and uses

The nutritional value of wheat germ oil is due to its content of substances that are necessary for the human body. All the useful components in a properly prepared oil are preserved for a long time. The unique product is obtained by cold pressing or pressing of grains. The oil has a rather viscous consistency and an attractive golden hue.

Wheat Germ Oil

The oil is recommended for joint diseases, abnormalities of the cardiovascular system, as well as thrombosis and anemia. The remedy is shown for diabetes, helps control blood glucose levels. With the help of germ oil can effectively fight problems of obesity. It is an excellent remedy for healing burns and wounds perfectly copes with viral infections.

Squeeze is an excellent remedy for female gynecological diseases. Women of the fair sex use the oil to maintain their youth and beauty. After regular use, the product regenerates, strengthens and cleanses all body tissues. The squeeze product is also suitable for external use. It is good for healing wounds and burns, to use as a cosmetic.

The benefits of sprouted wheat milk

Wheat milk is a special drink made from ground sprouted grains. The popularity of dishes and drinks made from sprouted wheat is due to the fact that after sprouting begins to enrich the chemical composition. Fats are transformed into fatty acids, proteins into amino acids and starches into carbohydrates. This updated composition allows the body to be enriched with a large number of useful substances. Wheat milk is completely free of lactose. This is an excellent substitute for people suffering from lactose intolerance.

Wheat drink has a favorable effect on the heart, normalizes blood sugar levels, which makes it useful for people with diabetes. Regular consumption of milk improves vision and memory, normalizes the work of the thyroid gland, eases the course of diseases of the stomach and kidneys.

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Sprouted wheat in medicine

Everyone wants to be healthy. In order to get rid of some diseases, we have to resort to the help of expensive drugs. Sprouted wheat grains can help to solve many health problems without the use of medicines. One of the dangerous enemies of the human body is cholesterol. Its increase is fraught with a lot of diseases. In order to normalize the content of the harmful substance, it is recommended to consume dishes and drinks containing sprouts.

Diabetes mellitus

A severe disease is a metabolic disorder that occurs due to insufficient insulin production. Wheat sprouts effectively reduce sugar and lipids, so they are a unique tool for the complex treatment of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. People with diabetes should consume foods with a low glycemic index. Sprouted wheat has just such an index (15). The product is well tolerated, easily absorbed by the body.

For pancreatitis

People with pancreatic disease have to constantly monitor their diet. All meals should be chopped and steamed. Sprouted wheat would be a good addition to the menu of people suffering from pancreatitis, only in ground form. It can be added to drinks, salads, as well as to porridges. You should not consume more than two tablespoons of the product at one reception.

With gastritis

Gastritis can be cured quite easily with the help of sprouted wheat grains. The treatment is effective when combining medicines with folk remedies. All the healing power is concentrated precisely in the sprouted wheat. In order to bring the greatest benefit to the sick body, wheat sprouts are recommended to use in ground form.

Cosmetic Applications

The use of sprouted wheat in cosmetology

In the field of cosmetics, more and more preference is given to products prepared on the basis of plant components. The use of creams, lotions and shampoos containing wheat germ has a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair and skin. It cleanses the pores of the face, removes inflammation and irritation, and slows down aging. Wheat sprouts are especially useful for the treatment of problematic skin. Wheat germ oil helps normalize metabolic processes in the body. It keeps the skin fresh and smooth even in old age. Wrinkles are smoothed, the skin is moisturized.

Recipe for acne mask

You need to take a teaspoon of black or green clay, mix it with two teaspoons of water and half a spoon of wheat sprouts ground in a blender. Mix everything thoroughly. After regular use of the mask face skin will be smoothed, moisturized, small wrinkles will disappear.

Rejuvenating mask

This unique tool is able to help women for a long time to stay young and beautiful. To prepare it is not difficult. It is necessary to take 3 tablespoons of crushed wheat germ, pour 2/3 cup of olive oil. The oil can be replaced with another vegetable analogue. The resulting mixture put for a month to infuse. At the end of the period, strain the elixir of youth. It is recommended to store the mask in a cool place.

Cosmetic products with sprouted wheat will bring great benefits with prolonged use. In this case, it is necessary to monitor your health: to observe a proper diet, regularly engage in sports. A comprehensive approach to health improvement will give its positive results.

Harm and contraindications

Despite the many vitamins and healing qualities, as well as fast digestibility, wheat germ can have a negative impact on the body. Consumption of the product is contraindicated for persons suffering from the following diseases:

  • chronic kidney pathologies;
  • Congenital intolerance to gluten;
  • Peptic ulcer, chronic diseases during exacerbation;
  • recovery from operations.

Individual gluten intolerance can manifest itself only after prolonged consumption of sprouts. Before starting to consume sprouts, it is necessary to consult with medical professionals. If an intolerance to the product is detected, consumption should be stopped immediately. It is not recommended to give wheat sprouts to children under the age of twelve, when the digestive system is not yet fully formed.

How to store sprouted wheat

Sprouted wheat germ contains a full range of elements necessary for the body. In order to get the most positive effect for the body, it is necessary to consume the grains for quite a long time. That is why it is necessary to know how to store sprouted wheat. Usually to get one serving you will need 2-3 spoonfuls of wheat, which are soaked before sprouting. It is desirable to consume grains with sprouts at once in a fresh form. The remaining product can stay in the refrigerated compartment for no more than 2-3 days. With longer storage all the useful and medicinal properties will disappear.

Sprouts should not be stored in aluminum cookware. Also do not grind the grains in a coffee grinder. These actions will reduce the healing properties of the product.

Can I freeze?

The cold temperature in the freezer and the temperature in the room form condensation, which is detrimental to wheat grains. Sprouts when frozen will lose all nutritional value. Therefore, freezing the grains is not recommended.

How to sprout wheat at home

For the product to be of high quality, it is necessary to sprout the grains correctly. The first thing is to buy whole wheat grains. The product must be of high quality, free of foreign impurities. There are several ways to sprout grains at home

How to sprout wheat

Method 1

The purchased wheat should be soaked overnight in water, so that all harmful substances will go out of them, and the germ will be enriched with moisture. In the morning rinse the kernels well under running water, then lay them out on a damp piece of cloth. Make sure that the material is sufficiently moist, adding water if necessary. The wheat can be covered with a linen towel or gauze on top. In about three days the green sprouts will sprout. Sprouts should be well washed and placed in a cool place.

Method 2

Grains bought in a store, then sorted. Then the selected grains are rinsed well with clean water and placed in a jar or enamel pot. Pour the whole thing with warm, purified water. All popped up on the surface kernels discard. Add some manganese potassium to the jar, mix well. After this procedure, drain the water and pour a clean one. In the jar with germs, change the water several times during the day and leave it overnight. The jar or pot should not be covered with a lid, only lightly.

When sprouts begin to appear, the water still needs to be changed, and to slow down the growth, you can put the jar in the refrigerator. Sprouted wheat should preferably be consumed immediately, not allowing long storage.

Method 3

Place the whole grains in a strainer and place it over a glass of water. Grains should not be completely covered with water, but only slightly touch it. Change the water three times a day. To do this, simply remove the sieve, pour out of the glass of water and pour fresh water. After 2-3 days will begin to appear sprouts. You can start using the dietary supplement. If you do this procedure every day, you can provide yourself and your family with vitamins for every day.

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How to use sprouted wheat

Sprouting wheat at home is easy enough, so you can use it for medicinal use, for getting rid of excess weight, and for preventive purposes. To eat wheat sprouts can be both raw and used as a component of salads, juices, smoothies and porridges. In order for the sprouts to bring the body only good, you should know a few rules:

  1. To avoid stomach problems, sprouts should be added to the menu gradually. At first, it is recommended to eat no more than two teaspoons. With each day, the number of eaten grains can be gradually increased.
  2. Consume sprouts should be in the morning. The body spends a lot of time to digest the vitamin-rich product. Even though the sprouts are low in calories, the satiety lasts a long time.
  3. If sprouts are consumed to fight obesity, they should be eaten raw. Thermal processing loses a number of useful properties.
  4. In the first days of taking the new product there may be quite unpleasant side effects - dizziness, metabolic disorder, diarrhea. If after a couple of days the unpleasant symptoms disappear, then there is nothing to worry about.
  5. Overgrown sprouts are undesirable to eat. A long process of growing sprouts increases the risk of the appearance of harmful microorganisms or fungal lesions.
  6. Grains with sprouts are not recommended to eat together with honey, propolis or golden root. These medicinal products are totally incompatible with the grain. Allergic reactions may start in the body or the metabolic process may be disturbed.
  7. Raw sprouted kernels should preferably be chewed thoroughly or crushed in advance.

What can be cooked from sprouted wheat: recipes

For a complete diet and for weight loss, it is best to eat raw sprouts. But sometimes you want to diversify your diet with many healthy dishes that will be tasty and nutritious. Wheat sprouts are used to add to various dishes and drinks.

What can be made of sprouted wheat

Oatmeal porridge

You can cook a healthy oatmeal porridge with the sprouts. To do this, pour hot milk over the cereal, mix it with honey or with pieces of fruit. After this, add a tablespoon of grains with sprouts. Instead of oat flakes, you can choose other cereals. The result will be excellent. A nutritious breakfast is ready!


Pour 500 ml of water into a small enameled saucepan, add chopped carrots, onions and potatoes. Boil the soup until tender, then add 3 spoons of sprouted wheat grains. Boil it all again and add the bay leaf, the pepper and spices to taste.


Grains with sprouts put in a pot and pour water. Boil the kissel briefly - about 3 minutes. After boiling allow to stand for half an hour, then strain through gauze. Healing drink can be consumed throughout the day in small portions.


Sprouts can be added to almost all salads. It can be a salad of different fresh vegetables or fruit with the addition of dried fruit. You can make up your own recipes and experiment. Here are some options for using sprouts to add to salads:

  1. Sprouted grains, white cabbage, celery root and carrots. You can add parsley greens.
  2. Wheat germs, any apples and cabbage, and lemon juice for dressing.
  3. Wheat germs, young peeled zucchini, diced, bunch of green garlic, sour jam, parsley greens and dill.
  4. Wheat grains, a small bunch of fresh lettuce, radishes cut into circles, parsley greens, any vegetable oil can be used for dressing.

Wheat germ milk

Wheat germ milk is quite easy to prepare. You need to take a glass of wheat sprouts and 4 cups of pure water. Mix it all, add half a cup of raisins, once again mix well or beat with a mixer. Then strain the resulting mixture. Healing drink should be stored in a cool place.


With wheat grains you can prepare not only healthy, but also delicious cookies. To make a treat, you need to take dried fruit and a couple of cups of grains. Prunes and apricots, grains with sprouts twist on a meat grinder and mix. Soak raisins with poppy seeds in water to swell. Mix all ingredients, then form small balls. Bake the cookies in the oven until they are ready, no more than 10 minutes.


To prepare a hearty and nutritious dish, you will need the following set of ingredients:

  • 2 cups of grains;
  • 1 medium onion;
  • 1 chicken egg;
  • salt, spices to taste;
  • oil for frying.

Grind the sprouted grains beforehand. Then add all the components in the resulting mass, mix thoroughly. Form thin cutlets and fry on both sides in heated oil. Wheat sprouts should not be boiled or fried for a long time. So all the necessary nutrients will escape. Ready cutlets with pleasure eaten even by children.


The recipe for this healing drink is simple. Sprouted grains should be dried in a frying pan or in the sun. Then it should be boiled in water until softened. After boiling, strain the broth into a separate bowl. Add to it breadcrumbs, sugar, leaves of horseradish or currants and a few raisins. Pour pure water over the mixture and leave in a warm place for 2-3 days for fermentation. At the end of the period, pour the finished drink into bottles and store in the refrigerator.

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Interesting facts about wheat

People have been familiar with cereals since ancient times. It is impossible to underestimate the importance of wheat for man. People cannot imagine life without flour, flavored baked goods and bread. Wheat is the most common and sought-after cereal crop around the world. It grows everywhere thanks to the various varieties that have been developed. But few people know interesting facts about the most common plant.

Interesting facts about wheat

  1. Wheat was one of the first in the cereal family to be used by people as a staple food. In the old days the culture was used by people only in its wild form. The grains of the plant were eaten unripe, as the wild wheat kernels immediately fell off when ripe. Harvesting was a problem back then.
  2. Spelt is considered the progenitor of modern types of wheat. Even today this plant is revered by those who devote themselves to healthy eating. This plant contains much more useful vitamins, including fiber.
  3. There are many different varieties and varieties of wheat on earth. Nowadays, specialists are constantly working on the development of new varieties. Varieties are divided into hard and soft. The first varieties have a lower yield, are grown in wet soil and contain a lot of gluten. Hard varieties are used to produce pasta in a variety of shapes and qualities. Soft types of wheat are grown in drier soils. They are suitable for cultivation in the southern regions. Wheat varieties can also be divided into spring and winter varieties.
  4. Ripened wheat grains are used to make malt. This substance is actively used in the preparation of alcoholic beverages - beer and vodka.
  5. Grains of wheat are very useful for the human body. The rich chemical composition of the culture allows not only to saturate the body, but also to get rid of various ailments. Especially appreciated are sprouted grains. During germination the composition of vitamins and elements in the product changes completely. Sprouts can be made on their own or bought ready-made in the store.
  6. Durum is considered the most popular durum wheat. It is used to make noodles, pizza, pasta and dumplings. The nutritional value of the product is high, it contains a lot of protein and gluten.
  7. The oldest variety of wheat, kamut, has a pronounced nutty flavor. It is a vivid claim that this particular species was first discovered in the tombs of the Egyptian state. Kamut is one of the oldest varieties that have not undergone genetic changes.
  8. According to archival data, the first mentions of wheat appeared before our era. At the beginning of our era, the cereal was widespread in the African territories and in Asian countries. Already during the famous conquests of the Romans, cereals appeared in European countries. In our country it is already impossible to imagine life without this plant.

Sprouted wheat is an excellent product, thanks to which the human body will always be in shape. The rich vitamin complex of sprouts will help to solve many health problems. Sprouted grains are suitable for the menu of any person who has no contraindications for consumption. Cereal crops are not expensive, so they can be purchased by people with any budget.

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