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Pips from apples: useful properties and contraindications

Not only the fruit of apples is recommended for use, but also the seeds, as ripe grains have a rich chemical composition, which positively affects the state of health and well-being.

The main advantage of apple seeds is that the product collects all the useful substances from the pulp of the fruit, thanks to which the effect will be special. But you need to choose the product correctly and learn how to use it. And also beforehand it is necessary to get acquainted with what benefits and harms are present, so as not to encounter problems later on.

Composition and nutritional value of apple pips

The benefits and harms of apple seeds

The benefits of apple pips, first of all, depends on the variety of fruit. Given that the selective varieties of the fruit have a high nutritional value and concentration of vitamins, the bones contain:

  • B group vitamins, PP, A, C and E.
  • Potassium (5 pieces contain the daily norm for an adult).
  • Calcium.
  • Iodine (10 pcs. The daily allowance for an adult is contained).
  • Minerals.
  • Micro- and macro-nutrients.
  • Tannins.
  • Amino acids.
  • Iron.

But here in the composition of apple seeds includes and amygdalin glycoside, about which the opinion of experts is ambiguous, as some say its high benefit, and others about harm. Therefore, it is important not to ignore these opinions, carefully considering the individual properties of the substance. In medical practice, there are often cases of allergic reactions and problems with the gastrointestinal tract when such a substance enters the body.

The usefulness of apple pips is also influenced by their nutritional value, as they contain fructose, 33% of fatty oils, useful to the human body, and vegetable protein.

How many apple pips you can eat a day

The benefits of apple pits depend on the amount of product consumed in a day. Doctors recommend consuming no more than 5-6 pips of ripe apples, because they are filled with essential oils, useful micro and macro elements. But here cosmetologists are of the opinion that for a positive effect on the body you need at least 7 pieces.

But in any case, it is best to start taking apple pips with a few pieces, gradually increasing the amount to a set rate to avoid allergic reactions and problems with the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Important! Pips are strictly prohibited for pregnant and lactating women, young children and people with individual intolerance to the substances in the product.

What are the benefits of apple seeds?

In the composition of apple seeds there are substances that are characterized by anti-inflammatory, soothing and restorative properties, so it is extremely useful for the body. Among the main useful qualities of such a product are the following:

  1. The grains have a large concentration of vitamin B17, which is considered quite rare because it is found only in the pits of cherries, plums, peaches and almonds. It provides anti-tumor effects, which prevents the appearance of cancer cells. This is considered an important preventive property. Only 5 grains a day are needed to get a daily allowance of this vitamin.
  2. Iodine is a kind of analgesic, which stops brain spasms, improves the general condition. You need to eat about 10 grains to get the daily norm of iodine.
  3. Potassium is a useful chemical element for the successful functioning of the heart muscle, normalization of blood pressure and vascular function. And also the element contributes to the proper transport of oxygen to the human brain, improving its functioning. Apple pips contain about 200 micrograms of potassium, so the benefits of regular use of the product are incredibly high.

Due to the fact that it contains rejuvenating substances, the product can be used in cosmetology for the prevention and elimination of wrinkles. But it is important to remember that only ripe pips will be useful for the body, so the apples themselves need to be selected with special care.

The Uses of Apple Pips in Folk Medicine

The high concentration of useful micro- and macronutrients has become the basis for the use of apple pips in folk medicine, so a careful consideration of such methods is required. Folk medicine is only natural and high quality products that can and should be used for internal and external beauty.

The use of apple seeds in traditional medicine

Apple seeds increase the level of iodine in the body, which has an excellent effect on thyroid disorders and colds. You can take the seeds according to the following recipe:

  1. Initially roast the pips.
  2. 1 part of the seeds mix with 2 parts of honey to obtain a kind of paste.
  3. Add the remedy to porridge, yogurt or cottage cheese, and only two teaspoons will be enough.

Apple seeds are useful for weight loss, as they normalize the digestive system and contribute to the removal of toxins from the body, which is considered an important positive quality in this case.

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Apple pips in cosmetology

Cosmetologists are also actively studying and experimenting with apple kernels to determine if there are benefits when used in grooming products. Experiments have shown that the seeds have a good effect on skin structure, elasticity and softness, having an anti-aging effect. You can use kernels in tonics, masks and natural creams to maintain facial skin tone.

There are several types of masks - choose according to the current state of your skin.

Mask for treating faded skin

  1. Pour 5 grams of grinded coffee beans in a coffee grinder with 100 ml of boiling water.
  2. Leave to infuse for 15 minutes and then strain through a few layers of gauze for complete purification.
  3. Add to the tincture an egg yolk and 10 grams of soft butter.
  4. Stir everything well to obtain a homogeneous structure.
  5. Apply the mask for 15 minutes, and then wash off with warm water.

For attractive skin and visible effect of the mask is worth to use it three times a week.

Dry skin care mask

  1. In the same way as described above, make a tincture of apple kernels.
  2. In it add 10 grams of honey.
  3. Mix well to dissolve the lumps.
  4. Apply the mask to cleansed skin for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water without rubbing the skin too much, as it may cause allergic reactions and inflammation.

Such a mask can be used every 2-3 days. It is applied not only on the face, but also on the neck to get soft and tender skin.

How to use apple seeds properly

Apple seeds will be useful for the body only if you use them correctly, because there are certain points that can not be left without detailed consideration. It is recommended to consider such rules:

How to Properly Use Apple Seeds

  1. Only ripe pips should be consumed, so the fruits themselves are carefully selected, so that there is no doubt about the quality of the kernels.
  2. The regularity of consumption is the main rule, which will achieve the desired result in terms of efficiency and benefits.
  3. The important feature of the correct intake is the observation of one's own condition. If there is a feeling of general malaise, there is an allergic reaction or stomach upset, it is important to immediately stop taking apple pips. In addition, to clean the stomach, it is better to drink activated charcoal and observe a drinking regime.

On the basis of apple pits you can prepare decoctions and infusions and consume them to normalize the general state of health and well-being, so you need special attention to the recommendations.

Is it harmful to eat apple seeds

Despite all the benefits and benefits, apple seeds have also negative aspects, which can turn into a deterioration of health and overall health, so it is recommended with special attention to the choice and use of the product.

As such, there is no harm or risk from consuming the allowable amount of apple kernels, because the body can cope with such a small dose on its own. But due to the high concentration of hydrocyanic acid in its composition, the apple bones may cause poisoning, so you must first weigh the pros and cons, and most importantly, you must follow the recommendations in terms of quantity.

Are the bones poisonous?

There is amygdalin glycoside in the apple pips, so when getting into the stomach, the substance turns into hydrogen cyanide, which is a poisonous compound. Poisoning and general malaise are possible if you neglect the recommendations in terms of the allowable amount of the product.

Only in large quantities can the seeds be poisonous. The dose of cyanide in apple seeds is only 0.8%, so there is no harm as such. But it is important to consider what the symptoms of hydrocyanic acid poisoning may be, in order to take measures in time to eliminate the substance and normalize the body:

  1. Frequent headaches that gradually turn into migraines.
  2. Blood pressure fluctuations accompanied by tachycardia or bradycardia.
  3. Loss of consciousness and mental confusion.
  4. Shortness of breath and a feeling of suffocation.
  5. Frequent vomiting.
  6. Increased salivation.

When these symptoms occur, you should immediately seek help from a doctor so that he can cleanse the stomach and intestines, thus restoring normal functioning of the body. If not treated in time, however, it can be fatal, so it is important not to neglect the "calls" for help from your body.

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Interesting facts about apples

The apple is a garden fruit, the history of which is associated with many interesting facts. They will allow you to look at the fruit in a new way, appreciating not only its taste and usefulness, but also interesting moments of its appearance and popularization:

Interesting facts about apples

  1. Apples come from Kazakhstan, from Alma-Ata, and even the name of the city is translated as "the father of apples." There is even a marble monument to the apple in the city that represents the local population's love for the product.
  2. Apples are associated with Apollo. During the time of Ancient Greece, the apple tree was considered to be the sacred tree of Apollo, so the reverent attitude of Greeks to such a fruit still survives.
  3. The apple of paradise is a well-known symbol to all. In ancient Russia, it was believed that the apples in the Garden of Eden were the forbidden fruit. They were eaten by Adam and Eve, according to biblical history.
  4. The apple tree is the first cultivated tree. It first began to be cultivated by our ancestors as far back as 6500 B.C., so it is safe to say that it is a historical plant.
  5. The apple tree is a long-lived tree, as evidenced by the fact that there has been a plant in Manhattan since 1647, and it has not only been kept "alive" but still produces delicious fruit.
  6. There are a total of 5 million hectares of apple orchards on Earth, so it is safe to say that it is a fruitful plant that can feed at least 10 million people.
  7. The apple tree is a symbol of Kursk. The city has a two-meter monument to the apple, which was created by sculptor Vyacheslav Klykov back in 2004.
  8. The fruit will not sink, as 1/4 of it consists of air, which allows the fruit to stay on the surface.
  9. Apples have a complex chemical composition, so they are considered a natural remedy for lowering cholesterol, due to which the overall condition of the body improves even at the neglected stage of "clogging".

Apple and apple pips are useful products for human health, but in order to avoid harm and adverse reactions, you need to learn how to use them correctly, as there are many nuances. The variety of varieties allows you to choose the most appropriate option.

«Important: All information on the site is provided solely for introductory purposes. Before applying any recommendations, you should consult with a specialized specialist before using any of the recommendations. Neither the editors nor the authors shall be liable for any possible harm caused by materials."

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