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Sunflower Seeds: useful properties and contraindications.

Sunflower seeds are definitely considered a truly Russian product. But not many people know that this plant is American, more precisely - Mexican (by origin). At home it was not considered an edible product. And in Russia, when it was introduced in the 17th century, the sunflower was better known as a beautiful flower, resembling the sun and following it from dawn to dusk.

Sunflower seeds are a popular product among people of all ages and incomes. It has a peculiar taste and extraordinary appeal. Many people can't imagine an intimate conversation or a pleasant movie without these small fruits. Energy recharge of the body is due to the warmth and sunshine.

Which seeds are healthier: roasted or raw

Any product, when subjected to processing, either loses its useful properties, or on the contrary - acquires them. Speaking about the sunflower, we should know that raw seeds retain their useful substances. Their safety is 80%, while roasted seeds lose a significant part of their useful components. In addition, the oil they contain forms dangerous carcinogens, especially if the seeds have a long shelf life. It is profitable for the producers to sell roasted sunflower seeds, which most people prefer to eat.

The benefits and harms of sunflower seeds

Recently, sunflower seeds that have been dried under the influence of hot air have become very popular. Some consumers choose sunflower seeds with salt. They are also harmful, especially if the seeds are also fried.

How many sunflower seeds can be eaten per day

Until recently, the daily rate of eating sunflower seeds was considered about 35 grams (about a third of a cup). But according to recent studies, the rate is reduced to 20 grams. Scientists explain this fact by the replacement of most varieties of annual sunflower with disease resistant high-yield hybrids. Among other things, the producer of this product is interested in obtaining a large amount of vegetable oil, which is achieved by increasing the fruit share in hybrids and increasing its fat content. For example, the percentage of lipids in hybrids, otherwise known as high oil sunflowers, reaches 52% instead of the former 37%. Under today's sunflower growing conditions, a daily allowance of about 20 grams would be safe for humans. This is the opinion of nutritionists.

For the consumption of seeds to be beneficial, it is important not to exceed the recommended rates. On the way to the consumer they have to stay for some time after harvesting in the barn, then in bags. Therefore, it is important to wash them properly: in a sieve or colander under running water.

For lovers of fried seeds, you should know that they should be cooked without oil and salt. And the best thing would be instead of frying just to dry sunflower seeds. For this purpose, an oven or a microwave oven will be suitable. To preserve the usefulness of the product, it is better to minimize the cooking time.

Pay attention! Chewing sunflower seeds is fraught with the destruction of tooth enamel. Hence, you may need to visit a dentist. Peel the husks should be cleaned with your hands. It is important to remember that this way of peeling the seeds promotes the formation of skin growths on the fingers, when the natural skin patterns are deformed and smoothed. Some countries require a visa with a scanned fingerprint to enter. A deformed skin pattern can make it difficult to obtain an entry permit for a country with these requirements.

You can eat sunflower seeds with the skin

You should not eat sunflower seeds with peels. It will not be of any benefit to the body, and the peels have no taste. The threat of inflammation of the appendix just because of the peel of the seeds is not proven by studies. But the rind is garbage, which enters the body unnoticed during the snapping of the seeds with the teeth. In this case, along with extra fat and undigested food debris, the peel can provoke inflammation of the appendix. Therefore, sunflower seeds with peels should not be eaten.

Composition and calories

Sunflower seeds are considered an independent product. It is used as a snack, most often after a meal or in moments of rest. Along with its "lightness" and the possibility to occupy the hands, the product's popularity is due to the available components, so necessary for man.

  1. First, this sunny product is more than 80% saturated with fats, a quarter of them saturated.
  2. Secondly, the vascular and circulatory systems will not suffer in the slightest from sunflower seeds entering the body, because there is no cholesterol in them.
  3. Thirdly, sunflower seeds are rich in many components that positively affect metabolic processes.

Chemical composition:

  1. Vitamin E, contained in linolenic and oleic fatty unsaturated acids, supports the performance of the heart, blood vessels, affects the improvement of skin, mental clarity: in fact, 100 grams of sunflower seeds contains more than 130% of the daily dose of tocopherol, a person needs.
  2. B vitamins, namely B3, B5, B6, have a beneficial effect on the skin, helping to get rid of dandruff and rashes on the face. Normal functioning of the nervous system, restful sleep also depend on the presence of these vitamins, which the body receives if a person consumes this sunny product.
  3. Phosphorus and selenium give strength to the bones. Keeping the health and youthfulness of the skin is helped by these two trace elements. Their content in 100 grams of product is more than 100% of the daily norm.
  4. Magnesium, potassium and zinc have an important role in strengthening the human immune system, maintaining the beauty of skin and hair. The 40% share of these components in the daily dose of consumption provides invaluable benefits to the circulatory system.
  5. The usefulness of sunflower seeds is determined by the richness of nutrients. No less important is the presence in the seeds of dietary fiber, which has a positive effect on intestinal function.

The caloric value of sunflower seeds per 100 grams of grain is 560 kcal. The shares of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are distributed in percentages as follows, respectively: 13, 73 и 14%.

What are the health benefits of sunflower seeds

The nutritional value of sunflower seeds is superior to eggs and meat. Cod liver has less vitamin D than eggs and a higher potassium content than popular fruits such as bananas. Sunflower seeds, according to researchers, are important for maintaining the health of the body and as a useful product in the treatment of various diseases.

What is useful sunflower seeds

The positive effect of sunflower seeds on people with cancer has been proven. Vitamin E contained in the product acts as an antioxidant, neutralizing free radicals. Selenium helps to remove them from the body.

For women

With such a rich composition of trace elements, sunflower seeds are undoubtedly useful for the female body.

  1. The frequency of hot flashes during menopause is minimized if a woman regularly eats raw seeds. Their positive effect has an effect on the reduction of nervous tension. Women who follow the diet, including the recommended amount in the diet, will feel the benefit of seeds in overcoming feelings of hunger.
  2. Important for every woman is the condition of the skin, which helps this product, but more useful are raw seeds.
  3. Contained in sunflower seeds fiber helps a better purification of the intestines and generally has a positive effect on the digestive organs.
  4. Oestrogens contained in the kernels of sunflower seeds, called "sex hormones", activate many processes in the female reproductive system.
  5. Thanks to antioxidants, not only the skin is healthier, but also the aging of the body is slowed down, and the woman suffers less from painful feelings during menstruation.
  6. The phytosterols optimize the functioning of the cardiovascular system. They slow down the growth of cholesterol plaques.
  7. The minerals zinc, magnesium, selenium, in addition to preventing the birth of cancer cells, help in the activity of the heart. Blood pressure is normalized, bones and muscles get the necessary micronutrients for strength.

For Men

The positive effect of this delicacy on the body of men is not disputed by specialists.

  1. The introduction of sunflower seeds into the diet leads to the optimization of sexual functions and increases libido. The main role in this area is played by vitamin E.
  2. The production of sex hormones contributes to the presence of vitamin A in the seeds. To improve the health-improving effect, it is desirable to eat more raw or slightly dried seeds. Deeper heat treatment will lower the quality of biologically active components.
  3. For men engaged in sports, regular intake of peeled grains, due to their calcium content, promotes strengthening of muscles and bones. Damaged tissues of muscles and bones recover faster if you include a handful of raw kernels in your diet.
  4. Unroasted sunflower seeds have a positive effect on the performance of the heart and blood vessels. This sunny product also contributes to the prevention of stroke and heart attack. Sterol and phospholipids accumulated in them in large quantities promote prolongation of youth and prevent the appearance of signs of aging.
  5. The development of adenoma can be prevented if a man will regularly include in his diet sunflower seeds, but only in the recommended rates of consumption.

When pregnant

Pregnant women will benefit from sunflower seeds. This is due to the beneficial effect of the vitamins and minerals included in the seeds on the female body and the fetus. Regular consumption of sunflower seeds prevents the development of avitaminosis. The amino acids in the grains help the heart, blood vessels, normalize blood pressure, slow down or stop the formation of blood clots.

This product often helps pregnant women who suffer from toxicosis. However, it should be noted that the unroasted seeds are more useful for mothers-to-be, but if roasted seeds are still more desirable, it is important not to overcook them.

Moderate use of sunflower seeds (especially raw, due to their vitamin E content) has a positive effect on the placenta and blood vessels of the unborn child. Folic acid and polyunsaturated fatty acids contribute to the formation of the body, and vitamins A and D are necessary for child bone growth.

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A nursing mother in her diet should have fried sunflower kernels, but preference should be given to raw or dried sunflower seeds. They improve lactation and help to reduce the nervous or stressful tension of the mother.

To determine whether or not the baby is allergic to sunflower seeds, the nursing mother should start with small doses. Excessive consumption of sunflower seeds may cause bloating and colic in the baby.

Keep in mind that fried kernels make breast milk taste bitter.

For children

Children's body needs biologically active substances contained in sunflower seeds. In dried kernels are much more, so fried sunflower seeds baby should not be fond of. The dose should not exceed 1 handful per day, teenagers can use up to 50 grams due to the period of rapid changes in the body. Until the age of three, the introduction of this product in the child's diet is not recommended.

  1. Vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other useful components of seeds help children in prevention and resistance to colds and strengthen immunity.
  2. For the development of fine motor skills of hands snapping seeds is very useful. Through such actions of the hands develops the brain of the child.

Thus, sunflower seeds have a beneficial effect on the human body, starting from its presence in the womb to the most advanced years.

What are the benefits of sprouted sunflower seeds

In terms of usefulness and popularity of sprouted sunflower seeds are not inferior to other cereals and grains. They are the storehouse of a huge number of vitamins from B1 to B9, vitamin E, nicotinic acid, trace and macronutrients and fats. The share of the latter is half of the total weight.

What are the usefulness of germinated sunflower seeds

100 grams of sprouted seeds contain 261 kcal. This is 24% fat, 4% and 2% - protein and carbohydrates, respectively. The rest of the mass includes water, dietary fiber and ash substances represented by vitamins, minerals and other components.

  1. The saturation of sprouted seeds with multivitamins and a lot of easily digestible organic compounds makes them useful for people who lose weight. Antioxidants help cure cancer.
  2. The peculiarity of mature sprouted seeds is their independence in splitting complex compounds into elementary forms. Thus, proteins become amino acids, fats become fatty acids, and carbohydrates turn into starch and varieties of sugar.
  3. According to experts, in sunflower sprouts the content of plant protein is presented in a very convenient form for digestion. More than twenty different amino acids, enzymes and organic compounds enrich the human body when eating sprouted sunflower seeds. The indisputable advantage of such grains, according to scientists, is their hundredfold usefulness compared to traditional kitchen greens.
  4. The enrichment of sunflower seed sprouts with vitamins B, E, PP is useful for skin, nails, hair. Magnesium has a role in establishing a normal psychological and emotional tone: this mineral is good in matters of influence on the nervous system. Other minerals help establish muscle tone. With their help, the interconnection of the brain and organs takes place. Mineral complexes with a specific focus contribute to improving the immune system. Aging tissues, increase anti-cancer protective properties of the body helps antioxidants, tocopherol is on the list.
  5. Endocrine system, reproductive organs and urinary system of the human body get necessary elements from germinated sunflower seeds.
  6. Phosphorus and calcium help strengthen and grow bones, teeth and joints. Potassium helps to equalize acid-base and water-salt balance, which leads to the maintenance of normal body weight, preservation of muscle performance, prevention of edema and dehydration of the body.
  7. Pregnancy can be a good reason for including germinated sunflower seeds in a woman's diet. So, they can prevent a deficiency of folic acid, so necessary for the future mother and child.
  8. This product is useful for those who have signs of cancer, decreased vision, decreased sexual ability, and increased cholesterol levels.

To get the maximum effect of sprouted sunflower seeds should follow the recommendations of specialists. Children's bodies under 12 years of age do not want the product. Sprouts should not be used as food by people prone to allergies and suffering from gluten intolerance. The appearance of constipation, deterioration of the passage can resist fiber.

Sprouted sunflower seeds will provide invaluable benefits to the body only if they are used judiciously in accordance with the recommendations of experts.

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The benefits of white sunflower seeds

The pride of Turkish shores is called by the people this variety of sunflower seeds, which has been grown in Turkey for over two centuries. White sunflower seeds are not the result of breeding, but a larger product created by nature. The seeds of such a sunflower, besides their size, differ in color, white or with thin black stripes on a white background, and in shape, slightly elongated in length.

From their black counterparts they differ in a tougher shell, which is easier to clean, and a slight nutty flavor that appears after frying. In usefulness, this product is similar to black kernels. Raw kernels are more useful than roasted ones.

The preference of one variety of sunflower for another does not play any role for the body.

What are the health benefits of sunflower seeds

The homeland of the most delicious sweet delicacy called kozinaki is considered to be Georgia. No New Year's table in this country is without this delicacy.

What is useful for coriander from sunflower seeds

The usefulness of this product, first of all, is determined by its composition of natural products. People who regularly use kozinaki less suffer from pressure spikes. The product has a good effect on the emotional state of the person, improving his mood. Strengthening the immune system, restoring strength and reducing fatigue - all this happens under the influence of substances present in the composition of Jelly Bean.

The product is extremely useful for people of intellectual work, because it has a beneficial effect on brain function. Normalization of cholesterol levels, prevention of atherosclerosis and myocardial infarction as a result of improved work of the heart muscle are the results of the use of the dainty.

But you should not get addicted to eating Jelly Bean, because it can destroy tooth enamel, increase body weight and cause allergies. This product is contraindicated for diabetics.

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Sunflower seeds for weight loss

Sunflower seeds can help to lose weight if they are consumed before meals. The vegetable fiber content in the seeds slows down the digestion of food in the stomach, which becomes an obstacle for fast hunger.

It is important to follow a few rules to get the intended results. For example, you should give preference to raw seeds: heat treatment deprives them of many useful properties. It is not forbidden to add sunny kernels to salads, soups, stews. For maximum benefit during weight loss, it is important not to exceed the allowable norm - 2 handfuls.

Sunflower seeds in medicine

The presence of useful substances in sunflower seeds makes it possible to use them in the treatment of various diseases. For example, they are very useful if hemoglobin is low or there are problems with metabolism and brain function.

If split and hair loss, dermatologists suggest including sunflower seeds in the diet, as they contain a lot of zinc.

For diabetics

For patients with diabetes, the use of sunflower seeds should be minimal because of their high caloric content. It is desirable to use raw or dried seeds, because frying destroys more than 80% of the useful properties. Diabetes mellitus can worsen, if you eat not only fried kernels, but also bought refined seeds, which contain oils that are subjected to more rapid oxidation.

In pancreatitis

Sunflower seeds in pancreatic inflammation or pancreatitis are considered an undesirable product. The explanation is simple: high-calorie and hard seeds are poorly digested and irritate the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines. Seeds and products made on their basis are especially contraindicated to patients who have an acute form of the disease. Even with recovery, people with such a diagnosis should give up this type of product.

With gastritis

Patients with gastritis are strictly forbidden to eat sunflower seeds, especially during an exacerbation. When there comes remission, experts can recommend their use, for example, with cottage cheese, pre-milling the product. You can eat sunflower kernels after oatmeal kissel. Only they must be raw. The maximum dose - no more than 50 grams per day, no more than three times a week.

With gout

This disease is not completely curable, but to alleviate the condition of the patient will help healthy foods, among which sunflower seeds are not included. Consumption of raw seeds in doses is allowed, but fried seeds should be abandoned altogether.

For the liver

People with liver disease should remember: sunflower seeds are harmful for them. Especially dangerous is the use of fried product, which can lead to complications. The daily portion of raw seeds should be minimal.

In cholecystitis.

The consumption of seeds in this diagnosis, according to former patients, helps in the treatment of inflammation of the gallbladder. The substances contained in sunflower seeds activate the outflow of bile from the biliary tract. But emphasis should be placed on raw seeds or slightly dried: the fried product, as well as other food cooked in this way, should be permanently abandoned.

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Hazards and contraindications

As a food, sunflower seeds can have both beneficial and harmful properties. With their inordinate use can become addicted to the irresistible desire all the time to snap these grains. Such an addiction is especially dangerous for children and teenagers.

Harms and contraindications of sunflower seeds

These little fruits can provoke weight gain if no rules of their consumption are observed. When the shells of the seeds are bitten by the teeth, their enamel is thinned, their color changes, and micro-traumas appear on the gums and tongue. Therefore, it is better to use your fingers to extract the seed kernels.

Gastritis, stomach or duodenal ulcer, colitis - diagnoses in which eating sunflower seeds, especially fried ones, is contraindicated.

Symptoms of allergy to sunflower seeds

A person of any age can feel an allergic reaction to sunflower seeds. It can occur due to individual intolerance to the product, as well as some components in its composition. The body may react to grains in a very short time after consumption.

  1. Most allergies are expressed by itching, hives, redness of the skin, swelling.
  2. Some people start coughing. There may be a feeling of dryness and irritation of the mucous membranes, rubbing of the eyes, lacrimation, rhinitis during contact with the allergen.
  3. Often allergies manifest as intestinal disorders manifested by nausea, gastrointestinal cramps, colic, diarrhea, vomiting.

To prevent allergic reactions, it is necessary to follow the advice of specialists and not abuse the use of seeds in food.

How to choose and store sunflower seeds

When buying sunflower seeds, it is necessary to take into account their appearance. Seeds should have the same shape and the same size and color. Foreign smell is also unacceptable.

Seeds should be processed before being stored for a long time. The seeds are washed under running water and dried for a quarter of an hour in an oven and put into cloth bags. For storage choose a dry place with good ventilation. Under these conditions, the shelf life of the seeds is about three months.

Shelf life of roasted seeds - no more than one week, otherwise their flavor will disappear. Peeled roasted seeds can be kept only one day in the open air. Prolonged storage of such a product is fraught with the formation of carcinogens, dangerous to health.

Can we give sunflower seeds to animals?

Sunflower seeds are rich in trace elements, so necessary for animals. They should only be given raw seeds, never fried. To diversify the diet of cats, dogs can be simply added to their diet of raw, peeled seeds. Rabbits can eat them in their raw form.

Can we give sunflower seeds to animals?

Any animal will benefit from the product if the dosage and proper use of seeds in their diet is observed.

How to roast sunflower seeds correctly

Seeds fried at home are more delicious.

Algorithm of action:

  1. Before roasting, rinse the seeds under running water.
  2. Then spread the seeds on a cotton cloth to dry out.
  3. Pour the seeds into a thick-walled frying pan and wait for them to roast evenly, stirring constantly. The readiness of the product can be checked by sampling the seeds or by a distinctive crackling
  4. Cover the sunflower seeds in a dish with a towel and wait until it cools down.

Lovers can prepare salted seeds. To do this, pour water over the seeds, adding about 50 grams of salt, and put the pan on high heat. After a minute and a half, drain the liquid, then add about 20 grams of salt and roast the seeds until fully cooked over medium heat.

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Interesting facts about sunflower seeds

  1. Although the homeland of the sunflower is considered to be Mexico, the largest producer and supplier of seeds at this stage is considered to be Russia.
  2. Sunflower seeds appeared in Europe in the early 16th century thanks to the conquistadors. In Russia they came in the time of Peter the Great.
  3. Until 1829, when one peasant came up with the idea of extracting oil from sunflower seeds, it was an ornamental plant.
  4. The tallest sunflower, almost 7 meters tall, was grown in the Netherlands. The smallest one is 5 centimeters tall.
  5. The largest flower is 82 centimeters in diameter. It was grown in Canada.
  6. American truckers consider sunflower seeds the best remedy for falling asleep at the wheel.
  7. Sunflower seeds take quite a long time to digest in the stomach, so the feeling of fullness lasts for about two hours, while for fruit it is half an hour, and for kebabs - about three hours.

Sunflower seeds - a very popular and in many ways a useful product, though, only if they are used wisely.

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