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How much rice for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 liter soup?

The number of recipes for first courses is very large. If you divide them into groups according to ingredients, a significant proportion will be for soups in which rice is the main component. In this case in one row will be searing Mexican, spicy Thai, delicate French and hearty Slavic dishes. All of them are quite nutritious and can be served both raw and creamy. The main thing is to correctly calculate how much rice is needed to make the soup the right thickness.

Properties of Rice

In order not to get instead of a rich soup unclear to the touch and taste smeared, it is necessary to have a good idea of how rice changes when boiled, this question applies to the proportions. All cereals, when soaked and boiled, increase in volume, because they are stored in a dried form. As soon as moisture enters them, they begin to swell. This is why it is recommended to soak rice when cooking pilaf, it will be seen whether the planned amount will fit in the cauldron, although the process will continue there as well. In general, the initial volume increases almost 4 times.

When calculating the proportions for the soup, you need to consider not only the amount of rice, but also adjust the ratio depending on the presence of additional ingredients.

How to know the right amount of rice

How much rice for soup

The calculation is based on 1 liter of broth. It is universal and does not depend on the type and variety of rice. In the classic version, you need 40-45 grams of dry product per 1 liter of liquid. It is worth taking into account that in the meat broth, the grains retain their integrity better than in the vegetable base. But here adjusts the cooking time, not the amount of product. If there are no scales or the accuracy with an accuracy of 2-5 grams is not important, then you can measure with tablespoons. So, for a liter pot, you need to take 1.5. tbsp. rice. It is more convenient to measure larger portions in glasses:

  • For 2 liters. - 1/4 part of a cut glass, 90 gr;
  • 3 liters. - 1/3, 135 gr;
  • 4l. - 1/2, 180 g .

For 5 liters take a full cup of grits without the top, by weight it would be 225 g, respectively, 6.5 spoons. In terms of cooking time, the fastest comes to the readiness of white long-grain polished rice, only 15-20 minutes, wild black have to cook almost an hour. But the volume in the recipe will be the same.

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