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How long do sausages cook in boiling water

Meat sausage products have gained popularity among consumers due to their pleasant taste, quick satiation and ease of preparation. It would seem that there is nothing easier than throwing sausages in a pot of water, simmering for a few minutes and taking them off the stove. But here, too, questions arise. You need to know what to do with the foil, correctly calculate the time of cooking the product. After all, overcooked sausages burst and look unappetizing, while raw ones lack juiciness.

How long do you need to boil sausages before they burst?

How long do sausages cook in boiling water?

To the product in the natural casing did not burst, it pierce with a toothpick in several places before cooking or reduce the heating time to a minimum. The artificial film can be removed before or after cooking if desired.

Cooking time directly depends on the thickness of the product. The thinnest Vienna sausages cook for 2 minutes, up to five minutes - products of medium thickness, thick chopped - up to seven minutes.

How long should I cook frozen sausages

The principle of cooking frozen sausages is the same as chilled, but you will have to spend more time.

Place the product in a pan with cold water. After half an hour pierce the shell, put the container on the fire, bring to a boil, boil for 8 minutes. Drain the water, put the food on a plate.

You can do without defrosting, immediately loading the product from the freezer into the pot.

Time to cook sausages in the microwave

With sausage products cellophane film is removed, the natural casing is pierced with a fork.

How to properly boil in water:

  1. Place 4 sausages in a microwaveable dish. Fill with a glass of boiling water so that the food is completely submerged in the water.
  2. Add bay leaf, a few peas of black pepper.
  3. Set the timer for 5 minutes in the warming or boiling mode.

Sausages without water will cook faster:

  1. Remove the artificial skin. Make incisions if desired.
  2. Arrange products in a flat plate away from each other.
  3. Cook for 3 minutes at 800 watt microwave power.

Serve ketchup, mustard to the finished meat products.

If the product needs to be reheated for sandwiches, reduce the time to two minutes.

How long do you cook sausages in the steamer?

Steamer better than other kitchen appliances preserves the useful properties of the product.

Place the cleaned sausages in a bowl, fill the tray with water. Set the timer for 10 minutes.

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How to cook sausages in the multicooker

In the multicooker sausages are cooked in two ways - in water and on steam.

In the first case, pour water into a bowl, bring to a boil. Load the sausages, add your favorite spices as desired. Close the lid, cook for 10-12 minutes.

To steam foods:

  1. Fill a quarter of the bowl with water. Place a perforated tray.
  2. Place the sausages with their casings removed in the perforated tray, placing them apart from each other.
  3. Cook the meat for 20 minutes in the steam mode.

It is possible to prepare at the same time with sausages garnish, if the grits pour into a bowl filled with water half-full.


Most of the questions of sausage lovers are related to the subtleties of cooking. Consumers are interested in the temperature of the water before loading the product, whether additional seasoning is needed, what to do with the casing and other nuances.

Sausage in boiling water

Is it necessary to remove the casing when cooking sausages?

If the film on the meat product is made of cellophane, when heated carcinogenic substances pass into the product, so it is better to remove it immediately before cooking. Artificial materials are not able to expand to the same extent as the sausage stuffing sealed inside it. The conclusion is that the film is bound to burst.

If it is removed after cooking, the surface of the sausage will be damaged.

The natural casing is left and eaten together with the filling.

In what water should you dip: hot or cold?

The likelihood of overcooking is reduced if the sausage products are placed in hot rather than cold water. It is not recommended to put the product taken out of the refrigerator into boiling water.

Because of the difference in temperature, the casing is sure to burst. Sausages will become dry because the juice will run out.

Do sausages need to be salted and spices added?

Sausage production technology involves the addition of salt, spices. You should not add salt to cooking water, so as not to get at the end over-salted dish.

As for spices, you can do without them or add a minimum of them if you prefer a brighter taste.

How can you tell if the sausages are cooked?

Signs that the sausages are cooked:

  • products float, increase in size;
  • The temperature inside is at least 68 degrees;
  • Sausages are easily pierced and slip with a fork.

Readiness can be checked by cutting the product. If after 5 minutes of cooking sausage minced meat is homogeneous in color and consistency, it is ready for use.

Do I boil sausages before grilling?

Boiling sausages before roasting, baking is an unnecessary waste of time. The product can be made safer and tastier by resorting to any method of heat treatment, not using a two-step cooking.

An exception is made for frozen sausages. It is better to boil them before frying.

Can sausages be boiled in a kettle?

You can boil water, pour the sausage products, close the pot with the lid and keep it for 5 minutes. Or put the sausages in the kettle, pour water, boil for 3-5 minutes without closing the lid, so that the appliance does not automatically turn off.

Can I cook sausages with pasta or egg?

Sausages with pasta are boiled without removing the artificial casing. To avoid contracting salmonellosis, soak the eggs before cooking them together in a soda solution (1 tbsp. water to 1 tbsp.) for half an hour, then rinse them under running water.

Sausage products are prepared not only with eggs and pasta. To make sausages acquire an original rich aroma and taste, they are cooked in beer, add dried mushrooms to the water, fried onions.

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