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Dried bananas: composition, useful properties and contraindications

In regions where the banana grows, no one is already surprised by it in dried form. As for our regions, here this product in such a processing appeared not so long ago, but has already managed to become popular. The buyer is attracted by the delicious, sweet and salty fruit, which can be eaten like seeds. At the same time, the useful and harmful sides from the use of such a treat have long been studied.

Which bananas are healthier: fresh or dried

It is important to note that the benefits of dried bananas are very similar to the healing characteristics of the fresh fruit. Both varieties of delicacies contain a significant amount of potassium and magnesium, which ensure the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. They have a mild laxative effect, which has a positive effect on the intestines. Regardless of the type of berry, the product is rich in vitamins, which are members of the B group, which helps to ensure the activity of the nervous system. However, the energy value of such a product is several times higher than that of fresh fruit.

Dried fruit, compared to fresh fruit, has a number of advantages. First of all, we are talking about the shelf life, because the dried dessert is stored much longer and at the same time retains all its important components. Banana dried fruit is much more nutritious, in addition, in storage does not take up much space. In addition, this product is excellent as a sweet snack, it can easily be used in the process of making breakfast, dessert or fruit salad.

The special technology of obtaining such a delicacy makes it possible to preserve all the healing elements, including vitamins and minerals. Dried fruits are enriched with carbohydrates, which provide the human body with energy.

Composition and calories

A large amount of potassium is found in dried bananas. This element has a positive effect on heart activity. People who are prone to developing heart disease, as well as smokers, should definitely consume such products. It is scientifically proved that banana product helps to reduce the harm from nicotine and all dangerous compounds, which are present in tobacco. The lack of such an element in the body leads to disorders of the cardiovascular system.

Also banana dried fruit contains the daily requirement of the human body in B vitamins. They are responsible for the healthy functioning of the brain and the nervous system. Also, these components lead to the normalization of metabolic processes. These elements have a beneficial effect on the nail plates and hair. For this purpose, it is recommended to eat a few pieces of this exotic dessert every day.

In dried berries there is ascorbic acid in a large amount. Despite the fact that the dried banana fruit has no sour taste, 100 g of such a dessert contains almost 10 mg of this substance. When you have a cold, you can also add this useful product to your medications. Regular consumption of dried berries will strengthen the immune system and thereby reduce the likelihood of disease.

Banana candied fruit contains vitamin E, which is responsible for the beauty, tenderness and smoothness of the skin. This product will help smooth out wrinkles and folds, get rid of acne.

Banana dried fruits are rich in mineral components. They are found a lot of P, Fe, Mg, Zn. They also contain organic acids, vitamin A, K and PP. All these components have a positive effect on the human body.

The banana in its fresh state has a fairly high caloric value, but as for the dried fruits, in this case, this figure increases several times. So, there are 390 kcal in 100 g of dried exotics.

What are the benefits of dried bananas

General benefits

Banana berries in dried form are characterized by a high nutritional value, due to which they can have a complex effect on the human body.

The benefits and harms of dried bananas

  1. Dietary fiber in its composition will help to improve the work of the digestive tract, so it can be used in the treatment of diseases such as ulcers, gastritis, constipation.
  2. The dessert stimulates the production of a substance such as serotonin, also called the hormone of joy. This causes a person's mood to rise.
  3. The high concentration of iron and sugar makes it possible to use such a treat for anemia associated with iron deficiency and general weakness.
  4. At high physical exertion, dried fruit can be used as a snack. Dried banana will provide the body with energy, as well as restore muscle tone.
  5. Banana candied fruit is used for weight gain. The product is caloric, and if it is consumed with milk, it is very easy to gain the desired body weight. However, in such a case, it is important to consult with a specialist, as it is he who should determine the necessary amount of such a component in the diet. Otherwise, you can get obesity in a short time.

The results of scientific experiments have shown that dried treats can be included in the diet of children without fear. However, it is important to be careful about the amount that a child consumes. After all, the product will quickly saturate the body, perhaps then you will not want to eat anything.

For women

Banana candied fruits are recommended for use by women during premenstrual syndrome. In addition, such a product is characterized by a pronounced cosmetic effect. Regular use of such a fruit will help to improve the appearance. The nutrients of the treat contribute to smoothing, softening and moisturizing the dermis. Using the dried fruit makes the skin firmer.

Despite the high caloric values and high glycemic index, dried banana fruits are helpers in the fight against extra centimeters on the waist. Eating such a fruit stimulates the metabolism, provides removal of excess fluid from the body. The dessert is able to saturate the body quickly and for a long time, given that it is enough to eat a small portion.

For men

A significant percentage of potassium in dried fruits contributes to the normal activity of the nervous system, protecting against stress and neurosis.

Note that the preconditions for impotence are precisely these disorders of the nervous system. Also rich in vitamins banana provides the body energy and tones it, allowing a man to feel a burst of energy and a positive attitude.

Adding a banana to your diet stimulates the synthesis of serotonin, which improves your mood. Also banana fruit is used as a prophylactic to protect against the development of blood clots.

As already mentioned, dried bananas increase physical stamina, which is important for male potency by prolonging sexual intercourse. However, this is achieved with constant consumption of the product. Also, the advantage of using such a fruit treat in men is that the mineral compounds in bananas help in the fight against tobacco addiction. Banana helps to cleanse the body of toxic elements, helps to strengthen the immune system, as well as reduce high blood pressure.

In addition, a banana has been proven to be a plant aphrodisiac, which increases libido and libido.

The main value of such bananas for the male body is the saturation with various vitamins and minerals that take part in the production of hormones and blood circulation. Also dried fruits are important for the brain. They strengthen memory, increase concentration, which will improve performance.

When pregnant

During the period of carrying a fetus, it is recommended that women eat banana candied fruits. They can be used as a useful alternative to harmful sweet products with minimal risk of allergies and other side effects. The absence of a pungent smell does not cause nausea. In addition, the product helps to restore strength. It also fights heartburn, as it envelops the mucous membrane of the stomach and eliminates the feeling of discomfort.

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When breastfeeding

Every woman during lactation should monitor what she eats, so as not to harm the health of the baby. As for bananas in the form of dried fruit, you should remember that this fruit is still considered exotic, which does not rule out the occurrence of allergies and digestive disorders. For this reason, you can start eating the treat in small portions. Using a moderate amount of the product will help protect the baby from the development of various side effects.

For a young mother banana candied fruit is a treasure trove of vitamins, it is not only characterized by a pleasant taste, but also performs a number of functions. For example, when using the product, irritability decreases, pain disappears, the body of a nursing woman is replenished with useful substances. In addition, bananas improve overall health, increase hemoglobin levels.

In the first month after birth, there is still a risk of allergies. When including such a product in the diet, it is necessary to monitor the well-being of the baby. If no negative reactions are detected, you can continue to include the delicacy in your food. With lactation, a woman can eat 20 g of dried banana a day.

For children

Dried bananas are also useful for children. Due to the presence of vitamin C, the product increases the protective function of the little body, which is especially important in winter. Bananas in this form are involved in the treatment of diseases of colds.

When losing weight

Opinions of dietitians regarding the use of dried berries in weight loss differ. Some of them are sure that such an exotic fruit is contraindicated for use during weight loss. Others are sure that bananas must be present in the morning meal, because they contain complex carbohydrates that replenish the energy reserves of the body. Since there is no unambiguous answer regarding the question of the possibility of using dried bananas during the diet, it is recommended to use such a product with caution. And it is better to eat it in the first half of the day in small portions, because it is in the morning a person needs carbohydrates.

In any case, candied fruits are an excellent substitute for sweet products dangerous for the waist. It will be useful to take a walk or exercise after taking the dried fruit. If the diet involves regular physical activity, you can no doubt use such a dessert in your menu. You only need to remember that everything must be in moderation.

Proper use of dried banana will help to get rid of extra pounds, but, given the significant caloric content of the treat, you should adhere to some recommendations of experts.

To begin with, you need to remember that it is better to add such a dish to your diet in the first half of the day, along with breakfast or as a separate snack. Also, when using a banana, it is better to give up other sweets.

When drawing up a menu, you should take into account the caloric level of this product, as well as calculate the proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It is important to follow the daily rate of the product.

Harm and contraindications

Along with a long list of positive characteristics, dried banana still has some contraindications. This product can be harmful to the body in diabetes due to the increased concentration of glucose, in diseases related to blood clotting, as it can clot the blood. In the presence of excessive body weight you should also not be fond of such a fruit fruit. This is related again to its high caloric content. After strokes or heart attacks, in the presence of coronary heart disease should not use bananas as food.

It should be noted that there are dried bananas and banana chips, which are prepared by frying in vegetable oil. In addition to the fact that heat treatment kills some of the useful elements of the product, such products are also dangerous to health due to the fact that they contain a lot of hard-to-digest fat, cholesterol and carcinogenic substances. In addition, the caloric value in this case increases to almost 500 kcal per 100 g of bananas.

Nutritionists advise to eat not more than 100 g of banana candied fruit per day to get the maximum benefit from this product and the minimum harm. The use of a small portion of dried fruit between the main meals allows energizing the body, enriching it with vitamins and minerals.

How to choose and store

If you intend to dry the fruit yourself, it is necessary to choose bananas correctly. For this type of processing, fruits of all sizes and varieties are suitable. The main condition is ripeness, the skin of the banana should have a yellow color, without defects in the form of dark spots.

You can store the finished dried fruits in two ways. The first option is to put the candied fruit in bags, which should be sent to the refrigerator.

You can use glass jars with tightly sealed lids, put dried bananas in them and fill with syrup. This method will allow you to keep all the taste and healing properties of the dessert for a year.

How to dry bananas at home

To save money and to be sure about the quality of the finished product, it is recommended to dry them at home by yourself. Before starting the process, it is required to first choose the raw material. Fruits must be chosen ripe, fresh, only the presence of very small black spots on the skin of the banana is allowed. The pulp should be dense, light. The size of the berry does not matter. If the bananas are large, they only need to be sliced in small pieces. You should take into account that the product contains a lot of iron, so when the fruit interacts with air oxygen, it begins to darken quite quickly. To avoid this, you should dip the banana slices in cold water with lemon juice for 30 seconds, then dry the fruit on a towel.

How to Dry Bananas

For cooking in the oven, you must first prepare a baking tray, laying it with parchment paper. So that the ready dried fruits can be easily removed from the paper, it is required to pre-grease it with a small amount of vegetable oil.

Next, lay the sliced banana slices so that they do not touch each other. Use a fork to make punctures in each slice in order to evaporate excess moisture. Now put the tray with fruit in the oven, which should be heated to 40 degrees. In this case, you need to turn on the ventilation function or leave the oven door ajar. As the slices get darker, you should turn them over so that the fruit dries evenly. Cooking time depends on the size of the fruit, but it usually takes 5-7 hours.

You can also use the microwave to make banana candied fruit. To do this, turn on the device function "Defrost" and set the timer for ten minutes. Place the sliced bananas on a flat plate. Ready dried fruit to transfer to the grid and leave them in the air overnight.

It should be noted that when using the microwave, you need to keep an eye on the bananas at all times so that there is no smell of burning. After the cooking process is complete, the fruit should remain sticky.

Drying can be done naturally. This method is suitable if the weather outside is hot and sunny. In this case, sliced or whole banana fruits should be placed on pallets and covered with gauze to protect against insects and dust. In this form, take the bananas out into the sun to dry and regularly move them into the shade for a breeze. It takes a few days to two weeks to cook dried fruit this way, depending on the size of the banana and the weather conditions.

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Can chinchillas and hamsters be given dried bananas

Chinchillas should not be given bananas both fresh and dried. It is too sweet a food for these animals. As for dried fruit, it is like giving a person with diabetes a sweet cake. Fresh bananas can cause diarrhea in the pet.

Hamsters often suffer from high blood glucose levels. Banana products are sweet and caloric, so this breed can be given bananas only once a week. In this case, it does not matter at all in what form the exotic fruit is served. In winter, experts recommend excluding sweet fruits from the diet of pets at all. The hamster's digestion process slows down during this period, so the pulp of the fruit can be harmful to the pet.

Interesting facts about bananas

Interesting Facts about Bananas

  1. The palm tree on which the banana grows is a grass, not a tree.
  2. Another popular misconception is that many people think of the banana as a fruit; in fact, it is a berry.
  3. There are over a thousand varieties of this berry. Among them, there are fruits used by people for food, fodder bananas for animals, as well as inedible varieties.
  4. As you know, the fruits of banana culture are collected unripe. And this is not due to the fact that they can spoil during transportation. In fact, such products are tasty only when ripened in artificial conditions.
  5. We are all accustomed to elongated and slightly elongated fruits. In fact, there are specimens that are similar to ordinary bananas only by their yellow color. They can be very small and straight or round in shape, like a melon.
  6. An unusual use for bananas was found by the people of India. Surely many have slipped and even fallen when stepping on the rind of the fruit. In India, this property is used to make it easier to launch ships on the water. In such a case the launching plane is smeared with crushed fruit. It takes about twenty thousand fruits to launch one ship.

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