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Fresh Orange Juice: useful properties and contraindications

Freshly squeezed orange juice daily drink every fifth inhabitant of the planet. The sunny drink creates not only a morning mood, but also tones, saturating the body with useful vitamins.

Composition and Calories

Natural orange juice is rich in valuable elements such as vitamin C (about 55.6%). This vitamin is extremely important for humans because it takes part in redox reactions, promotes the absorption of iron by the body, and supports the functioning of the immune system.

The benefits and harms of orange juice

Freshly squeezed orange juice is also rich in vitamin A, which actively participates in the metabolic process of the human body. In addition, vitamin A has antioxidant properties and protects human vision.

Fresh oranges also contain B vitamins (including folic acid), which are essential elements for the proper functioning of the body. This vitamin is especially important for women during pregnancy, as it accompanies the process of hematopoiesis and prevents cell mutation.

The useful properties of freshly squeezed orange juice do not end here. It contains a lot of useful trace elements, such as:

  • calcium;
  • magnesium;
  • potassium;
  • cobalt;
  • iron;
  • iodine;
  • phosphorus;
  • fluorine;
  • zinc;
  • sodium.

This drink contains amino acids and pectin substances. Together, these ingredients contribute not only to prolonging youthfulness, but also to fast weight loss. Moreover, thanks to its low-calorie, orange juice can be consumed during a diet, as 100 grams of product contains only 58 kcal. And this is only 3.6% of the required daily allowance.

If we break down the composition of freshly squeezed juice in more detail, it looks as follows:

  • Protein - 0.7 g (0.9%).
  • Carbohydrates - 13.3 g (6.4%).
  • Fats - 0.15 g (0.2%).
  • Ash - 0.4 g.
  • Water - 86 g (3.8%).

It is important to note that, as paradoxical as it may sound, the juice that can be prepared at home is much more caloric than the contents of the package from the store. This feature is due to the presence of dietary fiber, as well as the percentage of sucrose in natural juice, which is broken down during canning (in the purchased product).

What are the benefits of orange juice

For women

When a woman consumes orange juice regularly, she keeps her skin fresh and youthful for longer. Also, the dietary fiber contained in the juice cleanses the intestines, freeing them from toxins and toxins. The fashion for rejuvenating the skin with orange juice, which came from the East, has reached Europe, where women are applying it to the areas of skin with the largest number of age spots with great fervor. Pigmentation usually occurs as a result of hormonal failure at different stages of life. Some people complain about noticeable brown spots appearing on the face and neck area after pregnancy. Older women note that pigmentation actively began to spread during menopause and noticeably worsens the aesthetic appearance of the skin. In both cases, freshly squeezed orange juice applied to problem areas will noticeably brighten them. The daily application of the tonic fruit in about six months will make the darkened skin areas significantly lighter. This happens due to the influence of the acids contained in the product.

In addition to antioxidants, orange contains another group of beneficial substances. These are so-called limonoids, which do not allow free radicals to develop actively and protect the female body from breast cancer, as well as prevent the formation of cancer cells in the stomach and intestines.

For men.

Men are no exception. For them, orange juice can also serve as a good healer for various problems. Everyone knows that vitamin C, in large quantities contained in the orange, contributes to the increased production of sperm. However, the increase in quantity is not the only advantage of the consumption of fresh fruit for men. Improves significantly the quality of the seminal fluid, which allows you to confidently predict a quick conception.

The content of folic acid also helps men to keep their genitals toned, because it is this component of orange juice can provide a stable potency. Consuming at least one glass of orange juice a day, a man will not only prolong sexual intercourse, but also be able to claim healthy offspring in the future.

When pregnant

A pregnant woman needs to consume orange juice much more than any other member of the weaker sex. Orange juice contains folic acid, and, as we know, its consumption contributes to hematopoiesis, and also prevents the possibility of abnormal development of the neural tube of the fetus. Therefore, we can confidently say that the earlier the pregnant woman will start drinking the drink, the faster the process of assimilation of such an important substance by her body will begin.

In the first trimester, the body goes through a stage of reaction to a foreign protein, so the immunity of the pregnant woman is significantly reduced, exposing her to the risk of catching a virus and other forms of harmful microorganisms. In this case, vitamin C will protect the immune properties of the body and, if not prevent SARS, it will help to cope with the disease as quickly as possible.

When breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is an important stage in life, when the mother can quickly transfer the necessary immunoglobulins to her child in order to form the correct intestinal microflora, capable to resist disorders of various etiologies.

The lactation period is the best time to review the woman's diet, because the products that can cause a negative reaction of the body can seriously harm the baby. For a long time, it was thought that a breastfeeding mother should forget about exotic products in her diet, because they most often cause an allergic reaction. As time passed, the research methodology changed, and gradually the opinion of researchers began to lean in favor of the use of orange juice. This is due to the fact that the new generation of babies born have a different perception of the products consumed by their parents than infants in, say, the postwar era. That is, getting used to their parents' foods has built up immunity in the next generation, making the possibility of an allergic reaction to the same orange much lower than anticipated.

The only recommendation that can reduce the possible harm from orange juice for an infant to zero is to limit the volume of the fraiche. If a normal person who does not suffer from diabetes, intestinal disorders and allergies to citrus can drink any volume of such a drink, a nursing mother will be more appropriate to start introducing half a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice into her diet. The risk of a negative reaction of the child's body to breast milk in this case will be very minimal. It will be useful for an older child as well. The period of infancy will be over, and by preschool age the baby, going to kindergarten, full of viruses and other harmful germs, will rely on the strength of its immunity, formed during the period of breastfeeding.

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For kids

Children, like adults, often suffer from diseases that affect their quality of life. Unfortunately, children have no particular love for healthy foods and often reject them for their specific taste qualities. That said, no child would turn down freshly squeezed orange juice. This drink has won the love of children from an early age. Even with a large selection of different drinks, kids prefer this exquisite sour product. But risk the amount of this drink is still not worth it, because in the child's diet it should not occupy a leading position. This juice should not be seen as a thirst quencher or a pleasant citrus dessert. Freshly squeezed orange juice is a biologically active substance and, rather, a therapeutic drink that can disrupt digestive processes in the child's body if not properly dosed.


  1. Since orange is rich in fruit acids, this property increases intestinal peristalsis, causing colic and bloating.
  2. Orange juice is not recommended for children who have a decreased appetite. Consumption of juice suppresses appetite, which means that little eaters are in danger of exhausting their bodies. But children with developing obesity will even benefit from drinking this drink. Such children juice will not only help to reduce the amount of food, but also to saturate the body with useful substances.
  3. Do not forget about the protection of milk teeth, which suffer from the acidic environment brought into the mouth with juice. To prevent tooth decay, you should rinse your mouth with water after drinking not only freshly squeezed orange juice, but also the fruit itself.

Orange juice for weight loss

As mentioned earlier, orange juice can reduce appetite, which helps to reduce unwanted body volume. It can be used in any diet. Due to the low-calorie nature of this fruit can be drunk even before going to bed, without fear of gaining extra pounds. The effect of evening juice will be felt in the morning, when appetite does not become an annoying rumbling in the stomach.

Orange juice for weight loss

Fresh can be added to your favorite diet desserts, such as smoothies, milkshakes, liquid yogurts. The only person who should avoid a diet on this principle is people with high blood sugar, since orange contains a significant amount of it.

There is a diet that is limited to the consumption of orange juice only. This method is suitable for people with a strong will. If you need to lose a lot of pounds at once, you can try these methods:

1 method: 1 liter of freshly squeezed orange juice, diluted with plain water in unlimited amounts, consume during the day. The diet is designed for 3-4 days.

2 way: 1 liter of fresh orange juice diluted with half a liter of tomato juice and mineral water, drink throughout the day. This diet is designed for 3-4 days.

3 way: One liter of fresh fruit, half a liter of kefir with the addition of finely chopped greens. The diet is designed for 3-4 days.

Method 4: One liter of orange juice, 100 grams of cheese or 100 grams of rye breadcrumbs. The diet is designed for 3-4 days.

It is important to understand that, independently lengthening such a diet even for one day, the starving person risks depriving himself of other useful substances and leaves the body alone with the consequences of such a shortage. Nutritionists recommend that those who are going to lose extra pounds, alternate between different types of diets, not fixating only on a particular one. In addition, rapid weight loss is not conducive to a healthy metabolism, so you need to lose weight gradually.

Freshly squeezed orange juice in medicine

Orange juice can harm a person if he has an individual intolerance. Also, you should not consume this product if there is a suspicion of irritation of the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, which can be a precursor of stomach and intestinal disease. Diabetes of various forms and stages also does not involve eating oranges themselves, or freshly squeezed juice, because the sugar content of this product is too high for insulin-dependent people.

Diabetes mellitus

People who suffer from this disease live with constant control of their blood sugar levels. Diabetes of various forms and stages, unfortunately, does not involve eating freshly squeezed juice, as the sugar content of this product is unacceptable for insulin-dependent people. However, in order not to deprive themselves of the benefits of this product, diabetics are allowed to eat orange peels, from which you can prepare unsweetened decoction. Such a decoction will saturate the body with useful vitamins, without increasing blood sugar.

Important: The glycemic index of orange juice is 60 units.


Pancreatitis is a disease in which a person chooses a diet based on sparing products. No matter how useful juices are, in pancreatitis it is worth being selective about the choice of beverage. Because of the high content of organic acids in freshly squeezed orange juice there is an unnecessary production (in this disease) of secretion. Drinks made from orange burn the walls of the stomach, can significantly worsen the situation of the patient and cause irreparable harm. Also the fermentation caused by acids provokes cramps, which makes you feel worse. Thus, orange juice, very useful for a healthy body, is able to make destructive changes in the gastrointestinal mechanism of a person with pancreatitis.


Patients with gastritis, especially in the acute stage, it is strictly forbidden to drink this drink. It can cause an increased secretion of gastric juice, which will provoke inflammation of the walls of the stomach. There is a category of people who suffer from gastritis, in which the acidity in the body is reduced. Such a category of patients can consume orange juice, but it is recommended to dilute it with boiled water in a ratio of 1:1.

With constipation

In order to understand the mechanism of action of orange juice and to assess the possibility of its consumption, it is necessary to differentiate the type of constipation. They can be chronic or temporary. Chronic constipation can be the result of genetics, hormonal changes in the body or lifestyle. Temporary constipation, as a rule, is the result of improper diet, which can be corrected in time.

So, if we talk about the benefits of orange juice for constipation, it is necessary to understand what exactly provoked it. Orange juice is able to improve intestinal peristalsis thanks to the dietary fiber passing through the intestinal surface, freeing the contents of the gastrointestinal tract from harmful toxins. Constipation is also due to the peculiarities of the water balance in the body. There are people who consume very little liquid during the day, which leads to an accumulation of stools of tight consistency. Fresh orange juice will be very helpful under these conditions, because it not only liquefies the contents of the rectum, but also fills the body with liquid. Defecation will become softer and more regular if you consume freshly squeezed orange juice daily.

Regular consumption of orange juice juice will give the first results no sooner than in two weeks, so you need to have patience and go confidently to your goal.

For the liver

The liver is known to be a natural filter in the human body. It is the one that traps the toxins that enter the body with unhealthy foods. Therefore, it is important that the liver remains in a state of readiness as long as possible and is able to prevent serious diseases.

Orange juice provokes the activation of liver cells - hepatocytes, which often suffer, filtering waste products. Orange concentrate contained in freshly squeezed juice has an antiseptic effect on the liver, especially during viral, bacterial liver damage. Also the drink stimulates the cells of the gallbladder by liquefying bile and facilitating its outflow. The most important property of orange freshly squeezed juice is that it forms the reaction of liver enzymes, helping the body to cope with sluggishness with ease. But you should remember that the abuse of this product can not improve the condition of the liver, but harm it.

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Hemorrhoids are varicose veins of the rectum. To treat this disease, it is important to keep the vascular walls in a toned state, able to withstand the stresses. Natural juice in this case will be just right in the treatment of such an ailment. It is drunk during the day in a volume not exceeding two liters. In undiluted form it is not desirable to drink it, be sure to dilute the freshness in the proportions of 1:1. Drink the drink half an hour before a meal, so it is easier to digest and facilitate the excretion of stools from last night's dinner. However, you should not forget that after half an hour you must necessarily eat, otherwise the juice will cause unnecessary fermentation.

Orange juice in cosmetology

The simplest face mask is a freshly squeezed juice applied for at least half an hour on the skin of the face. This will not only help refresh the appearance, but also fill the epidermis with vitamins. You can also crush the pulp of an orange and apply it to the area around the eyes - this will reduce swelling after a hard night's work and remove traces of bad feeling.

Orange juice in cosmetology

For dry skin, the best mixture will be orange juice with heavy sour cream and one egg yolk. You can mix oat bran with three to five spoons of orange juice - you will not find a better scrub.

Harms and contraindications

The harm of any product is made up of its effects on the body. If individual intolerance is present, then, whatever the benefits, such a product should not be used in any form. There are fewer contraindications to the use of orange juice than indications, so it is necessary to indicate the degree of benefit from possible harm.

Orange juice should not be drunk on an empty stomach, because it can increase the acidity of the gastric juice.

The drink is contraindicated in the following diseases:

  • Hepatitis;
  • hyperacid gastritis;
  • urolithiasis;
  • pancreatitis;
  • Intestinal/stomach ulcers;
  • cholecystitis; biliary dyskinesia;
  • enteritis, colitis;
  • cholelithiasis.

Drinking it when abused in its pure form can contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes.

Pay attention! Teeth enamel suffers from orange juice, but this does not mean that you should give it up. This simply means that after drinking the juice, you should rinse your mouth with water, or better yet, brush your teeth.

How to make orange juice at home

Juice, which can be made at home without adding sugar, preservatives and dyes, is the most useful. The easiest way to make it is to use the pulp of the fruit and an ordinary juicer. To do this, carefully wash the fruit, without removing the skin, divide it into two halves and squeeze the juice from the pulp. If the juicer can adjust the mode of the amount of pulp, it is better to make a fraiche.

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How long can you keep freshly squeezed orange juice

Freshly squeezed orange juice retains its useful properties only for 48 hours, then it oxidizes. After that the process of decomposition of very important components begins, leading to the loss of micronutrients and, consequently, to fermentation. After two days the juice is still drinkable, but the properties expected from it will be lost.

How to Drink Orange Juice Properly

Sour juices, as mentioned earlier, because of their organic acid content, are recommended to be drunk through a straw and only after a meal.

How to drink orange juice correctly

How much you can drink per day

Nutritionists recommend drinking at least 200 ml of freshly squeezed orange juice every day. This will not only improve the function of the gastrointestinal tract, rejuvenate the appearance of the skin, but also help to cope with viruses during colds. The main rule is not to overdo it. Only in this way the drink is able to bring benefits.

Can you drink it on an empty stomach and at night?

Since we are talking about the sour form of the fraiche, you can drink it on an empty stomach, but only for the purpose of losing pounds and in diluted form. Therefore, some diets agree that it is necessary to drink certain drinks on an empty stomach, increasing the effect of the active substances of the corresponding product. At night, it is also common to use fresh fruit to break the appetite. However, if there is no goal to lose weight, it is better to consume this drink between meals.

Interesting facts about oranges

Orange is an amazing sunny fruit, there are many different stories around it, including those related to its origins.

  1. There are countries with strange laws. For example, in California it is illegal to eat oranges while taking a bath.
  2. Orange oranges are only found in temperate climates; in the tropics they are green.
  3. Surprisingly, with terrible heartburn you can be saved with orange juice, because the acid of the fruit, once in the stomach, turns into an alkaline.
  4. Statistically, among perfume lovers, orange flavor ranks third after chocolate and vanilla.
  5. The orange fruit is considered a berry.
  6. 85% of the entire orange harvest worldwide is used to make juice.
  7. It is the orange tree that sacrifices its wood in favor of sticks that serve as manicure tools around the world.
  8. It is oranges that produce the largest crop of citrus around the world.
  9. Oranges have been scientifically proven to help fight cancer.

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