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Pork fat: composition, benefits and harms to the body, use

Pork fat is a product of processing fat. It is characterized by a number of useful qualities, provides the body with the necessary elements. It takes 10-12 hours to obtain such lard. First, the lard is separated from the carcass, washed and soaked in water with the addition of salt. Then the chopped pieces of lard are boiled over medium heat until all the liquid evaporates.

The product externally resembles a white pasty mixture, which has almost no definite flavor. When heated, the fat becomes liquid and transparent.

Composition and calories

The benefits and harms of pig fat

  1. Animal fat contains omega-9, stearic, linoleic, arachidonic acids. They ensure the normal functioning of all organs of the human body. In addition, they help to improve the cardiovascular system and also take part in the synthesis of hormones.
  2. The product contains about 50 percent monounsaturated fatty acids, which reduce the likelihood of heart defects.
  3. Pork fat is characterized by the presence of vitamins A, E, K, D. All of these substances in sufficient quantities can be obtained only with food.
  4. Vitamin A is responsible for the health of hair and nails, skin, and strengthens the body's defenses.
  5. Vitamin K ensures the absorption of calcium, is involved in the process of hematopoiesis.
  6. Vitamin E protects the body from premature aging, ensures the absorption of retinol.
  7. Vitamin D is useful in combating depression; it also reduces the likelihood of tumor formation, strengthens the immune system, contributes to the development of bone system, as well as teeth.

The rich composition of this product of animal origin allows you to eliminate the symptoms of avitaminosis.

The energy value of pork fat is 882 kcal per 100 grams.

What is the usefulness of pork fat

General benefits

For the healthy functioning of the body, the intake of any fat is important. Due to its therapeutic characteristics, fat derived from the processing of fat is a very useful substance. The product protects against the development of heart disease.

In addition, this kind of fat helps to maintain shape. According to the results of certain studies, it can be concluded that the consumption of animal fat in small amounts helps to reduce weight, as well as reduce blood cholesterol levels.

The monounsaturated acids in pork product help reduce irritability and increase physical activity. These acids also ensure the absorption of calcium, which is important for dental health and bone strength.

Vitamin composition allows you to strengthen the immune system, to cope with vitamin deficiencies and increase the body's resistance to various viral infections.

For women

The benefit of lard for women is that it can be used to promote health and preserve beauty. Cosmetic products for facial skin and hair, made on the basis of this substance, are quickly absorbed and have a healing effect. If you mix this fatty ingredient with other elements, you get an effective remedy that is easily broken down and enters the cells of the body. Such therapeutic compositions allow the skin to "breathe" without creating a film, do not cause irritation and are very easy to wash off with soap and warm water.

In addition, nutritionists recommend using just pork fat for frying products. Such dishes are much better digested by the digestive system, and it takes very little time. The product does not lose its medicinal properties during heat treatment.

For Men

Lard is considered a Ukrainian aphrodisiac. Its fat helps to increase male sexuality and improves potency. Often this component can be included in the diet of athletes, as well as men whose activity is associated with physical exertion.

Pig fat is an antioxidant that can cleanse the body of toxins and radionuclides.

When pregnant.

The product of processing fat will help a woman to maintain strength and vigor throughout pregnancy.

As is known, from the third month pregnant women begin to rapidly accumulate fat. A small amount of such fat will help to reduce the risk of gaining extra pounds.

The benefit of lard lies in the content of fatty acids required for the full development of the placenta and CNS of the fetus.

You can use this product as a rubbing, as well as to obtain compresses that will help cure coughs. Such a remedy is safe for both the woman and the unborn child.

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When breastfeeding

Pork fat has in its composition of vitamins and mineral elements, which will help a woman to quickly recover after the birth of a child and reduce the likelihood of depression.

Use this product during lactation can be used to make various masks that will help restore the health of the dermis and curls.

For children.

The use of pig fat in children is explained by the fact that this natural product, in comparison with medicines obtained chemically, is able to have a therapeutic effect, to strengthen the immune system. To date, recipes with this substance (with the inclusion of milk or honey) are relevant. Parents can then choose the option that is more to the child's liking. In this case, pig fat can be added to hot drinks or a glass of milk to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of a cold.

Pig fat in medicine

With severe joint pain, experts advise that before going to bed, grease the sore spots with lard, wrap with a bandage and wrap with a scarf. The compress should be kept overnight.

Pig fat in medicine

Often, after injuries, the joints begin to move poorly. In this case, will help a mixture of a tablespoon of salt and 100 ml of fat. The resulting mass should be rubbed into the joints, after which it is necessary to warm the leg with a bandage or bandage.

When receiving a burn, animal fat will also come in handy. In this case, you should melt 0.5 liters of fat and fry onions in it until they turn black. Cool the mass and mix it with powder of five aspirin tablets. The resulting ointment should be often applied to the affected area. Acetylsalicylic acid will act as an antipyretic and bactericidal agent, and the lard will protect against the appearance of marks after injury.

In cases of oozing eczema, you can prepare a remedy that consists of two tablespoons of lard, two egg whites, 100 grams of nightshade and a liter of water from celandine. Mix all the components, insist a couple of days, and then apply to the problem areas.

When coughing, a rubbing with pig fat will be effective. And you can apply such a remedy even for the treatment of small children. The product of processing fat can be used to eliminate coughs not only externally, but also internally. Such a remedy allows you to soften spasms, as a result of which sputum begins to depart. This makes it possible to quickly remove disease-causing organisms from the respiratory tract.

So, you can prepare a drink from a glass of milk, a teaspoon of honey and 10 grams of lard. In this case, the ingredients should be mixed and brought to a boil. The resulting drink should be consumed on an empty stomach. The treatment with the help of such a composition continues until recovery.

Application in cosmetology

The intestinal fat has found wide application in the field of cosmetology. The value of this substance is that even after heating it does not lose its useful characteristics.

The fat is used to produce various creams that help maintain the health and beauty of the skin. The dermis absorbs this component very well, since in certain characteristics it is similar to human fat.

Another advantage of using such a product for cosmetic purposes is the rapid delivery of beneficial substances to the right place due to its high absorption capacity. Fat allows the skin to breathe.

A large number of emulsions and creams can be made from pig fat, because this component combines perfectly with other ingredients, water-based solutions and medicinal substances.

For the face

From lard can be prepared face masks, which have a toning and rejuvenating effect. Known mask "Cleopatra", which requires 40 ml of squeezed aloe, 10 ml of honey and 100 g of lard. The ingredients should be mixed, heated in a water bath and allowed to cool. The resulting mask should be applied to a cleansed face and decollete area once a week for several months.

For hair

To prepare a remedy for your hair, mix three teaspoons of lanolin, a teaspoon of melted lard fat, six teaspoons of castor oil and 0.5 teaspoons of coconut oil. Heat everything over moderate heat to 40 degrees. Next, heat boiling water, mix it with the cream base and add 0.5 teaspoon of glycerin. You have to mix everything thoroughly and leave it for 10 minutes.

There is also another recipe. To do this, send 75 ml of castor oil, 60 g of lanolin, 30 g of lard, 20 g of glycerin and 45 ml of apple cider vinegar into a saucepan. Mix the components until homogeneous, add 80 ml of water and 50 ml of shampoo. Warm the composition in a water bath. After 20 minutes, remove the healing mask from the fire and let it cool. The mass will acquire the structure of a cream. Apply it to the strands for half an hour, then rinse with water.

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Cooking Applications

Pork fat has a pleasant smell and taste. The product of animal origin is added to baked goods, in canned products. You can also consume lard in its fresh state, adding to it garlic. The components of such a product contribute to the purification of blood vessels and the removal of cholesterol. It is important to adhere to certain norms in order to benefit the person. Children under the age of two should not be given lard and fat derived from it, because children's bodies are not yet able to digest this kind of food.

Can pork fat be fried?

It has been proven that pork fat is better digested than vegetable-based oil. This is due to the fact that this product does not lose its medicinal properties during heat treatment. Frying on such a substance is not only possible, but also necessary. Heating this fat does not produce carcinogenic substances.

Harm and contraindications

It is important to remember that the product has a high caloric value and can provoke a constant feeling of hunger after eating it. Poor-quality products can be dangerous with the presence of various poisonous substances. Also, when pork fat is taken externally or internally, individual intolerance may be observed. Therefore, before using it, you should check the body's reaction to such a substance. To do this, it is necessary to apply a little fat on the skin.

Pork fat should not be consumed in case of liver, gastrointestinal, pancreatic diseases. After surgery you should also refuse such heavy in terms of calories food. Cholecystitis, pancreatitis and atherosclerosis are also contraindications to the consumption of such a product.

How to choose and store

If low-quality lard was used to obtain fat, lard can turn out unpalatable, with an unpleasant smell. To get good fat, it is necessary to choose the right raw material for its production.

How to choose and store pig fat

  1. The lard should have a pleasant milky flavor. If it smells even slightly of urea, it is better to refuse such a product, since heat treatment will only intensify it.
  2. The color of quality pork is pinkish-white. A gray or yellow color indicates spoilage. This will affect the useful and taste characteristics of the fat.
  3. The optimal thickness of the piece should be 3-5 centimeters. For the re-seasoning you should take the raw material without meat interlayers.
  4. When buying to be sure, you can ask the seller for a veterinary certificate.

Ready-made fat can be stored for a long time. The useful properties when stored in the refrigerator are preserved for two years, provided that the product is packed in an airtight container.

How to melt pork fat at home

The method of obtaining pork fat does not depend on what part of the carcass is used for this purpose. Such substance can be melted on the fire, using an oven or a multicooker. There are two known options for making fat - wet and dry. With the wet method, chopped pieces of fat should be immersed in a pot of water. Then put the pot on the fire and bring it to a boil. After that, turn down the heat so that the liquid does not boil. Melt the fat until it melts in the water. After that, cool the product and place it in jars. This method is suitable for melting both internal fat and fat.

The dry method is suitable for obtaining fat base in the oven or on the stove. The pot should be heated on the fire, put in it chopped into pieces of raw material. Regularly stir the mass with a wooden spatula.

For melting in the oven, first cut into small pieces lard or gut fat. The smaller the pieces, the better. You can even use a meat grinder.

Put the fat into a container that can be put in the oven. For this purpose it is better to use a cast-iron dish. Heat the oven to 110-115 degrees and load the pan with the fat into it. The cooking time depends on how much lard is available. So, the more raw material is available, the longer it will take to process the product. The melted liquid will then need to be separated from the rest of the pork and poured into storage containers.

Before packing the fat into jars, you need to cool it, otherwise the container can crack. This product is stored in a cool place for more than a year. You can even use a freezer.

What can be cooked from pork fat

Dough for chebureks

Fat is used to make dough for chebureks. To prepare it is very simple. In a deep bowl, sift 600 g of flour, pour 5 g of salt and 20 g of sugar. Then pour a glass of water into a saucepan and bring it to a boil. Meanwhile, add pork fat to a bowl with flour and mix all ingredients quickly. You should get a crumb. Then pour water into the mass, stir the dough with a spoon. After cooling, you can knead it with your hands. The resulting dough should be placed in a bag and left in the refrigerator for 60 minutes. After the specified time, the dough can be used as intended.


You can cook pilaf in a cauldron with the addition of pork and lard fat. Of the ingredients you will need 0.6 kg of pork meat, 100 g of lard, 0.6 kg of rice, 0.4 kg of onions and the same amount of carrots, 1 liter of water, a tablespoon of zira and salt to taste.

First, chop and send to the cauldron to melt the pork fat. While the fat is melting, chop onions and carrots. After that, fry the vegetables, then add the pork and cumin. To make it more fragrant, you need to grind it with your fingers. Then salt the mass and pour it so that the vegetables and meat were immersed in water. After boiling, reduce the heat and stew the dish for 40 minutes. Then add washed rice. Then add water again, so that the liquid is about a finger above the level of the grits. Also add a head of garlic, with only the top layer peeled.

Bring the dish to a boil, and then turn down the heat. Cover the pilaf with a lid and do not open it for half an hour. The finished dish should infuse for about 15 minutes, after which it can be stirred and served.

Can I give pork fat to animals?

Feeding pork and lard to animals is harmful. However, and completely exclude from the diet of such a product, too, should not be. It can lead to the development of skin diseases, hair loss and CNS abnormalities in the pet.

Can we give pigs fat

At first, it is recommended to give the pet a small piece of such fat and observe its reaction. If no side effects have occurred, you can periodically include this product in the pet's food.

Both vegetable and animal fats should be present in the menu of cats and dogs. It should be noted that the amount of fat determines the taste and attractive appearance of the food.

In these animals, 30-50 percent of the daily energy requirement can be met with fats. The recommended dose is 5 to 20 percent of the substance per dry matter. Cats and dogs need a little more fat during periods of active growth, lactation, and exercise. If there is too much fat, it does not have time to digest and the pet may have fatty defecation.

Essential acids for cats are acids that are found only in animal fats. Pork fat contains many essential fatty acids. The biological activity of this product is almost five times higher compared to its beef counterpart or butter.

Excessive consumption of this product can lead to the development of acute pancreatitis, especially in pets that are obese.

At the same time, pet owners should remember that the lack of fat in the diet of a dog or cat can cause a deficiency of essential fatty acids. The physical condition of the pet is impaired, reproductive functions are reduced, and growth is impaired.

Interesting facts about pig fat

  1. The homeland of lard, from which the fat is derived, is considered to be Italy.
  2. About three thousand years ago in Italy, pig fat was used as a cheap and caloric product to feed the slaves who worked in the marble quarries.
  3. Lard used to be considered the food of poor people, as the best pieces of the animal went to those who paid for them or could take them away. This led the poor to make preserves of such a dish, using salting or smoking to do so.

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