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Cherry jam: 10 recipes

Cherry jam is among the favorites of most hostesses. It can be brewed according to the classic recipe or mixed with additional ingredients. A noticeable sourness distinguishes it from other types of delicacies, and the rich aroma immediately attracts everyone to the table, it is necessary only to make tea and open the cherished jar.

Cherry Secrets

Cherry jam

In spring, the county is literally drowned in the white foam of blossoming trees. The cherry tree can be recognized by its graceful flowers on a long stalk. It blooms abundantly, forms many ovaries, but the amount of harvest often depends on weather conditions. The crop does not tolerate spring frosts and heavy rains, dropping its splendor quickly to the ground. But if the year turns out to be a fruitful one, it is necessary to prepare buckets. From one tree remove up to 20 kg of berries. Given that even on a small plot several trees of different varieties are planted at once, the abundance is simply guaranteed. Immediately there is a legitimate question about how to preserve the valuable product. Berries can be:

  • freeze without removing the seeds, so as not to lose the precious juice;
  • Dry naturally or in an electric dryer;
  • curing;
  • For preserving in its own juice without sugar;
  • Use them to make a tasty dessert.

The most popular way to preserve cherries for the winter remains jam. It preserves most of the useful substances, and the number of recipes is uncountable. Each hostess has her own special way of cooking the fragrant berry. Its composition is very rich in vitamins and trace elements. In folk medicine, the plant is valued for its ability to strengthen the immune system. Decoctions and infusions of leaves, bark and berries are used in the complex treatment of colds and other diseases.

Composition and calories

Small dark maroon berries keep in their pulp:

  • fiber;
  • pectin;
  • glucose and fructose;
  • anthocyanins;
  • organic acids;
  • vitamins A, C, E PP, B group;
  • potassium;
  • copper;
  • manganese;
  • zinc;
  • magnesium;
  • iodine;
  • calcium;
  • fluorine;
  • molybdenum;
  • iron;
  • coumarins;
  • chlorogenic acid;
  • inoside;
  • anthocyanins.

A rare combination of large amounts of iron, folic acid, copper and cobalt in one product has a beneficial effect on the process of hematopoiesis, saving from anemia. Micronutrient complex supports the elasticity of blood vessels and removes toxins. Cherries have antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

The caloric value of a handful of berries is small, in 100 g less than 52 kcal.

Cherry leaves contain tannins and organic acids. Decoctions are made of stalks, which have a powerful diuretic effect, they can be used as a fixative for diarrhea and as antispasmodics. The kernels of the seeds are used as a raw material for making oil, which is used in cosmetology.

Regular consumption of cherries restores mental balance, relieves signs of depression, stabilizes the emotional state.

What is useful in cherry jam

Most of the properties of fresh berries are preserved by a short heat treatment. The biggest loss are vitamins of group B, they remain only 20-25% of the original amount. The rest of the elements are insignificantly lost in volume. The recipe for five-minute jam and the method of rapid boiling allows you to save tryptophan, responsible for the processes of inhibition in the nervous system. A few spoonfuls of jam 2-3 hours before sleep will improve its quality and reduce the time of falling asleep.

Carotene and tocopherol, which slow the aging process, preserve visual acuity and elasticity of the skin, almost do not lose their properties. Complex of iron, copper, coumarins and vitamin C safely tolerates heat, preserving the original properties of improving blood composition. Chromium also in jam continues to activate insulin production.

Pectins and phytoncides maintain the level of resistance to colds, forming a barrier against disease-causing microbes. But if they have already managed to penetrate the body, then tea with cherry treats will shorten the time of the disease and alleviate its symptoms.

Important: In the process of cooking jam, the caloric value of the finished product increases to 256 kcal.

An excellent addition to the delicacy will be a tea based on young cherry twigs with the addition of raspberry leaves and dried currant berries. The drink will warm and add strength to fight infections.

It is recommended to pay attention to the cherry treat for those who suffer from nosebleeds. With a tendency to anemia, varicose veins, blood thickening, reduced immunity and thinking abilities, emotional instability, apathy, jam will help relieve the acuteness of symptoms.

Worth considering: There are no strict contraindications to the use of cherry jam, but nutritionists recommend limiting its amount for diabetes, obesity, allergies and individual intolerance.

How to choose a cherry for jam

How to choose a cherry jam

In the case of this berry, a "golden mean" is necessary. Unripe fruits have not yet opened the taste and can be slightly bitter, especially if wild cherries are collected. Over-ripe ones begin the fermentation process, they become soft and fall apart into mush at the first attempts at boiling. Recognized favorites for making winter delicacies are:

  • Zhukovskaya.
  • Russian.
  • Novella.
  • Shokoladnitsa.
  • Assol.
  • Lyubskaya.
  • Kharitonovskaya.
  • Turgenevka.
  • Apukhtinskaya.
  • Molodezhnaya.

If there is only one variety of cherry in the presentation, then you should be guided by the appearance and smell of the product. Fruits should be ripe, easily separated from the stalk, have a sour-sweet smell without an admixture of fermentation. You should not choose berries that have already given juice in the bucket.

The ideal would be to buy at the farmer's market in the morning and start processing the purchased berries during the same day. If cherries are harvested from a homestead, it's even easier. It can be stored in a cool place for a day, without closing it in polyethylene. The maximum shelf life in the fridge of dry berries without traces of juice does not exceed 7 days. It is better not to bring to this and determine its fate on the day of purchase or collection. By the way, the berries, slightly crushed during transportation, make a great nalewka, but do not let them go into jam.

How to quickly remove pips from a cherry

Many recipes require the use of berries without pips. In the case of making a puree, the task is greatly simplified, it is enough to crush the berries and rub them through a sieve. But if you want whole cherries with minimal damage, you will have to do a little work. Yes, it's tedious and uninteresting, but then so delicious! There are several ways to go about it.

  1. A special hand pitter looks primitive, consists of a base with a hole where you put the berries, and a piston on a spring with a sharp end in the form of a star. When you press it, the pressure makes the stone fly out quickly, without destroying the structure of the berry. The machine allows you to quickly process a large amount of product, costs inexpensive, but is not always on sale, especially in the midst of berry season.
  2. If there is no luck with the machine, then improvised means are used. It is very convenient to work with a wooden stick from Japanese cuisine, squeezing the kernels out with the wide side.
  3. A wide hairpin, paper clip or pin will help in removing the core.
  4. When the integrity of the berry is not important and the halves are suitable for cooking, you can use a teaspoon, picking up the pit with the handle at the point of attachment of the stalk.
  5. A cocktail straw will also serve as a lever to squeeze the pit out through the pulp of the berry.

Important: To work, you should choose a place away from the walls and be sure to wear an apron, because cherry stains are very difficult to remove from surfaces and almost impossible to remove from fabrics.

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How to make cherry jam: recipes

Experienced cooks warn that a long boiling of cherries negatively affects the taste and appearance of the final product. The berries begin to deform, brown spots appear on the sides, the transparency of the syrup is lost. The optimal option for preserving the vitamin complex is considered cherry puree, pureed with sugar in the proportion of 1:2. You will need to store the sweet treat only in the refrigerator or in the cellar at a temperature no higher than +5 ° C, otherwise there is a great chance of fermentation.

How to cook cherry jam

For jam you will have to choose the most gentle methods with a short boiling.


The sugar consumption in most cherry recipes will be decent, because the berries have a good acidity. In the traditional version, 1.2 kg of granulated sugar is taken per 1 kg of berries. The berries are poured overnight, and then cooked on low heat for 20 minutes with continuous stirring. The foam must be removed. It not only spoils the appearance of the finished product, but also reduces the storage time. Then the hot mass is poured into jars and securely sealed. In this method, the berries do not retain their original appearance, but become more like raisins, which does not affect the taste. If you want a more ornate version, you will have to spend much more time.

With bones

In nalewkas and tinctures, which are prepared on alcohol, the bone is dangerous, it releases hydrocyanic acid. But in jam you need not fear this, without the alcohol component it behaves neutrally. There is another benefit. You won't be able to eat this jam by the tablespoonful, unless you want to break a tooth, so the consumption of the delicacy will be very economical.

For the preparation you will need 4 kg of sugar and berries, 1 liter of water. The first step is very important. Its observance will keep the cherries firm and soaked in juice. It is sorted out, remove the stalks, rinse in running water and let the excess moisture drain off. Next, put next to it a pan, in which it will be cooked delicacy, each berry is poked with a wooden toothpick and immediately put in place. It is not recommended to move them afterwards, to avoid losing their shape and juice. Be sure to leave at least 7 cm between the edge of the container and the layers, it is better to reinsure. The jam foams a lot when it boils. Pour the ready mass of water, bring it to a boil and leave it in a warm place overnight. In the morning, the juice is drained and boiled separately together with sugar for 5 minutes, then cooled and boiled again for the same time. Then the syrup is poured to the berries, kept on fire for 5-6 minutes with constant stirring with a wooden spatula and immediately poured into jars.


Used as a standalone dessert and filling for pies. The proportions of berries and sugar are 1:1,5. For the syrup will need 1 cup of water. Prepared berries are put in a container for boiling. In a separate pot with a thick bottom boil the syrup until it becomes thick. Then pour it over the berries and bring to a boil over medium heat. Boil in 1 step at least 25 minutes, then quickly distribute to containers for storage.

Five-Minute .

The recipe is in second place after the cherries, grated with sugar, on the level of preservation of useful substances. The minimum cooking time guarantees a fresh flavor and a high level of usefulness of the product. Dark sorts of berries are preferred. Prepare a delicacy with a preliminary infusion under a sugar layer for 2-3 hours. After the juice is released, put the container on the stove and time it. After boiling, remove the foam, boil for no more than 5 minutes and immediately corked in jars.

The secret of preserving the color of berries lies in the right choice of utensils. For such a delicacy use only an enameled, Teflon pan or stainless steel container.

With gelatin

Due to the short cooking time, cherry jam turns out too fluid and liquid. The situation is corrected by gelling. For this purpose, gelatin is introduced into the recipe. The dessert is prepared without pips. We need:

  • cherries - 1 kg;
  • sugar - 700 g;
  • gelatin - 40 g;
  • water - 100 ml.

From the initial amount will turn out 3 half-liter jars. If you need more, then take double or triple the dosage of products. Fill berries with sugar, mix thoroughly but gently and leave in a cool place for 12 hours. If the cherries are well ripened and the juice gave faster, then you do not need to keep the full time, you can start cooking after 2-3 hours. Boil the mixture on low heat for 5 minutes.

Pre-soak gelatin for 30 minutes in cold water, then heat it in a water bath until completely dissolved. The prepared solution is strained to remove possible semi-transparent lumps. Then it is poured in a thin stream into the boiling jam and immediately removed from the stove. The mass is thoroughly mixed and unchilled distributed in jars.

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With apples

An interesting feature of purchased jams is that most of them have apple puree as a base, and then add berries or other fruits for flavor. You can do the same thing at home, using apple slices, circles or cubes rather than puree.

The recipe calls for sugar, cherries and apples in equal proportions. The pips are removed from the berries, the fruit is peeled from its peel, the seeds are removed from the middle, and the pulp is cut in any way. Fill the mixture with sugar, if there is not enough juice, add half a glass of water. The dessert is cooked in one go, it will take about 40 minutes. The criterion will be the readiness of apples. It remains only to distribute the hot mass in jars. Such jam will calmly withstand any storage conditions. It can not even be sealed with airtight lids, but cover the neck with wax paper and tie it beautifully with a bright thread or ribbon, the grandmother's way.

With nuts

As the basis for the classic recipe, but 5 minutes before cooking add walnuts at the rate of 100 grams of kernels per 1 kg of berries. You can use pine nuts or hazelnuts, halved.

From the felted cherry.

In some regions, this variety is called the Chinese variety. The plant differs from the usual tall trees in its more modest size and looks like a branchy shrub. The berries are oblong, tightly clinging to twigs as they sit on very short petioles. Their flesh is tender and juicy, and the skin is thin. The variety received its name for the feathery fuzz on the leaf tips and barely noticeable pubescence of fruits at the pedicel. Characterized by high yield.

Its popularity is much lower than that of traditional varieties, but the jam has a special, very delicate taste and is definitely worth making. The recipe is very simple, as is the cooking process. It requires sugar and berries in equal parts. The mixture is left to stand for 2 hours to get the juice, and you don't have to remove the seeds. Then the mass is boiled for 3 times 2 minutes at intervals of half an hour to allow the mixture to cool until warm. After the last approach, it is poured into sterilized jars.

In a multicooker

This beautiful invention has made cooking many dishes much easier. Among the advantages are the absence of splashing and the need to constantly stir the dish while cooking. The jam turns out very fragrant with a minimum of time and effort. Product ratio is 1:1, sugar and pitted cherries are put in the bowl at the same time, to get the juice the cooking time is set with a delay of 2 hours. The timer is set to stew mode for 1 hour. It is important to control the boiling process to remove the foam, then stir the mass every 10 minutes. If there is a function "Jam", then you can forget about all the problems, put the products, set the program and then pour into jars ready dessert.

Frozen cherries

The berry perfectly tolerates freezing, without losing flavor and aroma. To prepare it pour sugar at the rate of 1 kg for the same amount of cherries. As soon as it has thawed and given juice, the container is moved to the fire. The criterion for readiness is the desired thickness. You won't get any special delicacies, but for a filling or as a quick dessert, it's good enough.

Important: Frozen jam is not intended for storage, it should be eaten in a few days.

Why does the jam turn out liquid?

Cherries have almost no gelling elements in their composition. There is a lot of juice in it, and there are several options for getting the desired thickness.

  1. Fill berries with sugar at the rate of 100 g of granulated sugar per 1 kg of the main product. Then drain the juice and only then proceed to cooking.
  2. Increase the cooking time so that the excess liquid evaporates.
  3. Add the gelatin.

Is it possible to cook dried cherry jam

Technically it is possible if you pre-soak them in cold water for a day, but practically the effort is absolutely not justified. It is better to prepare a compote, brew or kissel.

Interesting facts about cherries

Interesting Facts about Cherry

  1. Plum is the closest relative of this plant.
  2. The tree is one of the most frost-resistant.
  3. There are high-growing and dwarf species.
  4. The pips contain a poisonous substance that activates when in contact with alcohol.
  5. Cherry is considered synonymous with the completeness of a sweet dish.
  6. The buds on the tree blossom before the leaves do.
  7. A handful of berries can replace an aspirin tablet.
  8. The species is native to Persia.
  9. Japanese sakura also refers to the cherry, but its fruits are inedible.
  10. According to statistics, 1 adult tree yields about 700 berries per year.

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