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Green buckwheat: composition, useful properties, how to cook it

Among connoisseurs of proper nutrition, buckwheat, especially green buckwheat, is very popular. It is this kind that has many vitamins and trace elements, as well as a lot of fiber. Due to its useful properties, green buckwheat helps to strengthen the immune system, normalizes the material metabolism, cleanses the circulatory system, restores the work of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys.

Green buckwheat is a product in its pure, pristine, living form with all the important health properties. It is what is obtained by growing buckwheat in the fields. Few people know that there is no natural brown color in buckwheat, it is just a result of heat treatment.

What is green buckwheat and why is it this color?

Ordinary buckwheat is the result of removing the shell of the fruit from the buckwheat, green buckwheat represents the ordinary grains that have not been processed. Dark buckwheat, which can be found in any grocery store, acquires this color by heat treatment, but in this case, the finished product loses some of its useful characteristics.

The benefits and harms of green buckwheat

For your information. Green groats are a great dish for athletes and overweight people.

It is interesting that until the middle of the last century in the stores were available only green buckwheat.

What is the difference between green buckwheat and buckwheat?

  1. Buckwheat is one of the most nutritious and important products for the human body. The brown groats retain only a small fraction of all the vitamin and mineral components that are present in the green version. When exposed to heat (by frying or steaming at high temperatures with additional drying to extend the shelf life) the light green grains of cereals become brown in color. This reduces the number of enzymes, which have a beneficial effect on the human digestive system. It is worth noting that the darker the color of buckwheat, the less useful such a product is, as such groats are simply overcooked.
  2. It is noteworthy that the green buckwheat can be eaten raw, it is not necessary to use it for cooking any dishes, but the brown product needs additional processing.
  3. Green grains in sprouted form can be added to various salads and side dishes, brown groats are not sprouted.
  4. The familiar brown buckwheat products do not contain enzymes, unlike green groats. They are able to clean the body from toxic substances and toxins.
  5. Cooked green buckwheat porridge has a delicate, specific flavor with a mild nut flavor. Brown buckwheat will never make such porridge.
  6. Green buckwheat also has a shorter shelf life compared to the fried version.
  7. Dark buckwheat has no restrictions for people with various diseases. As for the green buckwheat, it can not be consumed by everyone. This product is contraindicated for people who have problems with blood clotting. In addition, green groats are not recommended for use in children.
  8. If we reason logically, the cost of unprocessed green buckwheat should be less than the thermally processed product. However, manufacturers have not missed the opportunity to make money here too, believing that good and healthy food should cost a lot.

When choosing green buckwheat, it is important to consider the smell of groats. Since the product is stored much less, it is very easy to recognize the smell of mold in an expired product. As for the sealed packages, it is important to consider the date of manufacture.

Which buckwheat is healthier: green or brown

As already mentioned, brown groats are obtained by steaming and drying green buckwheat. The shell contains such a substance as rutin, which is lost in the heat treatment. Rutin is known to improve the circulatory system.

The brown groats get such a shade after exposure to high temperatures, as a result the product gets the flavor of nuts, and further cooking takes less time. Brown buckwheat is well digested, increases immunity, slows down the aging process. This product is low in calories and contains many vitamins and mineral elements.

If you use green groats to make ordinary porridge, it will be almost no different from a dish of brown groats. The only difference will be that the brown product will lose some of its useful components already during the heat treatment and then during the cooking of the porridge, and the green buckwheat loses some of its useful properties only during the cooking of the dish.

As for the sprouted green buckwheat, such a dish is really a product enriched with protein and various nutrients. Thus, green buckwheat preserves all the amino acids, ascorbic acid, vitamins E, PP, group BB and others, many antioxidants and trace elements. It follows that the green product has a richer and more useful for the human body composition.

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Composition and calories

Since ancient times, buckwheat has been considered a product that can alleviate cancer. To buy such a valuable remedy was possible only in pharmacies or from villagers, who were engaged in growing and collecting medicinal plants.

Buckwheat green is environmentally friendly and safe for health. Crops of this crop are not treated with pesticides and various fertilizers.

More than 18 essential amino acids, representatives of the vitamin group B are found in the composition of this grits. Of the micro- and macronutrients there are potassium, magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron and others. In addition, the green form of buckwheat contains folic and ascorbic acid, rutin.

The caloric value of green buckwheat grains is 310 calories per 100 g. Also in 100 g of the product contains 15 g of protein, 4 g of healthy fat and more than 55 g of carbohydrates. The amount of fiber is 11-12 grams per 100 grams of groats.

Useful properties of green buckwheat

General benefits

The green kind of buckwheat has many useful properties. B vitamins in this product are involved in the normalization of metabolism, are responsible for the nervous system and heart. They are necessary for the normal growth of the child, affect the formation of red blood cells, help maintain the health of hair, skin and nails, stimulate their growth.

Useful properties of green buckwheat

Vitamin E, found in green buckwheat, provides cellular respiration, supports the functioning of the muscular and nervous systems. This vitamin also promotes healthy skin, hair, and immunity. Vitamin E protects against the development of Alzheimer's disease, the occurrence of skin diseases, increased blood clotting.

Vitamin PP is involved in metabolic processes and in the formation of amino acids. This substance promotes the dilation of blood vessels, which leads to a decrease in high blood pressure. Vitamin PP is involved in the synthesis of hormones, protects against the development of diabetes, the occurrence of diseases of the cardiovascular system. In addition, this element stimulates the digestive system.

Green buckwheat is also rich in folic acid, which is responsible for the health of the nervous and immune systems, supports the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, is involved in energy metabolism.

Sprouted in kefir green buckwheat grains have a high caloric content, but they can improve the overall health of the person, strengthen weakened immunity, get rid of excess weight and normalize metabolism.

For women

At all times women have strived for beauty and slimness. For this reason they often agree to the most stringent diets. Green buckwheat is one of those foods that improve the metabolic process. Sprouted green buckwheat grains are digested for a long time, keeping the feeling of fullness for a long time.

Green buckwheat grains contain such an essential amino acid as glycine which normalizes the nervous system and ensures healthy sleep.

In addition, green buckwheat contains many vitamins and trace elements, which contribute to the normal growth of hair and nails, protect the skin from premature aging. Also, this product is able to normalize the hormonal background.

For men

Green buckwheat is useful for men's health as well. The components of this product are able to increase the potency. Vitamins in green buckwheat act as a prevention of male infertility. The zinc contained in buckwheat provides normal functioning of the genital glands.

Green buckwheat is also a staple when doing strength training at the gym. This product is rich in amino acids, which are necessary for increasing muscle mass. These include methionine, arginine, and threonine. Using green buckwheat and its sprouted grains, you can provide your body with energy for a long time.

When pregnant

Green buckwheat in the diet of a pregnant woman will be a useful product, since during this period the body carries a double load. During pregnancy, the woman's body is weakened. In addition, the risk of anemia increases, there are problems with the work of the excretory system, the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, often pregnant women develop varicose veins. Buckwheat green contains many useful components, including iron and folic acid, which protect the body from the occurrence of anemia. Folic acid plays an important role in the formation of the nervous system of the future child, in ensuring normal growth and intrauterine development of the fetus. Pregnant women are subject to frequent mood swings, so they are even recommended to eat green buckwheat. This product contains magnesium and potassium, which support a woman's emotional state during the period of carrying a baby.

The slow carbohydrates of green buckwheat allow pregnant women to control weight gain.

When breastfeeding

A woman's body during breastfeeding carries a great load. After all, during this period, not only the functioning of all organs and systems of her body, but also the normal growth and development of the child depends on nutrition. Often, during lactation, women are faced with weakening of bone tissue, deterioration of hair, nails and skin. Useful components of green buckwheat can protect the body of a nursing woman from such problems. Potassium and magnesium in green buckwheat will help normalize mental health, and iron will protect against the development of anemia.

Green buckwheat has a lot of protein, which can compete with meat. The amino acid content of these products is the same. During lactation period, when it is particularly important for a woman to monitor her diet, so that the baby does not have allergic reactions, green buckwheat is an organic product that can make up for the lack of all necessary vitamins and minerals.

In addition, green buckwheat is beneficial for the synthesis of breast milk and improves its properties.

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For kids

The introduction of buckwheat porridge into the baby's diet is possible only from the age of seven months. Green buckwheat has a balanced amount of protein, slow digesting carbohydrates and fiber, which are so important for the growing body. Parents do not have to worry about allergic reactions, since the product is hypoallergenic. Thanks to the numerous useful properties buckwheat is able to normalize the digestive system of the child, improve intestinal peristalsis. This product also ensures the full growth of children's body, strengthens the weakened immune system.

Individual intolerance can be observed very rarely. This product does not contain gluten and gluten, which are often the causative agents of allergic manifestations.

When losing weight

People who seek a slender figure, it is important to use a green kind of buckwheat in their diet. The active substances of such a product will help to get rid of unwanted pounds at any age. Porridge with the use of this product has a pleasant taste, useful and nourishing composition. The consumption of buckwheat porridge is possible in its pure form, without adding sweeteners and other flavor components.

An important feature of green buckwheat for weight loss is the high content of fiber in it, which is known to speed up the metabolism in the human body. In this case the fat does not have time to stay in the body because of the acceleration of the metabolic process. Due to the content of fiber in green grains the intestines are cleaned faster. Also a lot of energy is spent by the body on digesting buckwheat, which helps to burn calories. This leads to a decrease in body weight.

It is worth noting that during the diet on green buckwheat your mood will always be good, fatigue will go away, and your performance will increase. The green product contains minerals that provide the body with energy and give a positive mood.

It is important when losing weight to use green buckwheat in its original form, without subjecting it to heat treatment. Otherwise, you can lose those components that contribute to weight loss.

The benefits of sprouted green buckwheat

Few people know that buckwheat is a rejuvenating food. It accumulates large amounts of important antioxidants, which are a powerful weapon in the fight against age-related changes. In comparison, sprouted products have 75 times more antioxidants than rice, which is also considered very healthy.

Benefits of Sprouted Green Buckwheat

Sprouted buckwheat groats have a delicate taste, it is quite useful and nutritious. It is recommended to use this product in pure form, or you can use it to make various porridges, salads, cocktails with the addition of vegetable oil, honey or spices.

Sprouted green product grains can be used to prepare cold soup, pate, diet breads.

How to sprout

Sprouting green buckwheat at home, you can get a product enriched with vitamins and micro- and macronutrients. To sprout this groat, you should take into account the sequence of all the steps. It is not required to show imagination and try to change the recipe of cooking. Already in a day from the start of sprouting you can get the desired volume of buckwheat sprouts.

To do this, you first need to thoroughly wash the green groats and spread them on a paper towel to dry. At the same time, it is necessary to sort out the grains and throw out the damaged grains and debris.

Next, you need an ordinary colander, at the bottom of which you should put a piece of gauze in two layers. On such a base should be poured the selected buckwheat. On top of this layer should be laid two more layers of gauze, and then pour the grains with warm running water. Then you should wait for a little while so that the excess liquid drains away.

Under a colander with buckwheat grains soaked in water, you need to put a plate and put everything in a place protected from bright light for 8-10 hours. This time is enough for the seedlings to wake up. At the end of this time, the seeds should be soaked again with water from the tap and removed to the same place for another 6 hours. After that the procedure should be repeated again (8 hours). Then the sprouted buckwheat grains can be consumed in food, added to dishes and salads. They can be eaten in their original form or used to make a salad or smoothie. As a preventive measure sprouted buckwheat can be consumed in an amount of 50 g per day.

It is not recommended to sprout buckwheat for the future, since the ready buckwheat can be kept in the fridge for no more than three days. The usefulness of this product decreases with each day.

How to eat sprouted green buckwheat

To stop the growth of buckwheat, it is enough to place it in the refrigerator, or better yet, to use it immediately for food. If all the conditions have been observed during germination, then you can move on to the most interesting stage - the preparation of dishes on the basis of this product. And here you can give free rein to your imagination and use the grains for a variety of dishes and cocktails. Green beans are even used to make desserts and spicy dishes. It is important to take into account only the fact that sprouted buckwheat is not recommended to boil, otherwise all the efforts will be in vain. The dish will turn out delicious, but it will not bring any benefit to the body.

For example, you can prepare a favorite fruit drink using sprouted grains. Such an ingredient will add a lot of protein to it, which will make it a complete option for a snack. Smoothies with buckwheat can be eaten for breakfast as well as for lunch. For its preparation you will need a glass of sprouted buckwheat groats, a banana, a pear and a kiwi. You will also need half a glass of water. The preparation process is very simple: you just need to put all the ingredients in a blender and grind until you get a homogeneous pulp. If the finished drink is not sweet enough, you can add a small amount of honey to it.

It is also worth noting that buckwheat sprouts go well with fresh vegetables. If you add a little sprouted grains to the usual salad of tomatoes and cucumbers, the dish will be much more nourishing and nutritious.

For those wishing to get rid of excess weight, a salad that can completely replace the main course is suitable. For its preparation we need a glass of grains (sprouted in advance), two bread, a piece of cheese, some celery and avocado, as well as herbs, olive oil, lemon juice and soy sauce.

The avocado, cheese and celery should be cut into small cubes. The bread crumbs can be simply broken, the greens can be chopped with a knife. All the prepared components should be mixed, dressed with oil, soy sauce and lemon juice. Supplement the salad with fish or chicken fillet, baked in the oven.

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The benefits of green buckwheat flour

Buckwheat flour is considered a full-fledged substitute for wheat flour, so often this product is purchased by people who want to lose extra pounds. It has a large content of useful elements and no gluten. All this makes buckwheat flour very popular, especially among allergic people.

However, it should be noted that homemade flour is particularly useful. The fact is that in the production conditions the buckwheat grains are cleaned from the top layer, which is enriched with the main useful components. It is not possible to carry out such a procedure at home, hence, the ready-made flour will be more useful. The consumption of green buckwheat flour has a positive effect on the nervous system, and the product helps not only to restore the work of the brain, but also to get rid of unnecessary stress and to recover from difficult situations. Also this flour helps to reduce cholesterol and improve the work of the circulatory system.

The benefits of buckwheat flour affect the work of the intestines and pancreas. After all, in this case, the product is better digested and assimilated. In addition, flour is useful for its beneficial effects on the hair, nails and skin. It is this derivative product that is used to make scrubs, masks. Buckwheat flour can be used for weight loss without harming the figure.

When the green buckwheat flour is consumed regularly, the heart begins to work better due to the oxygenation of the blood. Calcium is absorbed more effectively, strengthening the bone system and nails. Toxins and excess water are removed from the body, which protects against swelling. The components of flour have a beneficial effect on hair growth, due to the purification of the intestine the skin gets a healthy look.

A contraindication to the use of buckwheat flour is intolerance, which is manifested by allergies. The product can also lead to flatulence and cramps, so it is contraindicated in the presence of irritable bowel syndrome.

Often green buckwheat flour is used in weight loss. It is used in baking. Any floury dish can be prepared with the addition of buckwheat flour. It will make the finished baked goods more fluffy.

Buckwheat flour is also used in cooking porridge, not only for adults, but also for infants. Pediatricians advise introducing such a product as the first complementary food. It is enough to mix one teaspoon of flour with 100 ml of water or milk and bring it to a boil, stirring constantly. The consistency of the cooked porridge depends on the cooking time. So, if you need to get a more liquid dish, you do not need to boil it for a long time.

Green buckwheat in medicine

Buckwheat green has a general strengthening effect on the human body. It normalizes the substance metabolism and blood glucose levels, removes excess cholesterol. In addition, buckwheat helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, purify the blood and restore normal blood pressure.

Green Buckwheat in Medicine

Green buckwheat is widely used in medicine in the treatment of various diseases. This component is useful for infectious diseases, in the presence of vein problems. Diseases of the kidneys, liver and digestive organs can also be cured, using the grains of green groats. Even thyroid pathologies and nervous system disorders are treated by including green buckwheat in the patient's menu.

Also green buckwheat is recommended to eat in case of various oncological diseases, after undergoing chemoprocedures.

In case of diabetes mellitus.

One of the symptoms of diabetes mellitus is considered to be heavy weight, so this disease involves the observance of an appropriate diet. Buckwheat groats are among the most useful dietary products. Compared with other cereals buckwheat is characterized by a low glycemic index with high protein and fiber content, due to which it is used in the presence of excess weight.

But in diabetes it is important to use the useful properties of this product rationally. Like all cereals, buckwheat includes a lot of complex carbohydrates, which should be considered when formulating the diet.

Buckwheat for diabetics is both a helper and an enemy. That is, the product has a lot of starch, which is converted into glucose and increases the amount of sugar in the blood. At the same time, scientists discovered another substance in buckwheat - chiroinositol, which can reduce the amount of glucose in the blood. Another benefit for diabetics is that buckwheat can remove bad cholesterol, which will help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Unprocessed buckwheat can replace other cereals for diabetes, but consuming this product in large quantities can be harmful to the patient's health. If such buckwheat is cooked incorrectly, mucus can appear, which leads to stomach upset. That is why it is important to drain the water after steeping the green groats.

Buckwheat helps diabetics keep their eyesight. It contains lysine, which slows the breakdown of the crystal of the eye, and protects against the development of cataracts. Vitamin PP speeds up the synthesis of insulin by the pancreas and slows down its degradation processes. Chromium in green buckwheat regulates blood sugar levels, suppresses the desire to eat something sweet. Buckwheat replenishes the level of manganese. It is the absence of this substance that leads to the development of diabetes.

Important: The glycemic index of green buckwheat is 50 units.

In pancreatitis

Buckwheat in a green form helps to normalize the state of the inflamed pancreas. It is important to take into account the stage of the disease and know how to use this ingredient for cooking.

In the acute form of the course of the disease, doctors advise adding to the menu porridge from green buckwheat of a viscous consistency, using a large amount of liquid. Such porridge can be introduced only after fasting for therapeutic purposes. Boil the dish in this case should be without the use of salt and various spices. It is also not recommended to include oil in such porridge in any form. Boiled buckwheat should be rubbed through a sieve or ground with a blender. This will allow the food to be absorbed more quickly. Such a diet should be followed by the patient for seven days.

After that, the patient is allowed to eat soup with buckwheat added, i.e. not even grated buckwheat. In the presence of pancreatitis, the dish is prepared from a fractional product or from whole grains. Previously, this product should be soaked overnight in chilled boiled water.

The period of remission is accompanied by the introduction of boiled porridge from green buckwheat. You can add a small amount of butter, honey or sugar to it.

Nutritionists say that buckwheat porridge is in harmony with various vegetables. You can also prepare buckwheat porridge using kefir. The buckwheat diet can be used for ten days, after which it is important to take a break of two months.

In case of gastritis

The use of buckwheat of the green kind in the presence of such a disease as gastritis is possible, but it is important to follow some rules. First of all, you need to remember that you should cook porridge only with water. Cooking buckwheat with milk is excluded. For better digestion of buckwheat dishes by the body, it is recommended to initially grind the grains. You can consume dishes only when they are warm. Spices and oil should be added in minimal amounts. To prepare porridge, it is recommended to use one part cereal and three parts water.

Patients with gastritis are recommended to combine buckwheat dishes with boiled chicken breast, steamed cutlets, stewed vegetables and meat, as well as baked fish of low-fat varieties. It is contraindicated to eat buckwheat green with fresh vegetables and with fried meat.

Folk medicine recipes with green buckwheat

There are many folk medicine recipes that are used for a variety of ailments.

  1. You can prepare buckwheat kissel, which is useful for high blood pressure and heart disease. Daily consumption of 100 g of such a product in the morning and in the evening will alleviate the symptoms of the disease. The treatment is carried out for ten days. To prepare such a healing remedy is required to grind three tablespoons of raw materials and dilute them in a glass of cold water. After that, you should boil a liter of water in a pot and gently add the buckwheat mixture to it. The mass should be boiled for ten minutes. In the finished drink, you can include a little honey, dried apricots or nuts.
  2. With poisoning and pancreatitis, the following recipe will help: dissolve a tablespoon of ground green buckwheat in a glass of kefir, mix thoroughly and leave for the night.
  3. The runny nose and sore throat can also be cured with buckwheat. To do this, simply heat dry seeds in a frying pan, then place them in a cloth bag, and then apply to the bridge of the nose.
  4. Buckwheat is used for boils, wounds that are difficult to heal. To do this, raw buckwheat should be ground in a coffee grinder, add a small amount of water and apply to the sore area. Water can be replaced by decoction of celandine.
  5. Flour from green buckwheat will get rid of heartburn. Use it three times a day with a teaspoon.
  6. Green buckwheat combined with honey and nuts will help to raise the level of hemoglobin. For this purpose, take buckwheat, honey and nuts in equal quantities. Grind the buckwheat until it forms a flour, chop the nuts into small pieces. All the ingredients should be mixed and consumed by a tablespoon once a day.
  7. To get rid of excess weight in a short time, the necessary amount of buckwheat should be poured with kefir so that the groats are completely covered. The resulting mass should be placed in the refrigerator overnight, and in the morning use for breakfast. A diet on such a diet will quickly remove extra pounds, but then you should watch your diet, otherwise the weight will quickly return.
  8. You can prepare a smoothie using green buckwheat. To get such a drink will require a glass of kefir and a spoonful of sprouted cereals, as well as a small amount of dill and ginger. Such a cocktail has a laxative and diuretic effect, which will help to cleanse the body.

The use of green buckwheat in cosmetology

The use of green buckwheat in cosmetology

  1. To improve the condition of oily and fading skin, you can use water in which buckwheat groats of green color were left for about an hour.
  2. To make a nourishing face mask will also need buckwheat. In this case it is required to mix a few spoons of crushed groats with kefir, add a couple of drops of oil of ylang-ylang and rosemary. The resulting mask applied to clean skin. After 20 minutes, it should be washed away with warm water.
  3. You can also grind buckwheat with a coffee grinder, pour it with fat milk and infuse until it forms a pulp. The resulting mask should be applied to the body and kept for 25 minutes. At the end of this time, you can wash off the mask with cool water. Such a procedure has a cleansing, revitalizing and moisturizing effect.
  4. Clean the skin of the face with a mask, for the preparation of which you need only a tablespoon of green buckwheat flour, as well as three tablespoons of cherry juice. Mix the flour with fruit juice. The resulting mixture should be tightly applied to a previously cleansed face and keep for about 7 minutes. Such a procedure can be carried out once a week, not more often.
  5. To prepare a mask against wrinkles you will need 15 grams of green buckwheat porridge, one egg yolk and 20 drops of almond oil. In the first place it is necessary to boil porridge, which should turn out crumbly. After that, you should add to it the yolk of one egg and the essential oil. It is important to mix all the ingredients thoroughly. Before applying the mask to the face, the skin should be steamed in a water bath. After that, you need to apply the mask on the skin of the face for half an hour. After this time, rinse off the rest with warm water.

For your information! Buckwheat flour can be used as baby powder.

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Harms and Contraindications

Interestingly, green buckwheat has virtually no contraindications. The only exception is people who have a risk of increased blood clotting. Rutin in the composition of buckwheat groats can harm them. Also very rarely there may be individual intolerance.

Some trouble may occur when using buckwheat for intestinal flatulence. Also with caution should be introduced green groats in the diet of adolescents and children who have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In this case, it is necessary to gradually increase the rate of the product to the daily amount.

It should be remembered that if you use the product without heat treatment, the groats should be well washed under running water.

How to store green buckwheat

Green buckwheat should be stored in a glass container or in a natural cloth bag in a dry, dark and well-ventilated place. This way you can preserve all the useful and flavorful qualities of buckwheat. The plastic bags are not suitable for storing such groats. The shelf life of buckwheat groats is not more than one year. After that period the product gets a dark color and loses some of its useful components.

When buying green buckwheat, especially by weight, it is very important to study the product. Quality groats should have a greenish hue. The light color indicates that the groats were stored in the light. After that, it is important to study the flavor of buckwheat. It should not smell damp and moldy, which also indicates improper storage. If there are such signs, it is better to abandon the purchase.

How to cook green buckwheat

For dishes made of buckwheat to retain all its nutritional elements, it is important to cook it correctly. This requires pretreatment. Before boiling the green groats, you will need to soak them for a few hours in cold water. After that, the water should be drained and the grains should be placed on a plate. It will take only 15 minutes to boil buckwheat. This way it will be possible to preserve all the useful substances of this product. For the porridge to turn out crumbly, it is necessary to use groats and water in a ratio of 1:2. Water first bring to a boil, and then pour it over the groats in a special bowl. After that, you just need to cover the pot with a lid and wait for complete cooling. The porridge is ready. If you prepare such a dish in the evening, in the morning you will only have to warm up the porridge, add a small amount of milk or nuts.

How to cook green buckwheat

You can make a delicious and healthy soup puree. Need 250 g of buckwheat green, 80 g of green peas, celery stalk, a few carrots and potatoes, onion, oil, herbs and spices. First you need to soak the grits in water for a couple of hours. The vegetables should be peeled and diced. Greens and onions should be chopped and fried in oil, then the vegetables are added. After a few minutes of frying, it is required to add so much water that the contents of the pot is covered with liquid. After boiling, strain the vegetables, but do not pour out all the broth. Grind the vegetables until they form a pulp, adding broth if necessary. It remains to add buckwheat, salt and cook for another 10 minutes. Serve the dish hot.

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Interesting Buckwheat Facts

  1. Green buckwheat is considered to be an ecologically natural crop. It does not require the use of any pesticides or fertilizers during cultivation. Due to this fact buckwheat is a product grown without any chemical additives.
  2. Scientists have proven that buckwheat can improve mood. Consumption of this product normalizes the work of the brain and improves psycho-emotional health.
  3. In China and India it is believed that buckwheat affects various biological points of the human body. For this reason it is recommended to walk on a mat with buckwheat hulls to prevent many diseases.
  4. Buckwheat husks are used to fill pillows specifically designed to protect against insomnia.
  5. Buckwheat belongs to the national Japanese cuisine. There are made special noodles of buckwheat groats, which are called "soba".
  6. It is not recommended to add sugar to the buckwheat dishes. This component neutralizes all the important elements for health. If you still want to make sweet porridge, you can add a small amount of honey.

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